Review Of 10 Best Makeup Cases You Should Not Missed

If you are constantly on the move, one thing that can be tedious leave alone annoying is going through your makeup to find a particular thing. The chances are that you may have arranged them in a neat manner, but due to the movement, vibrations, or bumpy ride, they will be strewn all over inside the bag or carrier.

And as we all know, it can be irritating trying to locate that specific eye shadow, lip gloss, eyeliner, blush or another, and worse still is if you are in a rush. In fact, because of the inconvenience, many people opt to travel with fewer items which won’t allow you to adequately express your sense of style or having to incur an extra cost because of buying it during your travels.

Luckily, you can still move around with all your makeup and cosmetics and still be organized. All you deserve is a nice makeup case. And in this review, we will look at the top choices of best makeup case on the market.

List Of Top Best Makeup Cases In 2021

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#10. Stylish Train Makeup Case

Caboodles Stylist Train Case, Black Lace Over Silver

By: Caboodles

This train case from Caboodles is perfect for a frequent traveler, beauty expert, professional stylist, and any other person. It has a good size of 11.5 (IL) x 7(W) x 9.25(H) inches and can hold quite some products. Additionally, it comes with 6 cantilever trays for holding different sized items, and this also helps to keep them well-arranged for quick and convenient access.

It is suitable for makeup items like eyeliner, lip gloss, eyebrow liner, mascara, powder as well as cosmetics. The sturdy case also includes extra storage space at the bottom and has an easy opening and closing top that fully secures the stored items when shut, and this is courtesy of the locking latch with keys. And if you fear to carry a plain or dull looking case, then you will like the silver color that also includes a black lace.

#9. Professional Makeup Train Case

Professional Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Organizer Make Up Artist Box

By: Relavel

As a professional stylist or makeover artist, you always want to have all your tools and accessories within reach. Furthermore, you want then appropriately arranged to prevent spillage or you wasting too much time locating a specific product. Well, with this case from Relavel, you get proper storage for all your makeup and cosmetics, be it mascara, lip liner, brushes, gloss, foundation, powder, and so on.

The fashionable item measures 16.54(L) x 11.42 (W) x 5.51(H) inches and is made from a durable and wear-resistant material for longevity and easy maintenance. The electronic case is easy to operate thanks to the smooth opening/closing compartments and has a soft interior for added protection to the items. They won’t get dents, scratches, or warp because of constantly banging against each other. And despite its strength, this black case is lightweight for convenient carrying.

#8. Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror

SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror

By: SHANY Cosmetics

If you want a stylish, sleek, and chic train case, then the SHANY mini case is a good option. It has a decent dimension of 9(L) x 6(W) x 6(H) inches and provides useful storage and protection to the makeup items and cosmetics. The trendy unit is durable to handle the items, regular movement, accidental bangs, and bumps, shaking, and impact.

Furthermore, it features a smooth interior for preventing scratches, dents, and damage to the makeup while the spill-proof design ensures it maintains its beautiful appeal even when the items open or creates a mess. It weighs only 5 pounds, making it among the lightest and also one of the most portable in the market. Additionally, it has a good design for easy handling and looks very professional.

#7. 13.5″ Makeup Train Case Professional Cosmetic Box

SONGMICS 13.5 Makeup Train Case Professional Cosmetic Box


Your makeup and cosmetics will be safe during your travel or in your beauty shop if you invest in the SONGMICS train case. This best makeup case is sturdily built from aluminum and it will not only maintain its integrity even in rough handling, accidents, or vibrations but also protect the makeup.

This is enhanced by the smooth lining which is also spill-proof to prevent the interior from getting messed or stained by the items in case of a spill. It features 4 extendable trays which together with the 8 removable dividers improve the organization while the reinforced corners boost its strength and can handle the impact, falls, and knocks quite well. The spacious 13 3/8(L) x 8 5/8(W) x 9 1 /2 (H)-inch case is easy to clean thanks to the ABS trays and plastic bottom pad and is well-balanced to prevent tipping over.

#6. 3-Layer Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Case

MONSTINA Cosmetic Bags 3 Layer Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Case


This Rose Red case is not just meant for professionals but also the ordinary persons. It has a versatile design to cater to different needs including business travel, leisure trips, beauty salon, makeup artist, and more. The stylish item may be lightweight for easy movement; however, it is very strong, and this assures you of longevity.

Furthermore, it will safeguard the mascara, eyeliner, blush, powered, cosmetics, and other items thanks to the oxford cloth fabric which doesn’t scratch the items and is durable and also easy to clean. And to provide the perfect interior and to minimize shock, impact, and shaking, the interior also comprises a softly padded layer.

The many slots allow you to place the items in the right place to prevent necessary movement and also for easy access. It also makes the case better organized and minimizes chances of spills or messy interior.

#5. Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Case

Makeup Bag, ESARORA Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Case

By: Esarora

Made from premium Oxford fabric, the ESARORA Makeup case not only offers an excellent storage point but also enhances convenience. The large size can accommodate small, medium, and large items, and to ensure they don’t move unnecessary and possibly get damaged, the case has several dividers. You can keep makeup and cosmetic accessories such as lipstick, makeup palettes, lip gloss, makeup brushes, hairbrushes, Eyeshadow, skincare products, shaving kit, cosmetics, and more.

The compartments are easy to adjust while the slots ensure the accessories don’t leave the designated point. The case is shake-proof to prevents undue movement even when in a shaky environment, has an anti-wear material to maintain its integrity and longevity, and is also waterproof to keep the interior dry, especially in a wet environment or rainy weather. Besides cosmetic and makeup accessories, the multifunctional ESASORA case is also fit for Toiletries, Jewelry, Essential Oils, Electronic Accessories, Camera, Valuables, and so on.

#4. Travel Makeup Cosmetic Case

Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case

By: Relavel

Made from high-grade, high-quality Oxford Fabric, the Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case will make using and storing makeup items and cosmetics stress-free. Simply open the case, have a clear view of the items, and then pick what you want. It comes with dividers for easy separation of the items and slots that make sure the accessories stay put and don’t move even in shaky situations.

Additionally, it has a firm base and solid construction to combat regular movement, vibrations, and shock whereas the smooth lining prevents damage to the items. The 10.3-inch case is very roomy and also appropriate for bigger items like shampoo, makeup palettes, large brushes, and powders. The several compartments improve the neatness and arrangement while the lightweight design improves moveability. Furthermore, it also is perfect for Toiletries, Jewellery, Shaving Kit, and Digital items.

#3. Professional 14″ Large Make Up Artist Organizer Kit

Makeup Train Case – Professional 14 Large Make Up Artist Organizer Kit

By: Lenubo-Glenor Beauty

The Lenubo-Glenor Beauty makeup train case is appropriate for professionals including makeup artists, nail art specialists, beauticians, and beatify experts. It has a professional design which aims at improving convenience and organization and also to minimize the effort and time that is used to get the items.

Measuring 14(L) x 8 5/8 (W) x 10 1 / 4(H) Inches, this kit among the largest on the market and provides excellent space even for the bulky items. You also get a spacious base for keeping a curler, hair blower, dryer, or iron. And just like the case, the trays are equally large. Unlike other types of makeup cases that come with fixed dividers, this one has removable dividers that not only boost convenience but also make cleaning the item easier. It features a Key Lock for securing your items against loss, theft, or interference by unauthorized users.

#2. Professional Makeup Case & Cosmetic Storage

Makeup Train Case- Professional Makeup Case and Cosmetic Storage

By: Health2wealth

Keeping the makeup and cosmetic safe and within reach is easier when you use the Health2wealth makeup case. It has a large capacity and can be easily customized to suit your need at hand. The interior is softly padded to protect the cosmetics and makeup items while the hard external surfaces can bear the knocks, shaking, banging, and accidental drop as well. Furthermore, it includes easy-adjust trays for arranging the items and for hassle-free access.

The lightweight case is not only compact for space-saving but also very portable. It is made of premium-grade aluminum which can resist dents, scratches, fading, rust/ corrosion, and other things whereas the versatile nature suits it for different items and applications as well. You also will have an easy time cleaning and taking care of the case thanks to the spill-proof and anti-wear nature.

#1. Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case

OWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case


The ROWNYEON makeup case is ideal for professionals who want easy access and convenience. It’s made of durable, durable materials (oxford fabric, hard plastic cover, metal zipper) and should, therefore, serve you well for many years. The spacious case is 16.14 inches and will hold many items and has 10 dividers for improved organization. It features sponge-padded interior to handle the vibrations, shaking, impact, and knocks and has golden zippers for easy opening and closing.

Additionally, it is spill-proof to maintain a clean and stain-free interior and also anti-wear to keep its nice appearance for a long time. It consists of 3 rows for neat storage of brush pockets, eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, cosmetics, and more.

The easy-to-adjust dividers come in different sizes to cater for varied items and also to help you store an item perfectly. And though it’s strong and durable, this case is lightweight and carrying or moving with it isn’t a challenge.

Best Makeup Cases Buying Guide & Types

One of the easiest ways to neatly organize and bring your makeup with you is having makeup cases. No matter if it is on the go or if you are a professional, makeup cases are ideal for them all. In this buying guide, you will find a few important things that you need to know before buying makeup cases. Let’s check them out and see what they are with us below.


Depends on what purposes and the amount of makeup tools you need to store, compartments are important. Some makeup cases provide compartments for brushes, powder, and more. Meanwhile, others come with just a simple design that you can store everything together. The larger the size, the more compartments you will get in your makeup case. So if you need to bring a lot of cosmetics, the large ones are what to go for.


The materials of the makeup case reflect their durability and protection for your makeup items. If you buy a makeup bag, make sure that it is waterproof so that everything inside is safe. Or at least, find the ones that are water-resistant so that it is more protective to have. In case you choose the case design, look for the ones with high-quality material construction like durable plastic. That way, it will not break or lose its quality easily to deliver long-lasting performance and protection for long term use.


Depends on how you use the makeup cases, there are different types of them such as:

  • At-Home Case: Allows you to organize an entire makeup collection that you have at home neatly. It has various compartments as well as drawers along with mirrors and more.
  • Compact Travel Case: This type comes with just the size that you can bring along within your luggage. It has enough space for daily makeup tools and cosmetics for short trips which is easy and convenient.
  • Micro Case: It can hold only one item such as a lipstick or a compact. This type is ideal for slim purse and formal occasions where you need might need to bring one essential cosmetic.
  • Large Travel Case: There are many compartments in this case that you can easily organize various items inside. This case is ideal for long trips or a makeup artist for a small event. Some of this type even comes with a luggage design for a stylish look and convenient use.
  • Professional Case: You will see professional makeup artists carry this type of case. This type comes with various designs and sizes depend on the supplies and projects of the makeup artists. From small to large, professional makeup cases are available in them all.
  • Train Case: Also ideal for traveling, but it comes with wheels for a more convenient performance. This type has a hard exterior along with multiple layers and compartments inside. You can store a lot of makeup tools and cosmetics inside this case while protecting them at the same time.

In Conclusion

The best makeup cases will help you move conveniently with your makeup and also stay organized at the same time. The accessory also protects the items from too many vibrations, banging, impact, shaking, or shock. That is because it comes with slots or compartments to keep them intact. In this review, we have briefly talked about the best cases that are currently on offer. We went for high quality and durable items that last a long time. Products that have good design and spaces to accommodate different items. They are also versatile for different situations including business travel, leisure trip, and professional work.

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