10 Best Lava Lamps Review In 2021 — Great For Home Decoration

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Lava lamps may have been the fancy in parties in the 60s and 70s. Still, the current generation also seems to embrace it to a significant degree. You can use these colorful lamps for night lighting or position them in a living or bedroom as a decoration. Lava lamps are an enticing addition to any room and will entertain and captivate your visitors or ignite a retro mood in a gathering or party.

Staring at the lava makes slow and systematic movements is a good way to clear your brain after a long day at work. The following is a genuine review that has taken various factors into consideration and highlighted the best lava lamps available. After reading this, it will be easy for you to venture into the market and pick the choice that suits you best.

The Best Lava Lamps In 2021

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#10. 13″ Glitter Glow Lamp

Lightahead 13 Glitter Glow Lamp

By: Lightahead

This glitter glow lava lamp will not go unnoticed in any setup; it will complement your unique home interior and bring some inspiration to the house. It sports a tall 14.5” construction with a unique contemporary and stylish design and a clear body. Inside there is a clear or pink liquid with silver glitters to grab the attention of whoever will enter the room. The cool oozing motion will drag you so deep into observation and help you refresh your clogged mind after a long day out.

As a nightlight. The lava lamp has a small base, so you don’t require much space to position it. It only takes minutes to heat up, unlike ordinary lamps that take hours. Your guests will be so drawn to this piece that they may be distracted from other activities going on.

#9. Black Base Liquid Peace Motion Lamp

Creative Motion Black Base Liquid Peace Motion Lamp

By: Creative Motion

Meet this fantastic piece of decoration from Creative motion. It is a 16-inch motion lamp with a black base and red wax in a yellow liquid inside the transparent part. The wax bubbles are offering a mesmerizing slow dance of glitter while flowing gently from the bottom to top. The motion lamp has a cool, relaxing motion that creates a very hypnotic feel that enhances refreshment and relaxation and may draw you to fall asleep.

Once you place it, the lamp holds on firmly without wobbling thanks to the sturdy and solid base. It comes with a cord and a direct plug that you insert into your socket for power. The lamp uses a 25 – 30 Watts reflector bulb to produce the fascinating light. You will also find an On/Off switch that lets you turn the power off when you don’t need the lamp on so you save power and cut on bills. It heats up in minutes and doesn’t get very hot. The price point is quite achievable, too, making this thing a worthy investment.

#8. 13.25″ Tornado Lamp

Rhode Island Novelty ELTORLA 13.25 Tornado Lamp

By: Rhode Island Novelty

The presence of this lamp in any room will deliver a fascinating show that is soothing and a delight to watch. The gentle red lighting complements the unique, straightforward cylindrical design making this piece a marvel worth adding to your collection. It stands firmly at 13.25 inches in height. There is a dis at the bottom that illuminates different colors to add a fun punch of color to any setting. It has a solid base that keeps it firmly in place without toppling over.

#7. 17-Inch Mega Lava Lamp

Lava Lite 4221 17-Inch Mega Lava Lamp

By: Lava Lite

Add an elegant touch to your interior and delight your guests with this mesmerizing lava lamp from Lava Lite. It sports a classic iconic shape with a glass globe, making it a beautiful decoration. The 17-inch high lamp is accompanied with a 40 Watt incandescent bulb for light. It comes with a purple base and purple wax covered in a blue liquid. You will see soothing slow-moving bubbles that drag you into observation and may draw you into sleep. It comes with a long and durable power cable that lets you place the lamp wherever you like.

This lamp boasts an ergonomic shape with a well-made base that promotes stability wherever you will choose to place this exciting piece of innovation. The cord has an in-line switch for firing up the lamp. Buyers praise this unit for heating up in no time and attest that the exterior doesn’t heat up a lot which may be risky if you have kids and pets. The company cares about customer satisfaction and backs this product with a 90-day warranty.

#6. Original 27-Inch Silver Base Grande Lamp

Lava the Original 27-Inch Silver Base Grande Lamp

By: Lava Lite

This lava lamp is for you if you intend to accentuate the vibe of your décor and complement your home interior. The lampstands tall at 27 inches making it conspicuous in any space. Expect a shiny silver aluminum base and cap with a liquid inside covering.

#5. Silver Base Lamp With White Wax

Lava Lite 1953 Silver Base Lamp with White Wax

By: Lava Lite

Make a statement in any setup with this stylish lava lamp that is designed for night lighting and to add an enticing accent to the décor in the room. It features a metallic base and cap with a transparent glass tube that house white wax covered in blue liquid. It is only 11.5 inches tall, meaning it can fit in a variety of spaces and making it ideal for compact rooms and tight spaces. Its compact nature also makes it perfect for your child’s room.

The lighting is courtesy of the included 25 watts light bulb. Simply plug the power cord into a 120V outlet which is the standard for most homes. The base is designed to make the lamp stable and prevent it from falling once you place it. Heating this thing is just a matter of seconds but doesn’t get too hot to cause accidents. It may not be the best lava lamp money can buy, but for what it cost, it would almost be rude not to buy one.

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#4. 14.5-Inch Purple Metallic Base Lamp

Lava the Original 2158 14.5-Inch Purple Metallic Base Lamp

By: Schylling

Schylling made this piece to please and captivate viewers of any age while also adding some sense of style to the room. The lamp is 14.5-inch tall, meaning it is not too tall to the available space. It boasts an instant. On purpose, you don’t have to wait any longer after switching it on; it will be hot almost immediately. However, it doesn’t exceed tolerable temperature levels. It was thoughtful of the company to make the base broad and sturdy so it won’t trip over when some little pressure is applied. The lamp comes with a 25 watt light bulb that lights up the tube.

Like other top models in its class, this unit plugs into 120V wall sockets, making it great for homes. The best lava lamp is also a good gift if you wish to evoke the memories of your dear friends and family members. There are a number of attractive color options so you can find the right model to match and blend into the unique style of your house interior.

#3. 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lamp

Lava the Original 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lamp

By: Lava Lite

Those seeking something really captivating that can create a cozy and nuanced environment have this lava lamp to settle for. The shiny silver base and cap pair with the colorful tube to ensure a dazzling design that is really appealing to the eyes. It is 16.3 inches tall. A 40 Watt bulb is responsible for producing the ambient light that is soft and relaxing and can draw a restless child to sleep. You will love how the sturdy base ensures the lamp is firmly secured in place.

It heats up pretty fast to a warm state to avoid burns and accidents if you stay with children and pets. You will get an additional color to choose from, so to matches the décor in your home. This unit is perfect for your home; it relies on a 120V power supply which is common for homes. Highly recommended.

#2. Original Colormax Lava Lamp

Schylling 2144 Lava the Original Colormax Lava the Original Lamp

By: Schylling

Do you want something decorative that will add a unique charm to your home interior and at the same time, set the mood for a party or gathering? Then look further than this tested and approved lamp from Schylling. The lamp features a tri-colored globe with an aluminum base that is fireworks decaled. The lamp is 45 inches tall and uses a sturdy base to ensure secure support firmly on the ground. The clear glass tube displays the decorations vividly, making it a pleasure to stare.

The lamp comes with a 25 Watt bulb for night lighting. You don’t need more than a 120V outlet to use this unit effectively. If you care about color, then you will want to note that there are several multi-color shades you can go for, including fireworks, northern lights, paintball, rainbow, volcano, and zebra.

#1. 14.5-Inch Classic Silver-Based Lava Lamp

14.5-Inch Classic Silver-Based Lava Lamp

By: Lava Lite

This 14.5-inch lava lamp carries the day in our post today. It comes with a solid metal base with a clear glass tube that showcases the bubbling wax inside in hypnotizing ways that are completely mind-boggling. There is a 25 Watt incandescent bulb that produces the light you may require for nigh lighting. The top lava lamp comes with a cord for power, the cord has an in-line switch for convenient operation. You can’t run short of color choices to match your preferences with the countless colors. The first heating process may be prolonged, but later on, you won’t have to wait for it to get warm. The company stands by the product with a 90-day limited warranty so you can click to buy with more confidence.

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Benefits Of Lava Lamps

Lava lamps look great and they are easy to find, and there are some other benefits that they offer. Let’s take a look and see what they are with us below.

    The lamps offer calming and soothing effects to help with your sleep.
    They look great in the room which is ideal for various decorative purposes.
    Lava lamps are inexpensive yet beautiful and cool, having one in the room is really nice.
    There are multiple colors and designs in lava lamps that you can choose from. Finding the perfect ones for your room is so easy and simple.
    You can use lava lamps as a night lamp instead of regular lamps. They look great in both kids and adult rooms, and their effect is also great as well.

Things To Consider When Buying Lava Lamps

If you are new to lava lamps, there are some certain and important features that you should have in mind. With the tips we provide below, finding the right lava lamps will be so easy and simple for you.

    Color: One of the special things about lava lamps is the color that it offers. Some come with one single color while the others come with a mixture of many. It depends on your preference, but the single color provides a great soothing effect. If that is what you look for, a single color will do.
    Design: The glass of the lamps should be glass or transparent plastic materials. At the same time, you should go for the ones with larger glass so that you can get a better view. As for the base, look for the metal ones so that it is stable and durable for long term use.
    Lights: There are lava lamps that come with an LED light that changes the view of the lamps. The thing is that there are various light styles that lava lamps offer. So if you want something unique and fun, don’t forget to be selective when it comes to lights.
    Size & Shape: Lava lamps look the same at some point, but their size and shape make them unique. There is a wide range of size and shape options that you can choose from. The choice is all yours to make, depending on the space that you have for the lamps. If you get it for kids, the smaller ones will do. As for the shapes, it ranges from the simple ones to the elegant ones which are so easy to look for.

Lava Lamp Types

    Electroplasma Lava Lamps: have super cool effects such as tornados and more. The effects are fascinating, and kids love them.
    Fun Lava Lamps: are stylish, and they usually come with a silver-tone top and base for additional style.
    Lava Glitter Lamps: come with glitter inside that looks great even without the lights.
    Lava Lamp With Motion Lights: have different colors and motions as you turn it on.

Final Word

Lava lamps are not just for decoration and lighting, but can also promote harmony within the family, bring good fortunes and drive away negative energy. You can now go ahead and click to buy the lava lamp you find worthy among the best lava lamps we have highlighted in this review.

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