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The 10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Reviews In 2020

A Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful table lamp that comes from salt crystals deposited in the Himalayan range in Pakistan. Apart from its aesthetic value, the lamp can emit negative ions to engulf the positive ions in the harmful micro-particles in the room. You can use it as a reading lamp, bedside lamp, or just a night lamp. Besides, it can relieve the stress in your mind and get you into a meditative state faster. In this article, we have provided the top 10 best Himalayan salt lamps to enhance the beauty of your room and desk. Check them out here!

The List Of Best Himalayan Salt Lamps In 2020

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#10. Salt Rock Lamps,Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt Rock Lamps,Himalayan Salt Lamp

By – haraqi

This Himalayan Salt Lamp is suitable for bedroom or living room, and it weighs between 5 to 7 pounds. The height of the lamp is around 8-9 inches, and it comes with six 15W bulbs as well. It does serve not only the purpose of lighting but also enhances the room décor. Needless to say that it is highly eye-catching, and the soft, warm glow occupies the entire room in the dark. The best part is that you can adjust the brightness with the dimmer switch. This helps to set up a perfect ambiance in the room whether it is dining with your loved one or reading books.

The base is also beautiful with the wooden construction, and the six lights in the package make sure that you do not have to buy any light for at least a decade. The product is from Pakistan while the packaging is from China. The crystal rock lamp is quite sturdy, and the base is highly stable. Moreover, you can send it as a gift to your friends and relatives. Besides, the product has UL certification, and all one needs to do it plug it in and switch it on. The service life is extraordinary, and the service life of each light is incredibly high.

#9. Large Dimmable Himalayan Salt Lamp

Large Dimmable Himalayan Salt Lamp

By – My Perfect Nights

This Himalayan pure salt crystal lamp emits negative ions with absorbs the positively charged ions. The positively charged ions are those in pollens, smoke, pollutants, and various such harmful particles. Therefore, it is a natural air purifier, and it makes breathing air pure in the room. That is why many people keep it in the bedroom, where they spend almost one-third of the entire day. Furthermore, it offers a gentle glow that you can use as a table lamp or night lamp. You can create a romantic ambiance and soothing atmosphere to live in. Moreover, you can use the dimmer switch to adjust the intensity of the light as per your mood and requirement.

The product comes straight away from Pakistan where the salt crystals are available. In fact, you should be aware of the imitation salt lamps available in the market. It is its natural pink shade that proves its authenticity. Each lamp has a unique style, and hence, if you buy two lamps, you will get shuttle differences in its design. The product uses UL approved 15W bulb. The lamp is 8.5 to 10 inches in height.

#8. Himalayan Salt Lamp 10-12” (11-15 lb) with Dimmer Switch

Himalayan Salt Lamp 10-12” (11-15 lb) with Dimmer Switch

By – The Body Source

This is a hand-carved pure natural Himalayan salt lamp coming straight from Pakistan where they are available. The height of the lamp varies from 10 to 12 inches, depending on the final shape. The weight can also range from 11 to 15 pounds. The base is of wood, and it is highly stable. Each lamp has a distinctive shape and design. Just like all rock crystal lamps on the list, its brightness is also adjustable. With the brightness, the warmth of the light also changes. The natural pink salt lamp has air purifying properties along with some therapeutic health benefits.

The lamp emits negative ions, and it purifies the air from allergens and pollutants. Some also believe that the lamp can also relieve your stress by its emission. In fact, a lot of people around the world use it during their meditation and yoga session for complete relaxation of the mind. Among other health benefits, curing headaches and migraines are common observations. You do not have to assemble the product, and you can just plug it in and feel its glow. There is a 15W bulb available in the box.

#7. Light You saltlamp Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Shape

Light You saltlamp Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Shape

By – Light You

This is an original Himalayan salt lamp, and due to natural formation, the size and shape vary a lot for one to another. Additionally, the color can also differ, but it is mostly pink in the shade. It acts as a natural air purifier as it emits negative ions. The negative ions bind with allergens and pollutants in the air of the room and make it fresh and breathable. Therefore, instead of buying an air purifier due to space and budget issue, you can buy this affordable product. However, it is not as effective as an air purifier, and if you are living in a highly polluted region, it is not going to be effective.

On the other hand, the aesthetic beauty is why most people buy a Himalayan salt lamp. The amber color and the warm temperature create a special mod in the room. It can initiate the special moments in couples, and therefore, most people keep it in the bedroom. Besides, there is a dimmer switch available, and it has a wooden base which is very stable.

#6. Sunco Lightig – Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, Hand Crafted

Sunco Lightig – Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, Hand Crafted

By – Sunco Lighting

This is a pack of 4 natural Himalayan salt lamps to light up your home. The irregular shape and surface of the lamps are because the natural salt crystals have different shapes. The lights give out a warm amber glow that can make any room look stunning. The best part of this salt lamp is that you can change the color to get a different hue that goes well with the room décor and your mood. The Himalayan salt lamps are popular as a natural air purifier, and they also have a few therapeutic properties. The positively charged particles, such as pollutants and allergens, get submerged by the negative ions emitted by the lamp.

Moreover, the particles can also make a person calm and relax and relieve out the stress building up inside. You can get rid of your sluggishness, apart from breathing fresh air. Furthermore, it can dilute the foul odor of the room. Besides, people with asthma can lessen their breathing issue with the lamp. In fact, massage and spa centers keep a Himalayan salt lamp in the activity room because of its pain-relieving effect. The dimensions can vary from 5 to 7 inches in height and 4-5 inches in width.

#5. LEVOIT Elana Large Salt Lamp, Pink Crystal Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps

LEVOIT Elana Large Salt Lamp, Pink Crystal Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps


This is a cent percent pure, a high-quality Himalayan salt lamp that comes directly from Pakistan. It comes with a 15W bulb, and the lamp radiates a warm and amber glow. The light is useful in creating a calm atmosphere, and you can place it anywhere you want. Besides, it is perfect for meditation, peaceful sleep, and even as a reading light. There is a dimmer switch available to adjust the brightness of the lamp as per your requirement.

The premium rubberwood base adds to the beauty and stability of the product. The base does not leave any stain on the desk, and it is termite-resistant. The cord is UL-approved which means it is safe for electric and fire hazard. It is 6.6-foot in length which must achieve the distance you are looking for. Levoit is a popular brand, and we have featured multiple best Himalayan salt lamps from the brand.

#4. LEVOIT Kana Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Pink Crystal Hand Carved Hymalain Lamps

LEVOIT Kana Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Pink Crystal Hand Carved Hymalain Lamps


This is another Himalayan salt lamp from Levoit that you can buy for your home as well as present it as a gift. It is definitely going to enhance the beauty of the room and the desk where you place it. There is a natural air purifying quality of the product that will prevent allergens and pollutants entering through your breath. This is due to the emission of negative ions from the lamp as you switch it on. These negative bonds with positive ions of harmful particles and neutralize their adverse effects.

Moreover, the Himalayan salt lamp is good for prevailing a natural calmness in the room. Therefore, most of the people keep it in their bedrooms for a peaceful sleep or in the meditation room for faster relaxation of the mind. Besides, the cord is generous and safe from hazards. The base is one of the beauties of the product. Additionally, you get two 15W bulbs in the package for your peace of mind.

#3. Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp, Natural Hymalain Pink Salt Rock Lamps

Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp, Natural Hymalain Pink Salt Rock Lamps


This is a unique Himalayan salt lamp as it does not come in a proper shape. The crystals are put in a glass container, and then there is a light in between to make all these crystals glow. Most of the people prefer it because it looks better aesthetically than having a large irregular salt lamp. Moreover, they can place more salt rocks in the future once the crystals start to sink with time. The bulb is 2.5W and not 5W which generally comes with a whole salt lamp. Furthermore, there are 2 extra 3.5W bulbs available in the package.

The dimmer switch can change the brightness into multiple levels as per your requirements. There is no risk of any hazard originating from the product over a prolonged use. The company offers one year warranty to the customers, and it is definitely one of the best Himalayan salt lamps on the list.

#2. Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Crystal Allies

Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Crystal Allies

By – Crystal Allies

This is a good deal if you are willing to buy two salt lamps for your home. In fact, this set of 2 lamps is brighter than most of the Himalayan set lamps available. There is the 15W light bulb and authentic crystals which are certified. The sizes can vary from 6 to 8 inches and they shape will also be different. They are a great addition to your room décor, and most of the people prefer to keep it instead of a flower base as it is unique and attractive.

Moreover, it acts as a perfect decorative lamp as well as a night lamp that you can place on the bedside or reading table. On top of that, the soft amber glow helps to create a romantic mood for couples. Not just that, it can purify the air to some extent and help in prevailing a calmer atmosphere in the room. You will get a yellowish-orange glow, and you can rotate the lamp to get the best shade for displaying.

#1. Himalayan Glow WBM 1002 large Salt lamp

Himalayan Glow WBM 1002 large Salt lamp

By – Himalayan Glow

It is the best-rated Himalayan salt lamp currently, and its hand-crafting is better than the rest. There is a proper shape primarily because of the flat top even though the edges are not even. It sports a 15W bulb, and it is highly useful in creating a warm ambiance. The base is also stronger and better as it uses the natural Neem wooden base which is termite resistant. Moreover, there will be no shrinkable on time, and it has an anti-bacterial property.

You can dim the brightness as per your liking. It is a natural air purifier even though it is not exactly as efficient as a dedicated electric air purifier. But if there are allergens and pollutants in the room, it can absorb them by emitting negative ions. Besides, it can suppress any foul smell in the room. Some people have also found the product to have therapeutic benefits like relieving the stress of the mind, relaxing the nerves, and creating a meditative atmosphere. It is an ideal product for any room, and the lamp is safe form all common hazards.


A Himalayan salt lamp is an attention-grabber, and you can create a perfect romantic mood for your partner. It can be the dining room or the bedroom. You can control the brightness, and the warm ambiance is perfectly suitable for healthy breathing and living. The bulbs that come with these best Himalayan salt lamps have a long lifespan. The chords are long too for the easy plug-in from anywhere you place it. You should definitely buy one to enhance the beauty of your room, and you can even present it as a gift to your kids and friends.

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