Impulse sealers aka heat sealers are the machines that seal packages and other thermoplastic materials by using heat. This type of sealer works fast and efficiently, and they are also compact. You will find 10 best impulse sealers in our list below, all of them are great. We have put together this list to make it easier and faster for you to purchase the right options. Take a look and see if any of them matches your preference.

The List of Best Impulse Sealers In 2021

#10. Manual Impulse Hand Sealer With Cutter

Manual Impulse Hand Sealer With Cutter

By: UltraSource

This is an impulse sealer that comes with a 16 inches sealing element. It can seal most polyethylene and polypropylene type materials out there for you. The great thing about it is that it creates consistent air and water right seals every time. That is to ensure both quality and performance for your work with excellent results. You can use it with a variety of items, especially food and snack, easily and effortlessly. This manual impulse sealer will help to preserve the freshness and flavor your food products for you.

At the same time, it also helps to create a waterproof barrier for moisture sensitive items out there as well. The great part about this impulse sealer is that it comes with adjustable time that creates perfect heat seals. Since different bag thickness needs a different amount of time, this feature is beneficial. It also comes with a cutter for sealing and trimming poly bags as well. With both quality and performance, this is the option that you should take into consideration.

In Summary:
  • No warm-up is needed
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Consistent and tight flat seal
  • The durable and long-lasting quality
  • Works with vinyl, PE, HDPE, and more

#9. Manual Impulse Heat Sealer With Replacement Kit

Manual Impulse Heat Sealer With Replacement Kit


Here we have a manual impulse sealer that is very easy and simple to use and operate. Just plug it, and it will work for you right away without needing to warm up at all. Another great thing is that the circuit of this unit will automatically control the heating time which is absolutely convenient. That is not all; it also comes with an auto LED indicator that only turns on when the heating element operates.

The best part is that there are 8 adjustable class temperature levels. This function is to help you to create the perfect seals for different materials and thicknesses of the bags. You can use it to seal foil, craft, polyester, plastic, and other sealable material bags with ease. This option is ideal for all purposes, and it is very easy and convenient to use. Plus, with its retro red color, this impulse sealer is one of the best choices to choose from.

In Summary:
  • Smooth and tidy seals
  • Compact and portable
  • Stable and quiet operation
  • 8 adjustable temperature levels
  • Long-lasting life and durability

#8. Heat Sealing Machine With Adjustable Timer

Heat Sealing Machine With Adjustable Timer


Comes with compact size, this impulse sealer is very easy to use and store. Despite its size, this unit works great with various thickness of bags when it comes to heat sealing. At the same time, it also works with a wide range of uses. Since it comes with an adjustable timer, you can always choose the accurate control over the sealing process for perfect results. Plus, with its built-in fuse for safe use, the convenience is all yours.

The thing is that this impulse sealer is very easy and simple to use. Just plug in the wire, and it is ready to work for you right away without any warm-up at all. We like this option not only for its compact size but also durable cast metal construction as well. Not to mention that it is lightweight and portable, having one of these is a great purchase. From quality and durability, it has them all, so don’t forget to check it out.

In Summary:
  • Quick and clean seals
  • Durable metal construction
  • Works with soft and hard item
  • Adjustable time and LED indicator
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable

#7. Manual Impulse Heat Sealer

Manual Impulse Heat Sealer

By: Eletional

All you need is 3 seconds to seal the bags that you work on, and that is very fast and efficient. You are looking at a professional grade impulse heat sealer that delivers high quality sealing to every project. As long as the bags are sealable, this impulse sealer can work with them all for you. Also, it comes with a built-in fuser for safe use as well so that you can use it pretty much anywhere.

Just like the rest of the options above, this one also comes with an auto LED shutoff indicator light. Plus, with the adjustable timer switch, you can accurately control the sealing process with ease and convenience. The best part is that it comes with an anti-rust iron cast case to provide both protection and durability. It is simple and easy to use, and its sealing quality is at its best every time for you. Everything about this unit is great, and it is among the best impulse sealers to have as well.

In Summary:
  • Adjustable timer switch
  • Fast and smooth operation
  • Easy, safe, and convenient to use
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable

#6. Handheld Impulse Sealer Machine

Handheld Impulse Sealer Machine


Practical and functional, this is one of the best impulse sealers to have in mind. The great thing about this option is that it comes with a durable copper upgrade for double durability. It offers instant use without the need for warming up, and it delivers quality sealing every time. Not different from other options in our list, it also features built-in fuse for safe use as well. That way, you can use it anywhere you like with peace in mind. Plus, with its heavy-duty thicken iron housing case, this impulse sealer is one tough unit that you should have. Good price and high quality, this is a great impulse heat sealer that you really should have.

In Summary:
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Compact size with a long cord
  • The durable and long-lasting quality
  • Adjustable timer for various bags

#5. Impulse Sealer With Extra Replace Element Grip

Impulse Sealer With Extra Replace Element Grip

By: Vimi

Comes with a lightweight design, you can easily lift up this impulse sealer from one place to another. On top of that, this unit is very easy and simple to use so that everyone can use it with ease. It comes with a LED red light indicator that will go off when the machine finishes the sealing process. That allows you to know right away of when to take the bag out and start sealing another one.

The part that we like the most is that this impulse sealer is non-toxic, odorless, and durable to use. That is both comfortable and durable to use, and it is safe as well. With its long-lasting quality and incredible performance, you can use it to seal more than 10000 bags. This impulse sealer is very easy to use, clean, and take care of, its durability will not let you down. You really should check it out, many users highly recommend this option.

In Summary:
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fast and smooth operation
  • Safe and easy to use and clean
  • The durable and long-lasting quality

#4. Impulse Sealer With Metal Shell

Impulse Sealer With Metal Shell

By: HeiGuno

The special thing about this impulse sealer is that it automatically cuts off at the perfect time. That is to deliver both quality and convenience for you to use at the same time. That is not all, it also offers durable sealing on pretty much any sealable bags for you as well. The best part is that this impulse sealer reduces heat and work loss to ensure quality sealing every time.

There are 8 adjustable heat levels that you can choose for the type of bags that you work on. On top of that, it comes with iron construction to provide durability and long-lasting quality for long term use. Plus, with the double paint and luster finish, its appearance remains nice and sleek for years. With everything together, this is undeniable one of the best impulse sealers to take into consideration.

In Summary:
  • Rust resistant
  • Anti-ship stand
  • Stable and durable
  • 8 adjustable heat settings

#3. 2-In-1 Handheld Heat Sealer

2-In-1 Handheld Heat Sealer

By: Tearcam

Compact yet handy, this heat sealer is very easy and simple to use with items in the house. It quickly seals and reseals any bags for you within seconds. Despite its size, it can seal all kinds of bags out there with a smooth and tidy finish that you like. From aluminum foil to plastic snack bags and more, you can seal them all using this mini heat sealer. That is not all, it also features the safe design of anti-pinch and anti-scalding.

The best part is that it comes with a unique hook and slot that prevent the resistance wire from heating up. At the same time, it also provides ease in hanging the machine for storage as well. This option is so compact and portable, and you can fit it in your pocket with ease. It is ideal for everyday use in pretty much anywhere you need to seal the bags. Plus, with the price, this is going to be the purchase that you will be happy with.

In Summary:
  • Seals all kinds of bags
  • Seals reseal, and cuts
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Operates on 2x AA alkaline batteries

#2. Impulse Manual Bag Sealer With Free Kit

Impulse Manual Bag Sealer With Free Kit


Looks like a laminating machine and works similar to one; this impulse sealer is simply great to have. This is one compact option that is perfect for light-duty bag sealing applications around the house. At the same time, it also very easy and simple to use as well with such quality and performance. The sealer processes quickly to seal the bag that takes as less as a few seconds which is time-saving.

It also has an LED sealing power indicator to let you know the operation process of the sealer as well. Plus, with its adjustable timer, this impulse sealer delivers the optimal seal control just the way you like. It is effortless to use, and it is one of the best impulse sealers that many users recommend. Let’s take a look and see if this option has what it takes to meet your needs and requirements.

In Summary:
  • Simple and easy to use
  • LED sealing power indicator
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Adjustable timer for optimal control

#1. Impulse Bag Sealer With Repair Kit

Impulse Bag Sealer With Repair Kit

By: Metronic

The combination of high-quality materials makes this impulse sealer one durable and functional choice to choose. It is the extra durable impulse sealer that comes with an upgrade for more powerful use. The unique thing is that it comes with a pure copper design to ensure long-lasting durability for long term use. Along with that, this impulse sealer is also non-toxic and odorless. That makes the sealing process extra convenient and easy for you.

There is an adjustable timer that you can select for the right type of bags that you work on. That makes it extra easy and convenient for you to seal the bags with quality. With a wide range of applications, you can use this impulse sealer with many types of bags. On top of that, it could seal more than 10000 bags which is a lot for home and light use. This option is both durable and tough, and its quality and performance will not let you down.

In Summary:
  • Instant and easy use
  • Energy conversation
  • Compact and portable
  • Smooth and neat sealing
  • Extra durable construction
  • Wide compatibility bag types

Buying Tips For Impulse Sealers

Rushing to buy might not be the way to go as you are likely to make a wrong decision. You ought to focus on the following things during the search:

Need at Hand

If you handle small items, then you don’t have to spend lots of money on a heavy-duty unit. However, if you run a very busy business that seals packages all the time, you need a commercial unit to handle the huge volume. A weak or small unit will be overwhelmed and will break down sooner.

Energy Efficiency

Sealers are powered by electricity. The rising cost of energy has forced people to look for energy-efficient units. A good one will consume minimal energy but still, provide excellent service and also handle thick poly or plastic bags. The unit will have a power rating (watts) to show the consumption. Impulse sealers will automatically turn on when pressed and switch off when the handle is released. This helps to lower energy consumption.


The sealers have different weights. Operating a very heavy unit is counterproductive since it isn’t easy to move around with. The user will more likely go to where the unit is rather than carry it to his/her workstation. A lighter one is more practical. Nevertheless, it should have a firm base for the best stability.


You should pay attention to your safety and that of others. If it’s too heavy and bulky, it will injure you in case it falls on you compared to a lighter or smaller unit. The heating element should be well-positioned to prevent accidentally touching it. Also recommended is ensuring the handle is easy to operate and has a good surface. It’s advised to pick a unit with indicator lights that show when it’s on or off.

User Friendliness

Using the sealing machine should be comfortable and effortless. The handle should be ergonomic and lightweight. Pressing it should be easy, and it should stay firm during use. Carrying and cleaning a functional unit is easy and effortless and you will not need are gular maintenance it as it is not get spoilt too soon.


The price of the impulse sealing machine varies widely. Before beginning the search, you should determine what amount you want to spend and also have an idea of the current market prices. Price comparison can be hard if you lack the time or don’t fully understand the features and specifications. Fortunately, a good review will assist you in determining an affordable item.

Proper Use of an Impulse Sealer (Step by step)

If you don’t follow the correct procedure, the sealing will not be satisfactory. It may leave gaps in-between, may burn too much material, or will take a longer time to seal and increasing energy consumption. The following are the fundamental sealing steps

Step 1: Turn the Unit on

Start by plugging the unit into a power outlet. It may be suited for 110V, 220-240V, or is dual powered. The power light will come on when switched. The heating element should heat instantly to save time and energy.

Step 2: Select the Right Temperature

There is a temperature control knob on the end of the sealer. Turning it clockwise increases the heat and rotating it anticlockwise lowers the heat. Higher heat is suited for thicker materials while a lower temperature is for lighter equipment. The heating elements will remain on briefly, usually between 2 and 3.5 seconds.

Step 3: Sandwich the Bag between the Seal Bars

Hold the item to be sealed and place the open ends of the polythene /plastic bag between the seal bars. Choose a nice margin between the object and sealed end since too much wastes the poly while too little may cause the bag to rapture. You should know the duration of the heat bar to stay on because if it goes off too quickly, then the sealing will be poor. Too long and it will burn/melt the plastic.

Step 4: Depress Handle

Once ready, depress the handle to melt the two side of the part bag. The indicator/pilot light goes off after a few seconds. Don’t remove the bag immediately after releasing the handle. This is because it will still be soft and pulling it may rapture the soft edge or leave unpleasant marks.

NB: After identifying a good piece, you should know how to operate it correctly, as shown in the video below. Apart from improved productivity and efficiency, the right usage also extends its useful life and prevents injury.


There you have it, a list of 10 best impulse sealers with high quality that you can trust. We hope that you have found one or two options that you like the most.

Old Version: Version 1 - Best Impulse Sealers

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Impulse Sealers

If you usually pack products inside plastic bags, you should get the right and best impulse sealer. It not only ensures a tight-sealing but also looks more presentable. Additionally, the wrapping protects the items from moisture, dirt, water, and damage. You will see different things in the market, and each will have their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, it may heat fast but may not be very suitable for heavy poly or plastic bags. It may work with different paper lengths and thicknesses but may be somewhat bulky to move around with. To give a helping hand, our team have reviewed and listed down the top 7 best impulse sealers for consumers in 2021. And here are they.

#7. Impulse Sealer With Teflon Sheet & Extra Heating Element


Bag-N-Seal 8-inch (200mm) Impulse Sealer with Teflon Sheet& Extra Heating Element

By: Bag-N-Seal

The first entrant on our review of the best impulse sealers is this sealer from Bag-N-Seal. It’s mainly made of metal and measures 8 inches (200mm) long. It runs via 110V AC power and is rated 300-watts. The accessory has a sturdy base to prevent movement and a strong handle for easy use.

Moreover, the accessory doesn’t need pre-warming and will seal bags measuring up to 6mm thick. It works on polyflex, keel-F, Mylar, P.V.A, polyethylene, Pliofilm, polyurethane, saran, polyvinylchloride, tivac and polypropylene. The unit has a built-in indicator alerts you when It’s On/Off and features an extra Teflon sheet and heating element.


  • Measures 8inches/ 200mm long
  • Made from metal
  • Designed for 110V AC power
  • Can handle bags as thick as 6mm
  • Suitable for various poly and plastic bags

#6. Mini Impulse Sealer

Jores Tech Impulse Sealer

By: Jores Tech

Sealing polyphone and plastic bags are effortless when using this impulse sealing machine. The unit is 8-inches/200mm long and is appropriate for home and office use. It warms instantly and has a pilot light for guiding the user. The Die-Cast construction endures the heat, regular pressing, and is also long-lasting.

On top of that, it stays firm on the spot to reduce movements and has a fast heating element. The slim handle has a good finish for easy quick pressing and is ideal for sealing Mylar bag, plastics bag, bubble wrap, and polythene bag.


  • Seals plastic and polythene bags
  • Measures 8 inches (200mm) long
  • Die-cast construction
  • The handle is slim and ergonomic
  • Suitable for bubble wrap, polyurethane, plastic, and Mylar bag

#5. Impulse Bag Sealer

ROVSUN Impulse Bag Sealer, 12-Inch


The ROVSUN impulse bag a sealer has a length of 12 inches (300mm) and is fit for sealing polythene, plastics bags, bubble wrap, and Mylar bags. It has an 8-inch sealing element that requires no preheating and will instantly seal bags with a maximum thickness of 0.3mm. Additionally, the durable construction can withstand regular operation while the long handle minimizes effort. It has an Auto LED shut-if indicator light and consumes minimal power. It can be used in the grocery shop, office home, retail outlets, and other places. The blue-colored accessory has a built-in fuse to prevent overheating and also boost safety.


  • Measures 12 inches long
  • Has an 8-inch sealing elements
  • Fit for polythene, plastics bags, bubble wrap, and Mylar bags
  • Recommended for up to 0.3mm touch bags
  • Made of high-quality and durable material

#4. Manual Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

Flexzion 8-inches (200mm) - Manual Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

By: Flexzion

With this plastic bag heat seal machine, you don’t need to wait for it to warm up. Simply switch it on and press the handle to seal plastic, bubble wrap, polythene bags, and more. It has an 8-inch (200mm) long element and a solid handle. The item has an anti-rust aluminum case and an adjustable timer to suit different thickness. It consumes little power and has an auto LED shut-off light.

In addition to that, the simple handle requires little effort and feels solid and firm. To prevent damaging the unit in case of electrical fault like a short circuit, the sealing machine has a built-in fuse. The kit also has a free replacement Teflon and element grip.


  • 8-inch/ 200-mm sealing element
  • Suitable for plastic, polythene, bubble scrap and more
  • The case made of aluminum
  • Adjustable timer to suit different thicknesses
  • Auto LED shutoff and built-in fuse

#3. 12-inch Portable Plastic Heat Sealers

Z ZTDM 12-inch Portable Plastic Heat Sealers - 450W


Measuring 12 inches in length, the Z ZTDM impulse heater will work with most types of polythene and plastic bags. It has an 8-inch sealing element and a long handle for quick and easy pressing. The item generates 450-watts of heat to seal even thick poly bags and has 8-level temperature /heat control to handle varied requirements.

On top of that, the grid cooling helps to dissipate the heat for improved performance. It also extends the life of the unit as well as the heating element. To prevent damaging the unit and energy wastage, this sealer has an auto power-off protection switch.


  • Measures 12 inches/ 300mm long
  • The heating elements 8 inches long
  • It has eight heat settings
  • Unique grid for cooling the unit
  • Auto power-off protection switch

#2. 8-Inch Impulse Bag Sealer With Repair Kit

Metronic 8-Inch Impulse Bag Sealer with Repair Kit

By: Metronic

Sealing polythene or plastic bags up to 8 inches long is hassle-free with this machine. The Metronic bag sealer delivers good heat via the pure copper coil transformer. And to increase efficiency, it uses the silicon steel sheet and aluminum wire. It is double painted to prevent corrosion or rust, has a fine texture and a luster finish.

Moreover, the portable item is easy to not only work with but also carry. It has thick copper with aluminum wires for better heat conduction, and the temperature/heat control is easy to operate. It’s built-in accordance with German standards and also includes a repair kit.


  • Pure copper coil transformer
  • Thick copper and aluminum wire
  • Double painted and luster finish
  • Silicon steel sheet
  • Superior German export standards

#1. Patented Impulse Heat Sealer With 1 Extra Strip

insnField Patented Impulse Heat Sealer with 1 Extra Strip, 8-inch, Orange

By: LinsnField

Coming from LinsnField, this 8-inch impulse heat sealer takes the pole position. We love how fast and easy it seals bags made of polyester, seal foil, nylon polymer, Mylar, cellophane, Kraft, and many more. The unit relies on patented technology that provides a tight seal while reducing energy wastage.

Furthermore, the orange-colored piece boasts of an upgrade copper transformer for providing the heat and will seal bags as thick as 10mm. It’s built from strong iron and lasts longer than most of its closest rivals. The heavy-duty item can handle high volumes with ease and doesn’t emit toxic fumes or bad smells. It weighs about 3.9 pounds and has a compact design for better handling. These are all the reasons this is one of the best impulse sealers.


  • Measures 8 inches long
  • Perfect for different bags
  • Based on LinsnField patent technology
  • Made from strong and durable iron
  • Seals bags up to 10mm thick

Final Thoughts

Sealing plastic and poly bags is part of the packaging. It’s preferred over other methods because it’s simple, easy to learn, works with different plastic and polythene bags, offers good protection, and also looks professionals. Nonetheless, sealers are made differently and you may not get the desired results when using the accessory. It may take too long to heat, the handle may be uncomfortable, or may not work with certain material or thicknesses.

Reading reviews these top-grade impulse sealers not only gives you insights on the products but also makes identifying the right product easy. The above impact sealers are the top in the market and will provide you with excellent service.

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