A Complete Review Of The Top 9 Best Megaphones In 2021

You don’t have to strain your vocal cords when at an event. With the best megaphones, you will be able to reach the entire audience with ease. You won’t need to shout on top of your voice and in the process of harming your voice box. Also, the people at the farthest end won’t start to complain about you not being very audible. With a good megaphone, you’ll need to talk in your normal voice.

However, you can have the sound amplified so as cater to the large crowd. It may be during a concert, sporting event, Fire training, drills, and other activities. Improving technology has led to more reliable and efficient items. You nonetheless will find some not so good units. They may sound croaky, may not have a long-range, may not be ergonomically styled, or my feel too Heavy. You also may not be willing to pay a very high price for the unit. In the following review, we will highlight the best megaphones in the market.

The List Of Best Megaphones In 2021

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#9. Compact & Rugged Megaphone

Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphone

By: Blue Ocean

This megaphone makes communicating to an audience much easier. You don’t need to shout or to keep asking them to come closer. It’s a compact piece that also fits nicely in the hands. The surface feels smooth but is still nonslip. Therefore, you won’t have trouble handling it even in a wet or rainy environment or with sweaty hands. Besides, the weight feels well balanced and will save your hands from unnecessary fatigue. It has tough materials of construction and will endure falls, bangs, abrasion, and much more. What’s more, it has good ergonomics and is also very comfortable to hold.

The piece, although small, can deliver the sound as far as 800 yards. It does so in an effortless manner and also makes certain it’s very clear. The credit goes to the superior built-in amplifier. It features a waterproof housing to endure the wet environment or rain and also has a smooth, easy to clean surface. We, like many other consumers, also love the smooth and sleek finish.

In Summary:
  • Compact size and fits nicely in the hands
  • Smooth but nonslip surface
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • Tough materials of construction
  • Deliver the sound as far as 800 yards
  • Superior built-in amplifier
  • Features a waterproof housing

#8. Lightweight Bullhorn With Built-In Siren & Adjustable Volume Control

Pyle Megaphone Speaker Lightweight Bullhorn - Built-in Siren, Adjustable Volume Control

By: Pyle

This is another decent piece from the famous Pyle brand. It’s also among the best megaphones you can find in the market. And just like most of its stablemates, it’s ideal for most outdoor settings. These include a concert, sporting events, fire fighting drills, kid’s events, cheerleading, and more. It’s an ergonomically styled piece that feels just right in the hands. It’s also lighter in weight compared to most others in the same class. You, therefore, won’t struggle to hold it. It’s a rugged unit that is made from sturdy materials. This helps it to handle the use, bang, abrasion, and much more. Moreover, it’s also waterproof and handles the rain, wetness, and dampness pretty well.

The built-in 300-watt amplifier relays sound as far as 800 yards. It features a bullhorn speaker, which is very effective and also reliable. The unit runs via 4 D batteries and is also energy efficient. We like how clear the sound is and also the good resistance to background noises and interference. It’s also a beautifully and elegantly styled unit.

In Summary:
  • Useful in concerts, sporting events, fire fighting drills, kid’s events and more
  • Ergonomic styled and fitted comfortably in the hands
  • A rugged unit made from sturdy materials
  • Waterproof to handle the rain, wetness, and dampness
  • Powerful built-in 300-watt amplifier
  • Relays sound as far as 800 yards
  • Powered by 4 D

#7. Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn With Adjustable Volume

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn with Built-in Siren - 40 Watts Adjustable Volume

By: Pyle

If the best megaphone is what you are after, then this piece by Pyle should be worth buying. It’s a nice looking piece and blends quite well with many setups. It’s also compact and fits in the hands quite well. You won’t experience any sharp or hard spots thanks to the smooth, elegant finish. The unit is built tough to endure the outdoors, accidental falls, scratching, and much more. The shell comprises tough materials that are unlikely to break or crack. Besides, the handle has a nice grip for a firm hold whereas the control buttons are well-positioned. Reaching them is easy and they also are very responsive. It may not look very large. However, it delivers the sound very far.

The 40-watt built-in amplifier will reach a person as far as 1000 yards. This makes it a good option for most events. This includes cheerleading, sports, drills, and more. The unit riles on a rechargeable battery which stores power for a long period. You also get a recording option to capture the happenings.

In Summary:
  • Nice looking piece blends quite well with many setups
  • Compact and fits in the hands quite well
  • Tough built endures the outdoors, accidental falls, scratching and much more
  • Sturdy shell is less likely to break or crack
  • Handle has a nice firm grip
  • Built-in 40-watt amplifier
  • Sound reaches as far as 1000 yards

#6. Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn With Adjustable Volume Control

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn - with Built-in Siren 50 Watts & Adjustable Volume Control

By: Pyle

Pyle Megaphone speaker saves you from shouting or using too much effort. It comes with a powerful built-in amp that amplifies the sound easily and also effectively. The portable item fits perfectly in the hands and has a smooth and non-slip surface that feels cozy to the hands. Consequently, you will not have a problem managing it even with wet or sweaty hands. The item feels well balanced and is also ergonomically styled to prevent your hands from becoming too tired or uncomfortable.

It’s tough and durable and withstands drops, bangs, falls, abrasion as well as far more. What’s even more, it has a nice range of 1000 feet and maintains clarity all though. This saves you from having to keep repeating your self. In addition, it evenly distributes the sound for better coverage and also is water-resistant to tolerate sweat, damp settings, rainfall, and more. It likewise has a smooth, very easy to tidy surface and also requires minimal maintenance. The item comes with a handheld mic and is powered by 8 C batteries.

In Summary:
  • It comes with a powerful built-in amp
  • Portable item fits perfectly in the hands
  • A smooth nonslip surface feels cozy to the hands
  • Well balanced and ergonomically styled
  • Nice range of 1000 feet and clear sound
  • Handheld mic and powered by 8 C batteries

#5. Police Officer Child Megaphone

Police Officer Child Megaphone

By: Dress Up America

If your kids love playing cheerleading, firefighter, or being in control, you should consider gifting him/her this megaphone. It’s designed for children and comes in a small and compact size. It should fit in the hands of the young in well. Besides, it looks trendy and colorful just the way they like them. Although meant for play, the unit is well built and should handle the use and misuse well. The tough shell is less likely to get cracks, break, or come apart. Also, it has a nice carry friendly design and is also light in weight. The kid will, therefore, be able to hold it for a long time without any issues.

It features a nice finish, which is also smooth. This improves its comfort and also does cleaning to wiping off dust, dirt, sweat, moisture, grease, and other things easy. And for better support and carrying, it features a decent shoulder strap. The unit is powered by 4 AAA batteries and they will offer durable service. Also, it features a siren, talk function as we as a volume control. It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

In Summary:
  • Designed for children and comes in a small and compact size
  • Handles the use and misuse well
  • The tough shell is less likely to get cracks, break, or come apart
  • Nice carry friendly design and also lightweight
  • Decent shoulder strap

#4. Portable Megaphone With Bullhorn Voice

Ideas In Life Portable Megaphone 20 Watt Power Megaphone Speaker Bullhorn Voice

By: Ideas in Life

This is a respectable item from Ideas in Life and is also amongst the best megaphones out there. It’s excellent for New Year’s parties, kid’s birthday parties, BBQs, sporting events, cheerleading, and much more. It’s an ergonomically styled item that really feels ideal in the hands and also lightweight for easy handling. The tough unit is made from durable products and deals with the usage, bang, abrasion, and far more. It likewise waterproof and manages the rainfall, dampness, and wetness quite well.

The integrated 20-watt amplifier delivers the audio for far distances and is also consistent. The sound won’t be distorted and will also be equally distributed. It includes an alarm as well as different siren function, which really work well. The device uses 4C batteries and is power efficient to extend the life span of the batteries. Thanks to the pistol grip, you won’t have trouble handling the piece. Besides, you also get a nice and practical shoulder strap.

In Summary:
  • Ergonomically styled and also lightweight
  • The tough unit is made from durable products
  • Handles the usage, bang, abrasion, and far better
  • The integrated 20-watt amplifier delivers the audio long distances
  • Includes an alarm nd siren function
  • Uses 4C batteries and is power efficient
  • Nonslip and cozy pistol grip

#3. Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn With 800-Yard Range

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn W Built-in Siren - Adjustable Volume, 800-Yard Range

By: Pyle

This item by Pyle is not a stranger in the best megaphones reviews. In fact, it normally features among the top 5. It’s a great looking item and also suits numerous arrangements, both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, it’s small and fits well in the hands. You will not experience any kind of discomfort or soreness thanks to the smoothly finished texture. The device is developed from robust materials to sustain the outdoors, unexpected drops, bangs, and a lot more. It has a great nonslip handle for a firm hold and also to prevent slippage, especially with sweaty or wet hands. The control switches are well-positioned and reaching them is simple and easy. Moreover, they are really receptive and this improves the experience.

It provides good sound amplification and is useful up to 800 yards. The 40-watt integrated amplifier is responsible for this as well as the good sound dispersion. This makes it an excellent option for the majority of occasions, such as cheerleading, sporting activities, drills, sporting events, concerts, and more. The system uses 6D batteries that deliver power for an extended period. You additionally get a siren and alarm function.

In Summary:
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Decent size fits well in the hands
  • Made from robust materials to sustain the outdoors, bang and more
  • Great non-slip handles for a firm hold
  • Good sound amplification as far as 800 yard
  • Built-in 40-watt integrated amplifier
  • Uses 6D batteries

#2. Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn With 1000 Yard Range

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn - Built-in Siren 40 Watts Adjustable Vol Control & 1000 Yard Range

By: Pyle

Connecting with your crowd is easier with the best megaphone. You don’t need to shout and stress your throat. Also, people won’t complain about not being able to clearly hear you. This is a compact and practical item that fits perfectly in the hands. It comes with a pistol grip for a better hold and also has a nice texture. The surface really feels smooth and you will not have difficulty using it. Its also nonslip and using it in a damp situation or handling with sweaty hands isn’t a problem. Moreover, it comes with a nice weight and you won’t struggle to handle it for an extended period. It’s well balanced and won’t cause any fatigue or discomfort.

The sturdy materials of built bear drops, bangs, abrasion, mishandling, and a lot more. Also, it has great functional design and relays sound as far as 1000 yards. This is courtesy of the powerful built-in 40-watt amplifier. Like the others in this list, its also water-resistant and can be used outside even when it’s raining without any issues. The smooth surface is very easy to clean and is resistant to fingerprint marks, oils grease, stains, and much more.

In Summary:
  • Compact and practical item fits perfectly in the hands
  • Comes with a pistol grip for a better hold
  • The surface feels smooth but still nonslip
  • Nice weight supports long handling
  • Relays sound as far as 1000 yards
  • Powerful built-in 40-watt amplifier

#1. Portable 30 Watt Megaphone With Siren & Cheering – 800 Yard Range

Croove Portable 30 Watt Bullhorn:Megaphone with Siren & Cheering - 800 Yard Range

By: Croove

Finally, we have the Groove Portable unit. And as hinted by the name, it’s very easy to move around wet. This is courtesy of the compact size, lightweight, and also the design. It takes up minimal space during carrying and storage and also isn’t affected by vibrations, bangs, falls, impact, and more. This is owing to the sturdy materials and construction. It comprises high-grade ABS material that endures rough handling, scratching, and more. The unit is useful indoors as well as outdoors and you can use for sporting events, concerts, kids parties, and many other activities. We love the good distance it supports and this is courtesy of the 30-watt bullhorns. A person standing as far as 800 yards will be able to clearly hear the speaker/ user.

Cleaning and taking care of this unit isn’t an issue, thanks to the smooth texture. Besides, it doesn’t get dusty, greasy, oily, or stained easily. And coming in red and white color, this item does look stylish and will also standout. It relies on 4 “D” batteries and comes with a simple and user- friendly interface. Also, it comes with a song and siren.

In Summary:
  • Compact size, lightweight and takes up minimal s
  • Comprises high-grade ABS material
  • Includes a powerful 30-watt bullhorn
  • Delivers sound as far as 800 yards
  • Smooth surface is easy to Cleaning and take care of
  • Come in an elegant red and white color
  • Relies on 4 “D” batteries and comes with a song and siren

Best Megaphone Buying Guide

So you are thinking of purchasing a megaphone. But do you know what things are important to look at, or you simply trust the salesperson? It’s necessary to have an idea of what factors to pay attention to. This helps you to find good product fast. Besides, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing it’s the most suitable. The following are the key things to look after:


The fact is you’ll be moving a lot with the device. At one point, you may be at a kid’s event and in another instance, you may give the unit to your daughter for her cheerleading activity. A heavy unit will definitely make life not so easy. Rather than focusing on the activity at hand, you’ll be struggling with weight. The heavy unit will, at times, fall low and making the sound not to go far. You also can’t dispel the aches, spores, or discomfort that comes with holding a heavy unit. Always pick an item that is lightweight.

Sound Range

You need to focus on how far the sound travels. Yes, the unit may look cool and trendy and is also within your price range. But it makes little sense to pick an item whose sound reaches as far as 600 yards, yet you’ll be using it in a bigger space. In fact, you are better off picking an item that goes much further since you can always tone down the sound. Having an idea of the area to be covered will give you a good starting point. In addition to the range or distance, it’s also important that you make certain the sound is very clear.


The truth is that the megaphone is mishandled quite often. The user will brush it against hard objects, drop it to the ground, and expose it to dust, moisture, sweat, water, rain, and much more. Also, it may be used quite often and for long periods. With a poorly crafted or weak unit, the accessory won’t last for a long time. The surface will look scratchy or get chips and dents, the shell/case may crack, and the interior mechanism, including the amplifier, maybe messed. It’s critical that you pick a high quality and durable unit.


Comfort plays a key role in the search and buying. Nobody wants to struggle to hold a bulky or heavy unit. No one wants the hands feeling numb or tired because the megaphone has some rough or sharp edges. Also, a prospective buyer desires a unit that will fit and feel nice to the skin/ hand. All the above things point at comfort. And the right choice will be lightweight, have a smooth surface, and is also ergonomically styled.

Weather Resistance

The megaphone is normally used in an outdoor setting. This means that it will be exposed to the dust, sun, different temperatures, wind, rain, and more. A good item is able to put up with the elements well. It won’t feel too warm in hot days or too cold during the chilly weather. The surface won’t start cracking or developing defects because of exposure to the hot sunlight. Also, it will be waterproof to stop the damage from the rain or sweat.


This review has shed more light on the best megaphones. They are appropriate for most everyday activities. These include sporting events, concerts, drills, fire training, excursions, and much more. You’ll notice that they come from respected brands that have been in the scene for years and are still the most dominant forces. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing you own a top product. We also went for items that have good coverage, the sound is clear, are easy to handle, and also can withstand the use and outdoor environment well. With the best megaphones, you and your target audience will enjoy maximum satisfaction.

Old Version: Version 1 - Best Megaphones

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Megaphones

Are you having a presentation? Coaching a football match? Performing a fire drill? Or even emceeing a party? Well, there is just the right product for you to enhance the whole experience. A megaphone comes with a lot of benefits. From relieving sound muscle, easy use, and portability, to getting maximum attention from your audience. Also, they look classier to boost your morale and public speaking skills.

To offer you a helping hand, we have carefully done deep research and analyze the products, then compile this list of the best megaphones in case you are looking for one.

#13. Megaphone PA Bullhorn Speaker With Built-In Siren 50 Watts

Pyle Megaphone PA Bullhorn Speaker-Built-In Siren 50 Watts Rechargeable Battery

By: Pyle

This sound amplification item produces 50 watt sound up to 1200 feet to give you a broader area to work on. It has a 10-seconds recording for you to record a message quickly. Also, a wrist strap, ergonomic handle, and a 4-pound weight give you comfortable use while the 8 D batteries power this megaphone to provide uninterrupted operation.

Furthermore, it has a versatile functionality including a talk, volume, and siren mode for you to conveniently use your preferred sound. The detachable handheld mic allows you to point your unit in various directions as you speak into the mic easily. It has a practical design for use in cheerleading, sports, plus more activities effortlessly.

#12 . Megaphone With Siren Sound, Colors May Vary

Rhode Island Novelty 8 Supporters Megaphone With Siren Sound, Colors May Vary

By: Rhode Island Novelty

This megaphone requires 4 C batteries to power it for continuous use. It has a volume control dial to set to the sound level that fits you. The wrist strap offers security when carrying it and provides an easy method. It features a 2-mode mechanism for amplified voice and a siren to add to user experience.

On top of that, the multi-use design allows use in rallies, fundraisers, races, birthday parties, safety drills, sporting events, plus more. It has a dimension of 5.8 by 5.8 by 9 inches, thus uses minimal storage space. The fold up handles easy and comfortable on the hands. The above item is made from plastic, which is eye-appealing and offers long-lasting service.

#11 Sugar Home Portable Megaphone Bullhorn 20-watts Power Megaphone Speaker Voice

Sugar Home Portable Megaphone Bullhorn 20-watts Power Megaphone Speaker Voice

By: Sugar home

The above sound item gives out a 20-watt sound that helps you cover a vast distance. It uses 4 C batteries to power it and gives a crystal clear sound output. The telescopic handle allows you to bend and fold it smoothly for straightforward operation. It is inclusive of a grip features for comfortable endless use.

In addition, the item has 3-modes including voice, alarm, and siren, to allow you to choose the best sound at your event or during emergencies. A well-made volume control button enables you to set to your preferred sound level while the compact size and weighs 15.8 ounces which boosts handling and control.

#10. Megaphone With Siren Bullhorn

Pyle Megaphone With Siren Bullhorn 50 Watt-Bullhorn Speaker with Detachable

By: Pyle

The Pyle megaphone uses 8 C batteries to power it to produce 50-watt sound up to a distance of 1200 yards. It has an inbuilt 3.5mm aux input that includes a siren, volume control, and talk for you to use in most activities like cheerleading, baseball, firefighting, and police actions.

On top of that, the grip handle is soft on the hands for comfortable prolonged use. It weighs 3.44 pounds offers a convenient method without any muscle strain while the detachable handheld mic allows you to point the above unit to your preferred direction while talking for more comfortable operation. It has a siren alarm mode that advances the emergency tone for more people to hear it more clearly.

#9. Lightweight Megaphone Bullhorn With Siren

Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren, 30 Watt Powerful, and Lightweight

By: Croove

The Croove megaphone prides on having a lightweight construction with a durable carrying strap for more comfortable use, storage, and portability. The built-in sounds, siren, and one soccer song give it a more convenient operation in a football match, cheerleading, or a birthday event.

Moreover, it has a multi-function feature that allows police officers, mc’s, rescue marshals, coaches, and others to use it effectively. The advanced mechanism delivers sound up to 800 yards, thus giving you a broader area to work on. It relies on 4 D batteries to power it continuously and offers uninterrupted operation. The intuitive control panel has an on/off button that is easy to read and operate.

#8. Megaphone Speaker With Built-In Siren & Adjustable Volume

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn W Built-In Siren Adjustable Volume, 800 Yard

By: Pyle

Pyle Company has an excellent reputation for coming up with quality products like this megaphone. It features an ergonomic grip and lightweight construction which aid you in using your item at extended periods comfortably. The carrying strap helps in secure storage and portability while the sturdy body allows use for both indoor and outdoor activities like meetings, sports activities, and also firefighting.

Furthermore, it features a volume control button to let you adjust the sound to your desired proximity and a siren alarm mode for emergency sound and to get your message across more quickly and precisely up to 800 yards. The removable compact handheld mic boosts convenience during use.

#7. Police Officer Child Megaphone

Police Officer Child Megaphone

By: Dress Up America

Dress up America prides on creating this kid’s megaphone that comes with large bell diameter that advances voice loudly and precisely at a broader range. The police-style design is not only aesthetically appealing but can make a great gift. It boasts of passing the USA safety standard, thus guarantees a child safety unit. It features multi-functional dials including a siren, talk, and volume control to enhance your child’s creative skills.

On top of that, a fold-down handle allows smooth maneuverability, cleaning, and minimum storage space use. The attached strap offers a straightforward carrying and better control. The 4 AA batteries power the sound accessory in both indoor/outdoor use for added user-experience.

#6. Portable Compact PA Megaphone Speaker

Pyle Portable Compact PA Megaphone Speaker w:Alarm Siren, Adjustable Volume, 40 W

By: Pyle

This portable megaphone features an LED lighting system for more convenient night use. The high-powered digital system requires 8 AA batteries to produce 40 watt sound to distance as far as 100 yards. It has a water-resistant design for protection in the wet weather, and the volume control allows you to adjust up to 130 decibels sound level.

What’s more, its compact size offers increased portability and storage while the built-in siren alarm function to get your emergency message across efficiently and quickly. Also, the pistol grip chassis allows you to hold your unit’s weight effortlessly and gives you a smooth operation. The multi-purpose accessory is fit for cheerleading, safety drills, and more activities.

#5. Megaphone Speaker PA BullhornPyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn-Built-In Siren, Adjustable Volume Control 800 Yard

By: Pyle

With this megaphone, you won’t need to shout to be heard. The Pyle Megaphone features a piezo driver with a full bell diameter to ensure your unit projects your voice up to 800 yards with crystal clarity. It has a carrying strap; an ergonomic pistol grip and a lightweight chassis that is comfortable on your hands even in extended use. Moreover, the 2-audio construction has an integrated siren alarm and talk functionality for added user-experience. It uses 4 D batteries with 30-watt power output to facilitate sound quality and speed.

Additionally, the adjustable volume control offers you simple sound level adjustment. The item has a multi-use mechanism and is used by the US Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, law enforcers, Emcees, cheerleaders, Firefighters, and many more. It has a sturdy casing to protect against fast wear out process and is also very portable.

#4. Blue Ocean Megaphone

Kestrel Blue Ocean Megaphone

By: Kestrel

The Kestrel Blue megaphone comes with a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 8 hours of nonstop use. It features a large volume button to adjust the sound quickly and a siren and horn for emergency use. The battery lock compartment ensures the battery stays secure even through rough transport while the power indicator bulb lights up when you switch on your unit.

In addition to that, it features a polycarbonate casing for long-lasting service and uses a dual-operation technology. It delivers clear, loud sound and can reach as far as 800-yards. Furthermore, the removable bumper with the drop-proof mechanism protects the item from hard ground impacts while the waterproof design prevents s damage from water or rain. It has a well-designed twist-in battery and a detachable conveying strap to give you better operation.

#3. Megaphone Speaker PA BullhornPyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn-With Built-in Siren -40 Watts Adjustable Volume

By: Pyle

The Pyle sound unit has an ergonomic grip and weighs 3.7 pounds to allow you to hold your megaphone effortlessly. It boasts of a simple design that blends in well with its surroundings and offers premium service. The multi-purpose functionality enables you to use it for both indoor and outdoor activities like sports actions, presentations, firefighting, cheerleading, and many more with ease.

Furthermore, it has a siren alarm mode which advances an emergency sound to cover up to 800 yards. The conveying strap gives you optimum and easy portability whereas the sturdy detachable handheld microphone aids you to point the megaphone in any direction as you speak into it. Lastly, the volume control dial helps you change the volume from low to high easily.

#2. Megaphone Speakers With Adjustable Vol Control

Pyle Megaphone Speakers PA -Bullhorn Built-in Siren 40 Watts Adjustable Vol Control

By: Pyle

This Pyle megaphone boasts of a plug-in handheld microphone with a carrying strap to give you comfortable use and transport. It features a lightweight chassis that can hold your unit’s weight effortlessly. Furthermore, the versatile unit is suitable for baseball, soccer, cheerleading, firefighting, safety drill actions, and comes with a voice amplifier feature that produces 40 watts of sound to cover 1000 yards.

Moreover, it uses 6 D battery to power it for uninterrupted use and is lightweight, weighing just 4 pounds, for comfortable extended and continuous use. It has pre-Installed sounds and is compatible with most devices like iPad, Android, tablet. This allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks. Also, it includes an adjustable volume control for convenient sound adjustment.

#1. Portable Megaphone With Bullhorn Voice

Ideas In Life Portable Megaphone 20 Watt Power Megaphone Speaker Bullhorn Voice

By: Ideas In Life

This megaphone above from ideas of life comes with a robust folding handle for easy use and storage. It features a pistol grip and durable conveying strap to promote easy portability and smooth handling without muscle-strain. The modern design generates up to 20 watts sound and makes reaching the message across to many people many. It is ideal for a kid’s birthday, sporting events, presentations, drills, and more.

On top of that, the practical easy-reach volume control button lets you set your preferred sound level. It weighs 1.05 pounds which offers comfortable use and has 3-modes including siren, voice, and alarm, to let you have the right tone during the event. Last but not least, to get uninterrupted use, power it by using 4 C batteries and includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your satisfaction.


Never strain your voice box because of hosting an event. It can lead to avoidable damage, and the best solution is to use a megaphone. It improves the sound output to cover a broad range of up to 1000 yards. These units have grip handles made from lightweight material to offer comfortable use even during continuous use. Always ensure you go for the right product that guarantees value for your money.

The above-chosen products provide long-lasting service and boast of great features. Lastly, the more you use a megaphone, the better your emceeing skills get and you might land yourself a lucrative job.

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