Top 12 Best Headphone Stands – In 2021 Review

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Whether you have a desktop computer, laptop, or simply a smartphone, we all have a branded headphone to enjoy music in the best possible way. However, keeping the headphone organized with its wire and cable is a tough challenge. That is why you need to buy a headphone stand to keep your working desk neat and tidy and access the headphone instantly without any issue. In fact, a headphone stand will let your branded headphone stand out on the desk proudly and attract attention for its sleek design. Check out the best headphone stands available in the market with various designs.

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Top Best Headphone Stands – List In 2021

#12. Universal Headset Holder For Over Ear Headphones

By – Fantanics

Made with aluminum alloy and coated with abrasive grit blasting, this headphone stand is sturdy enough to handle all the harshness with no extra effort. This ‘T’ shaped holder has an anti-slip grip provided by the handy TPU rubber coating on the top and bottom. With the feel-good design, the stand also assures proper stability with a headphone on any table surface with confidence. Moreover, the three parts assembling and disassembling makes this stand a flexible item for portability.

It reduces the space consumption for the small desktop of your office. Additionally, even you can easily point out your headphone if you have a messy room. Furthermore, the headphone stand is compatible with almost every branded headphone available. This is a money saver item, and it requires no maintenance. It is also a totally rustproof product.

#11. Headphone Stand Holder

By – EletecPro

With the computer-controlled, sleek cut and premium quality aviation aluminum, this headphone holder not only holds your headphone but also complements your table. It is hand-polished to give you the extended longevity. Besides, this stand has passed the gravity test for the right size aluminum bottom that can hold the headphones of different size and shape in a balanced way. Moreover, this eco-friendly headphone stand is easy to carry for travel for its no time disassembling feature.

You can easily use this holder in your office, hotel, exhibition room, bedroom, drawing room, and wherever you want to use it. Moreover, it keeps your headphone both well-maintained and easier to find. The stand can also help you to keep your tabletop clear from the clutter. This headphone stand is compatible with the headband width within 3.89” and height within 10.31” universally.

#10. Headphone Stand With USB Charger


This headphone stand comes with a multi-utility feature. This desktop gaming special headphone holder has the design of a headphone dock. It also has a power strip, 3 USB ports for charging, and one 1.5m integrated power cord. It is a universal headphone holder. You can recharge your phone, laptop, Bluetooth speaker, lamp, PS4, printers, or any other USB (20W) compatible devices. The maximum fastest speed of 2.4 amps per port is available.

It comes with the two outlet power strip with 1250W rated power. To provide device safety, this headphone also comes with an inbuilt premium circuitry and microchip. Moreover, a pair of standard quality A/C outlet is there to match both your home and office needs. At a good price, you can get this fire-resistant and hard plastic coated headphone stand marked with assured durability.

#9. Acrylic Under-Desk Stick-on Headphone Hanger


The compactly designed headphone hanger is the best if you are running out of space in your home or office. Made with the highest quality acrylic, this headphone hanger is not easily breakable. Rather it lasts longer than any other material. You can also put this hanger under your table to keep the top neat and clean. Moreover, this hanger makes easy access to your headphone, and you can hide it too from everyone’s eyes.

With the elegance and sturdiness, this hanger is absolutely safe for your headphone. This hanger universally suits all sorts of headphones. Additionally, the smooth and bent design of this hanger also prevents your headphone from dropping and gets scratched. Furthermore, the super quality double-faced gum sticks on every kind of surface with ease. The adhesive is strong enough to carry the load of your headphone with durability.

#8. PC Gaming Headphone Hook Holder Mount


The under-desk headphone holder is an ultimate space saver for your home and office. It comes with a clamp system. These clamps are 37mm thick and 7mm narrow and suit all types of desks universally. This spring clamp also allows you to attach and detach this hanger from the table quickly. Besides, this hanger is light enough to support transportability. Moreover, the arm of this hanger enables flexible rotating for modest and non-pushy storage. Additionally, it also swings back for easy accessing.

You not only can hang your headphone, but you also can put a shopping bag and other things on it. Moreover, you can get an integrated cord clip attached to this hanger for keeping your cords in a proper way. With the coating of soft rubber pads, the clamps cause no scratches or dents on your desktop. It is one of the most innovative and best headphone stands on the list.

By – Avantree

This headphone holder is a very stylish product. It is uniquely designed with wood and aluminum. It provides the headphones a fall-free grip. Additionally, the eco-friendliness of the wooden top and bottom with polished aluminum complements your office desktop or TV table at home. This headphone stand with a cable holder helps you to keep the cable of your headphones in an organized way. Moreover, it will catch no rust or any other damage-causing element easily which makes it a durable product.

The decorative feature permits you to place this holder in your studio-room, bedroom, and office room with no trouble. This holder is compatible with the headphones, which have a 1.97-inch width and 12-inch height. Additionally, it is an easily moveable product. This headphone stand comes with a cost-effective price. You do not need to worry about its maintenance.

#6. Dual Headset Stand


The main feature of this headphone stand is that it is a bifacial stand. It allows more than one headphone for standing. The improved and thicker metal base with screw holes, the package includes the screws and driver. You do not need to use both your hands to take out one headphone from the stand. This stylish looking and sleek designed headphone stand save your headphone from dropping and scratching.

On the base of this holder, you can keep your small things like key safely. You can assemble and disassemble this holder with the given tools. It allows for easy portability. This holder suits all sorts of headphones with a height of 10.6 inches. It is also compatible with the DJ or professional headphones. The anti-slip grip of the holder helps it to maintain its position on the desk.

#5. RGB Premium Headset Stand With 7.1 Surround Sound

By – Corsair

This headphone holder comes with a unique design to provide an excellent look to your home or office. Moreover, the dynamic RGB lighting across the nine zones at the bottom of the holder contains a limitless color option. There is an inbuilt 3.5mm analog input for this headphone stand. It provides a great range of stereo or 7.1 surrounding sound by using the multi-channel audio system. Moreover, the dual 3.1 USB ports support faster charging. It also enables quick data transfer from your phones, headsets, or any other electronic gadgets.

Furthermore, the anti-slip rubber coated top secures your headphone from falling. A preloaded software is there to customize your 7.1 surrounding sound with the option of an audio equalizing. It works comfortably with all the iCUE hardware. The price is relatively low according to the features. Besides, the CUE software is responsible for RGB synchronization and sidetone control.

#4. Universal Metal Headphone Holder Hanger Clip

By – 6amLifestyle

You need no adhesive to install this headphone holder at your table. The adjustable height stand can fit almost every type of desktop in your home and office. The holder can not only carry the headphones, but it also can take the load of a heavyweight shopping bag, umbrella, school bag, and any other things. This stand is constructed with sturdy metal to avoid easy breaking or bending. With the help of locking knob, nylon tipped screws and protective EVA cushion padding, this holder can stand steadily.

Moreover, you can fix this stand up at any table or horizontal panel. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble. The invagination design of this product also supports you to install it on a curved surface like a pipe. You can get this product by saving a lot of bucks. The raised tips of the holder prevent other products from falling. It is one of the best headphones stands top opt for.

#3. Aluminum Headphone Stand With Cable Holder

By – Avantree

This headphone stand is compatible with all the branded headphones with 1.57-inch width and 9.84-inch height. The advantage of this holder is that it comes with a cable holder. You can easily clear the top of the table by just hanging the headphone on this holder. With the sturdy steel body and mild silicone base, it provides excellent grip over the headphones. The silicone also prevents the headphone from scratches.

Moreover, this headphone holder does not require any maintenance. It also keeps a good balance to keep your headphone safe and sound. The modern look of this stand also permits your modern looking apartment to look more stylish. Besides, you can put both the wired and wireless headphones on this stand. Furthermore, the installation of this headphone stand requires no critical operations. Moreover, it comes within a very pocket-friendly budget with proper durability.

By – New Bee

This ‘T’ molded holder has an enemy of slip grasp given by the convenient TPU elastic covering on the good and base. You can undoubtedly utilize this holder in your office, lodging, showroom, room, drawing room, and wherever you need to use it. This headphone stand is perfect with the headband width inside 3.7″ and stature inside 3.7″ universally. Moreover, the holder coordinates every one of the headphones sizes like youngsters’ headphone, commotion emanating headphone, gaming headphone phone headset et cetera, universally.

Additionally, you require no adhesive to fix this headphone holder at your table. The raised tips of the holder keep different items from falling. This remote, lightweight, but then strong headphone stand does not bring on any toppling or wobbling with a present-day surface. There is no doubt that it is one of the best headphone stands to buy.

#1. Acrylic Headphone Stand, Extra Thick

By – AmoVee

This is one of the most highly rated headphone stands, and the design is stunning. It is thick and stable, and you can show off your branded headphone on your desk table proudly. The sleek curve and comfortable touch with processed edge make it the best-looking headphone stand on the list. The size is compact, and there is no need for extra decoration and color combination. It is suitable for headphones with a width between 2.4 and 4.7 inches. Moreover, there will be no toppling or wobbling effect.

Furthermore, the product is compatible with all the leading brands of headphone to accommodate their headphones perfectly. Besides, there are 12 months of warranty on the product. The construction of the stand is what makes it one of the most durable headphones stands ever. You can keep your desk tidy and your headphone organized. Additionally, the sponge pads at the bottom are improved and upgraded for greater stability on all desk surfaces.


There are different types of headphone stands available like some stand on the table, some go under the table or even at the side of the table. Depending on the space availability and aesthetics, you should choose accordingly. Moreover, whether you have a branded headphone or a local-made headphone, you should always check the compatible with the headphone stand. Different stands can hold headphones of different widths. Therefore, the width of your headphone should be within the range. Other than that, you do not have to worry about any other parameters as we have listed the best headphone stands with all the best features.

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