There are many reasons you may need the best loading ramp. It can be due to putting your vehicle up in your garage which can be at a height from the ground. You can use the loading ramp; you move any other item up the ramp. Depending on the vehicle or object size, you need to select the size of the loading ramp accordingly. It is widely used in the service center to put the vehicles up on a stage for cleaning and repairing. Check out the list of the loading ramps catering to different types and designs.

List Of Top Best Loading Ramps In 2021

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#13. Aluminum Loading Ramp

Autoforever 7.5' Aluminum Loading Ramp for Pickup Truck Trailer Motorcycle ATV Lawnmower

By: Autoforever

This is a heavy-duty loading ramp which comes in a foldable design and is made of aluminum. It is available in a pair and is very lightweight. The distributed load capacity is 1500 pounds and is very suitable for ATVs, bike, motorcycle, garden tractor, truck, lawnmower, and trailers. Moreover, this will provide you with a better clearance with its arched design.

Furthermore, this has rubber-tipped fingers which will give additional security. With this, you will be getting adjustable safety straps, and it will also reduce rusting. It has built-in traction surface where there will be no slippage. You will also be finding raised side rails which will place the tires securely on the ramps.

In Summary:
  • Aluminum made heavy-duty loading ramp
  • Foldable design and very lightweight
  • 1500 pounds distributed load capacity
  • Suitable for ATVs, motorcycle, garden tractor, bike, truck, trailers, and lawnmower
  • Arched design offers better clearance
  • Rubber-tipped fingers offer extra safety
  • Adjustable safety straps and non-slip surface

#12. Aluminum Ramps For Heavy Duty ATV UTV

Motorhot 7.5 ft Ramps for Heavy Duty ATV UTV Aluminum

By: Motorhot

This is a 7.5 inches aluminum made loading ramp which comes in a lightweight design. It is foldable, and you can easily adjust its length. It comes in a pair and has rubber tipped fingers. Moreover, this is very strong and can lift vehicles of up to 1500 pounds. This will not require much space for storing and is very suitable for ATVs and lawnmower.

With this, you will be getting adjustable safety straps, and it is also very easy to carry. Furthermore, this is arched and will let you have better clearance. This is also durable and will reduce the abrasion when you ride. The quality product will ensure that it gives an excellent performance.

In Summary:
  • 7.5- inches aluminum made lightweight ramp
  • Foldable and easy length adjustment
  • Rubber tipped fingers
  • Very strong with a maximum load capacity of 1500 pounds.
  • Suitable for bikes, ATVs, garden tractor and lawnmower.
  • Easy-to adjust safety straps and portable
  • Arch styles offer better clearance
  • Durable and minimal abrasion

#11. HD Aluminum UTV Wide Loading Ramps

8 ft HD Aluminum UTV Wide Loading Ramps

By: Titan Ramps

Here is an 8 feet loading ramp which has an aluminum body and comes in a pair. This comes in black color and will provide you with better clearance with its arched design. The sturdy loading ramp comes with safety straps for added safety. Furthermore, this is very strong and will let you have excellent traction with its serrated crossbars.

Moreover, it has a total load capacity of 2,000 pounds and is very suitable for four-wheeled items. This is lightweight and comes in a foldable design. It does not require any assembling, and it is also convenient to store. This is ideal for a high trailer or tall truck and is also a durable product.

In Summary:
  • 8-foot long loading ramp
  • Made from aluminum and available in a pair
  • Black color and heavy-duty design
  • Safety straps enhance safety
  • Serrated crossbars improve traction
  • Ideal for four-wheeled items
  • Lightweight and foldable design

#10. Adjustable Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramp

Goplus Adjustable Ramp Heavy-Duty Aluminum Wheelchair Scooter Flexible Portable Non-Skid

By: Goplus

Made with heavy-duty aluminum, this loading ramp has a total weight capacity of 600 pounds. This will easily load scooters or wheelchairs and is a very durable product. This comes in a pair and arrives in a retractable design where you can easily adjust the length. Furthermore, this is very suitable for daily use and is easy to store and carry.

This will also ensure that you will get good stability as well as balance as the sections can easily be locked. Moreover, this has a non-skid surface and will provide with optimal grip in all types of weather. It does not require any installation and will ensure that your vehicle will fall from the side with its two guardrails.

In Summary:
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum
  • Total load capacity of 600 pounds
  • Ideal for scooters, ATVs, wheelchairs and more
  • The retractable design and adjustable length
  • Fit for day-to-day use also very portable
  • Non-skid surface offers optimal gripping any weather
  • Needs no installation

#9. Aluminum Folding Dual Off-Road ATV Loading Ramps

9' Black Aluminum Folding Dual Off-Road ATV Loading Ramps

By: Titan Ramps

This is another aluminum made loading ramp which does not require any assembling. It comes with safety straps and will provide better clearance with its special arched design. Moreover, this is very lightweight and is foldable and allows you to have easy storage.

Furthermore, you will find greater traction with this loading ramp with its serrated crossbars. This is available in an attractive black color and is very durable. The product comes in a pair, and the total weight capacity is 1200 pounds. This will not disappoint you when it comes to performance, as it is also very sturdy. This is your ultimate solution to load four-wheeled items like a high trailer or a tall truck.

In Summary:
  • Aluminum made loading ramp
  • Requires no assembly
  • Better clearance makes operation easy
  • Lightweight and easy folding design
  • Serrated crossbars improve traction
  • Black in color and maximum load capacity of 1200 pounds

#8. HD Aluminum UTV Wide Loading Ramps

Titan Ramps 10 ft HD Aluminum UTV Wide Loading Ramps

By: Titan Ramps

With a total distributed weight of 1600 pounds, this loading ramp comes in an arched designed which will ensure that there will be better clearance. Moreover, this has serrated crossbars which will lead to greater traction. The product is very simple, and you can use it without any assembling. This is made up of aluminum and is designed to last longer.

This is also lightweight and portable and will ensure that you load your four-wheeled items like a high trailer or even a tall truck with ease. Furthermore, the folding design of the loading ramp makes it portable and is also convenient to store. Even this one comes in a pair and allows you to separate the distance of the wheels.

In Summary:
  • Maximum distributed load of 1600 pounds
  • The arched design offers better clearance
  • Very simple, and easy to use
  • Made up of tough and durable aluminum
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Easy loading of four-wheeled items

#7. Steel Folding Loading RampsGoplus Set Of Two 9x 72 Steel Folding Loading Ramps for ATV Truck Trailer Car Lawn Mower

By: Goplus

Here is a loading ramp which has two adjustable safety straps which will ensure that there will be no kick-outs. It comes in a folding design and does not require much space while storage. Moreover, this comes in a pair, and the total load capacity is 1000 pounds. This is ideal for loading ATVs as well as other four-wheeled items.

It has a hollow out design which will avoid slide and can also remove the debris during the process of loading. Furthermore, the non-skid surface ensures that you load with ease. The profile of this loading ramp will not bottom out the vehicle. This is lightweight and includes a mesh surface. The body is made up of steel, and therefore, it is highly durable.

In Summary:
  • Two adjustable safety straps prevent kick-outs
  • Folding design and require minimal storage space
  • The pair of ramp safely handles up to 1000 pounds
  • Ideal for four-wheeled items including ATV
  • Hollow out design improves portability
  • The non-skid surface prevents slippage and enhances loading
  • Steel made body is highly durable

#6. Heavy Duty Aluminum ATV UTV Arched Folding Ramps Pair

Goplus 7.5' Loading Ramp 1760 lb Heavy Duty Aluminum ATV UTV Arched Folding Ramps Pair

By: Goplus

With rust and corrosion-resistant body, this is one of the best loading ramps and it has aluminum construction and high durability. It is super strong and can massively tolerate weights of up to 1760 pounds. This is very safe and secure and comes in an arched design for clearance. Furthermore, you will be getting adjustable safety straps, and it has rubber finger grips along with plate top style.

Moreover, this comes in a foldable design which also makes it portable. This comes in a pair and is perfect for four-wheeled vehicles. With this, there will be no slippage as it has built-in traction surface. In addition to this, you can load or unload conveniently and will also help to protect against high centers.

In Summary:
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant body
  • High grade and durable aluminum construction
  • Super-strong, to handle up to 1760 pounds of weight
  • Easy to straps improve safety
  • Rubber finger grips on the plate top improve traction and softy
  • Foldable design improves portability
  • Suitable for four-wheeled vehicles
  • Non-slip traction surface improves loading or unloading

#5. Non-Skid Aluminum Wheelchair Loading Traction Ramp

Clevr 6' (72 X 31) Non-Skid Aluminum Wheelchair Loading Traction Ramp

By: Clevr

This is an extra-wide loading ramp which is very suitable for wheelchairs. This has a traction grit coat surface and is ideal for landings, access porches, and curbs. It will make your lading task very easy, and it comes in a pair. Moreover, it will provide maximum height rise, and it comes in a folding design. Furthermore, you can store it conveniently as it is portable and includes a carrying handle.

The product comes with safety pins and is very lightweight. It is made up of aluminum and has a weight capacity of 600 pounds. It will go in all types of weather conditions and is a durable product. This is safe to use and also comes in a unique bottom grip design.

In Summary:
  • Extra-wide ramp for better loading
  • Suitable for wheelchairs, SUVs and other four-wheeled vehicles
  • Grit coat surface offers nice traction to minimize slippage
  • The pair has a decent height rise
  • Folds easily and also very portable
  • Made up of tough and durable aluminum
  • 600 lbs maximum weight capacity

#4. Heavy Duty Aluminum Ramp

Yaheetech Heavy Duty 7.5' Loading Ramp Aluminum Motorcycle Lawnmower ATV Motorcycle Truck

By: Yaheetech

This is a foldable loading ramp which is made of high-quality aluminum. It is very durable, and the total weight capacity is 750 pounds. This is very easy to carry as it comes in a compact size and is also lightweight. Moreover, it will provide you with greater traction as well as convenience in loading. Furthermore, this has a soft-tipped design and will reduce the abrasion of your ride.

This is designed to last long and is anti-slip. You will also be getting safety straps, and it comes in a pair. This is easy to use with ATVs, motorcycles, trailers, garden tractors, and lawn mowers. It comes in an arched design and has better load bearing capacity.

In Summary:
  • Easy folding loading ramp
  • Comprises tough and durable aluminum
  • 750-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Compact size and lightweight making carrying and handling simple
  • Soft-tipped design prevents your ride
  • Anti-slip nature and adjustable straps improve safety
  • The pair of amps work with ATVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers, trailers, and garden tractors

#3. Briefcase Fold Utility Loading Ramp

Titan 5' Briefcase Fold Utility Loading Ramp

By: Titan Ramps

This is a lightweight loading ramp which is made up of aluminum. To ensure that there will be no slipping, it comes with a serrated top. This is very strong and can withstand a total load of 600 pounds. Moreover, you can carry it conveniently with the help of its nylon handle which is very soft. In this, you will also find an angled lip of 2.5 inches which will ensure that the ramps will get properly secured in the place. Furthermore, you can fold it easily and store it.

The portable loading ramp is ideal for loading in landings, porches, minivans, curbs, and steps. It is simple to use and does the job very well. The sturdy product is very suitable for wheelchairs and will last longer. This is a value for money product which is combined with power, traction, compactness, and sturdiness.

In Summary:
  • This is a lightweight and durable loading ramp
  • Made of strong and rust/corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Serrated top prevents slippage
  • Very strong to put up with up to 600 pounds of weight
  • Soft nylon handle makes carrying easy and also safe
  • 2.5-inch angled lip keeps the ramp properly secured
  • Portable loading ramp works okay in porches, landings, minivans, steps, and curbs

#2. Aluminum Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps

Titan Pair Aluminum Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps

By: Titan Ramps

With a capacity to hold 1,500 pounds of weight, this loading ramp is made of aluminum and is very lightweight. This comes in the form of serrated crossbars and will provide with great traction. This comes in a pair and will give you better clearance with its arched design. Moreover, you will be getting safety straps, and it comes in a folding design. This is portable, and you can store it conveniently.

This loading ramp does not require any assembling and is very suitable to load your ATV. Furthermore, this will go with any type of four-wheeler items like a high trailer or tall truck. This will make transportation very easy, and the distance of the rungs is 4.5 inches. As it comes in a pair, you can easily place it according to the distance of the wheels. It will not flex, and even the straps are very sturdy and will easily fit the machine belt. Overall, it is one of the best loading ramps to opt for.

In Summary:
  • Holds up to 1,500 pounds of weight
  • Made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum
  • Serrated crossbars provide good traction
  • Pair of ramps has good clearance thanks to the arched design
  • Folding design and lightweight improve portability
  • Requires no assembly and is fit for ATV

#1. Portable Singlefold Ramp

Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp

By: Prairie View Industries

Here is a loading ramp for vehicles which has got maximum traction. It does not have riveting fabrication but includes welded fabrication. It will easily let your scooters and wheelchairs to pass through and has a total weight capacity of 800 pounds. In this, you will find an anti-skid surface which is covered with slip-resistant tape. Moreover, you can carry it easily just like a suitcase as it has got attached handles. It is very durable and will provide with maximum support.

This comes in a 30 inches wide design which will ensure that there will be good stability. Furthermore, this is portable and allows you to store it easily. This is composed of lightweight aluminum, and you will also be getting a safety instruction video. It is easy to use and is a very sturdy product. This will provide you with a secured feeling and will allow you to transport without any hassle. It is by far the best among all the best loading ramps on the list.

In Summary:
  • Welded fabrication better than riveting fabrication
  • Ideal for scooters, ATVs, and wheelchairs
  • Maximum load capacity of 800 pounds
  • The slip-resistant tape covers the anti-skid surface for maximum traction and safety
  • 30-inch wide provides good stability
  • Comprises sturdy lightweight aluminum

Loading Ramps Buying Guide

You have to be careful when buying loading ramps because it is going to be a long term investment. That is why this buying guide is here to help you out with some tips on how to choose the best loading ramps. We list all the important things that you need to know, so feel free to check them out.

Ramp Length

Length plays an important role in the ramp to ensure stability as you load the vehicles. If it is too short, it might not be stable enough to support the weight of the vehicles from the ground. The key is to calculate the length to find the most appropriate length for your vehicles. You have to calculate the wheelbase, ground clearance, and loading height as it rises. This is how you are going to find the right length of the ramp.

Ramp Width

The width of the ramp defines the amount of room that you have for the vehicles during the loading progress. Make sure that the ramps that you buy are wide enough to allow for extra inches for the wheels. This is also to prevent slippage when loading as well which is safer and more convenient to use.


Smooth surface is the last thing that you want in loading ramps, especially for motorbikes. A smooth surface can create slippage easily even at a low incline, and that is not pretty. You have to look for the serrated rung surface because it offers traction on the wheels. No matter if the condition is wet or snowy, this type of surface can always offer smooth operation.

Weight Capacity

This is one of the most important things that you should have in mind before buying a loading ramp. You have to consider both the weight of your vehicle and the weight capacity of your loading ramp. This is to ensure that the loading ramp can handle and support the weight of your vehicles well. If not so, you will experience some difficulties during the loading process which is not so pleasant at all.

Loading Ramp Types

  • Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp: is large and super tough which is ideal for loading and unloading huge objects. This type of loading ramp can handle objects are heavy as several tons in weight. Because of their high level of weight-bearing capacity, they are ideal for cars and other heavy objects out there. The durability of this loading ramp is portable, and you can also fit it to the loading vehicle as well.
  • Mobile Loading Ramp: comes with wheels so that you can attach them to the truck. The loading ramp of this type has spacious space that you can load various items of different sizes. It can carry loads from average to heavy, and it makes a great option for long-distance transportation.
  • Railcar Loading Ramp: can bear heavy loads, and it is also mobile. It comes with rails on the platform on which you mount the load and lift to the level that you desire.


There are various factors one needs to consider while buying a loading ramp. There are different sizes and capacities of a loading ramp available. It totally depends on your needs, like the vehicle you have and the objects you can to move up. According to the height and storage requirements, you need to choose the loading ramp. Therefore, it is essential for you to go through the description of these best loading ramps. As far as the quality goes, all of them are of top-notch quality, and hence, you can buy them blindly to get the best value for your money.

Read The Older Version Of This Post:

Best Loading Ramps – The Older Version

Getting yourself a set of loading ramps usually is more than just putting the product in your trolley and patiently awaiting the delivery. Doing so would not only lead to problems and may cost you also needless costs when delivering it back. Simply because the purchased product wasn’t firmly secured and safe for transportation.

Most significantly, it will be wiser for you to take an in-depth consideration of the manufacturer’s suggestions on what to have on it. To add on that, you’ll need to choose between a single-piece and collapsible loading ramps. While the first is known well to be more constant, they cause a task in conditions of mobility and storage space. Foldable models tend to be convenient to bring along as they also need little space for storage.

However, due to their vitality when it comes to top-notch service delivery, more and more people start using loading ramps than ever before. In order to save your precious time, we have done a review and compile the list of the best loading ramps that contains only the top-grade products. Check them out here!

#10. Aluminum Smooth Rung Tri-Fold Loading RampHighland (1127200 69 Aluminum Smooth Rung Tri-Fold Loading Ramp - 1 Unit

By: Highland

We kick start the review with the Highland 1127200 69” Aluminum smooth rung tri-fold loading ramp, which is simply massive and a force to be reckoned with in the market of ramps. It is known well for its excellent heavy-duty ramps. It’s a 1 device style that creases into three and measures 69’’ length by 45’’ width. What’s more, it is also capable of comfortably accommodating a carrying capacity of up to about 1600-lbs. Perhaps the best part about it is its 1 device style with 360-degrees anti-slip rib cage. This indicates that one person, even the most novice users, could use it correctly and without too much to be worried about.

In addition to that, this slam functions feature an anti-rust and deterioration proof material. This material guarantees durability. Again, the loading ramp comes with a 1-year limited warranty upon purchase. And finally, it features wide aluminum rungs, which provide you with a smooth transition into your truck or trailer.

#9. Non-Folding Steel Ramps

Ironton Non-Folding Steel Ramps - Pair, 6ft.L x 9in.W, 500-Lb. Capacity Per Ramp

By: Ironton

Ironton non-folding steel is another couple of heavy-duty ramps. It is capable of comfortably supporting about 1000 lbs. making it your best gear companion for loading your snowfall blasters, lawnmowers, and other off-road vehicles with amazing convenience. However, it is essential to note that these ramps normally are non-folding. They’re, therefore, more secure and won’t jump during the functions. And that’s not all, as its name suggests,’ they are designed out of high-quality galvanized steel that would not give up to deterioration, assuring you of top-notch durability and lifetime services. Moreover, Ironton comes along strong ties for obtaining the loading ramps on the vehicle to avoid them from toppling over or falling.

Priceless to note, it comes in two ramps and are separate pieces, thus enabling you with the option of putting them as close or as far apart as you may see fit. Additionally, this loading ramp features non-slip surface design for safety. And yes, the galvanized steel construction which is rust-resistant, guarantees years of excellent service.

#8 Lund 602004 Bi-Fold 69″ Loading Ramp, 1500-Pound Capacity

Lund 602004 Bi-Fold 69 Loading Ramp, 1500-Pound Capacity

By: Lund

This loading ramp, Lund 602004 Bi-fold 69”, is one of the best in the market. It is strong and durable and at the same time, able to adapt to different uses and situations. Thanks to its weight limit and dimensions, this loading ramp becomes a good tool to use with various vehicles including heavy load trucks or motorcycles.

What’s more, it features an extruded hole surface that comfortably provides you with traction, easy loading, and is capable of accommodating all types of wheel sizes, making it very convenient to compliment all your needs and wants. And, it also features a rubber angle protector to protect and firmly secure the tailgate from slipping or toppling over.

Additionally, it features a Bi-fold design that folds to only 15-inch width thus, providing you with convenient and super easy transportation as well as storage.

#7. Aluminum Dual Runner Shed Ramps

Apex Aluminum Dual Runner Shed Ramps – S-368-1500 - Lightweight & High-Strength Loading Ramps

By: Apex

Even though it is lightweight, this Apex Aluminum is one of the most durable and sturdy loading gear that you can find on the market. You also need to note that this item from Apex is made from high-strength aluminum. This allows this loading ramp to handle a weight up to 750 pounds per ramp. On top of that, because the product is lightweight, it is completely easy for the handling and also for moving the item around. Additionally, these dual-runner shed ramps are sold in pairs and meant to work in tandem to load your lawnmower, wood chipper, and more into a shed or garage.

#6. Folding Aluminum Loading Ramp

Clevr X-large 90 Set ATV UTV Folding Aluminum Loading Ramp

By: Clevr

If you are in dire need of a top-class loading ramp for luggage, you can simply buy this Clevr X-large 90” set ATV UTV folding aluminum loading ramp was crafted with your likes in mind. They feature a sturdy and durable construction that is super reliable. Priceless to note, these functions are the pillars of guaranteeing you both safety and performance. And if that’s not enough, then if you are those individuals who demand class, then you are in luck as they also feature an appealing appearance.

Furthermore, during purchase, they come as a pair giving you the option of setting them as close or far apart as you may wish. Additionally, its’ maximum load of weight is 1500lbs, and its crafting features a high-quality aluminum metal.

#5. Heavy Duty Aluminum Arched For ATV UTV Motorcycle Ramp

7.5' HD 4-Beam Loading Ramps 1500 lb. Heavy Duty Aluminum Arched for ATV UTV Motorcycle Ramp

By: Motorhot

These Motorhot ramps are made from heavy-duty aluminum. It comes in the middle position of this second to none review. Besides giving you top-grade performance, the ramps are also affordable for most users. Furthermore, the ramps are also designed with top safety. They feature an arched design that is foldable for maximum clearance and help guard against high-centering. Thus, offering you with easy loading and unmatched convenience. What’s more, the material used in their construction is aluminum metal which makes them very sturdy and durable. Featuring a 4-Beam construction, making it sturdy, reliable, and stable. And that’s not all! It also has the ability to withstand up to 1500lbs. Also, it is portable as it can be fold and store conveniently. Priceless to say, you can easily enjoy using them for your daily life

#4. Wide 4 Beam UTV Loading Ramps Pair

10 ft. HD Wide 4 Beam UTV Loading Ramps Pair Ranger Rhino Gator ATV Truck 120DUTV

By: Titan Ramps

This 10ft HD wide 4 beam UTV loading ramps from Titan is for strictly individuals who are in dire need of heavy-duty ramps to fill large 4-wheeled automobiles onto trucks and trailers. This is a greater style of the first arched design for better clearance. The ramp functions with a 4 5/8’’ dense steps and is more likely to provide you with more secure encounters. What’s more, these ramps function in a parallel movement which avoids moving, assuring you of top-notch stability and security. They are also broader than most ramps, thus can be comfortably utilized with wide automobiles. To add on that, they are also capable of comfortably accommodating a maximum loading capacity of 2,700lbs distributed weight.

Additionally, these loaders are about 120’’ in length and 17.25’’ in width, moreover, each of these ramps creases to 60’’.

#3. Aluminum Ramp Pair Lawnmower ATV Motorcycle Truck

7.5 ft. Aluminum Ramp Pair Lawnmower ATV Motorcycle Truck Loading 1500lb Capacity

By: MotoAlliance

This masterpiece, 7.5ft aluminum ramp from MotoAlliance, has amazing functions and serves about any kind of rim. The ramps are designed out of light and portable high-grade aluminum that is super durable and rust-resistant, assuring you of lifetime services. What’s more, they weigh about 31 lbs. and no assembly required. Thus, making them super easy to use even for the most novice of users. They also provide a curved style for making the better approval. And that’s not all; you will be pleased to know that each of these ramps creases quickly into two thanks to the on-board relies upon. This leads to simple flexibility and a little impact when loading.

Furthermore, the gates keep the truck’s ground very sturdily with rubberized fingertips. These not only avoid scrapes but also create the ramps more constant and stable.

#2. Portable Singlefold Ramp

Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp, 3 ft. x 30 in

By: Prairie View Industries

Coming in the runners-up position in this state of art, SFW330 from Prairie. This one can be comfortably folded which makes its handling easier than most of the items in the list. In addition to that, this Prairie is made of high-quality aluminum metal and is a single fold ramp. With this kind of material, it does not corrode easily. The product is at 30 inches for the width and 3 feet long.

On top of that, it has good strength and durability, all thanks to the welded fabrications. And that’s not all, durability and top-notch performance. What’s more, it also has a detailed surface that features anti-slip traction tapes that increase traction, making it very secure and stable to use when loading your luggage into a truck or trailer.

#1. Aluminum Extra Long Bi-Fold ATV Ramps

Black Widow – Aluminum Extra-Long Bi-Fold ATV Ramps

By: Black Widow

Finally, the crème de la crème of loading ramps is none other than the Black Widow’s aluminum extra-long Bi-fold ATV ramps. Crafted from durable, high-strength yet lightweight aluminum which is super durable and rust-resistant assuring you of unmatched lifetime services. The ramp can hold up to 1500lbs.

Additionally, the product has a wide of 50 inches. This makes it even easier for transportable of big items. On top of that, there are double straps which allow users to straps the items.

Final Thoughts!

By having the truck ramp, life is getting easier. However, getting the right product is hard since there are so many available options on the market. Luckily, by reading this article, you will have an idea on the best loading ramps for your car according to your preference. Choose one or few from the list and you will be using them with satisfaction.


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