Top 12 Best GoPro Microphones – Products Review In 2020

GoPro has the best set of action cameras to capture the extreme moments with ease. They are extremely small and highly convenient, but the audio quality is not up to the mark. That is why you can buy an external GoPro microphone to record high-quality and flawless audio along with the video. This is really useful for YouTubers. Along with capturing the video of your adventure or a beautiful place, you can capture your excitement through audio and play it later. The plug that GoPro cameras come with that does not fit the general microphone. That is why we have listed the best GoPro microphones designed for GoPro cameras only.

List Of The Best GoPro Microphones

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#12. Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit

AGD Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit


With the ability to deliver flawless recording, this one does not require any drivers or batteries. The microphone has the feature of plug and play and is easy to use. Moreover, this is compatible with an array of devices like GoPro units, smartphones, DSLR, and PS4 controllers. It comes with an extension cable of 2 meters and includes two ring adapters.

Additionally, there are wind muffs for noise cancellation as well as a metal label clip that makes it perfect for various applications like podcasts, vlogging, and interviews. The microphone includes many other accessories and delivers professional results with clear sound recordings. It is also incredibly lightweight and helps you to improve the quality of the audio.

In Summary:
  • Easy setup with plug and play feature.
  • Improved audio quality for clear sound recordings.
  • Battery-free operation and dual ring adapters.

#11. 3.5mm TRS Omnidirectional Microphone Plug & Play Mic

Saramonic SR-XM1, 3.5mm TRS Omnidirectional Microphone Plug and Play Mic

By: Saramonic

Here is a microphone that will let you have smooth sound effects. It has a battery-free operation and comes in a lightweight design. With it, you can have high-quality audio as it delivers enhanced clarity. Moreover, this comes with a multi-directional head that can trap sound from different angles. Furthermore, this comes with the feature of noise cancellation that eliminates background noise, making it perfect for audio recording.

It has amazing sound effects and has a foam windscreen with shock mount. Additionally, this will let you use it comfortably for extended hours and comes in a flexible design. You can easily adjust it to your comfort angle and record the sound according to your advantage. It also has wide compatibility and has a TRS 3.5 mm jack.

In Summary:
  • Operates without battery and smooth sound.
  • Eliminates background noise with noise cancellation.
  • Adjustable angle for better flexibility.

#10. ODM-2 Microphone Kit For GoPro

AxcessAbles ODM-2 Microphone Kit for GoPro

By: AXA AxcessAbles

The frequency range of the microphone is up to 20 KHz and comes with an omnidirectional polar pattern. It is in an extremely lightweight design that allows you to have ease of use. Furthermore, you can capture high-quality audio directly from your camera as the microphone comes in a full kit. Moreover, this is extremely lightweight and comes with wide compatibility.

In this, you will find a horseshoe that lets it adjust it to your advantage. You can mount the light or preexisting microphone without the camera frame obstruction. It has a sturdy construction and lets you carry it anywhere you want. This is perfect for GoPro enthusiasts and comes at an affordable value.

In Summary:
  • Electret condenser and omnidirectional polar pattern.
  • Complete kit for professional use.
  • Easy mounting with adjustable horseshoe slide.

#9. Video Microphone Mic

EACHSHOT Video Microphone Mic


This GoPro microphone comes in a complete kit and has a frequency range of 80 Hz to 16000 Hz. This is easy to operate and is ultra-lightweight. The microphone kits include a camera audio cable and a smartphone audio cable that lets you connect it to multiple devices. Moreover, the shock-absorbing stand will let you have added flexibility, making you use it according to your preference.

Additionally, this comes with a wind muff and a windscreen. This is made of aluminum and has an excellent anti-inference ability. Furthermore, you can have professional quality audio with your GoPro camera or smartphone, making it perfect for broadcast. This is very delicate and includes a super internal mic that delivers high-quality professional results. It is one of the best GoPro microphones on the list.

In Summary:
  • Aluminum construction with cardioid pickup pattern.
  • Internal mic for professional usage.
  • Back electronic condenser and high anti-interference.

#8. Lavalier Microphone For GoPro Cameras

MXL Mics MM-165GP Lavalier Microphone for GoPro Cameras

By: MXL Mics

The omnidirectional pattern of the microphone lets you record audio from multiple angles. It comes in low profile design and lets you connect it to multiple devices. Additionally, this comes with two windscreens that are perfect for minimizing noise. You will also find a right-angle connector that allows you to use it with protective cases.

In Summary:
  • Foam windscreens for minimizing noise.
  • Ultra-lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Easy setup with right angle mini USB.

Moreover, this does not require any adapters as it plugs directly into the device. This comes with a clip and is very flexible. It has exceptional sound clarity and allows you to record high-quality audio. This also very durable and you can easily use it in windy conditions as the windscreen has foam. Furthermore, this can be a perfect item to gift somebody as it does the job perfectly.

#7. Wireless Microphone & Receiver For GoPro

REMOVU RM-M1+A1 Wireless Microphone and Receiver for GoPro


The powerful performance of this GoPro microphone will let you record audio from a distance of 40 yards. This is compatible with different devices and runs on a lithium battery. Moreover, it will easily get into a GoPro housing, allowing you to have convenience. Furthermore, the battery can operate for up to 6 hours, and it comes in a complete set.

The microphone comes with a USB microphone charger, A1 receiver, and A1 USB connector. Additionally, this is very lightweight and is an ideal accessory for any GoPro enthusiast. This is very durable and allows you to record even in wet conditions. This is highly functional and has a foam wind cover to alleviate any kind of noise from wind.

In Summary:
  • Wide area coverage and powerful battery.
  • Eliminates the need for additional software or accessories.
  • Lightweight design with waterproof housing.

#6. Clip On Omnidirectional Condenser Lav Mic

Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit, Z ZAFFIRO Clip on Omnidirectional Condenser Lav Mic


Composed of durable materials, the GoPro microphone comes in a lightweight design. This is compatible with most types of devices, including smartphones, camcorder, PS4, Pc/laptops, and GoPro cameras. Additionally, it is easy to use and has a plug and play feature. You don’t have to use any batteries or any additional software and is perfect for the live broadcast. It is one of the best GoPro microphones to opt for.

Moreover, it will let you have a flawless recording as it comes with the feature of noise cancellation. This will give you professional results, and there will be no static noise. Furthermore, you can have clear sound even during windy conditions and includes an extension cord of 20 feet. It includes all the other accessories, including a cable tie that eliminates the hassle of tangling wires.

In Summary:
  • Faultless recording with noise cancellation feature.
  • Professional design with a long extension cord.
  • Improved transmission with ultra-low distortion.

#5. Lapel Microphone 2-Pack Complete Set

Lavalier Lapel Microphone 2-Pack Complete Set

By: Lavalier

Ideal for live recording, the GoPro microphone comes in a complete set. This has amazing voice clarity and comes with wind muffs to eliminate any kind of unwanted background noise. Moreover, it is perfect for vlogging, podcast, DJ, and YouTube and comes with VoiceIQ technology. This has universal compatibility and comes in a two-pack interview set.

Furthermore, it is easy to use and has 3.5 mm TRRS to TRS. The extension cord of 79 inches can plug into any device and provide great sound. Additionally, this includes a clip and has the record button. You can also make a dual recording with this and use it according to your needs. The soft storage bag will also let you travel or store it with ease.

In Summary:
  • Eliminates static noise with wind muffs.
  • Complete set for user convenience.
  • Pack of two and universal compatibility.

#4. Lavalier Lapel Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

Movo GM100 Lavalier Lapel Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

By: Movo

The GoPro microphone does not require any batteries to operate and comes in a functional design. This allows you to use it in different devices and has an omnidirectional pickup pattern. Moreover, it comes with a metal lapel clip that lets you hold it with ease and record the audio. Furthermore, the foam windscreen of the microphone can block the wind and provide you with high-quality audio.

This is very lightweight and has easy use. Accurate voice reproduction makes it an ideal product for interview and voice recording. Additionally, it comes in a compact design and easily gets in a GoPro case. It can also eliminate any kind of muffled sound and meets all your video needs. This is affordable, and the frequency response is up to 18 KHz.

In Summary:
  • The omnidirectional pattern for better audio pickup.
  • Eliminates noise with a foam windscreen.
  • Compact components for easy organization.

#3. Omnidirectional 3.5mm 3-Pole (TRS) Microphone

EDUTIGE ETM-001 Microphone - Omnidirectional 3.5mm 3-Pole(TRS) Microphone


If you are looking for a GoPro microphone that lets you use it for various other purposes, then this is the one for you. The microphone comes in a functional design and is perfect for meeting, vlogging, lecture, and interview. Additionally, this comes in a small size and is very lightweight. It has a sturdy structure and allows you to use it with ease. The microphone can capture sound from all directions as it has a high sensitivity.

Moreover, this is compatible with many gadgets like GoPro camera, laptop, DLSR, and digital audio recorders. It has a metallic structure that provides it an attractive look. Furthermore, this can boost the sound of your recordings and does not require any batteries. The microphone has a frequency response of up to 18000 Hz, and it comes with a powerful performance. With it, you can also have easy controls of your audio recording and carry it anywhere you want.

In Summary:
  • Multifunctional design for audio capture.
  • High sensitivity for sounds from all directions.
  • Metallic body for long lasting use.

#2. Skeleton Housing Protective Case With Quick Release Buckle

SOONSUN Skeleton Housing Protective Case with Quick Release Buckle + 6.5ft Lavalier Lapel Clip-on Microphone Mic


This is a very functional microphone that comes with wide compatibility. This has a side opening design that lets you have complete access to the memory card slot, mini USB, and HDMI ports. You can also easily remove or insert the memory card and includes a skeleton backdoor to protect the camera from heat. Furthermore, it comes in an extra-long design making it perfect for voice recording. You can use it conveniently for extended hours and it also includes a reserved hole that lets you have a good recording effect with the internal mic.

Moreover, this is made of durable materials and comes in an entire set. The collar clip design of the microphone will allow you to use it in different applications, including vlogging and video diary. Additionally, this provides a great fit for the GoPro camera and is easy to use. It is also very lightweight and offers a protective housing for your GoPro camera. Overall, it is one of the best GoPro microphones on the list.

In Summary:
  • Outstanding recording effect with an external mic.
  • Collar voice recording with extended design.
  • Skeleton backdoor to prevent overheating.

#1. Clip-On Omnidirectional Condenser Lav Mic Kit

Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit - Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Lav Mic

By: Purple Panda

Available in a complete kit, this one has excellent stereo sound. It allows you to carry it anywhere you want as it is extremely lightweight. This is also very durable and lets you use it with ease. The microphone kit comes with the feature of plug and play and does not require any batteries or additional software to run. Moreover, this has a discreet look and is ideal for recording purpose. With it, you can take your audio to the next level as it is perfect for conversations, interviews, podcasts, or webinars.

The microphone is compatible with most of the devices and includes multiple accessories. Additionally, this comes with a mini USB adapter, extension cord, extra clip, adapter, and windscreen. You will also get a convenient pouch as well as an e-book for newbies. Furthermore, this has a universal power jack and includes an extra-long cord. It lets you perform many different things and is a perfect microphone for a GoPro device.

In Summary:
  • Plug and play feature without any configuration or software.
  • Multiple accessories for user convenience.
  • Excellent audio recording with a lapel mic.

What To Look For While Buying GoPro Microphones?

The need to improve the sound quality of your GoPro videos may occasionally arise, so using an external mic makes a prominent difference. It is without a doubt that the GoPro cameras work excellently to record videos in decent quality but the same might not hold true for their sound recording performance. Many times it is observed that the sound recorded by these devices in a video is not of decent quality. During such cases, using the finest GoPro microphone is an excellent decision. They are made available in ample of different brands because they are widely popular these days.

With a GoPro microphone being attached, you will be able to record high-quality sound. It is possible to isolate the source, and the noise reduction feature will eliminate the unnecessary noise from the recording. Below is the list of main features to consider when deciding to buy GoPro microphones:

  • Stereo recording
  • Mounting options
  • Battery usage
  • Omnidirectional recording
  • Additional controls or special features

There are some external microphones that are specially designed to mount over the attachment mount on the surface of the camera. Whereas some other microphones are uniquely designed to clip to your shirt and some microphones are already equipped with stick. It happens that there may be battery usage, so you need to consider whether you would like to go for rechargeable batteries, replaceable batteries, or microphones that are powered by the GoPro. Moreover, there are additional controls allowing you to attune the decibel range that the device can pick-up. This feature will assist in decreasing the undesired sound.

The ultimate decision for finding a GoPro microphone is to make sure it is compatible with the GoPro. Once you choose a particular GoPro microphone, make sure it works flawlessly with your GoPro to avoid hassles later on.


There are hundreds and thousands of GoPro microphones available in the market, as GoPro cameras are so popular. However, most of them are of cheap quality, and you will be cheated for the money you pay. While buying, some of the points to consider are stereo recording or omnidirectional recording, battery life, controls, and special features and mounting option. Considering all these factors, our team has handpicked these best GoPro microphones so that all your requirements can be fulfilled. Go through them minutely to understand the features and specifications and make sure it is compatible with your GoPro camera model.

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