12 Best Handbag Organizer Inserts Review In 2021

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If you are the one with the habit of carrying large handbags with no compartments inside, you need to buy a handbag organizer insert. Handbag organizer inserts keep your handbag from collapsing, and the interior of the handbag stays intact for decades. But that is not the reason why people buy it. Women buy it to carry different objects in different compartments so that they can fetch it instantly when they need it. This is because the inserts come with multiple pockets and compartments of different types to carry the essentials in the best possible way. Check out the following best handbag organizer inserts.

List Of Best Handbag Organizer Inserts In 2021

#12. Felt Bag Organizer With Handles

Felt Purse Insert Handbag Organizer Bag in Bag Organizer with Handles


This handbag organizer insert is available in four different colors and has portable handles. The dual handles will let you transfer items easily from one bag to another. This also comes in many different sizes and is perfect for organizing your things. This is lightweight and does not contain any odor. The bag itself is durable and will ensure that your essentials are well protected. Additionally, this has a more significant capacity and comes with multiple pockets.

You can keep many travel goods in its pockets and carry it anywhere you want. Apart from a handbag organizer, you can also use it as a purse organizer, diaper bag organizer, and desk organizer. This has vegan leather and also looks very attractive. It is very convenient to hold and allows you to transfer without any hassle. Moreover, it is also straightforward to clean and will accommodate many items. It is perfect for travel, business, and party.

#11. Patented Sturdy Handbag Purse Organizer Insert

Patented STURDY Handbag Purse Organizer Insert

By – Dahlia

Made up of nylon, this handbag organizer insert will allow you to store more items as it has 50% more volume. It is very sturdy and will self-stand. It is sure to ensure your comfort and comes with improved quality. For thicker items, this has an elastic edging, and there are also pleated pockets. Moreover, for people who often use cards, there is a secure access cardholder. You can also quickly open the doors with its retractable keychain.

There are also open pockets where you can keep small items. The zippered pocket is perfect for keeping valuables. This will fit into many bags and is also very lightweight. It has more compartments and comes in a better structure. Furthermore, the center open is very large and is perfect for tall items. This has even stitches and includes a durable zipper. With water-resistant material, this insert for a handbag is ideal for all seasons. Therefore it is easily one of the best handbag organizer inserts to opt for.

#10. Bag In Bag For Handbag Purse Organizer

Insert Bag Organizer, Bag in Bag for Handbag Purse Organizer


The lightweight handbag organizer insert will keep your bag clean. This has many pockets where you can organize all your belongings. The insert purse is perfect for travel bags, backpacks, and tote. This is foldable and has nylon material. Cleaning this is very easy and can be wiped with a wet towel. Moreover, it is compact and portable and will easily fill in a handbag. This will save your time to change your handbag and is very comfortable to carry.

This will accommodate many things easily and has two zippered pockets. This is also available in many different colors and is an awesome little organizer. This is extremely well constructed and is perfect for travel. Even if you are not using it, then it is very easy to store as it will retain its size after folding. This is also durable and will do a lot for you during the time of emergency.

#9. Purse Organizer Insert Fabric Bag Organizer

Purse Organizer Insert, Felt(3MM) Fabric Bag Organizer


This is an attractive looking handbag organizer insert which comes in many different colors. This also comes in three styles and three sizes. This has premium quality fabric and is very thick. The fabric is also very soft and of good quality. This has many different size pockets where you can keep your items. The best thing about this is that the middle section is removable.

With this, there will be no mess, and you will be able to organize your belongings accurately. With this trendy looking handbag organizer insert, there will be no more digging into the bag. There will be no slouch, and it is also lightweight. This is perfect for everyday use and is also very durable. By coming in different designs, you can choose the one best suited for you. Moreover, this is well structured, very flexible, and will not have any dents.

#8. Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag

Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag In Bag For Handbag Purse Organizer


Another highly incredible handbag organizer insert, which has many amazing features. The material is very soft and sturdy, and it is also pliable. This comes in ten different colors and is a very lightweight product. In this, there is an inner zipper organizer, where you can store your valuables. This also comes in many different sizes and is a very portable item. With a total of 12 pockets, the handbag organizer will allow you to accommodate many items.

With this, you will also be able to change the bags very quickly. This is also a durable product and will keep your handbag in perfect shape. You can retrieve items in seconds, and it will also make the inner of your bag look neat and clean. This will not add extra weight to your purse, and you can even remove the middle insert. Moreover, this also has sturdy handles for carrying heavy products.

#7. Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer Purse Insert

XB001 Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer Purse Insert


The nylon made handbag organizer insert is very lightweight and can accommodate many things. You will not feel like you have anything in your bag. This has many pockets and will keep your handbag neat and clean. This is a perfect insert for the tote, travel bags, and a backpack. The insert comes in many different colors with attractive prints on it.

The handles allow you to lift it up and change your handbag easily. This has four parachute pockets, as well as two zippered pockets, and there is also one large pocket. Additionally, this is very easy to clean, and you can also clean it. You can just wipe it with a wet rag for cleaning. This has ample storage and is a great product. With this, you will be able to save your time as changing of bangs can be done within seconds.

#6. Felt Insert Bag Organizer

Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag In Bag For Handbag Purse Organizer


This felt insert bag organizer has high-quality material construction and it is very sturdy to survive for years. It is soft and lightweight, and there are different sizes available for your convenience. Moreover, there are so many different color options available to match your wish. There is enough number of pockets to keep things organized. You can save items like phones, wallets, cosmetics, notebooks, and even tablets very well.

There is thick, felt fabric to protect your objects inside. The product high reviews and even though it is not super fancy, it is highly fashionable in its design. Choosing the medium size is better so that it does not look odd, and you can get your job done easily by storing all the items you want to carry.

#5. Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Pouch Purse

BargainRollBack Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Pouch Purse

By – BargainRollBack

If you are looking for something unique in design for a handbag organizer insert, this is the one for you. There are so many different colors available to choose from, and it will be sure to attract attention. The material quality is premium, and it is highly durable. Moreover, the use of nylon makes it waterproof. That is why there is a high demand for this handbag organizer insert. Furthermore, it is easy to clean, and you can fold it the way you want to. Besides, it is lightweight, and there is no extra burden you have to carry.

There are a total of 13 inner and outer compartments. This includes two large compartments with zipper. You can carry cosmetics, phones, books, and other required goods easily. You can carry it on your shoulder with pride. This is such a bag that you get what you see in the product listing. The color combination is one of the main highlights and selling points for the bag. It is surely one of the best handbag organizer inserts you can buy.

#4. Premium Handbag Organizer

Premium Handbag Organizer

By – Born to Accessorize

This handbag organizer insert is non-collapsible and has a sturdy construction. It is easy to keep the interior clean, and there are dedicated compartments and pockets to hold all the essential items in their places. Therefore, you do not have to dig in the pile of a mess anymore. The premium nylon construction makes the bag durable and water-resistant. The design shows superior craftsmanship and switching bags is easy.

Besides, there are 13 compartments available, out of which 3 are inside, and 10 are outside. There are 2 spacious zippered pockets available to keep your valuables secure. There are multiple colors options available, along with the size of your choice. It makes a saggy handbag look better by adding an internal structure. Moreover, it prevents your bag from getting damaged due to sharp objects.

#3. Felt Purse & Tote Organizer

Pelikus Felt Purse & Tote Organizer Insert-Multi-Pocket Handbag Shaper

By – Pelikus

It is time to make your handbag more useful but inserting an organizer to maintain its shape and help you keep things organized. It is highly helpful for women who carry a lot of small items like cosmetics with them wherever they go. There are as many as 10 compartments, and it comes in 6 different sizes so that it can fit in perfectly. Moreover, the linings of your handbag will be fully protected, and hence, it will be more durable. You can change it from one handbag to another as per your liking and occasion instantly.

Furthermore, the insert is lightweight and along with the handbag, it will not be heavy. The construction is sturdy and it makes the insert highly durable. Moreover, the objects you place inside will stay protected from impacts. There are literally unlimited color options available and it is perfect for using when you are traveling as you carry more items. You can get those objects instantly for use from their dedicated pockets.

#2. Purse & Handbag Organizer Bag

Vercord Purse Organizer,Insert Handbag Organizer Bag

By – Vercord

This is the bestseller in the women’s handbag organizer currently, and it is one of the most durable organizer inserts. There are 13 different pockets available to keep things organized. Moreover, it is available in 15 different colors to match your handbag. The product is waterproof thanks to the use of nylon of high-quality. You can clean it easily, and the organizer insert is foldable and lightweight. You do not have to carry extra weight. Among the pockets, there are four small pockets, one large pocket, two zipper pockets, and six mesh pockets.

The zipper pockets are highly secure to carry valuables. It is perfect for all occasions, especially when traveling. Vercord is a popular brand and it is one of the best handbag organizer inserts on the list. There are three different sizes available to choose from. You can get access to all your objects instantly. The material of the insert is of high quality to make it survive easily for decades.

#1. Handbag Organizer

Periea Handbag Organizer

By – Periea

This is the bestselling, and the best-rated handbag organizer inserts currently. There is no dearth of colors to pick from. There are three different sizes available. Check the dimensions to make sure that they fit your handbag perfectly. There are 12 inner and outer pockets available to keep everything in their place. Moreover, there are 2 large zipped compartments available. The best part about the insert is that it is machine washable. Furthermore, the material is a combination of polyester and nylon. Also, there is a cotton lining for retaining the shape of the handbag.

Apart from that, there are reinforced handles to pick it up and transfer it to another bag. The product is highly durable and also within an affordable range. It is perfect for those who carry a lot of small objects in their bags, such as cosmetics, keys, and likewise. It is also lightweight and does not add too much weight to your handbag. Besides, it is also going to reduce swinging and tumbling of your handbag.

Benefits Of Handbag Organizer Inserts

A handbag is like a maze, you never find things immediately even if you know that they are there. That is why you need handbag organizer inserts, but that is not the only reason. There are some other benefits that handbag organizer inserts offer, so let’s take a look.

    In case you want to switch bags, handbag organizer inserts will help to make this process faster and more convenient for you.
    There are times when you forget to zipper your handbags. And there are times when you accidentally tip it over and the contents inside spilling outside. Handbag organizer inserts can help to minimize such problems.
    Some items can cause dirt, scratches, and tears to the interior of your handbag. With handbag organizer inserts, you won’t have to worry about such problems at all.
    There are times when you have to bring some private items along with you. With organizer inserts, you will be able to store and find those items easily ad conveniently.
    One of the main benefits of handbag organizer inserts is to keep everything inside the bag organized. When your items are neat, you will feel less anxiety as you search for items inside. Also, it also saves your time from finding small items as well which is a total plus.
    Picking the right handbag organizer inserts help to maintain the shape of your bag. We are talking about the square or rectangle handbag organizer inserts with a sturdy structure. This will give your handbag or tote bag the neat shape for a more stylish carrying as you go out.

How To Choose Handbag Organizer Inserts?

To pick the right handbag organizer inserts, there are a few things that you should have in mind. Once you know what you want, you will be able to get the right handbag organizer inserts in no time. Feel free to take a look, we prepare everything for you in the list below.

    Think about the size of your handbag, and the space that you want to spend for the inserts. That way, you will also have enough space for other items inside your handbag. At the same time, think about the size of the handbag organizer inserts that you want to have. How many items are there that you want the organizer inserts to hold? These will help you find the ideal size for your handbag organizer inserts faster.
    The next thing to have in mind is the number of pockets and compartments that you want in the organizer. Normally, a handbag organizer insert comes with both internal and external pockets. There are many different designs that you can choose from, so this step is quite easy to pass.
    You have to look at the materials of the organizer inserts that you like. Make sure that it is durable and easy to wash so that maintenance will be convenient for you. You can find the ones that are machine washable so that you can easily wash them regularly.


A handbag organizer insert is a must for a no-compartment handbag. With one, you can use in multiple handbags provided the size matches. They are easy to transfer from one bag to another and most of the women who travel a lot or carry different small objects, buy them. It is always better to them thins in their dedicated pockets so that there is no mess. The fetching will be easier, and nothing will fall off the bag. While buying form any of the above best handbag organizer inserts above, choose the color and the size perfectly.

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