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Laptops are these days full-fledged workstations. It is hard to find people on desktop computers these days. Almost everyone owns a laptop. However, these laptops do pose their own unique dangers. For many, using laptops equals continually buying painkillers. Their backs and necks are always in pain. This also posses a much more terrible risk, especially when such youthful computer gurus age. The repetitive bad habits of sitting in wrong positions come to haunt them later on in life.

This can be avoided by sitting in the right positions. In most cases, laptops are not designed to encourage good posture habits. While using a laptop screen, it is best to have the top of the monitor slightly below your eyes. This is not the case in most of what we see. Now, this is where a laptop stand comes to the rescue. When seeking for the best laptop stands, you should be concerned with chiefly, the height, the build quality, ease of portability and design. We have looked at all of this in this review and ensured you get real value with the choice you make.

List Of Top Best Laptop Stands In 2019

#10 Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops, Gold – Elegant Desktop Stand for Laptops

Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops, Gold - Elegant Desktop Stand for Laptops

By – Griffin Technology

We kick off the list with the Griffin technology’s laptop stand. In our research, we have found that most people problem with elevation usually falls around 5.5 inches in height adjustment. This type of elevation is the most common average users elevate their laptop. This laptop stand is not height adjustable. What it loses in adjustability, it makes up for in beauty and durability.

It is made primarily of high-quality aluminum. It is shiny and sure to capture the eye. You can choose from three different color choices of either gold, black or grey. With these options, this stand is a fashion accessory. On top of this, it disassembles very easily and neatly. In addition, it is compatible with most laptops on the market. Either a Mac or a PC, it is most likely supported. If you want to adjust your laptop to this common height and look to make a statement, then get one of this stand.

#9 Laptop Stand, Portable Laptop Stand, Foldable Desktop Notebook Holder Mount

Laptop Stand, Portable Laptop Stand, Foldable Desktop Notebook Holder Mount

By – EURPMASK Choose the color of europe

EURPMASK have raised the bar to an upper level. It is quite surprising all the features available at such a price. We have come across laptop stands that are even more expensive but offer nothing when compared to EURPMASK’s. First, it is height adjustable. By simply pressing on two configuration buttons on the sides, you can adjust not only the height but also the angle of inclination. This means over adjusting your screens viewing degree; you can also get that on the stand itself from 26 to 30 degrees angle.

This laptop stands also folds very well and compact. It is also very lightweight at only 0.6 the package, you also get a carrying sleeve bag to carry the stand easily. There is no need for your back to strain and suffer when the solution is right here, at a budget-friendly price. Whether you are using your laptop at home or while traveling, the perfect elevation is right at your fingertips.

#8 Laptop Stand, Lamicall Adjustable Notebook Stand: Ventilated Laptop Riser Holder Compatible

Laptop Stand, Lamicall Adjustable Notebook Stand- Ventilated Laptop Riser Holder Compatible

By – Lamicall

This is not only a laptop stand; it also doubles up as a cooling mechanism for your laptop. Over and above your back appreciating your good ergonomic practice, your laptop will thank you when you buy the Lamicall stand. The processor of a computer produces a lot of heat. Many people actually do not realize this destroys your computer’s processor, thus reducing its lifespan. The aluminum base has a mesh design to let cool air breeze right below where most laptop processors channel their heat. Furthermore, aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. This will make your computer snappy and serve you even longer.

Now to the matter at hand, concerning your health, this stand raises your laptop a nudge. This is not quite a big height adjustment, but there are a couple of advantages to this approach. First, this laptop stand is small and folds compactly. Moving it with you is very easy. To adjust the height is very easy by adding support bellow. You cannot miss a base you do not need such as an old book to find the perfect height. In addition, the supports are rubberized to ensure they do not skid on the surface you elect to use as temporary support.

#7 Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand – 6.3 to 10.9 Inch Anti-Slip Standing Table Monitor – PLPTS25

Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand - 6.3 to 10.9 Inch Anti-Slip Standing Table Monitor - PLPTS25

By – Pyle

Pyle has one of the best laptop stands that hit all the right buttons in our checklist. It is not the most beautiful or easy to assemble, but it is cheap and does a wonderful job. First off, assembly and disassembly are not that easy. However, with its design, it ensures that your laptop will always be held firmly in place and avoid falling off. This design means adjusting your laptop monitor height to the perfect one in your situation is accurate. You have more height adjustment points while sacrificing adjustability. We have seen that most people do not actually change the heights of their screens as much; however, they want a screen that is best for their height requirements.

This no-nonsense laptop stand is also cheap. It gets the work done without it being too flashy. On its panel, Pyle has added a foam padding to cushion your laptop too. guys looking for a stand that gets the job done perfectly, and have somewhat of a fixed workstation, then this is for you. We cannot also fail to mention how the design of it all, makes it compatible with more laptops than other flashy brands.

#6 Laptop Stand iQunix Aluminum Ventilated Stand Update Version – Ergonomic Riser Portable Holder

Laptop Stand iQunix Aluminum Ventilated Stand Update Version - Ergonomic Riser Portable Holder

By – iQunix

In the sixth position, we have the excellent iQunix laptop stand. It marks our entire checklist. Its design is meant to cool down your laptop when in use. It is adjustable to about 16 degrees angle and can be folded very well. It folds very well and is light making it easy to carry. This is an excellent stand for those who alternate from office to their home and want a good stand. However, we are not entirely sold on the height adjustment. It works for most people; if you are in the ’16 degree’ angle adjustment category, you will be sorted. Not only will you get a fantastic stand at a reasonable price, but the quality will also last you a lifetime.

This stand is also compatible with your handheld devices. You can lock them in place for your comfort. Non-slip pads on the feet of this stand ensure it does not skid while it is in use.

#5 Monitor Stand Riser with Vented Metal for Computer, Laptop, Desk, iMac, Printer with 14.5 Platform

Monitor Stand Riser with Vented Metal for Computer, Laptop, Desk, iMac, Printer with 14.5 Platform


Looking to raise your laptop to a height of about 7 inches, then we recommend this stand from HUANUO. The overall design is excellent and practical. This stand is also very sturdy and is sure to serve you for many years. Holes on the base plate ensure regular circulation of air below the laptop. With an open bottom facing you, you can neatly tuck in your peripherals such as mice and keyboard when they are not in use.

The price is a world-beater, and you really do not need the manual to put it all together. Most people do not buy this stand for its therapeutic space actually, but more so to get a lift below their laptop. As explained before, this can also work to lower the temperature of your computer. Others buy when they are in confined spaces and find that space below to be of use. Therefore, whatever your reason, the solutions you can get are excellent.

#4 Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand/Table

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk:Stand:Table

By – Executive Office Solutions

Straight of the bat, this is an excellent laptop stand. It is jam-packed with unique features such as a mouse pad mount to the side. As an added booster, you can cool down your pc by connecting the stand to your PC’s USB. With the pad itself inbuilt with fans, they can be powered by your laptops USB. There are fans in the market that go at the same prices if not more.

There are even more compelling reasons one would want to buy the Executive Office Solution laptop stand. The most for us was how adjustable it was. You can tweak your laptops height to be the best one for you at any point in time. If you work long hours with your laptop, it is recommended to stand at times. This laptop stand can help you achieve such heights. It is unparalleled in this aspect. This stand is a jack-of-all-trades.

#3 AmazonBasics Laptop Stand – Silver

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand - Silver

By – AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics have years of research under their belt in the computers field. They come with this stand that elevates your laptop at the height of 6.1 inches. Moreover, they are at a very cheap and reasonable cost, just as we are used with the manufacturer. The price is justified; some may even say a steal. It is made of metal with a silver anodized powder finish. It looks very good with a premium kind of appeal.

On the design aspect, everything is well measured. We especially like that the end facing the user is slanted even lower. This lets the viewer see the keys even better. On top of this, you get a good cable management system design. Keyboard, power and other such cables look well managed. Leaving you with a clean working environment.

#2 Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)

By – Rain Design

Missing the top spot by a whisker, we have this laptop stand from Rain Design. The detail and quality of this stand in unrivaled. This stand is solidly built and definitely going to serve the user for a very long time. It is made of an aluminum panel that also acts as a heat sink. Since it is slightly slanted forward, you get even more room below the laptop, at the same time, even better views of your laptop keys and avoiding the lower panel obstructing your view.

With a connection of an external mouse and keyboard, you can work your way with minimal strain. This stand raised the laptop to a height of 5.9 inches. Its selling point is its unique and high-quality properties.

#1 AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

By – AmazonBasics

Top of our list is yet again another AmazonBasics laptop stand. It is still cheaper when compared to other companies. This is not only because of the manufacturer but also because of the value for money you get when you buy this stand. Everything about it is designed to solve a problem. Offering solutions. Don’t be shocked by other brands, offering less while asking for more.

You can adjust the height of your monitor to your best heights. You have three different choices of low, medium and high. Incorporated in the design is the neat cable management system. Your external cabling to the laptop is tucked neatly behind the laptop stand itself. A mesh design ensures your laptop gets the most out of the cooling metal plate material used to build this beast.


Armed with a thorough background check on each item, we have compiled this list. We even checked further to see how the items hold up under normal use. In this review, you will find items that are well within what is required. Outrageous elements that do not offer value, and in most cases are hyped to increase the price are not included in this list. Therefore, if you buy either of these stands and of course, the one that is right for you, you will have true value, not to mention a happy back.

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