10 Best Natural Personal Lubricants In 2021 – Review

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Too much friction will spoil the adult fun. In fact, it may rapture a condom; leave you with some bruises, and not forgetting a lousy experience. The good news, though, is that you don’t need to be fearful of the above or hasten the encounter. With the right personal lubricant, you will enjoy every moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solo session or with your partner.

And to take it even a notch higher, you can go for natural lubricants which perform way better than other types. Finding the perfect product can be hard and this is why we choose the best natural personal lubricants. Read on to know them.

The List Of Best Natural Personal Lubricants In 2021

#10. Natural Water-Based Lubes

By: Nooky lube

If you have sensitive skin or are concerned about harming it or side effects, then this product from Nooky Lube is ideal. The water-based personal lubricant is suitable for both genders and comes in a user-friendly and compact package. The 16-ounce lubricant is colorless and doesn’t have any fragrance.

Additionally, it also doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like paraben or glycerin, making it an excellent choice even for people with very sensitive skin. The item is tasteless, easy to clean, and has amazing staying in power. It doesn’t cause any staining and is suitable for any toy as well as a condom. Lastly, the package is both nice and discreet for your convenience.

In Summary:

Water-based and good for sensitive skin
Suitable for men and women
Compact and user-friendly pack
16-ounce capacity offers many cycles of use
Colorless and no fragrance or odor

#9. The Natural Personal Lubricant

By: Ocean Sensuals

The Ocean Sensuals is among the loved personal lubes on the market. The USA made product is liked because it has a nice consistency which makes using easy, it is all-natural and constitutes vitamin E and Aloe Vera as the main ingredients, and is also safe for any skin. It doesn’t have any paraben, or glycerin does not run or become too sticky and is easy to wash off.

On top of that, the product has a practical airless self-sealing pump for easy dispensing and to also prevent wastage or mess. It has a silky smooth texture and is compatible with latex condoms.

In Summary:

Nice consistency and easy application
Comprises all-natural and safe compounds
Includes vitamin E and Aloe Vera
Safe for all types of skin
Doesn’t contain any paraben, or glycerin

#8. Natural Personal Organic Lubricant

By: Aloe Cadabra

The Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube will make sexual encounters more exciting. It creates a frictionless texture that suits women and men. The natural organic lube has Vitamin E Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, and is water-based. This means that it is easy to apply, cleans better, and doesn’t leave any stains.

Moreover, the silky smooth texture improves applicability while the absence of Glycerin, mineral oil, artificial flavors, Paraben, dyes, and other harmful chemicals protect you from side effects. Last but not least, it is 100% vegan, compatible with rubber and silicone toys, and also suitable for latex and polyisoprene condoms.

In Summary:

Provides a smooth frictionless experience
Suits both women and men
Natural organic lube contains Vitamin E Oil and Aloe Vera
Water-based and very easy to apply
Silky smooth texture and no Glycerin, paraben, mineral oil, etc
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By: Organic Glide

Coming in a Probiotic Formula, this personal lubricant will make adult fun more enjoyable. It creates excellent lubrication that feels natural. The nonstick composition comprises natural compounds which don’t react with the skin. It’s also safe with condoms and other toys and doesn’t contain any paraben, glycerin, alcohol, flavorings, dyes, or hormones.

In addition, this FDA-approved product can be used after menopause and has long-lasting effects. It doesn’t cause any stains, infections, or UTIs and is clinically tested and proven to combat allergies and also strengthens the immune system. It’s available in a 2.5 oz tube and is easy to use.

In Summary:

Comes in a Probiotic Formula
Makes the adult interaction more enjoyable
Provides excellent lubrication
Feels natural and is nonstick
Comprises natural and safe compounds

#6. Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant

By: DreamBrands

With this best natural personal lubricant, you will not only enjoy intercourse better, but it will feel very natural. This is due to its natural composition and high-quality ingredients. It feels gentle and smooth on the skin and is suitable for use with toys. The item contains Agave Inulin, Vitamin E, and organic Aloe which not only lubricate but also nourish the skin.

Moreover, it doesn’t cause a sticky mess, leave residue, and also cleans easily. The advanced formulation stays on the skin for much longer and offers more satisfaction. It is pH balanced and doesn’t have any glycerin, paraben, or silicone and is latex compatible. Lastly, you also don’t need to use too much of the product.

In Summary:

Natural and safe personal lubricant
Consist of high-quality compounds
Feels smooth and gentle on the skin
Also suitable for toys
Contains Agaves Insulin, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E

#5. Natural Water-Based Lubes

By: Lulu Lube

Men and women who want to improve their intimacy should think of this personal lubricant. Like other natural types, this product creates a natural feel and doesn’t have any side effects. You can use it for solo performance, or with your partner.

In addition to that, the LuLu lube is water-based and doesn’t feel sticky during use. It also won’t leave a messy environment or stain clothes, toys, and other products. The smooth and tasteless lube has no scent and doesn’t dry out. It cleans very easily and is also safe and has zero paraben and zero glycerin.

In Summary:

Suitable for men and women
Offers a natural and comfy feel
Safe ingredients with no side effects
Water-based and has no sticky feel
Smooth and no odor or taste

#4. Personal Natural Aloe Moisturizing Formula

By: Lulu

Although it comprises a few ingredients, the Lulu Organic Lubricant is among the most effective. It has a good consistency for easy application and long staying power for a pleasant experience. It doesn’t feel too gooey or watery and also doesn’t stain items.

Moreover, the lube is lightweight, grease-free, and prevents friction. It’s suitable for both men and women and works with polyisoprene, natural rubber latex, and polyurethane condoms as well as silicone-based toys. It is hypoallergenic, free of glycerin and paraben, and is packed in a user-friendly 4 oz pack. The lube doesn’t contain any fragrance but still smells okay and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

In Summary:

Right consistency and easy application
Doesn’t feel sticky, watery or gooey
Doesn’t stain things and smooth flowing
Lightweight and portable
Perfect for men and women

#3. Organic Personal Lubricant & Natural Lube

By: Aloe Cadabra

This personal lubricant will take the pleasure a notch higher. It’s suitable for both women and men and can be used on the bare skin and toys. The product is 100% natural and made from Organic Aloe Vera Gel and is Vitamin E Enriched. This provides perfect lubrication for the best satisfaction, and all you require is a small amount.

On top of that, the product is very safe to the user and environment because it contains No glycerin, No Mineral Oil, No Silicone, No Dyes, and No Paraben. It is suitable for normal and sensitive skin and is pH balanced to prevent any sensitivity. The 2-pack contains 2.5 ounces that will last for a fairly long time.

In Summary:

Suitable for women and men too
Safe on the bare skin and toys as well
100% natural and organic
Contains Organic Aloe Vera Gel and enriched with Vitamin E
Provides perfect lubrication and a small amount needed

#2. Natural Personal Lubricant


Intimacy will no longer be a painful or uncomfortable experience. With this personal lubricant, you will have truly natural sex. It doesn’t contain annoying and greasy oils that create a mess. It’s also not too watery, and this means you only require a small amount.

Additionally, the best natural personal lubricant will keep you and/or your partner safe from negative effects like sensitivity or dryness because of its pH balanced. It is 100% edible and natural and also helps to rehydrate sensitive tissues. It does not contain paraben, alcohol, petroleum, gluten, dyes, or fragrances. The product is safe to the skin and also compatible with latex.

In Summary:

Makes Intimacy painless and pleasurable
Doesn’t contain greasy and messy oils
Not too watery and nice consigns
PH balanced and no side effects
100% natural and edible

#1. Natural Personal Lubricant


The ACVIOO personal lubricant is water-based and has fantastic lubrication. It’s suitable for men, women, an individual or a couple. It comprises simple ingredients (Water, Glycerin, and Hydroxyethyl Celu) and doesn’t feel greasy or create a mess. The product is packed in an 8-ounce bottle and has a nice consistency which isn’t too gooey to too watery.

On top of that, the high-grade silicone lubricant is friendly to the skin, environment and doesn’t contain any harmful artificial compounds. It will work perfectly on the dry, oily, or sensitive skin and is recommended by doctors. Last but not least, it doesn’t cause any discomfort or have a burning feeling.

In Summary:

Water-based and provides fantastic lubrication
Fit for men, women, and toys
Comprises Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl Cello, etc
Non- greasy and non-sticky
Decent 8-ounce bottle pack
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Why Use A Natural Personal Lubricant?

    All Natural: The product only comprises of natural products. It doesn’t have any artificial substances that usually come with side effects. When looking for a product it’s important to make certain it’s truly natural and if possible organic.
    User-friendly: According to consumers, natural products are friendlier than their synthetic counterparts. They have a natural smell; they don’t leave an oily residue, clean easily, and also don’t stain clothes. Applying the product is easy and so is cleaning it off your body, condoms, toys, and other objects.
    Eco-friendly: People who are conscious about the environment choose to go the natural lubricant way. The ingredients are safe; they disintegrate easily, don’t release harmful toxins, and are derived through a safe process. Some artificial oils don’t break down easily and are also non-biodegradable. This means they will remain in the atmosphere for quite a while.
    Safe: Since it’s made from natural products, this personal lubricant has minimal side effects. You won’t experience rashes, sensitivity, or other adverse effects. It is also compatible with latex products, and this prevents damaging condom or toys due to rapture.

Important Questions When Looking For A Good Product

Is it easy to apply?

Personal lubes come in different consistencies. When searching, you should make certain it isn’t too watery as this is more likely to splatter all over and create a mess. It also shouldn’t be too “gooey” because this may interfere with the process. Always choose something that is in between. Not too thick and not too light.

Does it smell nice?

The kind of smell a product gives off depicts the outcome. If it is too offensive, you’ll lose concentration on the act, and this will lower the satisfaction. Natural non-scented products are always advised. However, if you fancy a nice scent, then ensure it isn’t too strong.

Is it safe?

You shouldn’t avoid products that contain too many additives and fillers. In fact, as you have seen in this review, we only went for natural products. They don’t have harmful substances like paraben, dyes, fragrances, or glycerin. Chances of experiencing adverse effects like dryness or sensitivity are minimal.

Is it compatible with toys and condoms?

Other than applying on the bare skin, the personal lube is also used on toys as well as condoms. While it may be perfect on the skin, it may not be suitable for the condom or toy. The lube may affect the elasticity and cause the condom to rapture or make the toys less smooth. A suitable lubricant can safely be applied to silicone toys as well as any condom (polyisoprene, natural rubber latex, polyurethane condoms).

Does it wash off easy?

Just like applying it, washing off a lube should also be comfortable. You don’t require elbow grease or using too, much effort on. Top personal lubes, like the featured ones, are very easy to clean. You can use a wipe, wet cloth, or a little water. And since most are water-based; they won’t leave a shiny appearance or sticky residue.

Was it tested on the animal?

The thought of a product being tested on an animal is a little disturbing. This is why the advocacy for cruelty-free products is rising. You can be part of the campaign by ensuring the natural personal lubes are certified cruelty-free.

In Summary

Personal lubricants help to improve the sexual experience. They minimize friction while ensuring your skin is protected. However, some artificial compounds will have some side effects such as rashes, dryness, or oiliness. Others will leave a messy residue, feel too sticky, stain clothes, or may not be compatible with latex condoms. Natural personal lubricants are a better option.

These above best natural personal lubricants listed here are made of natural compounds and don’t contain paraben, glycerin, fragrances, or other artificial compounds. They feel very smooth, have a longer-lasting effect, work with any condom, and are fit for men and women. The lubes aren’t messy or sticky and have a nice consistency. The above items are examples of such nice products, and by clicking on any of them, you are more confident of a fantastic experience.

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