The 10 Best Grow Tents In 2021 — Products Review & Benefits

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If you want your plants to grow in any season and in a healthier manner, then you should consider investing in a grow tent. As we know, the environment and climate keep changing. At one point, it’s hot and sunny, and in the next minute, it’s cold or rainy. Plants, just like us, react to the changes differently.

In the cold weather or low temperatures, most will stagnate or experience poor vegetative growth. During the hot sunny season, many will thrive and will look healthy. They will germinate and flower faster. You can recreate the perfect growing environment using a grow tent. In this review, we have brought you the list of the top 10 best grow tents which come with excellent features that you should buy from the market.

The List Of Best Grow Tents In 2021

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First on our countdown is this simple yet stylish tent from VIVOSUN. It is fit for most indoor gardening applications including hydroponics and can be used in apartments, condos, and many other places. The covering material is extra thick (600D) and made of durable canvas. For support and durability, the material is double stitched while the poles are made of durable metals.

The 98%-reflective Mylar lining interior reflects back most of the light for perfect growth while the specially finished frame makes installation and handling smooth and safe. It has an easy-access door that unzips easily and smoothly and a practical observation window. You don’t need any tools or special skills to assemble this tent.

By: Giantex

Combining reliability, energy efficiency, and simplicity is this grow tent from Giantex. This best grow tent is excellent and also durable because of the heavy-duty PVC and oxford fabric. It will withstand bangs, scratches, and everyday use without a problem. The interior features a high grade 100% reflective aluminum foil. It concentrates the maximum light on the plants, and since it is lightproof, no light will escape through it.

The environmentally friendly piece is non-toxic and ensures you grow healthy plants. The High-Quality steel frame is powder-coated to make it more beautiful and also combat the effects of rusts or corrosion. The waterproof tent features Velcro for smooth operation while the several vents improve ventilation.

By: iPower

If you have a hydroponic garden, greenhouse, or indoor garden, then you would love this iPower Mylar grow tent. It is an ideal option for both small and large spaces and is useful in a condominium, apartment, and other places. The beautiful looking piece is one of the largest in its category and measures 120 x 60 x 78 inches. This best grow tent features an observation window that improves light penetration and also makes viewing the crop seashore and analog more convenient.

The accessory relies on a 99% sealed Mylar that with a reflectivity of over 95%. The lightproof material is double stitched for added straight and is opened and closed using heavy-duty zippers. The sturdily built unit has heavy-duty poles for support and can handle up to 110pounds of weight.


This top-quality grow tent has an extra thick canvas and offers decent protection to your crops. The VIVOSUN tent is 48 inches long, 48 inches wide, and 80 inches long. It resembles a wardrobe cabinet and has proper spacing and design. The accessory provides full coverage and together with the Mylar interior ensures there is good lighting. The 600D canvas is double stitched for maximum strength and won’t rip or tear easily.

The item has a strong steel pole for support and smooth opening/closing zippers. Besides good lighting, the 98%-reflective Mylar improves energy efficacy and provides smooth and conducive ambiance. Unlike other low-quality zippers, these ones don’t get jammed or stuck. They also won’t rust or corrode.

#6. Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent For Indoor Plant Growing

By: Apollo Horticulture

The Apollo Horticulture is perfect for most indoor growing plants. It works excellent in greenhouses, condominium, apartments, hydroponics, and other places. The tent will improve the germination, vegetative stage, flowering, and fruiting stages. The 60 x 60 x 80inch tent is well built and has a 100% reflective Mylar. The Mylar floor tray can be removed easily for easy cleaning and maintenance.

It is also lightproof to prevent light and energy loss and has double stitching to prevent ripping. Like other choices in this list, it has heavy-duty zippers and is reinforced with strong metal poles. It has good ventilation and is suitable for growing plants, fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

#5. Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent With Observation Window


Plants need maximum light and good ventilation to grow. A good grow tent such as this one from VIVOSUN has a 98% -reflective Mylar interior to optimize the lighting. It is created from 600D tear-proof canvas and has a waterproof coating. The active metal poles keep it firm and steady while the smooth zippers improve the opening and closing of the tent. Setting up the tent takes a short while and doesn’t need a great experience.

And although the canvas is extra thick, for strength and reliability, moving the accessory is easy. The good ventilation ensures the plants have the best-growing environment while the simple design improves maintenance. Other than just maximizing light distribution, it also helps to conserve energy.

#4. Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent Room

By: Oshion

The Oshion tent is quite popular and both seasoned and inexperienced growers like it. Many people love its good size of 24(L) x 24(W) x 48(H) inches and its versatile nature. You can place it in a greenhouse, indoor garden, hydroponics set up, and other places. The 600D cover is tough but flexible at the same time whereas the 99% reflective Mylar optimizes light distribution.

The heavy-duty steel poles offer excellent structural support to the tent whereas the robust zippers open and close easily for efficiency. It is lightproof to prevent loss of light and resembles a wardrobe closet for practicality. The all-black tent has removable Mylar spill tray and privacy flaps. Installing and using this grow tent is easy, and so is maintaining it.

#3. Full Range Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D

By: TopoLite

The TopoLite tent will support all your indoor plant growing needs. Measuring 24 x 24 x 48 inches, the accessory provides ample space for most needs and supports different types of crops. The tent has a 600D oxford cloth material that features a highly reflective interior (96% reflectivity) made of Mylar. This ensures your plants get maximum lighting and reduces energy loss.

The 16mm metal rods hold it together and are painted white for good looks and also to stop rust and corrosion. The double stitching on the Full Range tent prevent tears and rips and is heavy-duty to handle a demanding task. For good ventilation, it has several rectangle vents that link to filters and fans.

#2. Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent With Observation Window

By: iPower

With the iPower grow tent, your plants will grow well and deliver high production. It is appropriate for hydroponics, greenhouse, indoor gardens, condominium, and other related situations. The accessory has a decent capacity and measures 60 “x60″ x78”. The unit is made of a 100% water-resistant fabric that can endure the humidity and is also tough enough to withstand regular use, ripping, tear, and wear.

The Mylar interior has a reflectivity of 95% and shines a maximum light to the plants. It is also energy-efficient to keep electricity bills to a minimum. The cover is supported with lightweight metal poles and is double stitched for strength. It has sealed seams to prevent moisture loss while the lightweight improves portability. The package also has 2 Filter Straps, Easy-clean Floor Tray, and 1 user manual.

#1. Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

By: CoolGrows

Measuring 24 “x24″ x48”, the Cool grows tent is ideal for indoor plant growing and hydroponics. It has a nice dimension to occupy minimal space and is also easy to move because of its lightweight. The interior has a 99% reflective Mylar lining which delivers maximum light to the growing crops. It also conserves energy to keep the power bills low and also to prevent a hot or stuffy environment.

The tough 600D material is resistant to ripping/tearing and is sturdily stitched for reliability and longevity. The large window at the front section gives you easy viewing of the crops, and you don’t need to open it up. It is easy to assemble thanks to the simple but strong metal poles and connectors. The waterproof tent features strong easy to open/close zippers.

Benefits of A Grow Tent

Improve Lighting

It helps to create just the right lighting- not too much bad or too little. To choose the best setting, you need to first understand the plant’s requirements. You also should take account of the lights outside the tent. Some plants require high-intensity lights for a longer time; others grow best in moderate lighting while some will need varied lighting at the different growth stages( germination, vegetative, flowering, fruiting).

Perfect Humidity

The accessorily helps to moderate the humidity inside it or according to the plants’ needs. During germination and at early stages, a plant may require more humidity compared to when it has matured. It will also require higher volumes during the fruiting stage. Too much or too little humidity not only affects the growth but also the quality of the product. In fact, it may cause the plant’s roots to start rotting.

Right Temperature

One of the biggest challenges of growing plants is picking the right temperature. The requirements also change depending on the growth phase. Unlike the natural environment whose temperature keeps changing, the grow tent allows you to maintain the right temperature. It remains consistent throughout allowing your plants to experience maximum growth.

Good Ventilation

The flow of air is important for plant growth. If the environment is too stuffy, then the plants will be affected. If it’s too windy, it may pluck leaves, buds, or even uproot the plant. Such things are unlikely to happen when using the right tent for growing plants. You can vary the ventilation to optimize growth.


Since you can control the growing environment (humidity, temperature, ventilation, and lighting), and the tent can be placed in different environments, and you will be able to grow plants at any time and in any season. This ensures you have a continuous supply of crops for your market. You can easily increase the number of tents to up the production or reduce them to lower the output.


A good tent for growing will improve the quality of your crops. They will germinate faster; attain abundant vegetation, fruit, and flower faster and better. This is made possible by creating the perfect environments. The tent will ensure the humidity, temperature, warmth, and lighting is just right. You can also vary it depending on the type of crop and also the climate.

In the above review, we have briefly examined the best grow tents in the market. We chose the best quality, most comfortable to use, reliable, and most durable. We also gave you the benefits of using the tent. With the right product, your crops will blossom in any weather, climate, or environment.

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