Top 10 Best Height Increasing Insoles in 2019

People who want to appear taller always turn to shoes with an exaggerated sole. A common choice is elevator shoes which are worn by both men and women. However, while the shoes work, many people complain about difficulty in walking or having to maintain the right posture or balance, this is usually because of the stiff sole, narrower sole, and the rigid interior. As an alternative, people opt for height increasing insoles.

They work just like elevated insoles but are more practical, affordable, and uncomfortable. Many types of the insoles are available in the market, and this complicates the buying process. After a thorough comparison, the following came out as the best height increasing insoles this year.

The List of Best Height Increasing Insoles in 2019

#10 3-Layers Air Up Height Increase Elevator Insole Adjustable Height Pad Air-Cushion

3-Layers Air Up Height Increase Elevator Insole Adjustable Height Pad Air-Cushion

By: CNI Insole

This insole will is made for men who wear shoe size (7-10.5(US) / 6.5~10(UK) or 38.5-43-44(Europe). The black piece is made of PU material and will make you taller by up to 2.4 inches/ 6cm and is very comfortable and supportive at the same time.

In addition, the nice cushioning improves stability and won’t make you sweat too much. It also doesn’t encourage odors and is also easy to insert and remove. The adjustable layer height allows you to pick your preferred height depending on occasion or individual preference. It’s made of a soft and compact material and is easy to use and also maintain.

#9 2 Pack of Premium Height Increasing Insoles FullBorne

2 Pack of Premium Height Increasing Insoles FullBorne

By: HeelBorne

Forget elevated shoes that may be too expensive or take time to adjust to your foot. With this insole from HeelBorne, you will stand a few inches taller without spending too much money. The insoles add 1-2 inches and feel firm and also comfortable. They can easily be inserted in most shoes and will stay firm even when walking fast, running, or in extreme activity.

Besides that, the double construction extends the lifespan while the nice shock absorbency improves stability, comfort and balance. This is improved by the air bubble base and lightweight. This pack comprises 2 pairs which is 4 insoles.

#8 Foot Insole 0.4 Inches up Height Increase Shoe Insoles Lift Taller Pads Shoe Inserts (Small)

Foot Insole 0.4 Inches up Height Increase Shoe Insoles Lift Taller Pads Shoe Inserts (Small)


If you are a man who wears shoe size (US 7-11) or a woman wearing a size (US 5.5-9.5) and would like to look and feel taller, then this insoles will come in handy. The Foot insole product will add up to 0.4 inches instantly and works with most shoe types.

In addition, they comprise a soft and firm structure and are good for casual, sports, as well as formal shoes. The nice base ensures they don’t move while inside the shoe while the smooth and soft surface protects your feet. The breathable design supports good ventilation and also ensures your feet are odor-free.

#7 Height Increasing Kit Includes Ergonomic Height Increasing Insole for All Day Wear

Height Increasing Kit Includes Ergonomic Height Increasing Insole for All Day Wear

By: HeelBorne

Featuring an air bubble at the base, this insole feels more comfortable. It also provides excellent support to the wearer and doesn’t collapse due to weight or extended use. It’s made from shock absorbent material to improve the comfort and has a smooth texture that feels nice to the foot.

In addition to that, it is perfect for different shoes including casual, formal, and sports and is a good option for men and women. Removing just like inserting is easy while the good breathability prevents buildup of sweat, hot air, or odor. The 4 insoles (2 pairs) will make you taller by 1-2 inches.

#6 Height Increase Insoles 3 Layers 1.2 to 2.75 In. Air Cushion Heels Taller Shoes Pad Lift Kit

Height Increase Insoles 3 Layers 1.2 to 2.75 In. Air Cushion Heels Taller Shoes Pad Lift Kit


Placing these inserts insole your shoe will make you up to 2.75 inches taller. The insoles are ideal for men and women and are useful in many kinds of shoes. They come with an adjustable height of 1.2-2.75 inches and are suitable for shoe sizes 4.5-9.0 US.

Besides that, they feature an air cushion at the bottom that improves the comfort and are made of a breathable material for better air movement. This also minimizes the buildup of odor especially during the hot days or after wearing a long time. The Rise Insoles have good shock absorbency and also very discreet.

#5 3/4″ Shoe Insoles Inserting Pads to Lift Heels Height Increasing Taller Man & Women IN075

3:4 Shoe Insoles Inserting Pads to Lift Heels Height Increasing Taller Man & Women IN075

By: Jota

Want to become taller by 0.75 inches? How about you use this shoe inserts. They are fit for women and men and are compatible with most shoes. They are made of a premium PU material that lasts a long time and doesn’t lose its shape or density easily.

What’s more, the ultralight insert doesn’t add any weight to the shoe but improves the comfort courtesy of the good shock absorption. This prevents any pains, discomfort, blisters and also don’t require any break-in period. It is One Size Fits All and does not promote bad odor.

#4 Height Increase Insole 3-Layers Air up Shoe Lifts Elevator Shoes Insole -6 cm (2.4 In.)

Height Increase Insole 3-Layers Air up Shoe Lifts Elevator Shoes Insole -6 cm (2.4 In.)


As a man or woman who wants to look a few inches taller, you should think about these insoles. They fit nicely in boots, trainers, sneakers, and other shoe types. The removable sole is perfect for women’s size 6.5-11(US), and men size 4-9(US). They come in 3 pieces to add 1.2 inches (one piece), 1.8 inches (two pieces) or 2.4 inches (3 pieces).

In addition, the air cushion ensures you stay comfortable and maintain a good posture at work, during a wedding, meeting, sporting event or any other event. It has a breathable fabric for good air circulation and is also antimicrobial to prevent bacteria and bad smells.

#3 Foot Insole 0.6 In. up Height Increase Shoe Insoles Lift Taller Pads Inserts (Large)

Foot Insole 0.6 In. up Height Increase Shoe Insoles Lift Taller Pads Inserts (Large)


In just a blink of the eye, you will stand taller. All you do is insert this insole in your formal, sports, or casual shoes. They will elevate you by up to 0.6 inches and work with shoe sizes US 7-11(men) and US 5.5-9.5(Women). The universal design makes fitting in different shoes easy and doesn’t require any modification.

On top of that, they are made from a hygienic and odor-free material to keep the shoes interior free of bacteria and bad smells. The breathable material provides nice air circulation while the smooth texture and thickness improves comfort. Cleaning and maintaining the insole is easy and they last a long period.

#2 HeelBorne 1.5 In. Adjustable Height Increase Insole

HeelBorne 1.5 In. Adjustable Height Increase Insole

By: HeelBorne

Almost taking the first position in this review list is this pair of insoles by Heel Borne. The trendy pieces are suitable for female models who want to enhance their height. It adds 1.5 inches and is compatible with different shoes due to the universal design.

In addition to that, the insoles are breathable to prevent bad odor from building up and have a silicone base to prevent them from sticking to the insole. Besides being compatible, this product is ergonomic and helps you maintain a good posture. Last but not least, they don’t get dirty or stained easily, and if they do, all you need is to wipe with a clean rag or cloth.

#1 LiftKits Women’s 1.25 In. Shoe Lift Inserts, Black/Pink, Medium/6-12 M US

LiftKits Women's 1.25 In. Shoe Lift Inserts, Black:Pink, Medium:6-12 M US

By: LiftKits

This shoe lift inserts are good for women who wear medium size shoes (6-12, US). The Black/Pink pieces are made of synthetic material and slip easily inside the shoe. The firm base maintains a solid hold on the shoe to prevent unnecessary movements which may be a little uncomfortable. It may also affect your posture, especially when walking.

Moreover, the hidden heel lifts will make you 1.25 inches taller and are also orthotic to offer the right comfort and to align the spine. It also prevents pain, fatigue, and improper posture. They come in half-inch detachable pieces for easy use and customization. Lastly, thanks to the one size fit all, no trimming is necessary.

Why Pick Height Increasing Insoles Over Elevated Shoes?

More Comfortable

Insoles are more comfortable compared to shoes. They are made of a lightweight material that has well a shock absorbent, smoother surface, and can handle impact better. Despite the soft nature, the insoles are compact and can handle even the heaviest of people.

More Versatile

With elevated shoes, you buy the entire shoe which can be expensive. But with insoles, you simply fit it in any shoe you desire. Most come in a universal design to work with most shoe types. Inserting and removing them from inside the shoe is easy and doesn’t need any skills.

More User-Friendly

Usually, it takes time for a shoe to break in. At times, it will require several wearing cycles or more. With an insole, you place it in a shoe that has already broken in. This means that you won’t experience discomfort, blisters, or pains. And as you will observe from this review, the insoles work with most shoes.

More Discreet

It’s straightforward to tell if a person is wearing an elevated shoe mostly because of the distinct sole. However, with insoles, you may have to ask the wearer. In addition to being discreet, insoles come in varied heights, and you can own several pairs without feeling a pitch.

More Affordable

Some elevated shoes can cost an arm and leg. And because of this, many people will hang on to a shoe even if it’s a little uncomfortable. Height increasing insoles cost a fraction of the shoe price. A consumer can have several types to suit different occasions.

Easier to Maintain

Maintaining shoes is not an easy task. Washing with too much water, scrubbing with a coarse brush, using powerful cleaning agents will damage them. Insoles are more tolerant compared to the shoes and are much easier to maintain. They won’t get as dirty since they are placed inside the shoe. The material also cleans faster and better.

Important Features of Height Increasing Insoles

You should consider the following when searching for a height increasing inserts/insoles:

Shoe Size

Make certain the insole fits nicely without leaving too much space as this may make it move during use. It also shouldn’t be too large that it reduces the space inside the shoe. The pieces come with the recommended shoe size.


A good insole for height increment will be versatile. It will fit well with different sizes of shoes and the wider the range, the better. Additionally, the product will work well with many shoe designs including boots, sneakers, and trainers.

Number of Layers

The number of layers will determine the height you can achieve. And the more they are, the more flexible the sole will be. For instance, you’ll see a shoe with 3 layers, the first will increase by 1.2 inches, and the other one increases the height to 1.8 inches, while the third one will be 2.1 inches. When looking at the layers, you should have an idea about how much height you want to add.


It’s not “Rocket Science” that the stronger the material, the more durable the insoles. PU is among the popular ones and is liked for its long-lasting nature. It’s also very comfortable, lightweight, and has a smooth texture. The synthetic material cleans easily and isn’t affected by moisture or sweat.


A good insole won’t just increase your height but will also ensure you are very comfortable. It will feel very smooth, has good shock absorption, and doesn’t make the shoe too stuffy.


You don’t want insoles that make the space inside the shoe too stuffy or sweaty. This is because it creates a good environment for bacteria to thrive and also causes odor. Go for odor-free, antibacterial and breathable insoles.


Many people would like to look and feel taller. What’s more, they don’t want people to notice this. The right way is to go for the best height increasing insoles. They are very easy to use and are similar to the normal types, work with different shoes (casual, formal, sports…), are lightweight, comfortable and compact, and also more affordable and easy to maintain.

We scoured the market and identified the best choices that give you excellent value for money. They are well made from sturdy materials, are super comfortable, don’t cost much and are very supportive. With these insoles, not only will you add a few inches but will feel good standing taller.

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