The Top 12 Best Leather Glues In 2021 – Products Review

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There are so many products we use in our daily life that are made up of leather. The most common of them are shoes and bags. Apart from that, there are jackets, wallets, belts, seats, and whatnot. Due to daily wear and tear, there are subject to get torn and get unfixed.

Instead of buying a new one, you can quickly fix them with quality leather glue. The best leather glues we have listed below can work on plastic, and other objects as an adhesive and the bonding will be instant and long-lasting.

The List Of Best Leather Glues In 2021

#12. Premium Quality Leather & Suede Glue

By: I Love To Create

Aleene is a famous brand in the adhesive industry, and this is a superior product from the brand. It is applicable on leather and suede, and the bonding action is instant. Furthermore, the bonding is durable and sustainable during extreme conditions.

Additionally, you can try the glue on various other materials and pieces that are broken. It is better to put on hand gloves while applying it as its bonding is permanent and the drying time is the least. The product can be dry cleaned but not washable.

In Summary:

Works on suede and leather
Instant permanent bonding action
Durable and withstands extreme conditions
Works with other materials
Non-messy and washable before drying

#11. Premium Instant CA

By: Hero Glue

This is a super glue which can work not only on leathers but also on wood and rubber. The bonding is instant, and it is long-lasting. You can also use it on marble, granite, and different car parts. The penetration capabilities are excellent, and it fills the gap efficiently.

In addition to that, the product has a unique formulation for strong bonding, and it comes with a special nozzle and applicator cap to keep away moisture and other impurities. The company offers a money-back offer it can you do not find the product useful.

In Summary:

Strong super glue
Work with leathers, suede, marble, wood, rubber, etc
Instant permanent bonding
Good penetration capabilities
Unique formulation and has a special nozzle

#10. Clear Super Strong Glue

By: Gorilla

This glue is perfect to remake your project and add parts of various things easily. This glue is not only easy to apply but also very strong and give you a long-lasting result as well. The crystal clear, non-foaming, and robust formula of this glue makes it more useful.

What’s more, the water-resistant capability of this glue makes it popular in the market. Its waterproof facility allows the user to apply this glue on different materials that often soak in the water. However, keep in mind that this glue cannot withstand continuous soaking.

In Summary:

Perfect for various things
Easy to apply and very strong
Long-lasting and professional result
Non-foaming and clear
Water-resistant capability and easy to apply

#9. Eco-Flo Leather Weld Adhesive

By: Tandy Leather

This is another glue that you can use to fix fabric, leather, paper, or chipboard. This strong glue can give you a long-lasting result. You need to apply the liquid glue on the leather which is dry and clean. You need to provide pressure continuously to fix the parts until the glue becomes dry on it.

On top of that, this glue can give you a good finishing appearance for its clean look. It can withstand the rain and storms as well. This glue works well on the thin leather pieces as well.

In Summary:

For leather, fabric, paper, chipboard, etc
Strong glue gives permanent result
Clear liquid form and fast drying
Good professional finish
Withstands moisture, and the elements

#8. Eco-Flo Leathercraft Cement Flexible Adhesive

By: ECO-FLO Products

This glue becomes dry in a very short time and gives a strong bond between two parts. You can use it on leather as well as on other materials like paper. The process of using this glue is straightforward and takes less time. This non-flammable leather glue is safe to use.

In addition, you will get 5.6-ounce water-based liquid glue in the container. It gets dried clearly and leaves no mark on the clothes. This glue works great on the thin layer of the leather. You need to press both parts continuously to join them after applying the glue. Lastly, it is one of the best and most versatile leather glues available.

In Summary:

Dries in a very short time
Creates a strong bond
Great with leather, paper, suede, etc
Safe and non-flammable
5.6-ounce capacity and water-based

#7. Clear Grip Contact Adhesive

By: Gorilla

This glue is perfect for joining the parts of woods, fabric, glasses, ceramic, paper, and other materials. It gets dried in a few seconds and gives you a strong bond within a very short time. This glue is not only easy to apply but also easy to handle for its clear grip.

This US made leather glue is perfect for rejoining various materials for the lifelong. You can use the waterproof glue indoor or outdoor places. However, its fast grabbing ability makes the glue more popular than the other ones. Last but not least, it is the bestseller in the contact adhesive category currently.

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In Summary:

Perfect for leather, woods, fabric, paper, glasses, ceramic, etc
Dries fast within a few seconds
A strong bond and easy to apply
Made in the US and waterproof
Useful indoors and outdoors

#6. Instant Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

By: Shoe-Fix

This shoe glue is fast reactive and helps in grabbing the parts of the shoes in a few seconds. It can give you a long-lasting result. You can reattach the soles of the shoes and get a good result for many days. Its clear dry appearance leaves no mark on the shoes. It works well and never expands with time.

However, the best part of using this glue doesn’t become faded in excessive heat or moisture. It gives a flexible bond on the shoes and keeps them long-lasting as well. It is one of the best leather glues in terms of quality and performance.

In Summary:

Fast reactive and strong bonding glue
Dries within a few seconds
Long-lasting professional results
Clear dry appearance and no marks
Good flexibility and top performance

#5. Leather & Suede Glue

By: Aleene’s

This glue is specially manufactured to reattach your shoes, belts, purse, and other materials made of leather. This glue attaches the parts of the materials flexibly and gives you the best result to use the repaired thing long days. The dries within 3 minutes and grab the elements in a short time tightly.

Moreover, the glue provides a strong bond that doesn’t get faded easily. There is a 4-ounce glue in the container. It has no side effect on your skin, and you can use your fingertips to apply to the parts that you want to rejoin.

In Summary:

Specially manufactured for reattaching leather products
Works great on shoes, wallet, belts, purse, etc
Flexible and easy spreading
Dries in about 3 minutes
No side effects and easy to apply

#4. Super Glue Gel

By: Gorilla

This glue comes in a container which has an anti-clog cap. This cap can keep the glue away from being dried. You can use this glue on the woods, plastics, metals, ceramics, rubber, paper, and leather materials. This glue dries within 10 to 30 seconds and gives a strong bond between the two parts.

Its waterproof ability can give your repaired things long-lasting. Its clear drying effect can keep things unchanged even after using it. It can hold the broken joints of things for long days. To be honest, the product is one of the best you will ever get.

In Summary:

Comes in a decent container with an anti-clog cap
Works on leather, woods, ceramics, plastics, metals, rubber, etc
Dries fast in 10- 30 seconds
A strong bond and permanent results
Easy to use and non-messy

#3. Craft Adhesive, 3.7 Fluid Oz.

By: E6000

This is another glue that you can use on different materials like woods, glasses, metal, rubber, plastics, cement, leather, fabric, vinyl, and more. This glue is safe to use; it has no risk of being flamed. You can use this glue and paint on it to hide the repairing mark. The glue dries clearly and leaves no mark. You can use it in the photographs as well. It never discolors the photographs.

After using this glue, you can use wash the dish or ceramic utensils in dishwashers. Its strong bond can give you a long-lasting and satisfactory result. Last but not least, this waterproof glue is made in the US and known for its strong grip. This is one of the best value for money adhesive products.

In Summary:

Works well on leather, woods, glasses, plastics, metal, rubber, etc
Non-toxic and safe to use
Non-inflammable and not-messy
Dries fast and clearly
Leaves no mark and easy to wash before drying

#2. Instant Fabric & Leather Adhesive

By: Tear Mender

This glue is applied to the fabric and leather materials. You can use this glue to get a long-lasting result in repairing the clothes. After using this glue, you can wash the clothes in washing machines and dry cleaning. The glue is not only waterproof but also capable of resisting the effect of the Ultra Violet rays of the sun.

In addition to that, this glue is non-flammable and non-toxic at the same time. You can use this glue safely, and it can give you a flexible bond as well. It doesn’t take much time to attach the parts, and once it is joined, it can give you a long-lasting result. Due to its long-lasting performance, it has become the bestseller in fabric adhesive category.

In Summary:

Suitable for fabric and leather
Long-lasting and permanent results
Waterproof and resists Ultra Violet rays
Non-toxic and non-flammable
Flexible bond and user-friendly pack

#1. Repair Adhesive For Fixing Leather, 3.7 Oz.

By: Shoe Goo

This glue is excellent to reattach the torn parts of the shoes and its soles. This glue is waterproof and can give you a long-lasting result when it is used perfectly in the parts of the shoes. It has good use of patches of the small holes as well. You can get a good result in using the repaired shoes in water after using the glue.

However, you should keep in mind that continuous soaking in water may be a reason for spoiling the attachment. It gives you a permanent bond and leaves no mark on the shoes. The glue can provide you with flexibility and a strong bond of the shoes. You can use the product on skateboards or plywood. Check out this video on how to apply the glue safely.

In Summary:

Excellent glue for reattaching parts
Ideal for leather, suede, etc
Waterproof and long-lasting result
Permanent bond with no marks
Flexible and a strong bond
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How Can You Buy The Best Leather Glue?

To decide which leather glue is the best, you have to be aware of a few parameters based on which you can take the decision.


The strength of the bond created between the two surfaces determines the quality of the glue. If the bond is strong enough, the parts will stick together for a longer period. It is important to note that most of the leather items are joined using glue in the industrial process. The durability of the bond or its strength will be tested depending on the product you are using. If you apply it on the shoes, the shoes will be undergoing regular rough use and put the strength of the glue under test. Therefore, it is always better to buy a leather glue that is designed for shoes because the bonding is likely to be lasting longer.

Bonding Time

The drying time of the glue is significant. There are some that dry off instantly while the rest take some time. As a general rule, the glue should take time to create a stronger bond between the two surfaces. From that perspective, the ones that are not claiming instant bonding are safe to buy. But it can also depend on the surfaces of the leather-like dryness, space available, and likewise.


There are different types of leathers available and not every leather glue will work equally on all leather types. You need to go through the specifications and description to understand which is suitable for which one. The surfaces of the leather are different as some are rough and others are smooth. Accordingly, the adhesive strength is required. Smooth surfaces require glues that can create a stronger bond. The rough surface can have any glue working aptly. The bottom line is you should get glue that is specifically made for the surfaces you want it to stick to.


The next part, after joining the leather parts, is even more crucial. The bonding has to be waterproof or at least water-resistant. The bonding becomes loose when water starts to pass through them. Therefore, the product should specifically mention it. Secondly, the flexibility of the object should stay intact. As a matter of fact, while flexing the object, the bond will not be cut off. The ease of application is equally important. This has more to do with the packaging of the product so that you can apply the glue instantly, even the small holes conveniently.

Here is a YouTube video to show how to repair tears and cracks in leather using lather glues.


We have made the job of searching for the right leather glue easy for you by listing the best leather glues available on the market. They are unmatched regarding the durability of the bonding.

Your job is to go through the description and select that glue which is appropriate for the material on which you are going to apply it. Then you can check the other features like instant bonding, water-resistant bonding, better flexibility, and more comfortable to implement.

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