The 11 Best Lawn Mower Lifts — Review In 2021

If you are a lawn mower owner, you know that there are times when you need to lift your mower for various activities. It could be for repairing the mower or regular maintenance to prolong the lifetime. Therefore, it is rightly said that while buying a lawn mower, you should buy the best lawn mower lift with it. It securely locks the mower and lifting it up is also easy with the help of the foot pedal. There following is the list of the best lawn mower lifts that have all the best features possible. Check them out here!

List Of Best Lawn Mower Lifts In 2021

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#11. Lawn Mower 22” Max Lift Hydraulic Lifting Tractor ATV

#11. Lawn Mower Lift Jack 300 lb Cap. 22'' Max Lift Hydraulic Lifting Tractor ATV

By: Generic

With an overall dimension of 40 x 55 x 35 inches, this lawn mower lift has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is lightweight and is a portable product. You can easily take it anywhere you want as it comes with wheels. The front-wheel span is up to 41 inches, and the diameter is 8 ½ inches. This is also very durable and is a perfect item for lawn owners.

Moreover, this is also suitable for lifting hydraulic tractor ATV and it is very easy to use. It is an attractive red and black color, and there is also a handle to conveniently push or pull it. This can get folded and is made up of all metal. Additionally, in the handle, you will be finding a grip which is very soft and will not hurt your palms. This is heavy-duty and will not disappoint you when it comes to performance.

#10. Push Lawn Mower Lift Tools

#10. Push Lawn Mower Lift Tools, COPACHI Garden High Duty Holder for Push Mower Lawn


This is an easy to assemble lawn mower lift where you can also make height adjustments. The stand is made up of heavy steel and is very sturdy. The quality of this product is also excellent and will last for a lifetime. Moreover, this is also very stable and is a reliable product. This is an indispensable garden item which will allow you to clean the dirt from beneath your land mower.

Additionally, you can even use it for removing the blade and for other purposes. It comes in a straightforward construction, and it is also adjustable. You can make adjustments according to your suitable height, and the maximum height is 22 inches. This has a weight capacity of 110 pounds and is a heavy-duty holder. Furthermore, this can also hold tools and comes with a lift control key.

#9. Lawn Mower Jack Lift

#9. Pro-LifT T-5500 Lawn Mower Jack Lift

By: Pro-LifT

This is a high-quality lawn mower lift which has a total weight capacity of up to 750 pounds. The total wheel bracket weight capacity is 500 pounds. The height of the saddle lift is 31 inches whereas the bracket lift height is 27 inches. The product also comes with locking mechanisms and can lock load in doubling place. It can also be used as a maintenance stand. Moreover, this is a zero turn lawn mower which is ideal for lawn owners. It has a six-ton hydraulic bottle jack which will suitably lift the weight.

Using this is very convenient and has an efficient foot pump operation. This will make your task effortless and is also very comfortable. This is a safe way of extending the life of your life mower. It can be used for blade sharpening, debris removal, and belt replacement of your land mower.

#8. 750 lb. Heavy Duty ATV/Mower High Lift Jack

#8. 750 lb. Heavy Duty ATV:Mower High Lift Jack

By: Fischer

This is a strong hydraulic pump lift which has a total weight capacity of up to 750 pounds. The total height of this lawn mower lift is 23 inches. This will easily fit in lawnmowers of different sizes and has various width wheel adjustments. This will also fit in Quads or ATV having wheelbases of up to 56 inches wide. In this, you will also be finding an H-frame center beam support which will allow you to perform multiple services like tire repairing, steering, wheels, and brakes.

Moreover, you will also be finding a three-position safety lock in this lift. In addition to this, it has a separate foot pedal which will allow you to have a slow and controlled release. Additionally, it is very strong and will hold the lawn mower to a perfect height. It will completely lift your lawn mower off from the ground with ease.

#7. Worktable Push Lawn Mower Lift

#7. MoJack Workbench – Quickly Convert Your Mower Lift into a Worktable For Push Mowers

By: MoJack

This is an easy to use lawn mower lift which will conveniently lift mowers of up to 28 inches. The weight capacity is up to 200 pounds and is very efficient to work. You can also use it for other small projects and is a very safe and reliable product. It is very lightweight and is suitable for models like PRO, EZ, and XT. Additionally, it is easy to store and is very lightweight.

Moreover, it gives you easy access to reach beneath your lawn mower and is very suitable for service. It will also not be unstable and will also not slip as the product comes with a safety lock. It can also lift small engines and is a very durable product. The land mower lift will make your task much easier and has a comfortable working height. It also has many other features and is a product that you can rely upon.

#6. High Lift Jack For Tractors & Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

#6. Goplus Mower Lift High Lift Jack For Tractors And Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

By: Goplus

With an adjustable height, this lawn mower lift allows you to lift according to your own preference. One of the best things about this is that you can also adjust the width. This will enable it to be used on land mowers of different sizes. The width can also be adjusted from 36 to 50.5 inches and the height from 1 ¼ inch to 25 inches. Additionally, one can move it easily as it is equipped with two wheels.

You can also use it conveniently as this has a foot pedal. You will only have to pedal it for the machine to move up. This machine is solid and sturdy. It has a total weight capacity of 300 pounds and will easily lift up your lawn mower without any hassle. It is a very useful product, and there will also be no hand cranking. In fact, it is one of the best lawn mower lifts on the list.

#5. Lawn Mower Lift

#5. Larin Corporation LMLF-750 Lawn Mower Lift

By: Larin

Made in China, this lawn mower lift comes in an attractive red color. The lift range of this machine is up to 26 inches, and it is also very strong, with a total weight capacity of up to 750 pounds. Apart from zero-turn mowers, this can also be used for garden tractors. Moreover, it comes with safety straps which will secure the wheels when you use the mower lift.

With this product, your task of lifting a heavy lawn mower becomes much more accessible. You can use it conveniently for cleaning the debris, replacing the belt, and for sharpening the blade. Additionally, it is very convenient to use and is a much-recommended product for lawn owners. This is a very reliable product and will fit very solid. You can transfer it from farm jacks in no time.

#4. Mower Lift – 250lb Lifting Capacity

#4. MoJack ZR Mower Lift - 250lb Lifting Capacity

By: MoJack

This lawn mower lift has the front end lifting capacity of 250lbs. It has a lifting height of 20 inches. This lawn mower lifter is the best match for all sorts of the residential lawn tractors and small Zero Turn Radius mower available on the market. The wheel span measurement it offers is of 17.5”-45” from the inside to the outside of the wheel. You can easily lift this lawn mower lift with one of your hands or even with a power drill. For convenient storage, the lift allows you to fold this flat.

This lawn mower lift is the best option for people with space trouble. The lift is a reliable device to lift your tractors or mowers. Moreover, you can use a hand crank to lift the mower with this lift manually. This lift is perfect for repairing, blade sharpening, debris removal, and belt replacement. In the flat position, the lawn mower lift measures only 5.75” for comfortable storage.

#3. Lawn Mower Lift With Hydraulic Jack

#3. Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift with Hydraulic Jack

By: Pro LifT

With the 500 pounds of lifting capacity, this lawn mower lift has the robust welded steel construct to last longer. The lift also includes the steel wheels for even stronger stability. There are the solid latches with dual locking support, a total safe lifting of your mower. Moreover, to keep your mower clean from all the sides, this lift lifts your mower at the height of 26-inch. By lifting the mower with this lift, you can get easier access for repairing, cleaning the debris, oil changing, blade works, and so on.

With the adjustable wheel span of 19-1/4 to 42-1/2-inch, the lift has the perfect compatibility with the Zero Turn Radius garden tractors, ATVs, riding mowers, and even the push mowers. Additionally, you can easily lift and lower this lawn mower lift by centering the weight on the lift and wheel baskets. For lowering the mower, you need to disengage the height locking levers by opening the valve in counterclockwise.

#2. High Lift Jack For Tractor Riding Mower ATV Quads

#2. High Lift Jack 300-Pound for Tractor Riding Mower ATV Quads

By: Pittsburgh

The lawn mower lift has the capacity to lift 300 pounds of load. You can lift your mower with the help of the foot pedal. This lift can lift up your car in 25-inch height. The lift enables the five directional wheel width adjustment of 36 to 51-inch to fit the maximum ATVs, Quads, and lawn mowers. Moreover, the six-position wheel saddle depth adjustment suits the various sizes of the tire.

The 5-inch nylon wheels support simple maneuverability. For the easy storage option, you just need to remove the one-pin. The lawn mower lift also comes with a three-way safety lock for your enhanced security. The lift only weighs 72-1/2lbs. This lawn mower lift is the ultimate money saver with great longevity, and definitely one of the best lawn mower lifts to opt for.

#1. Pro Lift Lawn Mower For Tractors and Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

#1. Pro Lift Lawn Mower Jack Lift with 300 Lbs Capacity for Tractors and Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

By: Pro-LifT

With the 300 pounds of lifting limit, this lawn mower lift has the strong welded steel build to last more. The lawn mower lift accompanies the wellbeing lock for your improved security. You can lift your mower with the assistance of the foot pedal. Moreover, this foot pedal is non-slip and can lift the heap effortlessly out and about. The wheels support basic mobility. This lawn mower lifter is the best counterpart for a wide range of the private lawn tractors and little Zero Turn Radius mower accessible available.

Covered with elastic, the platform keeps your machine from getting scratches and undesirable harms. The wheel span measurement it offers is of 17-1/4″ to 41-1/4″ from within to the outside of the wheel. Furthermore, there are the strong latches with dual locking which support an aggregate safe lifting of your mower. It is definitely the top lawn mower lift available.


While buying a lawn mower lift, you have to get the size right so that your mower can be lifted easily. Moreover, the type of mower you will lift also matters as different mower lifts are suitable for different types of mowers. Apart from mowers, you can use these lifts for lifting various other objects like cars and other vehicles for cleaning. Watch out of the safety features and weight capacity. We have taken care of all these parameters and listed the best lawn mower lifts on the list.

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