The Top 11 Best Lint Rollers Review In 2021 — For Home Use

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If you have pets at home, it is likely that you play with them. The pet hair can get attached to your clothing and upholstery. A lint roller is useful in removing lint and hair from these objects. Besides, you can also use it on your floors, furniture items, and even staircase. Therefore, a lint roller is essential to maintain the cleanliness as well as the hygiene of your home. You can use it to pick up broken glasses and sprinkles. Besides, it is applicable to the car seats, floor mats, coats, and even keyboards. The following is the list of the best lint rollers available online.

List Of The Best Lint Rollers In 2021

#11. Lint Rollers For Pet Hair Remover

By: Glogex

This one comes with the professional-grade plastic and adhesives. This material of this lint roller does not easily break or leave your skin irritated. Moreover, this conveniently and rapidly removes dust, dirt, and debris. You get a total number of 700 sticky sheets with this purchase. This lint roller set is highly pocket-friendly. You need only a single sheet to clean a large amount of debris.

It also supports superbly easy and manual cleaning. Furthermore, this one is ideal for removing dirt and dust from your furniture, curtains, and carpet. The lint roller is highly effective in picking up the animal furs from your garments. This roller is pretty much travel-friendly and allows you to easily clean your clothes on the go. The set of this lint roller has a handle and 7 refilling rolls.

In Summary:

Professional-grade adhesives and plastic
Lint roller materials do not irritate the skin or easily break
Removes dust, fur, dirt, and debris and fast and safely
700 sticky sheets inside the pack
Highly quality and pocket-friendly
The single sheet cleans a large volume of debris.
Compact, light, and travel-friendly

#10. Brite Value Pack Lint Roller

By: Scotch

This lint roller comes at a pocket-friendly price. The sticky sheets of the lint roller also effectively grab all the dust and dirt. Moreover, this is ideal for cleaning your delicate garments, curtains, carpet, and car seats. The is perfect for picking up the animal furs, debris, sticky dirt, and other small annoying particles. You get 5 rollers with handles in this set. Each roller comes with 80 pieces of sticky sheets. In total, you get 400 sticky sheets in a single buy.

The is also an ideal replacement for your dry cleaning or electric vacuum. Furthermore, you can easily and quickly clean the lint with the help of this lint roller. The one keeps your garments free from the hair, fur, and fuzz on the go. By a simple rolling on your clothes, you clear all the dirt and dust.

In Summary:

Pocket-friendly price and easy to use
Effectively grabs dust, sticky dirt, animal fur, and other debris
Ideal for cleaning curtains, delicate garments, car seats, and carpet
Set contains 5 rollers each with 80 pieces
Each roller has a handle and cleans easily and fast
Eliminates fur, hair, and fuzz from garments

#9. Professional Lint Roller With Giant Adhesive

By: TIANBO First

This lint roller precisely clears the dirt, dust, lint, and animal furs from your clothes without damaging them. The product also comes with 450 sticky sheets in a single set. Moreover, you get 5 rollers with individual handles. It effectively keeps your curtains, carpets, furniture, and car seats clean from debris. The handle of this product is made of anti-slip and sturdy plastic material.

It also perfectly cleans your floors, comforters, and many other surfaces. Furthermore, this is an economical set of a lint roller. The extra-sticky sheets ideally pick up the stubborn dirt. The holes in the back of the handles help you to hang up the rollers on the wall for convenient storage. Each of the lint rollers is the durable one. With the parallelogram-shaped pieces, you do not need to put much effort into cutting the sticky sheets.

In Summary:

Lint roller accurately removes sticky dirt, dust, hair, lint, animal fur and more
Product has 450 sticky sheets and 5 rollers
Each roller has a sturdy plastic handle for convenience
Fit for curtains, carpets, car seats, comforters, floor, and furniture
Anti-slip and sturdy plastic handle for a firm hold
Extra-sticky sheets effectuality grabs stubborn dirt and dust
Parallelogram shape requires little effort to use

#8. 540 Sheets Lint Roller

By: Vanpad

This lint roller set has 3 handles and 6 rollers. Each of the rollers contains 90 pieces of sticky sheet. You also get a total number of 540 pieces of sticky sheets on a single buy. Moreover, this ideally cleans the debris, dust, dirt, and pet hairs from your clothes and furniture. The stickiness of the sheets effectively pulls out the lint from your fabrics, car seats, and curtains without damaging them.

The product also comes with the ergonomic handles. Furthermore, the holes in the back of the lint roller allow convenient storage. The handles are made of sturdy material, so they do not break easily and permit repeated use. You can easily peel off the sheets after each cleaning. It allows easy assembly with the refills. The roller rolls smoothly with the two grooves.

In Summary:

The set contains 6 rollers and 3 handles
Rollers have 90 sticky sheets and a total of 540 sticky pieces
Ideal for cleaning dust, debris, animal fur, and dirt from garments, carpets, car seat and furniture
Stickiness is very effective but still safe on the items
Sturdy built ergonomic handles
Sheets peel of easily
Roller moves seamlessly and effortlessly

#7. Professional Lint Roller With Spiral Sheets

By: B.A.M

This one, with its convenient structure, easily reaches and clears the hard to reach spots. The also ideally removes the cat and dog furs, dust, dirt, lint, and other annoying small particles. This also keeps your garments, carpet, curtains, and car seats free from your messy things. Moreover, this lint roller helps you to make your cleaning experience easy and quick.

The also allows to easily collect the tiny shards of a broken glass. Furthermore, this comes with the easy to peel off sticky sheets. You can conveniently tear the dirty sheets after cleaning the lint. You get five pieces of lint roller on a single purchase. This set of the lint roller comes with a total number of 300 sticky sheets. It is very much economical. It is one of the most efficient and best lint rollers to buy.

In Summary:

Design easily cleans hard to reach zones
Removes pet fur, lint, dust, hair, dirt, and other small particles
Fit on garments, carpet, car seats, and curtains
Rolls smoothly and works fast and easily
Sticky sheets peel off easily
5 lint roller pieces and the set has a total of 300 sticky sheets
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#6. Lint Roller Set

By: Macy House

This lint roller is perfect for removing dog and cat hairs from your clothes. The lint roller also clears dust, dirt, lint, and other small particles from the furniture, carpet, curtain, and car seats. Moreover, this lint cleaner comes with the sticky sheets. Each of the sticky sheets has the diagonal cut for easy tearing. After cleaning the lint, you can easily cut and throw away the dirty sheets. You easily clean the pockets with this lint roller.

It also cleans the dirt and dust quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, the robust handle withstands all the rough handling than the other ordinary rollers. The linty roller set includes a total of 4 pieces of refill. You get the total number of 240 sticky sheets at a cost-effective price. This is a really long-lasting product for your home.

In Summary:

Lint roller is fit for removing animal hairs, dust, lint, dirt, and other particles
Ideal for furniture, carpet, car seats and curtain
Sticky sheet with a diagonal cut for simple tearing
Robust handle endures rough handling
Set includes 4 refill pieces and 240 sticky sheets in total
Long-lasting product and cost-effective

#5. Lint Roller For Pet Hair Remover


This item can easily removes pet hair, dust, lint from your furniture, carpet, and car seats. The lint roller is also perfect for cleaning delicate fabric. Moreover, this lint roller comes with the super sticky tape with a diagonal cut to easily peel off the dirty sheets after use. The ergonomic design of the removable handle provides a sturdy and comfortable grip. You can easily hang the handle for convenient storage.

It also comes with a refillable pack. Furthermore, you get a total number of 512 sheets on a single purchase. The set of this lint roller consists of 2 handles and 8 pieces of sticky refills. The product is a perfect replacement for your dry cleaning or electric vacuum. This one is made of high-quality materials to last for a longer time.

In Summary:

Easily removes lint, pet hair, dust, sticky dirt from car set, garments, furniture, and carpet
Safe for working on delicate fabric
Diagonal cut on the super sticky tape tears off easily
Ergonomically designed removable handle
Offers a comfortable and firm grip
Refillable pack with 512 sheets per purchase
Lint roller has 8 sticky refill pieces and 2 handles

#4. Lint Roller With Supersize Extra Large

By: MetLintRoller

This is one of the best lint rollers that help to remove all the messy lint from every corner of your room. The extra-large 6.30-inch width of the lint roller helps you to wipe off the dust and debris with one swipe. You can also easily clean your furniture, curtains, car upholstery, doormat, or carpet with this roller. Moreover, it comes with 60 sticky sheets to conveniently clean the dust, dirt, animal furs, food residues, and so on.

This one also comes in a protective cover to hide it when you are not using it. Furthermore, the cover does not stick around to the roller when you put it off. The ergonomic handle is easy to grip and use. You get a free of cost extra refill sheet with this item. This is genuinely a pocket-friendly product.

In Summary:

Removes messy lint from the room
Extra-large width of 6.30 inches
Wipes off the dust, dirt, fur, hairs, and debris in a single swipe
Easily cleans furniture, garments, curtains, car upholstery, carpet, and doormat
Includes 60 sticky sheets as well as a protective cover
Easy to grip and user-friendly ergonomic handle

#3. Sticky Lint Roller Dog & Cat Hair Remover Kit


Among other best lint rollers, this item is perfect in cleaning household on a daily basis without much trouble. It also ideally removes lint, furs, food residues, or other small particles from your clothes, car seats, furniture, etc. Moreover, this one has a professional-grade adhesive that takes minimum time to wipe off all the debris in fewer passes. The lint cleaner is highly environment-friendly. This non-toxic and odorless lint roller does not any mark of cleaning of the surfaces. With the parallelogram-shaped pieces, you do not need to put much effort into cutting the sticky sheets.

This one also comes with the natural wood pulp. Furthermore, the pocket-friendly and environmental pieces of sticky sheets are easily trash-able into the dustbin. It has a strong and durable construction. Constructed with upgraded ABS, the roller is absolutely safe to use. The handle comes with the ergonomic design to make you feel good while you use this roller. The hole at the end of the handle allows you to easily hang the roller on the wall.

In Summary:

The lint rollers clean the household without much trouble
Ideal for lint, furs, hairs, dust, and food residue removal
Fit for carpet, clothes, car seats, garments, furniture, etc.
Professional-grade adhesive requires minimal time
Cleans off the dust, debris, hair in a fewer passes
Environment-friendly and non-toxic lint roller
User-friendly parallelogram-shaped pieces

#2. Extra Sticky Pet Hair & Lint Remover For Clothes

By: SuperiorMaker

This can easily removes the cat, dog, or any pet hairs from your clothes. The roller not only clears pet hairs but also removes lint, dust, strings, crumbs, and other small particles. Moreover, you can clean your furniture and other furnishing items with this lint roller. This one is easy to use. You can use this lint cleaner almost everywhere. The reusable handle of this one is made of high-quality material to last longer. Both men and women can easily operate this one.

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It also comes with a sufficient quantity of highly adhesive sheets. Each roller contains 90 sheets to quickly and easily remove the lint. Furthermore, you get a total number of five roller refills with this purchase. This roller sheet set comes with the diagonal cut to remove the used sheets without tearing or ripping. This lint cleaner is cheaper than the dry cleaning and electric vacuum. The sticky sheets are pretty much cost-effective. It is certainly one of the best lint rollers to buy, considering all the features.

In Summary:

Easily removes pet hairs from clothes
Cleans off lint, dust, hair, strings, crumbs, and more
Easy to use and works well almost everywhere
The reusable handle e is made of high-quality and durable material
Set has a decent volume of highly sticky sheets
Each roller has 90 sheets
Each purchase has 5 roller refills

#1. Reusable & Washable Lint Roller


This innovates sticky lint roller effectively cleans your clothes without replacing the refills all the time. The roller is also reusable. Moreover, the lint roller is made of heavy-duty material. The handle conveniently holds the lint roller. This item is made of biodegradable materials. The lint roller with high-quality optimal adhesive causes no damage to your clothes. Rather, the roller efficiently clears all the lint from your fabrics. The sticky roller only removes the chips or hair from the fabrics.

It also removes pet hairs. Furthermore, this roller ideally cleans crumbs from your pants, coats, sweaters, suits, and dresses without damaging them. This sticky roller is very much easy to clean. You need to thoroughly use warm or cold water and light detergent to wash the sticky roller. Then, you can air dry or wipe it off with a tissue before using it again. The travel-friendly set of the lint roller contains a large and two mini lint rollers.

In Summary:

This innovate lint roller cleans clothes, car seat, carpet and more
Decent volume requires minimal refills
Reusable roller comprises heavy-duty and biodegradable material
Comfortable and ergonomic handle
Safe adhesive won’t harm clothes, carpet, set or caplet
Roller removes hair, crumbs, and dust from garments
Portable and travel-friendly set

Lint Rollers Buying Guide

One of the things that you should prepare for when you have pets is definitely the lint. This lint roller buying guide here is to show you some tips on how to choose the best lint rollers. There are a few things to have in mind, so feel free to check them out.

    Comfort: Make sure that the grip is ergonomic and comfortable so that it won’t hurt your hand. That also means you can conveniently use it longer on various surfaces as well.
    Size: The size of the lint roller that you choose should be large enough to cover your furniture or clothes. That way, you won’t have to roll it too many times which is time-saving. Also, look for the ones with compact size so that it is easy to store and bring along with.
    Sticky Sheet: The more sticky sheets, the longer you will be able to use it. Along with that, make sure that the sticky sheet is safe on delicate fabric so that it won’t damage your clothes.
    Versatile: A good lint roller should allow you to use on various surfaces such as clothes, carpets, furniture, and more. At the same time, it should be able to clean more than just lint so that using it is more convenient.

Lint Remover Types

    Lint Brush: This is the perfect solution to remove lint and hair from clothing, furniture, and drapes, and it is portable. It is simple and easy to use, but there is not a compartment to collect lint and hair. That means you have to remove the lint and hair from the brush using your hand.
    Reusable Lint Roller: Simple and inexpensive, a reusable lint roller is very easy to use. Just roll it back and forth over your couch, pet bed, drapes, car seat, and any other large flat surfaces. Once the holding compartment is full, just ope and toss away the hair and grime. Easy, convenient, and safe, how nice right?
    Pet-Hair Sponge: Cat and dog owners have to have this to solve the pet hair on furniture and clothing. The great thing about the sponge is that it can grab and hold even the longest or finest hair or fur. You can use it on couches, bedding, upholstery, and pretty much anything except clothing. It is reusable, and there is no waste that is environmentally friendly.
    Sticky Lint Roller: Instead of disposable squares of tape, it has a reusable sticky rubber roller. This sticky rubber roller grabs onto hair, lint, dust, and crumbs which you can rinse clean in the sink.
    Tape Roller: It comes with a handle so that you can easily use it on various surfaces especially clothes. Simply run the tape over your clothing, upholstery, and other surfaces, and the tape will gather and hold the particles. The handle is reusable, and what you need to replace is the tape roll and it is inexpensive to buy.


There are basically two types of lint rollers available. One of them uses glue while the other uses sheet. The sheet-based lint rollers are more efficient and you need to refill from time to time. You should check the product description to find the various materials and objects you can apply the lint roller on. Besides, the handle has to be ergonomic so that you can operate with it comfortably. Our research team has considered all these major and minor factors while listing these best lint rollers. Therefore, all you have to go through the product and choose the best one as per your requirements.

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