Top 11 Best Light Up Shoes For Adults In 2021 — Review

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Shoes that light isn’t just for kids only. In fact, quite a number of adults own a pair or two. Some just love getting in touch with their childhood; others want to stand out from the normal crowd, while there are those who are simply curious. These shoes come handy in many events and occasions. You can adorn then for the fancy event, to the club, during Halloween, costume event, party, and many other circumstances. Thanks to the many types, picking a pair or two isn’t hard. Sadly, not every shoe will satisfy your needs. It may not be very bright or vibrant, the lights may burn out too soon, the shoe may be a little uncomfortable, or it does not last for a long time. We decided to assist you in getting the best light up shoes for adults by reviewing the popular choices.

List of Best Light Up Shoes For Adults In 2021

#11. Unisex LED Shoes Luminous Flashing USB Charging

By: Dear-Queen

The Dear-Queen light up shoe is perfect for adults who want to step out in style. It features Led lights that give off 7 different colors that will surely make you noticed in the Halloween party, birthday event, or any other fancy occasion. The unisex shoes can be worn by both men and women and come in a simple design for quick, easy wearing and remover. Moreover, this pair is made of textile, which is not only reliable but also durable.

They feature a flat sole for better support and since its non-slip, you get better traction to minimize cases of slippage. To secure them firmly on foot, the footwear has speed lacing shaft and hex-shape grommets. Charging the shoes is easy, just like charging your phone. Simply follow the included instructions while using the USB charging.

#10. Unisex LED USB Charging Flashing Sneakers

By: LeoVera

Comprising a knit fabric top, the LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes is what you most likely are searching for. They are rated among the top light up shoes for adults and are fit for men and women. The black sneakers come with different lighting modes to suit various occasions and the lights flash in different ways to add some thrill to the events.

You will see then in Halloween, birthday, costume parties, fancy events, and many other situations. Turning the lights on or off is as simple as pressing a small switch that is well hidden. Moreover, the lights will operate for many hours nonstop thanks to the durable battery. The battery lasts for approximately 2-3 hours. And Thanks to the non-skid rubber sole, you are less likely to slip or fall when wearing them.

#9. Light Up Shoes With Bolt Low Top

By: Electric Styles

This Light-up LED shoes by Electric Styles will make you a “Star” on many occasions. They can be worn at the party, club, rave, Halloween and many other activities. The tough fabric and synthetic materials and solid engineering will ensure the shoe handles regular wearing, impact, abrasion, and exposure to the elements. They emit seven different colors to add some life in the accession and are appropriate for both male and female wearers. What’s more, their simple nature improves their r wearability whereas the rubber sole provides good support and balance.

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It is also a non-marking sole, meaning you won’t worry about ruining or-leaving marks/stains on the flooring. Cleaning and taking care of the footwear is easy. It also has nice ventilation to combat excessive sweating or odor built-up.

#8. USB Charging Light Up Dancing Sneakers

By: Sanyes

Emitting different lights, the Sanyes light up shoes will look good on you. Alternatively, you may choose to gift someone as a present t for the fancy parties, Halloween, costume parties, and more. They have lightweight cotton fabric lining which feels nice on foot. On top of this, they have good ventilation to keep your feet cool, particularly in a hot environment.

Like most top products, they are built of tough PU leather materials to handle the wearer weight, different environments, or frequent wear. Moreover, they come with a non-slip sole to reduce the possibility of slippage whereas the non-marking sole ensures the surfaces stay clean and stain free. This pair of shoe is okay for men and women and is easy to take care of.

#7. Light Up LED Sneakers

By: GreatJoy

The GreatJoy Cool Fun sneaker is among the top light up shoes for adults. It’s also one of the colorful and vibrant ones you will find in the market. With a 1-inch platform, these pairs of sneakers provide good support for the wearer. It comprises a soft interior for additional comfort. The breathable material keeps your feet cool and cozy whereas the non-slip rubber sole reduces the possibility of slips or falls.

It is made of PU leather for longevity, reliability, and strength and has good stitching to prevent ripping. The seven colors illuminate brightly and evenly and are also energy efficient. They will not drain the battery too fast but still will maintain their goodness. Like other types, this shoe comes with a USB charging point and recharges in less than 3 hours.

#6. ShinyNight High Top LED Light Up USB Charging Sneakers


The MOHEM ShinyNight LED light up shoes are very stylish colorful and convenient. They have 11 different lighting patterns that emit red, blue, yellow, green, white, and yellow, among other colors. They light brighter than most light up shoes about there. One big advantage of this shoe is that you don’t need to kneel, bend, squat to turn on the light. All you do is simply use the remote control that comes with the pair. It works effectively and is light and compact for easy carrying and storage.

You will also find a hidden switch next to the USB charging port. With proper care, these shoes will last a long period of time. The flashing sneakers are fit for a rave party, club, Halloween, lord a night out.

#5. Unisex LED High Top Breathable Sneakers

By: Odema

The Odema Unisex LED high top shoes should add glamour to any events. They are stylish, fashionable, and go well with many outfits. On top of that, they are suitable for men, women, youth, teens, and adults since they are available in size 4.5-13. The upper section is sturdy and long-lasting because of the PU leather. It can put-up with regular wear, frequent cleaning, and the elements.

The sole, which is made of rubber, has excellent traction even on wet surfaces. It also comes in a flat profile for better surface area and good stability. Lighting the shoe is done via a hidden switch, which only requires a simple push. Switching it off is done similarly. It comes with a USB charging port and will need about 3 hours to recharge fully.

#4. Flashing Rechargeable Fashion LED Sneakers


This light up shoe has been in the market for some time. Nevertheless, they are still quite popular. They are simple in design and easy to put on and remove. The PU leather upper is long-lasting and can resist shrinking, ripping, fading, and tear. And with four Dynamic modes and seven Static colors, it will provide amazing lighting. The wearability is enhanced by the flexible design, which allows the foot to slide in and out easily.

The smooth and cozy interior feels good on the foot and does not cause any irritation or scathing. And together with the cushioned inner sole, the shoe absorbs vibrations, shocks and impact pretty well. You will, therefore, be able to dance or walk for a long session without any tiredness, numbness, or soreness on your fit. It secures properly on the fit and offers a firm traction.

#3. Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes

By: Shinmax

Women who love shoes that light up or illuminate will find this pair quite interesting. Coming from one of the known manufacturers, the pair has good quality to put-up with regular use. It can be worn on many occasions and will still look stylish. The footwear features fiber optic Led that is brighter than the ordinary type. However, they are more energy-efficient and the built-in battery should last much longer in comparison to other types.

It has a breathable fabric for good ventilation of air and the wearer will not experience stuffiness or unfriendly odor. Moreover, it improves the comfort since the interior will stay cool even in high temperature. The ultra weight shoe can be, or for a long period without causing any undue fatigue, whereas the soft EVA sole minimizes impact, vibration, shock, and offers decent buffering.

#2. 8 Colors LED Light Up Sneakers


Comprising of eight different color modes, this high top sneaker is what our need to be the ‘star” in the event or occasion… It has good illumination that will make people.

Notice you very easily. And unlike its close rivals, it maintains s consistency for a long time thanks to the superior technology and longer-lasting battery. The footwear comes with a flat sole for better support and to also minimize the chances of falling or slipping. Moreover, the sole is made of top-grade rubber for better traction and grip even on a slippery or wet surface.

The innersole is well cushioned to reduce pressure or impact on the foot whereas the soft interior and good airflow keeps the feet dry and cozy. The built-in battery lasts longer than other types and also recharges much faster. The shoe is okay for both men and women and is easy to wipe and clean.

#1. ShinyNight USB Charging LED Light Up Shoes


Available in Pink color, the KALEIDO ShinyNight completes our review on the best light up shoes for adults. The stylish and fashionable shoe is good for men and women and will fit different foot sizes. It features 11 different color modes that shine brightly even in the daylight and this makes it a top selection for most people. You can wear it for the Halloween party, birthday party, costume event and many other palaces. And similar to good shapes, it feels sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

The upper is made of PU leather, which can handle the usage, frequent cleanup, and the elements as well whereas the lining is made of a high-quality cotton fabric. This also contributes to its good ventilation and comfort. To provide good support, the sole is made of anti-slip rubber.

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Final Thoughts

If you fancy them, then you would not mind picking a pair from the above listing as they are genuinely the best light up shoes for adults. We chose the ones that we feel and believe are suitable for adult use and will bring out the fun experience. They are very colorful and vibrant and will make you a “spectacle” at the event. Also, they are very comfortable for long-wearing and work just like normal types.

Moreover, the built-in lights emit bright, colorful lights that will make you noticeable from afar and the integrated battery lasts for a long period. You are thus certain of less frequent changes of the battery. If you desire these kinds of shoes, then you should acquire any items in the above review.

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