Top 10 Best Laser Measuring Tools – Products Review

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The traditional measuring tape has always been used for years; however, it isn’t very accurate and easy for the users. Besides, traditional measuring tapes requires two people to do the job, which is totally unnecessary and a waste of manpower. Though there are two people who do the job, but there are always inaccuracy and measurement errors. Inaccurate results and errors from using the traditional measuring tape have created a lot of problems for people who work in construction, interior design, etc.

Therefore, it is time to say no to the “inaccurate” and “time-wasting” ​​traditional measuring tapes. Instead, we should take a look at these laser measuring devices that are quick, convenient, and accurate to 1/16”. Here are the 10 best Laser Measuring Tools that can provide you with accurate and reliable measurement results.

List Of The Best Laser Measuring Tools

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#10. Digital Laser Distance Meter


The Harvet Laser Measure Tool is a portable and time-saving laser measuring tool, which provide excellent accuracy for measuring distance. The dimension of the Harvet Laser Measure Tool is merely 6.6 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches, which is suitable for carrying around in any conditions. The measuring distance that this Laser Measuring device can reach is between 0.16ft/0.05m to 13ft/40m with 2 bubbles level making only just 2.0mm measurement error, which is much better than other laser measuring device that only has 1 bubble level.

Embedded with multiple functions, the Harvet Laser Measure Tool has the ability to measure in various measuring modes such as distance, Pythagorean mode, area, and volume. This Digital Laser Measure operates on Class II Laser with a 1mW output. In addition, its Historical data reading capability for single and continuous measurement makes it very convenient for its users to see the previous measurements without the worry of losing any data.

#9. Laser Measuring Device With Bubble Levels


With the ability to automatically measure and calculate area and volume, this portable measurement device provides a fast and reliable result. URCERU Laser measuring device allows a wide range of application which is perfect for measuring distance, volume, area, continuous measurement, and Pythagoras measurement. In addition, this measuring device has an ergonomic design of 1.2 x 0.8 x 4.1 inches and 5 simple buttons, which fit perfectly in your hand and pocket.

With 1mW output, this measuring device operates on Class II laser that can immediately measure up to 60 meters (197 ft) with an accuracy up to +/- 2 mm. It also has the capability to store 30 units of historical data and to do self-calibrate, addition, and subtraction. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about working in dark condition since it also comes with a large LCD backlight screen, which offers clear visibility and conveniences.

By: Leica Geosystems

This measuring device allows you to see the whole picture from your smartphone via its Bluetooth technology. This powerful device uses Class II laser with 1mW output to operate and has the capability to measure 330ft with 1/16” accuracy. Though the size of this device is very small of only 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches, the battery on this Laser Measuring Device is a beast since you can measure up to 10,000 measurements per batteries set, so you absolutely have no concern about running out of power when working on projects.

In addition, Leica DISTO D2 is also featured with automatic measurement technology, which measures from the end of its flip-out end piece when you fully extend the device. The DISTO D2 Laser Measure also includes multiple measurement functions for length, area, indirect height, or width measurements. If you want to measure diagonally, the Min/Max function allows you to get the tool all the way to the corner with the utmost optimal accuracy. On top of that, you can easily look at the previous measurements, for it can store the last 10 measurements history and calculate the area and volume.

#7. Digital Laser Distance Meter With Backlit LCD Screen


Delivering precise and real-time measurement result with the latest technology, DBPOWER Laser Distance Meter makes measuring task convenience and accurate in an instant. Powered by 3AAA batteries, this device can measure up to 5,000 times with great distance and precision that is up to 197ft with extreme accuracy up to 1/13’’.

The pocket-size design of only 4.57 x 1.73 x 1.02 inches and a backlight display makes it easy to carry around and work even in a low light environment. This measuring device offers its users full features for various measuring tasks such as area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method-three points. Furthermore, the minimum and maximum measurements are extremely useful for assessing the longest and shortest distance from a fixed point.

#6. Laser Distance Measurer With 165-Feet Range & Backlit Display

By: Bosch

If you look for both quality and versatility of application on a Laser measuring tool, Bosch GLM 50 Laser distance measurer is the best at its job. This laser measuring tool enables you to measure distance up to 165ft with consistent accuracy of up to 1/16’’. In addition, it is featured with five most generally used measurement modes such as length, area, indirect, continuous, and volume measurement modes with three measuring reference points – front, back, or center. This device powered by 2 AAA batteries using Class IIa laser product with <1mW power output. On top of this, its backlit display is perfect for an easy and convenient viewing experience in low-light conditions, as well.

#5. Classic Laser Measure With 2 Bubble Levels

By: Tacklife

Tacklife HD 40 Classic Laser Measure offers the optimal durability for heavy use for its unique waterproof & dust-proof features. This measuring device offers adaptable functions for flexible measuring experience with precise accuracy. Despite its compact size of only 4.4 x 1 x 2 inches, this best laser measuring tool provides a long-distance measuring of up to 131 feet with ±1/16-inch accuracy. Also, you can adjust the measuring units from feet to inches or metes depending on what you desire.

It is powered by 1.5V 2 AAA batteries with Large LCD backlit display for the ease of viewing in low-light conditions. Moreover, you can measure quickly and easily with its multiple measurement modes – distance, volume, area measurement, continuous measurement, and measurement by Pythagoras, which is perfect for working on projects like rooms, apartments, buildings, factories, etc. On top of that, this laser measuring device is able to store up to 30 groups of data, so you can go back easily to read what you have previously measured.

#4. Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure With Color Backlit Display

By: Bosch

Whether indoors or outdoors measuring jobs, this measuring device is perfect for giving precise and accurate measuring results with little to zero effort. It is featured with Bluetooth technology that is compatible with Bosch free apps, which you can view the measurement, document, & floor plan easily on your phone.

Designed with practicality and ergonomically in mind, Bosch GLM 50C featured with small dimensions of 4.2 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches and all-around soft grip protection, which enables its users to put in the pocket to work in any conditions. The measuring distance of this device is up to 165 feet using Class IIA Laser product with <1mW power output with the accuracy of 1/8’’. In addition, it also comes with numerous measuring mode for you to quickly measure, including real-time length, area, volume, and indirect.

#3. Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure

By: Bosch

This top laser measuring tool offers its user a very easy way to operate with its one-button feature. You can press the button once to measure, and press it again to lock the measurement. The Bosch BLAZE GLM 20 laser is travel-friendly for its compact and lightweight design. That allows you to be flexible for various measuring tasks, whether indoor or outdoor. Running on 2 AAA batteries, this measuring tool has a backlit display that enables you to measure and view easily in dark areas.

Bosch GLM 20 operates on class IIa laser product with <1mW power output that can measure precisely up to 65 feet to within 1/8-inch accuracy. On top of that, you can have options to adjust your measurement units from feet to inches or meters, respectively. In short, if you look for a simple and convenience yet powerful laser measuring tool, Bosch GLM 20 is definitely the answer for you.

#2. Classic Mute Laser Distance Meter


Compared to other measuring tools that have only one bubble level, this one provides far better accuracy. That is because of its unique 2 bubble levels. Moreover, the accuracy of this best laser measuring tool is up to ±1/16 inch and it can measure up to 196 feet. That is longer compared with many other laser measuring tools. Tacklife HD60 provides an extensive application since it comes with numerous measurement modes. That enables its users to measure distance, volume, area, continuous, and Pythagoras measurement.

For quick and consistent measurement results, this measuring tool includes various settings that allow you to automatically calculate area and volume, store 30 groups of data memory, add and subtract, and measure the maximum & minimum values. On top of that, Tacklife HD60 Classsic is slim and compact that perfectly fit in your hand and pocket. So you can bring it everywhere without a fuss.

#1. Advanced Laser Tape Measure


Tacklife Advanced, Laser Measuring device, offers its user great versatilities and convenience for measuring tasks in the household & engineering decoration, construction, etc. This measuring device is designed to achieve great precision and accuracy. As for its portable size, it makes it really easy to carry around during work. Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure is featured with precision laser technology. That is to increase the accuracy of this device up to ±1/16 inch. In addition, this is able to measure an extensively great distance of 196 feet. You can also adjust the units of measurement from feet to inches or meters with a simple button.

For working in low-light condition, it comes with LCD backlight screen. That brings you better visibility so that you do not have to carry around another flashlight to see what is on the screen. Furthermore, Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure includes multiple measurement features such as rea, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method-three points. It can also automatically calculate area & volume and store data up to 20 groups.


All in all, the best laser measuring tools are the perfect solutions to the current fast pace professional working environments. Those are building construction or interior design; or simply small-scale home renovation or construction. These laser measuring tools will offer you great accuracy and precision. Along with that, it also save your time so that you can confidently rely on the measurement results without double-checking.

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