The 15 Best Glue For Shoes in 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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It does not matter how expensive or well-built your shoes are, due to constant wear and tear; they can break open any time. Instead of throwing them away or finding a cobbler to repair your shoes, you can fix the shoes instantly with a tube of glue that is made specially to fix shoes. So, if you are looking for the best glue for shoes that can help you with all these problems, this article is exactly for you.

These glues work on all types of shoes such as boots, sandals, sneakers, and even handbags. Not only leather, but they also work on vinyl and canvas and various other materials. You should definitely keep such glue for shoes at home in case of emergency as they take only a few minutes to fix the shoes and bring them back to the original form.

The List of Top 15 Best Glue For Shoes in 2021

#15. Adhesive Glue For Shoes

By: Technicqll

This is a strong glue for shoes which is suitable for all types of shoes. You can use it conveniently on rubber, leather, nylon, plastic, nylon, felt, and other fabrics. The adhesive glue is clear. Moreover, this will create a strong joint and comes in a size of one ounce. It will form a strong bond and will make them durable.

This will add new life to your shoes and can be used on different fabrics, including polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride. Furthermore, this is resistant to bending and is suitable for all types of weather. This is very easy to use, and you will only have to leave it for a few minutes to connect and get a permanent seal.

In Summary:

Applicable to various types of shoes
Create a strong and durable joint
Highly resistant to bending
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#14. Flexible Medium Thick Super Glue

By: Starbond

This glue for shoes is made with ethyl cyanoacrylate and will provide you with optimal performance. This is an industrial grade adhesive which also very flexible. It comes with two applicator caps and has a clog-free stopper. Moreover, this has a micro-tip which will let you apply it correctly in any tip. You can use it with ease and will create a perfect bonding for your shoes.

Apart from shoes, you can also use it on furniture. This has a robust penetrating ability and has the thickness of the liquid. Furthermore, it has a superior shelf life and will provide high impact resistance. This will bond different types of materials and will repair quickly.

In Summary:

Lab-tested, industrial-grade glue
Heavy-duty bonding and impact resistant
Multiple accessories available for easy application

#13. E6000 231020 Adhesive with Precision Tips, 1.0 fl oz

By: E6000

This Shoe Dazzle is a permanent glue for all your footwear requirements. It is primarily for the people who cannot keep their footwear for more than a month or get them torn a lot. The glue works as permanent, and it is both water and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any external factors.

It will serve you like ever and works on almost all the shoe fabric such as leather, vinyl, canvas, etc. It is a tube filled with glue, so it doesn’t create and mess while applying the material. Also, it comes handy to use, and the closing tip keeps it from spilling.

In Summary:

Works on any type of shoes
Joints stay flexible and not brittle
Waterproof and non-flammable

#12. Freesole Shoe Boot and Repair Adhesive

By: McNett

The Freesole Shoe Boot and Repair Adhesive work very well in repairing your shoes and slippers. The glue is strong enough to stick the parts of shoes instantly, and it is resistant to the outer chemicals, and so it keeps them secure for a long time.

You can use it on any footwear like your shoes, slippers, stilettos, sandals, and any area like heel, toe, sides, etc. To get a permanent and heavy-duty solution, you can purchase this glue and repair all your footwear. Also, it stays unaffected by environmental temperature, too, from frozen to heating.

In Summary:

Patented adhesive with superior quality
Chemical and heat resistant
Flexible and permanent

#11. Shoe Repair & Protective Coating

By: Shoe Goo

This glue for shoes will repair your shoes and give them a protective coating. This is available in a size of 3.7 Oz and comes in a pack of four. With this, you can quickly repair your damaged heels, and it will work to reinforce skate wheels. This is in an easy to use formula and will fix your worn-out soles. Moreover, this is suitable for various types of fabrics and will rebuild your feet overnight.

Furthermore, this will also coat your skateboards and provide them with extra traction. You can also use it to waterproof your soles or seal your rubber boots. This is very effective and will ensure that your shoes will last longer. It will protect your shoes and will prevent premature wearing. This is an excellent product which will provide a secure coating for your shoes. It is one of the best glues for shoes on the list.

In Summary:

Waterproof and strong bonding
Highly durable in all conditions
Suitable for all types of shoes

#10. Footwear Repair Adhesive

By: Sof Sole

Sof Sole glue stick or adhesive helps you repairing or cluing your shoes instantly. So if you have a bundle of ripped shoes and slippers or just a few of them, you can go straight or this product and rebuild all of them.

The glue works as a permanent adhesive and second amazing is that the glue doesn’t get affected by water or weather things. You can use it on material like leather, vinyl, rubber, etc. A fantastic glue to mend the bond on areas like heels, toes, and even the shoelaces.

In Summary:

Heavy-duty and tough
Unaffected by chemicals and solvents
Abrasion-resistant and rebuilds heel and toe areas

#9. Clear No Foam Formula Glue

By: Gorilla

Gorilla Clear Glue is even stronger than all average glues. It is not just for shoes but fixes almost every surface like metals, wood, glass, and even stones. So there is no chance that you are going to fail while mending something using Gorilla Clear Glue.

As a perk, the glue is transparent, so it doesn’t seem visible after applying on any surface. Also, it is water-resistant too, so you can use it for both indoor and outdoor products. Just like its name, the glue undoubtedly provides a strong bond where no need to handle any foam, and it is a clear glue that can be applied.

In Summary:

Bonds virtually everything
Water and heat resistant
Tough material for permanent joints
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#8. Instant Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

By: Shoe-Fix

Glue from Shoe-Fix is a professional-grade glue and works for things like shoes, sneakers, slippers, handbags, etc. It is instant gluing that works in just 10 seconds of holding the surfaces together. The compact shape of the glue stick does not allow any mess, and it comes secure on the boots as well.

Also, this glue doesn’t leave any sign of bonding, and it goes in a thin form, so it doesn’t get noticed. The clear color doesn’t leave any color behind or smudge, so you can use the glue worry-free have your stepping.

In Summary:

Instant bonding
Flexible and unaffected by moisture and temperature
Safe for all rubber and vinyl footwear

#7. Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

By: Boot-Fix

The shoe glue is from Boot-Fix that is also a professional-grade glue to repair things like footwear and handbags. There is no color gluing, and it leaves no sign behind due to the transparent adhesive. You need to apply a small amount or a drop and wait for 10 seconds or so, and it is done.

The quantity is enough that you can mend up to ten boots at once, all corners like heels and toes. As a precaution, keep it away from your hands and fingers as it can stick them too. So next time whenever your leather boots or shoes need a repair, then you can go straight to the link and buy one pack of Boot-Fix glue.

In Summary:

Works on shoes, sneakers, handbags
Flexible bond and re-attaches quickly
The long-lasting bonding that does not expand

#6. Gear Aid Freesole

By: Gear Aid

Gear Aid footwear glue that works very well for sports shoes or shoes in which you skate, hike, climb, and other similar soles. The glue has the capability to mend all types of athletic or sports shoes, and it stays strong even in harsh environments.

So if you are an athlete or sportsperson and want to repair your shoes, then go or this ultimate shoe glue and mend all your footwear. It stays weather, wears, and water-resistant that dries out in a few seconds and creates a solid rubber-like form.

In Summary:

Compatible with various types of shoes
Rebuilds heels and toes area
Water-resistant and flexible

#5. Shoe Repair & Protective Coating

By: Shoegoo

Shoe GOO Adhesive that can be used to repair your shoes and comes in two colors: black and clear. Go as per your choice and stick all the torn surfaces of your footwear. Using this tube glue, you can repair shoes made of leather, rubber, canvas, and more.

If there are shoelaces that seem frayed, then just use a little amount and repair them too. If there are insoles that feel unattached to the base, then use this glue and make them secure again. The glue acts as a permanent substance that keeps things attached for a long time.

In Summary:

Works on leather, vinyl, and canvas shoes
Long-lasting repair with a non-expanding property
Easy to apply and hardens overnight

#4. Super Glue Gel

By: Gorilla

Here is one of the best glue for shoes which is very convenient to apply. It comes in a gel-based formula, and you can easily apply it on vertical surfaces as it has no-run control. Moreover, this has an anti-clog cap which will ensure that this will not dry out. This will bond your shoes effectively and is suitable for rubber, leather, and much more. You can also apply it to other materials like wood, paper, ceramic, and metal.

This will fix your shoes in ten seconds and will make it tough. Furthermore, this is a versatile product which does not require any clamping. This will increase the strength of your shoes and make them impact resistant. This comes in a size of 20 gram and is a clear gel.

In Summary:

Suitable for vertical surfaces
Anti-clog cap to prevent drying of glue
Dries faster and impact resistant

#3. Original Tough Glue

By: Gorilla

Another best glue for shoes is from Gorilla that comes in 4 oz. for the quantity and in brown color. The shape of the glue tube comes very handily, so you open up the pick and drop it on the surface you want to attach. It can be used to repair all types of fabric that are used in your shoes and your backpacks too. For the quantity, you can select from 1 pack to 8 pairs so professionals out there can go for this perfect piece of glue and get happy customers.

In Summary:

Incredibly strong and long-lasting
Waterproof and heat resistant
Suitable for all surfaces and expands three times

#2. Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

By: Loctite

If you are looking for glue for shoes which will bond neatly, then this is the one for you. This is a multipurpose product which can also be used for rubber, leather, ceramic, plastic, and metal. This is very easy to apply as it comes in a size squeeze design. Moreover, it will ensure that you will only dispense the exact amount you require.

Furthermore, this is very flexible, and there will be no drip. It is an ultra-gel which will also make your shoes very durable. This comes in a size of 14 Oz and will dry clear without any clamping. This will make your boots suitable for various conditions and can withstand extreme temperature. There is no doubt that it is one of the best glues for shoes.

In Summary:

Suitable for various household materials
Squeeze design for maximum control
Can sustain in harsh and extreme conditions

#1. Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes

By: Shoegoo

Shoe Goo adhesive works to repair all boots, shoes, slippers, and bags. It is one of the best glue for shoes and comes as 3.7-Ounce that is enough to repair all your footwear. If you want it in more quantity, then you can select the number of packs from one to twelve. It works for all types of shoe material like canvas, leather, or just rubber. Also, you can use it on wood like that skateboard where you want to create a grip on the top, then apply this glue there and wait for a few seconds. The bound remains forever as it is water and weatherproof substance.

In Summary:

Versatile and strong sealant
Tailor-made for outdoor usage
Permanent repair and long-lasting bonding
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For more details, you can check this embedded video on how Shoe Goo works:

Best Glue For Shoes – Buying Guides

Types Of Glues

First of all, you should know the different types of glues available for shoes that cobbler uses. There are basically four types of glues for shoes. The first one is urethane rubber glue which is perfect for a heavily damaged sole as it is sustainable against temperature. The second one is neoprene cement glue, and it works on all surfaces consistently. The third one is called super glue, and it is ideal for small cuts and holes in the shoes, but you have to be careful while applying it. Wearing gloves is recommended. The last one on the list is Epoxy glue which is ideal for bonding between two different surfaces of the mixed material.


It is essential to understand that not every glue is suitable for every shoe. There are various types of shoes available based on their material like leather, vinyl, canvas, and likewise. You should check the glue you are buying to find out the surfaces on which they will work genuinely.


By the performance of the glue, the sustainability factor is being addressed. The damaged part must stay intact for months considering the fact that the shoes will be in regular heavy-duty use. In other words, the bonding has to be strong and permanent so that there are least chances of the shoes getting damaged from the same area in a short period.


Any bond is affected by the temperature. Certain glues cannot sustain high heat, and their bonding becomes fragile and weak. Thus, the damaged parts reappear. That is why there are different types of glues available for mountain shoes or running shoes where the temperature fluctuation is high. As a matter of fact, if the shoes are usually used for outdoor activities, the bonding has to be waterproof so that the raindrops cannot weaken the area quickly.


If the bonding becomes rigid, there is no point joining the damaged area as it becomes difficult to walk and you become prone to skidding and various other minor to major accidents. An ideal glue must provide flexibility in the shoe as it was at the very beginning without coming off again and again.

Apart from these, you have to also watch out for the fact that the glue does not stain your shoe color or leave a permanent marking on the shoes around the damaged area. This is a typical case for most of the glues that are cheap and non-sustainable in the long run.


Having the best glue for shoes is a must for everyone. Shoes can get torn at any point of time and get it fixed from a cobbler will take hours. Instead, you can fix it at the place you are with the glue, and the bonding is trusted and will also be permanent within a few minutes. Apart from leather, these kinds of glue are also applicable to various materials and objects which make them multipurpose items and worth buying.

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