Top 10 Best Magnifying Lamps — Products Reviews In 2019

If you work on tiny objects like designing circuits, repairing gadgets, sewing, or stitching, you need a proper light source for working. It is due to this purpose that the magnifying lamp has hit the market and widely used these days. A magnifying lamp can increase the intensity and brightness of a normal LED light multiple times. Therefore, there will be no strain on your eyes while working on small objects and reading little texts. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best magnifying lamps that you can consider buying.

List Of Top Best Magnifying Lamps In 2019

Image Product
Neatfi 1,200 Lumens Super LED Magnifying Lamp with Clamp, Dimmable, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Included, 60 Pcs SMD LED, 5 Diopter, 5 Inches Diameter Lens (White)
Fancii Daylight LED 3X Magnifying Lamp Rechargeable with Metal Clamp - Illuminated Optical Glass Magnifier Lens with 3 Adjustable Light Settings & Detachable Aluminum Handle
Brightech Lightview Pro 2 in 1 - Magnifying Glass LED Reading Lamp Converts from Table to Floor Lamp - Real Diopter Glass Magnifier with Bright Lights - for Crafts & Professional Tasks
Brightech LightView PRO - LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp for Close Work - Bright, Lighted Magnifier for Reading, Crafts & Pro Tasks - Light Color Adjustable & Dimmable - 2.25x Magnification
Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp - 6 Wheel Rolling Base Reading Magnifier Light with Gooseneck - for Professional Tasks and Crafts - 1.75x Magnification
Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp - 2 in 1 Clamp Table & Desk Lamp Energy Saving LED Ultra Bright Daylight Light, Great for Reading, Hobbies, Crafts, Workbench- Black
Brightech Lightview Pro Flex - Hands Free, Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp for Close Work - Bright LED Lighted Gooseneck Magnifier with Clamp for Reading, Tasks & Crafts - Black
Carson DeskBrite 200 LED Illuminated 2X Magnifier & Desk Lamp (LM-20)
Brightech LightView PRO - LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp for Close Work - Bright Magnifier Lighted Lens - Puzzle, Craft & Reading Light for Table Top Tasks - 2.25x Magnification
Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp - Daylight Bright Full Spectrum Magnifier Lighted Glass Lens - Height Adjustable Gooseneck Standing Light - for Reading Task Craft Lighting - Black

#10. Neatfi 1,200 Lumens Super LED Magnifying Lamp with Clamp

Neatfi 1,200 Lumens Super LED Magnifying Lamp with Clamp

By – Neatfi

If you are looking for a powerful and super bright magnifying lamp, this is a good option for you. The light is 1200 lumens bright, and you can read small prints and do critical works like soldering and knitting comfortably. Besides that, the 5-diopter lens increases the brightness by 225% times without producing any glare. Moreover, the lamp is energy-efficient, and it is going to last 100,000 hours. Not just that, you can dim the light to 4 different levels for better visibility and power saving.

Furthermore, you can use the lamp as a LED desk lamp by opening the lens cover or as a regular magnifying lamp by closing the lens cover. The height of the lamp is also adjustable as it has triple-joint arm structure. The sturdy is sturdy for a long duration lifetime. A soft microfiber cleaning cloth is there in the package for cleaning the lenses, glasses, and other delicate parts. On top of that, the company offers three years warranty.

#9. Fancii Daylight LED 3X Magnifying Lamp Rechargeable

Fancii Daylight LED 3X Magnifying Lamp Rechargeable

By – Fancii

The glass lamp is capable of 3 times magnification as it comes with the 8-diopter optical lens. The light coming out of the lamp after magnification is distortion-free. The bulb is highly energy-efficient, and it gives up to 6 hours of battery life on one full charge. Moreover, you can charge it via a micro USB cable which is highly convenient. Just in case you are thinking of charging it using your smartphone adapter, check the current and voltage rating as they should match.

Thee glass lamp has 6W different LED daylight, and there are three different adjustable brightness levels. It is suitable for all close-up work like soldering and crafting along with normal reading and working in the dark. The structure is 15-inch tall, and the metal gooseneck is highly flexible so that you can adjust it at any position and height you need. Above all, the metal clamp is of heavy-duty that you can attach to your working desk. Besides, there is an aluminum handle available which is lightweight and detachable.

#8. Brightech LightView Pro 2-in-1 Dimmable LED Magnifying Desk

Brightech LightView Pro 2-in-1 Dimmable LED Magnifying Desk

By – Brightech

This is one of the best magnifying lamps in terms of versatility. You can read the small words without straining your eyes if you have the lamp. The magnification is up to 175%, and on top of that, there is no glare coming out of it after magnification. There is a three-diopter lens available that will help you to do micro-works like knitting stitching, crocheting, and much more. In fact, you can also use the device with electronic gadgets like Kindle, smartphones, and tablets. As far as its versatility goes, you can easily convert the lamp from a floor lamp to a desk lamp.

The fitting on the table, workbench, desk, or even bedside table is perfect. The legs are extendable for a perfect floor lamp setup. The lights are dimmable, and the temperature range is 3000K to 6000K for warm light and white daylight. Additionally, you can dim the light with a simple tap of a finger. There is 9W LED light available, and the maximum brightness achievable is 800 lumens. The construction is highly durable, and the company is confident about the product that will last for 20 years at a stretch.

#7. Brightech LightView PRO LED Magnifying Clamp Lamp

Brightech LightView PRO LED Magnifying Clamp Lamp

By – Brightech

Brightech is undoubtedly the best brand in the magnifying lamp category. They have a great collection of best magnifying lamps for various usages with different structures and features. This magnifying lamp is suitable for all table works. You can clamp it on the workbench and continuous work for crafting and close-up tasks. The lens is of 5-inch diameter, and the viewing is crystal clear. Additionally, you can focus the brightness on a particular region, and it is capable of 225% magnification. In fact, it does not get heated up when the light magnifies.

The temperature range of the light is between 3000K and 6000K from warm white to daylight white. You can adjust the brightness level effortlessly. With the lamp, you can prevent the straining of eyes for needlework, arts and crafts, and drawing. The focal range of the lamp is 9 inches. On top of that, the light is energy-efficient, like most other LED lamps, and there is 9W LED light available to be precise. The most interesting feature that the company claims is that the lamp will last for 20 years or more.

#6. Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp

By – Brightech

This is the most floor lamp with all the all features one desires to have in a magnifying lamp. Even people with a vision issue can manage well with the lamp for close-up works. It has 4.5 authentic diopter glass magnifier lens with a 15-inch focal range, and the magnification is up to 175%. Moreover, the floor lamp is designed for hands-free working, and the stability is superior. In fact, you can use it for doing makeup on you or someone else with perfection. Just like other Brightech lamps, the company claims it to sustain over 20 years.

Furthermore, you can adjust the color of the light and the brightness as per your requirements. There is no issue of overheating and short-circuiting. The maximum output is 650 lumens, and it can outshine any CFL, halogen, or incandescent bulb equivalent to 60W comfortably. Whether it is knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, or quilting, for every work, the lamp is perfectly suitable.

#5. Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp – 2 in 1

Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp – 2 in 1

By – Brightech

This is another versatile magnifying lamp from Brightech. Just like other lamps from the company, this one too will help those people with vision issues for smaller objects and texts. The 3-inch diopter glass lens produces bright and magnified light without any glare. The magnification is up to 175%, and the base is the best part. It is interchangeable for versatile uses. You can convert into a desk lamp from a floor lamp conveniently. Besides, you can fasten the lamp to the sides of the table, desk, or chair easily.

Moreover, the gooseneck is 13.5-inch tall and highly flexible. You can project the light in any direction, and it stays cool at any brightness that you set it into. The maximum brightness is 570 lumens with 6W LED light. Whether it is working on your computer, laptop, or table, it is one of the best magnifying lamps you can get for your desk. In fact, you can use it for professional working like knitting, needlework, circuiting, repairing electronic items, and much more.

#4. Brightech- LightView Flex LED Magnifier Clamp Lamp

Brightech- LightView Flex LED Magnifier Clamp Lamp

By – Brightech

This is an ultra-bright magnifying lamp and suitable for anyone with a vision issue or does minor craftworks. The lens is on the relatively smaller side with a 3-inch diameter, but the magnification is 175%. Additionally, the product is UL certified, and the clamp and base are highly durable and stable for heavy-duty uses. It is easy to detach and reattach as per your convenience. Moreover, the gooseneck is highly flexible and rotatable up to 360 degrees. Therefore, you can position it anywhere and focus the light on the object.

The lamp is a 6W LED light, and the maximum brightness is 570 lumens. Furthermore, the brightness is adjustable, and it is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb. The lifespan of the object is expected to be around two decades, and the company offers a three-year warranty. Moreover, it consumes less power, does not produce any glare, or does not get overheated.

#3. Carson DeskBrite200 LED Lighted 2x Magnifier

Carson DeskBrite200 LED Lighted 2x Magnifier

By – Carson

This is an elegant looking magnifying lamp, and it has a 2X power magnifying desk lamp along a 5X power spot lens. Instead of one, there are two super bright LED lights, and it definitely qualifies as one of the best magnifying lamps on the list. The best part is that you can use the AC and DC adapter to light it up from your wall socket or car socket. Additionally, you can use 3 AA batteries to operate it wirelessly. Moreover, the flexible neck design allows the users to adjust the angle of the light and the overall position effortlessly.

The crystal clear acrylic lens is solely responsible for a better output in terms of brightness. The lens is 4-inches in diameter which is relatively small, but due to the use of dual lights, the brightness is greater. You can do any inspection, craftwork, and other minor and critical works comfortably. The product gets a lifetime warranty from the company. The dual-power option is definitely its selling point, and it is quite compact for easy storage and variety of applications.

#2. Brightech LightView PRO LED Magnifying Lamp

Brightech LightView PRO LED Magnifying Lamp

By – Brightech

This magnifying lamp is available in two colors. It is suitable for people with optic degeneration issues and vision problems. They find it difficult to read small texts and work on minute objects. The lamp will increase the brightness of such texts and objects so that it does not create any strain for them. The magnification is 225% which is the highest among all the rest best magnifying lamps. The lens is quite large with a 50inch diameter, and the 9-inch focal range is substantially also large enough. Additionally, there is no glaring effect of the lamp that can cause an issue. The clamping is comfortable and sturdy for stability.

The aluminum frame is lightweight can you can clamp the lamp on workbench, desk, or table. Moreover, the lamp comes with a triple joint arm with an internal cantilever. This ensures that you can swivel the lamp 360 degrees for any purpose. The product is long-lasting and LED light can last for decades. You can put the device into versatile applications.

#1. Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp

By – Brightech

Coming to the best magnifying lamp on the list, it is not surprising to find the lamp belonging to the best brand. This Brightech magnifying lamp has high-quality construction for sustaining multiple decades. The magnification range is 175%, and the focal range is 15 inches. It has one of the largest diopter lenses for glorified magnification. Besides, the design is such that you can work hands-free by clamping it on the floor. Additionally, the gooseneck is adjustable to focus the light anywhere you want.

The metal base ensures that the light does not tip over easily and the lamp is stretchable up to 24 inches which is suitable for nighttime bed reading. The height of the lamp can be 55 inches, and the head can swivel from top to bottom with ease. This is why it is the bestselling and highest rated magnifying lamp. Besides, the design is stylish, and it sports a 9W Led bright light with a maximum brightness of over 540 lumens. It is a must-have for mechanics and electricians to work on small objects without any strain or inconvenience.


There are different types of magnifying lamps available for different purposes to fulfill. Some of these best magnifying lamps are suitable as desk lamps for reading, working on electronic gadgets as well as workbench works. The others are floor lamps that are common among workers who are into sewing stitching, and various other groundworks. All the products are highly durable, and the LED lights will sustain for decades. The flexible gooseneck of these lamps helps to direct the light on any side as per the requirements.

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