The Review Of 10 Best Magnetic Wireless Car Chargers

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Most of the premium smartphones from top smartphone brands have wireless charging system. If you travel in a car quite often, you need to have a magnetic wireless car charger provided you have a smartphone with wireless charging facility. There is no more mess of cables and you can also use your smartphone while charging wirelessly. If your smartphone has a fast-charging facility, there are some wireless car chargers available which will fast charge your smartphone. If you may have to buy the mount separately if the mount is not available with the charger. Check out the top 10 best magnetic wireless car chargers below.

List of Best Magnetic Wireless Car Chargers In 2021

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#10. ESR HaloLock Magnetic 7.5W Wireless Car Charger

By: ESR Store

This magnetic wireless car charger is compatible with various types of phones which enables QI wireless charging. The ultimate design of this charger allows you to tilt in different degrees of up to 15 degrees. This has a deformation-free clip which is very stable and also includes an extra magnetic sticker. Moreover, you can use it in any kind of driving condition as it will not fall down even on bumpy roads. Apart from being safe, this will let you have fast charging.

It will not cause any harm to your phone and has built-in chips. Furthermore, it comes with a wireless charging pad which is very suitable for smartphones. This is easy to use and does not have any cables. There is also a powerful adhesive foam pad which makes your phone very clean. This is perfect for home or offices and has different mounting options.

In Summary:

Magnetic wireless car charger works with different phones
Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices
Ultimate design supports up to 15-degree tilting
Firm grip and sturdy deformation-free clip
Extra magnetic sticker for a stronger hold
Wireless charging pad for smartphones
Strong adhesive foam pad

#9. CEGAR Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount


With this magnetic wireless car charger, you can charge your phone in fast mode. It is compatible with all types of the phone which are QI enabled. The charger comes with a strong sticky strip which allows you to mount it on any flat surface. Even with time, the strong sticky strip will not lose its stickiness. Moreover, this has a strong magnetic grip which will hold your phone effectively. It will provide optimal charging speed for your phone and is also very convenient to use.

In this, you will find an adjustable arm of 360 degrees which will let you tilt at any angle. Furthermore, you can choose from vertical or horizontal viewing modes. This is very strong and will keep your phone in a perfect position. You don’t have to worry about the bumps on the road as your phone will not fall down. It also has a rubberized vent clip which can be used for another car vent.

In Summary:

Magnetic wireless car charger offers fast charging
Compatible with any QI enabled phone
Strong sticky strip for a tight hold
Strong magnetic grip securely holds the phone
360-degree adjustable arm holds the phone in different angles
Handles bumpy and tough terrains well
Rubberized vent clip works with different car vents

#8. Wireless Car Charger Mount Magnetic Phone Holder

Wireless Car Charger Mount Magnetic Phone Holder


This magnetic wireless car charger is easy to mount and will hold your phone securely. This is very lightweight and comes with many features. Your phone will remain safe when you charge with this charger. This has a temperature control feature which will protect from overheating. Moreover, there is also voltage protection and will detect the current required by your phone. It is available in a considerate design which allows you to use it any angle.

Furthermore, the IC chip of the charger will make sure that there will be no harm to your phone. In this, you will also find a power indicator which will let you know when the charging is done. It will turn on during charging and will automatically turn off when the charging is complete. This is compatible with all types of QI wireless-enabled devices. In addition to this, you can also use it at home or office.

In Summary:

Easy to mount and remains secure
Very lightweight and has many features
Safe for use with any phone
Temperature control feature prevents overheating
Voltage protection safeguards the phone from too much current
Versatile design supports use from different angles
Compatible with any QI wireless-enabled device

#7. iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging

By: iOttie Store

If you are looking to have fast as well as standard charging modes, then this is the one for you. The wireless car charger will let you opt from both standard and fast charging. You can use it conveniently and is compatible with all types of QI enabled phones. Moreover, this will keep your phone in front of you and will ensure that your phone doesn’t get hurt. With this, you can drive safely as this is also a phone holder. This will easily adapt itself to different types of devices and will set itself to the current of your device.

Furthermore, being a wireless charger, you will not have to bear any tangling wires. There is also a magnetic charging pad which allows you to keep your phone in different angles. The self-adaptive charger will go with any popular brand of smartphones like Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone. There is no doubt that it is one of the best magnetic wireless car chargers.

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In Summary:

Offers both standard as well as fast charging
Compatible with any QI enabled phone
Won’t damage the phone and holds it firmly
Versatile nature suits different types of phones
Wireless nature prevents tangling wires
Magnetic charging pad works from different angles
Self-adaptive charger works with popular brands including Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

#6. 10W Fast Wireless Car Charger

10W Fast Wireless Car Charger

By: Q1T5

Here is a wireless car charger which is very convenient to use. This has powerful magnets and includes magnetic plates which will hold your phone safely. In this, you will find a boron magnet which will ensure that your phone doesn’t move even on the sloppy surface. You don’t have to worry about causing any harm to your phone, as it will hold it securely. Moreover, this is very safe and also has a short circuit prevention feature. It has a 2-in-1 function, and can also be used as a phone holder.

This will not disappoint you when it comes to performance and is a very reliable product. The built-in magnetic chip will also make sure that you drive safely. Furthermore, it has also got other features like over-voltage, over-discharge, and temperature control. You can also rotate the car charger in any angle and use it according to your preference. It also has a cone clip which makes it very easy to mount.

In Summary:

Powerful magnets and magnetic plates securely hold the phone
Boron magnet works greats even in rough surfaces
Safe design and short circuit protection
2-in-1 functions: phone holder and phone charger
Built-in magnetic chip for safe driving
Over-discharge, over-voltage, and temperature control features

#5. MagicMount Pro Charge 10W

SCOSCHE MPQ2WD-XTSP MagicMount Pro Charge 10W


Available in a convenient design, this magnetic wireless car charger is very safe and will securely hold your phone. It comes with the technology of foreign object detection and will not charge foreign objects. This is compatible with all types of phones which has Qi-enabled features. You can easily place it on the dash or window of your car. This has a low-profile adhesive base and has the StickGrip material which will make sure that your phone won’t fall. Moreover, this has a very strong neodymium magnet which is powerful when compared to other magnets.

This is a mobile device safe and will provide you with an optimal viewing angle. Furthermore, you can adjust it to any angle and has a lock-nut. It comes with wire clips which will secure the charging cable, and there will be no more tangling. This is very convenient and comes in a cradle-free design. This allows you to control your phone with one hand. All in all, this is one of the best magnetic wireless car chargers to buy.

In Summary:

Convenient and phone-friendly design
Magnetic wireless car charger works with different phones
Foreign object detection ensures the unit doesn’t charge strange objects
Compatible with any Qi-enabled phone
Low-profile non-messy adhesive base
Stick Grip material prevents the phone from falling off
Neodymium magnet is stronger than other magnets.

#4. Fast Charge 2-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

[10W Fast Charge] Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

By: Nillkin

This magnetic wireless car charger has higher compatibility and will easily go with some of the popular brands like Samsung and iPhone. It has built-in magnets which will provide which will give you a perfect performance. Apart from providing you with wireless charging, this will also let you have fast charging. Moreover, this will ensure that you drive your car very safely. You don’t have to worry about wired plugging as it is very convenient and will also hold your phone.

This is a 2-in-1 magnetic wireless charger which is very easy to use. This has an “X” magnet plate which will effectively place your phone. Furthermore, there is also an “n” metal sheet and a micro USB cable. For your convenience, there is a user manual which allows you to install it. It will not scratch your phone with its fiber carbon panel. Apart from home, you can also use it at home and office.

In Summary:

Magnetic wireless car charger
Highly compatible with the popular brands such as iPhone and Samsung
Both wireless charger and phone holder
“X” magnet plate for easy placing of a phone
Non-scratchy and elegant fiber carbon panel.
Offers fast charging and ideal for home and office use

#3. Wireless Car Charger 15W Qi Fast Charge

By: Nalwort

This magnetic wireless charger comes in an ultimate design as it will allow you to rotate it in 360 degrees. This will let you have an optimal display in any kind of road surface. It is combined with a strong grip as well as silicone and has an anti-slippery surface. Your phone will not fall down during turns and bumps and is very convenient to take and put. Moreover, this comes with many mounting options and has a metallic ring which will even strengthen the grip. This will provide your phone with a tough hold and also a better dock. You can easily install it to the air vent or mount it to the panel of your car.

Furthermore, this is very safe as it has built-in chips and can adapt itself to multiple devices. It has various other features like over-voltage, temperature control, and under-voltage. It will ensure that there will be no harm to your phone and will let you have fast charging. The wireless charger comes with universal compatibility and will go with different kinds of QI enabled phones.

In Summary:

360-degree rotation for easy viewing
Strong grip and anti-slippery surface prevent the phone from coming loose
Handles bumps, turns and tough surfaces well
Many mounting options for extra convenience
Metallic ring improves the hold and security
Installs on a panel or air vent
Built-in chips adapt to different devices
Has under-voltage, over-voltage, and temperature control

#2. Fast Wireless Car Charger Vent Mount


With an ability to hold your phone stable, this magnetic wireless charger is compatible with most types of phones. You don’t have to worry about getting a popular brand as it will fit in all types of phones which have the feature of wireless charging. This will attach your phone in a stable way and will make sure that it will not fall in any kind of road condition. Moreover, this has four built-in magnets and has a unique design which will charge your phone automatically.

You can also use it as a phone holder when you are driving. This has a retractable USB cable which you can use on the car air vent. The mount comes with a swivel ball which will let you adjust the direction in any way. Furthermore, if, in the case, you cannot charge the phone directly due to the thickness of your phone, you can charge it with the cable. This is simple to use and will let you have hands free control. This is a fast wireless car charger which will not take much time for charging. Going by its reviews, it is one of the best magnetic wireless car chargers on the list to buy.

In Summary:

Magnetic wireless charger compatible with most phones
Very stable to hold the phone tightly even on rough situations
Built-in magnets provide a firm grip
Unique design automatically charges the phone
Both a phone charger and phone holder
Retractable USB cable for use on a car air vent
Swivel ball mount easily adjusts the angle and direction

#1. Wireless Car Charger, Qi Car Charger 10W/7.5W/5W

By: Mpow

Available in a magnetic design, this wireless car charger will hold your phone in a stable way. It has got built-in magnets which will ensure that the phone will not fall down in any kind of condition. This is very easy to use, and you will only have to paste the phone and phone case between the magnetic plates. This allows you to use it in two different ways. You can use it in 360° rotation car mount or as a holder on car vent. Furthermore, this will allow you to adjust the viewing angle.

It will let you charge directly if the magnetic force is not strong owing to the thick case. Moreover, it has high compatibility and supports most of the popular models. This will allow you to drive safely and will not drop your phone. You can charge your phone anywhere you want without having any mess. This is lightweight and is very easy to install. With this, you will also be getting a retractable USB cable. This will serve as a multipurpose product, and you can even use it as a cigarette lighter car charger.

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In Summary:

Wireless car charger works with different kinds of phones
Strong built-in magnets secure the phone nicety
Easy to use, and lightweight
360-degree rotation for easy view and mounting
Multipurpose and also works with the cigarette lighter

Why The Best Magnetic Wireless Car Chargers are Popular

Most people own a smartphone and use it on a daily basis. For a frequent driver, he may use a wireless car charger to boost the battery level. Also, it offers a safer and convenient way to charge up the phone. Nowadays, there are magnetic and wireless chargers all in one for advanced applications. Check out the following reasons to use this gadget if you own a car or use automobile service frequently.


Magnetic car chargers tend to be sturdier and longlasting than standard devices. The reason is because of the lack of lengthy cables that might tangle up and tear up. Also, the wireless construction makes it safer to use even in vehicles carrying pets and kids. And the overall material is robust to bear the changing temperature inside the car.

Fast Charging

The other reason is the superior and quick charging system of the magnetic car charger. It comes with an advanced technology that supplies rapid charge when needed. Also, it can load your phone quickly than regular chargers to save time. Note that some have a dual system to charge different devices at once.

Ease of Use

It only demands a few steps to sync the magnetic car unit with your voice. The process is seamless for both kids, new users, and other people. Also, some are compatible with most phone models for added versatility.

Swivel Feature

With a tilting feature, you can rotate the charger to suit the angle you need up to around 15 degrees. Note that this functionality is not available in all wireless car chargers but in some. Moreover, those with deformation-free clips are much more stable than other designs. And if the manufacturer has included a magnetic sticker, the better the stability. You can load up the digital component no matter the driving condition, such as bumpy or smooth roads.

Built-in Chips

Another reason for using the best magnetic car wireless chargers is the built-in chips. Not only do they prevent damage to your phone but also improve the service. Plus, the models with a superior wireless charging pad work well with most smartphones. In contrast, the chargers with adhesive foam pads keep your phone free of dirt after mounting. In addition, the mounting options for some designs allow use at the office or home.


The last consideration of this type of charger is the lightweight profile. They usually have a travel-friendly and user-friendly construction for easy mounting. Also, you can secure your smartphone and drive quickly on any terrain.

Additional Features

Other chargers with temperature control function ensure your device won’t overheat. Plus, voltage protection can quickly detect the current to keep it stable and suitable for the phone. For those chargers with IC chips, it adds protection, while a power indicator shows the end of a complete charge.

Charge your phone effortlessly with the best magnetic wireless car charger. It is easy and seamless to operate even when driving on rough roads.


We have picked the best magnetic wireless car chargers for your smartphone and car. There are different types of magnetic wireless car chargers available. Some of them come with car mount while in some, you have to buy it separately. Besides, some can fast charge your smartphone while the rest are for smartphones without fast charging facility. Moreover, some of them will let you turn your smartphone 360 degrees after mounting for wireless charging. This means you can use your smartphone to view your map or even movies.

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