Top 12 Best Glass Whiteboards On The Market – In 2021 Review

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There are many who prefer a glass whiteboard over a traditional whiteboard for its distinct benefits. Apart from its visually stunning appearance that enhances the beauty of the room, a glass whiteboard does not stain like a normal whiteboard. They may seem to be very brittle, but with careful handling, there are designed to last forever. Besides, with a simple cleaning, they will look as good as new. The following is the list of the best glass whiteboards of different sizes for you to choose from.

List Of The Best Glass Whiteboards

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#12. Magnetic Whiteboard For Cubicle Walls

By: Quartet

While mounting this board on a focus point of your home, office room, shops or restaurant, it adds a modern touch to your interior or exterior decor as it looks to float on your wall. Its sleek and frameless design makes it more attractive than others. The unframed structure also gives you an opportunity to enhance the writing surface by adjoining more boards though this board is enough wide for painting or writing or solving a science problem. Moreover, the white glass board offers a great writing experience and a clear view of it.

It provides exceptional erasability by removing all markers ink with a single swipe. The leftover streaks also do not bother you because the duster can be able to erase all things completely and effectively. Furthermore, this study glass offers a great resistant power against stain or scratch mark. This board offers excellent durability, along with a limited warranty of 15 years.

#11. Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board

By: The Board Dudes

This dry erase glass board has an unframed structure which adds a modern touch to your interior. This frameless structure also allows you to adjacent more than one board’s side by side for increasing the writing surface. Moreover, the solid and ultra-smooth glass board provides an easy and quick writing surface.

This white writing panel also provides an easy and clear view. Furthermore, you do not find any ghost or stain mark after erasing the board. It will work best when you do use a dry erase duster or marker pen. However, this board maintains its brand new look even after several years of random use.

#10. Premium Glass Marker Board With Marker+Eraser

By: R.K.K. Products

This board is small in size and looks like a notebook, but it helps you to do versatile works such as take a note in college or schools, making a schedule list or grocery list, reminder notes at the office, and others. Moreover, its glass surface lets you write smoothly and quickly. After use, you can clean it with a dry duster; also, there is no need to use any wet duster or moisture.

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The marker pen and eraser are also included in the package for your convenience. Furthermore, the tempered glass prolongs its durability and reduces the risk of fracture or breakage. You can carry it with you everywhere for its extreme lightweight and small portable size.

#9. Glass White Board For Wall

By: FengHuaGlassHome

This board comes with an extra thickness which ensures its more durability than other glass boards by reducing the risk of damage. It provides easy writing and wipes surface; also, it does not leave any ghost or stain marks after use. Moreover, the white tempered glass makes it reliable to use frequently.

The smooth edge design makes it safe for use also add a modern touch. Furthermore, it provides a free position for ultimate use anywhere. So, you can use this dry-erase glass board in versatile purpose at your home, office, restaurant, coffee shops, and other commercial places.

#8. Glass Dry Erase Board

By: Lorell

This board comes with a contemporary frameless design which lets you enhance your writing surface by adjoining several same boards. Moreover, the solid white glass panel of these boards provides an ultra-smooth writing surface. The white surface provides easy viewing; also, you can erase all writing spot effortlessly with a swipe of glass board duster.

Furthermore, this glass surface is effectively stain-proof and scratch-proof. So, after a long time use, it can be able to maintain its brand new getup. This glass board works best with all types of dry erasing marker pens and eraser. This package includes all mounting hardware also the panel hanger.

#7. Glass Board Magnetic Dry Erase Board On Wall

By: Maxtek

This dry erasing board has a smart frameless design for long-time use. Moreover, it has a construction of top-quality and durable tempered glass which is scratch-proof. With great durability, this board also ensures your safety with its smooth edge. Here, this board has a transparent tray for storage.

With this glass board, you can get a magnetic eraser, three marker pens, and two neodymium magnets. It can handle heavy use effectively also offers a great lifetime warranty to make you worry-free. As usual other glass board, it provides a smooth writing experience and erases ability. Furthermore, the magnetic board allows you to hang some relevant documents with the writing presentation.

#6. Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

By: Quartet

This is one of the best glass whiteboards, and it enhances smooth writing and erases experience and prolongs its performance with its sturdy construction. It is of long-lasting tempered glass which also prevents dents and scratches. As usual, you can write or erase the glass board easily and effortlessly. Moreover, its magnetic effect lets you hang some crucial notes or documents or papers on it with a powerful glass magnet.

So, it will play a great role during office meetings or presentations also for frequent or heavy usage. Furthermore, this package comes with a marker pen, two powerful magnets for glass board, and the glass board. This brand ensures great durability and offers a limited warranty of 15-years for your satisfaction.

#5. Magnetic Dry Erase Board

By: Lockways

These whiteboards give you the best writing and erase experience with its smooth glass surface. It has a sturdy construction of ultra-smooth white glass board, durable aluminum frame, and nylon corner. The metal frame is scratch-proof; also, it does not become rusty or turns black. Each corner has a round shape that ensures your safety. Moreover, its professional quality and the special technology assure you that it will never crease, warped, or bubbled.

With this board, it also provides an aluminum tray where you can keep the marker pen or duster nearby. This tray is detachable and enough strong. The screws are concealed on the wall effectively. Furthermore, this board offers a free position so you can mount it in portrait or landscape mode according to your preference.

#4. Glass Dry Erase Board With Black Surface

By: U Brands

This wall-mounted board is a perfect classroom, home, office, or other commercial spaces because it can handle heavy and frequent usage evenly and effectively. It has a wide black glass surface which is dry erase and very smooth. This black surface lets you share your information or message creatively during the class or presentation or meetings. Moreover, this board lets you write more than one time as the board eraser can remove whole marker ink without leaving a single streak.

The contemporary frameless design makes it sleek also add a sophisticated touch to the wall. The board is of tempered glass, so it will never ghost or stain. It uses the best mounting system so you can fit it horizontally or vertically on the wall. Furthermore, the frameless structure allows you to hang more than one glass boards adjoining to each other for increasing the writing surface. All in all, it is one of the best glass whiteboards to opt for.

#3. Glass Whiteboard Desktop Panel

By: Quartet

This board is self-standing so, you do not have to fix this board on the wall as usual; instead, you can prop the board upright or lay it flat as you want. You can use the double-sided surface as a partition. This board gives you a versatile display at your office also helps you to memorize your exact schedule at a glance. Moreover, the board has a magnetic surface so you can attach some documents or important papers with a powerful glass magnet. The secure clip also helps you to hang some important reminder notes with the board. Along with these notes, you can write down your schedule on this board.

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The non-absorbent, smooth glass surface allows you to write again and again. As usual, you can erase all marks easily; also, it does not leave a single streak. The accessory tray allows you to keep marker nearby for quick use. The hidden tray also helps you to keep your desk mesh-free by storing some important or unimportant items into it. Furthermore, this board has a compact size to fit perfectly between monitor and keyboard and maximize free space on your office desk. This board is small in size but enough sturdy and strong like other board.

#2. Non-Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

By: Quartet

This non-magnetic white glass board comes with an innovative sleek and frameless design. While keeping this board on a focal point, it seems to float on your wall due to its frameless design. You can expand your writing surface by adjoining multiple boards to each other due to its frameless design. The sturdy and strong glass board will last long. Moreover, evenly, you can install it horizontally or vertically, just by inserting the screw through the front. Pass through solid mounting technique makes the hanging process as easy as accurate at the same time.

While using this board, you never find a single leftover streak of the previous message on this board. It prevents stains or ghosting marks and keeps the board spotless. The durable white glass surface also resists dents and scratches. Furthermore, the board has a dry erase surface so you can clean it effortlessly and quickly. You will get the best result you should use magnetic glass board eraser or other glass board items. The smooth glass board allows you to write or rewrite more and more. The package includes a removable items tray and one marker pen with the single wide glass board. Overall, it is one of the best glass whiteboards on the list.

#1. Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board

By: Audio-Visual Direct

This glass board gives a sophisticated look to your office or home while installing it. The installing process is very easy. This board has a smooth dry-erase surface. So, you can write with a dry erasing marker on its smooth white glass surface effortlessly. Also, you can clean this board easily, just with a swipe. Moreover, the glass surface resists all of the staining or ghosting marks and maintains its glossy effect for a long time.

The wall template of this board is full-sized and mounted on a solid and durable aluminum tray. The metal mounts also other metal parts do not become rusty within a short period of time. The study wall anchors fix it on your wall effectively for a lifetime. All of the hardware of this board is very strong and sturdy for sure. Furthermore, this industry-leading white glass board exclusively offers a lifetime warranty for peace of your mind.

Bonus – Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board & Accessories

By: Officeline

Forget whiteboards that don’t work with some pens or require you to use lots of effort. With the Officeline unit, you’ll have easier time writing, drawing, sketching, marking, and more. It’s a versatile unit that works well in an office, classroom, seminar room, and other places. What’s more, it’s compact and doesn’t need lots of space. This is courtesy of the decent dimension of 24 x 36 inches. Also, it’s lightweight and portable for easy movements and also storage. The slim profile works great even in small locations.

The unit has a nice smooth surface with high clarity. This ensures the writing or drawings are visible even from far. What’s more, the surface is scratch-resistant hence will keep its smooth texture for a long time. This prevents damage to the marker pens. To hold it firmly, the board depends on 3 magnets. Using it is pretty simple and easy and also erases easily. You’ll also discover an effective eraser inside the pack.

In Summary:

Ideal for writing, drawing, sketching, marking, etc
Versatile and works well in an office, classroom, seminar room, etc
Compact and measures 24 x 36 inches
Lightweight and portable
Nice smooth surface with high clarity
Scratch-resistant surface and smooth texture
Held firmly by 3 magnets


First thing first, you have to get the size right so that it fits perfectly on the wall or desk where you want to keep it. There are various types of whiteboard available, starting from magnetic and planner to sliding and projection ones. Similarly, there are various purposes for which a glass whiteboard can be used and some are tailor-made for the same like to-do list, calendar, and likewise. As far as the quality of the best whiteboards goes, you do not have to worry at all as we have handpicked the best ones available online.

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