A Review of The Best Monopods In 2021 — The Top 15 Products

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There are various accessories available to mount your camera and take the perfect stable shot. The most popular ones are the monopod and the tripod. A monopod is used to restrict the movement of the camera in the up and down motion only. It is highly portable, and due to the collapsible nature, it takes minimal space and weighs very less in comparison to a tripod. Whether you are an amateur photographer or videographer, a monopod is a must for you. Check the top 15 best monopods that we have handpicked based on overall features they have to offer.

List of The Best Monopods In 2020

#15. Aluminum Video Monopod With 500 Series Video Head

Manfrotto Xpro Aluminum Video Monopod With 500 Series Video Head, (MVMXPRO500US)

By – Manfrotto

This monopod will move in all directions and has a total height of 79.9 inches. You can easily fold it, and it has a rubber leg warmer. Moreover, this will give you a secure and fast movement and has great operating height. This is ideal for overhead shooting and allows you to make professional videos. In this, there is a quick power lock, and it can also be set up very faster. Additionally, this comes with an easy link connector which can fit an external monitor or other accessories. With this, you will be getting a video camera plate for free. This aluminum construction and is a lightweight product.

#14. Lightweight Element Monopod

Manfrotto Lightweight Element Monopod Red Alu (MMELEA5RD)

By – Manfrotto

In this monopod, there is a convertible screw which makes it ideal for head connection or camera. There is also a twist locking mechanism, and it has interchangeable feet. This comes with an ergonomic handgrip, and there is also a wrist strap which allows you to hold it securely. Besides, the monopod is lightweight, and the enclosure material is made up of aluminum. This has an amazing look, and it is also easy and fast to operate. This will give you an amazing shooting experience and will provide great liveliness. Additionally, this is very compact and will support you anywhere. The product is easy to fold and is extremely sturdy.

#13. Carbon Fiber Monopod

Manfrotto MM290C4US 290 Carbon Fiber Monopod

By – Manfrotto

This monopod has premium Italian design and has aluminum leg locks. The leg locks are adjustable, and it also comes with rubber leg warmers. In addition to this, it has an angled wrist strap, and it is a lightweight product. It can withstand a total weight of up to 5 kilos and will give you great camera stability. Moreover, it includes a techno-polymer upper disc which has grooves. This also comes with separate attachments for both head and camera and will give you better comfort. You can carry it anywhere you want as it is compact and portable and it is recommended for taking longer telephoto shots.

#12. 290 Aluminum Monopod

Manfrotto MM290A4US 290 Aluminum Monopod

By – Manfrotto

This is another great monopod which allows you to capture videos and photographs from anywhere you want. It comes in an attractive premium Italian design, and you will be able to hold it comfortably. In this, you will be getting rubber leg warmers, and there are also adjustable leg locks made up of aluminum. You can easily fold it, and its maximum height is 59.45 inches. The minimum height is 19.29 inches, and it can withstand a total weight of 11 pounds. This is lightweight, and you will also find an angled wrist strap. This has an ergonomic design and will give you comfort from any direction. Additionally, you will also get an increased grip, and there will be increased camera stability.

#11. 6700M Aluminum Monopod SLR Camera

Sunpak 6700M Aluminum Monopod SLR Camera

By – Sunpak

This is a very powerful monopod which can withstand a total weight of 6.6 lbs. It is lightweight and has aluminum construction. This is foldable, and the extended height is 67 inches. This is a four-section monopod and is ideal for professional photographers. You can use the latest DSLR cameras with this monopod and capture some of the best videos. This is portable and is also very affordable. Besides, it also has flip lock legs and has a lifetime warranty. The monopod also has spiked rubber foot which is retractable, and there is a leg warmer. It has the mounting screw on one of its ends, and it is suitable for amateur photographers.

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#10. Professional Aluminium Monopod With Folding Feet

Koolehaoda Professional Camera Aluminium Monopod Fluid Video Head with Folding Three Feet

By – Koolehaoda

This monopod is suitable for keeping your camera secure. This is very comfortable, and you can use it for any occasion. Additionally, this has universal compatibility as in the pan head, there is a screw of ¼. In the pan head, there is also a rocker arm which allows you to adjust the camera even during shooting. This comes with aluminum legs, and there is also a quick-release leg lock. This is ideal for shooting suitable for use as a sound or video boom. The legs have four sections, and it is also lightweight. The loading capacity of this monopod is 3 kilo, and you will also be getting a base support holder.

#9. Photo Camera Monopod & Ball Head Combo

By – Altura Photo

This is a very comfortable monopod which is lightweight and compact. This is also a ball head and has many features. The 2-in-1 product is powerful and can be used by professional photographers. This has aluminum construction and easy to make it collapse. It has a universal thread mount, and you can attach it to any camera or ball head. The maximum weight capacity of this monopod is 5 pounds, and it will offer you a 360° fluid rotation. You can also tilt it and get a panoramic view. This is a versatile product which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor photography. This will also give you a comfortable shooting and has smooth adjustments.

#8. Professional Telescoping DSLR Monopods


This is one monopod which can be used from various angles. It has many features like a built-in bubble, three-way pan-head, and quick release plate. This is very strong, and the maximum weight capacity is 11 pounds. This is suitable for all types of DSLR, camcorder, and cameras, as it has many screws on its mounting plate. It is also very fast to set up, and it can also be twisted to give it a secure lock. This is collapsible easily, and the maximum height is 179 cm. You can tilt it in any direction, and it also has a retractable foot.

#7. Carbon Fiber Monopod

By – AmazonBasics

In this monopod, there are five extendable sections, and it comes with rubber twist locks which are used for adjusting the height. This will give you a comfortable handgrip, and it also includes a wrist strap. Furthermore, this has rubber feet which are very stable. This is lightweight and very compact, and you will also be getting a carry bag. The extended height is 61 inches, and the load capacity is 22 pounds. This is also reversible, and it has 16 screws on the mounting plate. Additionally, the ultra-compact monopod is made up of carbon fiber, and it is straightforward to carry. You can easily take low POV shots and get efficient height adjustments.

#6. Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders

By – Polaroid

This monopod with a universal mount is perfect for all the digital cameras, slave lights, boom mikes, remote devices, and camcorders, etc. The monopod can extend up to 72-inch. Additionally, the lightweight of this item supports easy carriage to almost everywhere. With industrial braced aluminum legs with a quad, section holds steady with the stay-set locking mechanism feature. In lesser space, this monopod helps you to concentrate on your shots without any fear of shaking. Moreover, the commercial-grade rubber with telescopic spine also allows sweat-free and strong grip over the monopod to upturn steadiness. This is one of the best monopods that come with a carry bag.

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#5. 71″ 5 Section Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod

Opteka M900 71 5 Section Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod

By – Opteka

The monopod can carry the weight of 30 pounds and expandable to 71-inch. The sturdy aluminum alloy leg of this monopod allows robust grip over it, whenever you are taking a shot. With a metal mounting screw, you can also easily set any camera or device to the monopod, with or without any head. The 2.36” platform discards all the shakes. For a hand-free and fall-free movement, this item comes with a strong wrist strap. Moreover, you can carry this product with you everywhere. The rubber grip also prevents sweating and enables a secure grip for steady shots. Moreover, a lever lock system on the leg provides fast movement.

#4. P Series Monopod

Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod

By – Sirui

The detachable threefold aluminum leg of this monopod gives you the durability, flexibility, and stability. With this sharp leg monopod, you can get easy 360 degrees of panning and 20 degrees of tilting options. The padded grip secures tight grip both in cold or hot conditions. The entire shaft of the monopod does not move; only the head moves for your shake-free camera movement. With an adjustable locking collar, you can also lock the collar to prevent panning. The built-in wrist strap stops the monopod from falling. You can remove the rubber foot according to your need. The rugged design and lightweight allow easy portability.

#3. 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

By – Argraph

This six-fold monopod is constructed with carbon fiber for durability and lightweight. The ¼” and 3/8” changeable screw on the mounting plate on the monopod is for the universal suit. The wrist strap provides a secure hold over the tripod while moving your camera. On the other hand, the shoulder strap prevents your camera or monopod from falling. It is robust enough with the silicone twist lock. This monopod is compatible with the point and shoots camera, DSLR and a camcorder. You can extend it 61” from the ground without the spike. It can hold a maximum weight of 22 lbs.

#2. 67-Inch Monopod With Carrying Bag

By – AmazonBasics

The monopod is of sturdy aluminum and weighs less than 1 pounds. The monopod extends to 67” with adjustable leg sections. Additionally, it comes with the universal ¼” inch thread mount for all camera base fitting. The anti-slip rubber foot also strengthens your grip for vibration-free camera operation. Moreover, the detachable spike provides free movement to the monopod. It comes with a casing bag for easy transportation. The rubber grip and adjustable wrist strap also prevent it from falling and even provide you with stronghold. It can easily hold any sort of video or still camera with a maximum weight of 6.6 lbs. It is undoubtedly one of the best monopods to opt for.

#1. 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod

Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod

By – Dolica

It is one of the bestselling monopods on the market. The reason for people liking it is its strong construction with surprising ultra-lightweight. The body has aluminum alloy construction and it can supports devices of weight up to 6.7 pounds. Moreover, it has a four-leg section, and it is non-skid in nature due to the presence of rubber feet. The product is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor surfaces. On top of that, the inbuilt adjustable wrist strap prevents accidental fall and damaging the device attached to it. Furthermore, a carrying bag is available in the package for easy carry wherever you go. It also comes with an NBR foam grip, and there are quick flip locks with interchangeable spike rubber feet. It is, therefore, one of the best-rated monopods you can opt to buy for a perfect value purchase.

Monopods Buying Guide

Monopods are very helpful when it comes to taking good quality photos and videos. If you pick the right ones, you will be able to use it for years. This buying guide is here to show you some important points to consider when choosing monopods, so take a look.

Adjustable Height

You are going to use your monopods for different purposes, and that is why you want its height to be adjustable. In case you want to do a time-lapse or shooting off a higher reach, this feature will come in handy. You can pick the ones with a maximum height of between 45 inches to 75 inches. As long as they can serve your purpose, the longer means the better.


The build of the monopod is very important because it defines the durability and stability of the device itself. Look for the ones with high-quality materials construction such as aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. Either of them are sturdy, lightweight, yet durable which is simply convenient and long-lasting to use. In case you want to use your monopods underwater, make sure they are rust and corrode resistant.


Most people use monopods outdoor, and this is why the size is important. Make sure that your monopod is compact enough for you to easily bring along with places. At the same time, don’t forget to check if its size is large enough to handle your camera or phone. The compact size is good, but it is not too good if it is too compact for your devices. The foldable ones are also great because they are space-saving yet not too small to use.

Additional Factors To Consider In Monopods

    Feet: This feature is not a must, but it comes in handy sometimes. The feet can turn your monopod into a mini tripod which helps in some time-lapse video moments.
    Grip: Comfortable is quite important because you are going to hold the monopod a lot. Look for the ones with rubber or foam grip because they are convenient in hand. It also prevents your hand from sweating as well to ensure a firm grip at its best every time.
    Lock: The locking system on the monopod keeps the tool in place after you adjust the height. With the lock, the sections of the monopod will not remain secure which results in shaky quality.
    Mount: Make sure that the mount on your monopod is large enough to hold your camera or phones. At the same time, check for rubber padding to ensure that it does not scratch or damage your phone exterior.
    Weight Capacity: Another important thing is the weight capacity of the monopods. The description always states the amount of weight that the monopod can support. Most models come with an average weight capacity between 10 and 20lbs. Simply pick the ones that can support the weight of your cameras or phones, easy and simple as that.


The main reason why people buy a monopod is due to its portability. It is super light in weight and collapsible to a very compact size. You can carry it in your pocket or carrying punch bag. It is easy to extend and retract and suitable to carry the weight of your camera efficiently. All the best monopods that are listed above have premium construction to ensure longer durability. You can also use it as a selfie stick as well as a walking stick.

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