Top 10 Best Garden Carts You Should Own — Full Review 2020

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It is the dream of everyone to have a beautiful home. And yes, nothing gets you closer to achieving this dream than keeping the garden surrounding your home looking neat. However, unless your garden arsenal is well equipped with the right tools, achieving the kind of beauty you have long craved for remains beyond your reach. For example, you need a garden cart to help you to easily carry other gardening tools to, from, and around the garden.

However, unless you are well-versed with knowledge of gardening tools, you will find it a little bit troublesome to choose the right garden cart for you. Luckily, we exist. Through thorough research, we were lucky to finally end up with the list of top 10 best garden carts for you. If that is what you are looking for, you are at the right place; sit down, relax, and read on as we explore our top picks.

List Of The Best Garden Carts In 2021

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#10. Garden Dump Cart Wagon Carrier

By: Giantex

Sitting on the tenth place on our list of top 10 best garden carts, this heavy-duty garden cart from Giantex can be used for various high weight works. It features generous inside storage which allows you to carry all the garden tools you need for the day without having to make a number of trips.

The cart is made of steel, a sturdy material for durability. The strong metal construction pairs with the large heavy-duty tires to give the unit a high weight capacity of up to 650 kgs. Besides, it comes painted in green, a color that will not only dovetail your garden but also prevent the unit from rusting. When it comes to assembly, no more scratching of the head- it is super easy with the guidance of the clear descriptions and illustrations.

#9. Heavy Duty Jumbo Wagon

By: Strongway

Also, on our list, this outstanding cart is strong enough to support up to 1400 lbs of weight. It is made of commercial-grade steel material which is sturdy enough to withstand the tough outdoor elements for years. The rear and side panels easily fold down, allowing you to load the cart from the side of your convenience. And since the garden terrain usually is rough, the cart is equipped with large pneumatic tires that will roll over any terrain with great ease.

The handle of the cart is cushioned to allow for comfort as you pull. The mesh design allows you to see everything that is in the cart so that you don’t forget some tools in the garden. The cart comes with a black powder coating that prevents rusting and corrosion from granting you years of service. The unit is easy to assemble and only weighs 85lbs making it easy to transport.

#8. Heavy Duty Steel Utility Cart

By: Gorilla Carts

Taking the eighth spot, this garden cart comes from one of the best manufacturers out there. The vehicle is also made of heavy-duty steel material hence can comfortably handle the toughest jobs in your garden. Another fantastic feature about this cart is that it comes with a redesigned frame which turns the tiresome assembly work we have known for years to a piece of cake by minimizing the number of parts that need to be assembled.

The well-padded handle allows for user comfort as you move around with the unit. Besides, the handle features a 2-in-1 technology which allows you to easily pull the cart using a tractor so that you finish your work in a fraction of the time- all you need to do is to pull the locking pin and to turn the handle to attach it to the tractor. Another amazing feature about this cart which cannot be ignored is the ability to turn it to a flatbed in a matter of minutes.

The over-sized 15-inch pneumatic tires are made to roll over any terrain with much ease. And since the quality isn’t guesswork, this amazing cart is backed by a 1-year warranty to let you buy with confidence without the fear that it will break down after a few days of use.

#7. Heavy Duty Steel Utility Cart Without Frames

By: Gorilla Carts

Whether you take gardening as a hobby or just a profession, owning a garden cart isn’t an option. Coming at a friendly price, this garden cart from Gorilla will be an excellent option for anyone operating within a small budget. It features a durable steel construction that will not rust or corrode with time.

Just like its preceding sibling, it comes with the state-of-the-art frame design which makes assembly quick and easy and allows for easy maneuverability. And since some loads are huge that they cannot fit in the cart, the sides are easily detachable to add versatility. The 13-inch pneumatic tires are made to withstand the roughest terrains for years. Another amazing feature about this garden cart is that it features a 2-in-1 handle that allows you to easily attach the cart to a tractor for easy movement of heavy loads. The cart has a large weight capacity of 1000 lbs and comes with a 1-year warranty.

#6. Poly Garden Dump Cart With Steel Frame

By: Gorilla Carts

Also being one of the best garden carts on the market, this amazing unit features a robust construction for maximum durability. The black finish not only gives it beauty but also ensures that it won’t corrode or rust with time. The cart features a quick-release dump which makes it easy and quick to load and offload. Moreover, the straight handle is well padded to ensure your comfort as you pull the unit around the garden.

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When it comes to maneuverability, it has never been this easy with the large 10-inch pneumatic tires that are made to tackle any terrain. Another delighting feature about this garden cart is that it has a large hauling capacity of 600 pounds that lets you carry the garden tools without the fear that the unit may break down on the way. It has a height of 20 inches which provides enough ground clearance for easy movement around the garden. The cart only weighs 35 lbs; hence, it is easy to transport.

#5. Folding Camping Wagon/Cart

By: Timber Ridge

If you are looking for the top garden cart for the light-duty garden works, this will be an ideal option. The cart supports up to 150 lbs and is equipped with 8-inch tires with rubber tape in the middle. Moreover, the wheels are ultra-thick, making it easy to maneuver on the sand. What makes this an outstanding option is the ability to fold down which makes transportation easy than ever before.

The ergonomically designed handle won’t dig into your palm as you pull. Moreover, the unit opens in seconds by just pushing the bottom. And for those that don’t like the hassle of assembling, like me, this should be an ideal option since it doesn’t require any assembly. The cart is highly versatile and comes backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

#4. Poly Garden Dump Cart With Steel Frame

By: Gorilla Carts

Also coming from Gorilla Carts, this is yet another high-quality garden cart that will get the job correctly done for years. Coming with strong steel construction, we are safe to say that this is one of the few models that are built to last. It comes with an improved design which makes it easy to haul heavy loads over any terrain. The patented dump technology lets you save time in loading and unloading the unit. Furthermore, the 4-wheel design ensures the stability of the unit and allows for easy maneuverability of the unit even when fully loaded.

When we talk of assembling, gone are the days when it was complicated- the new frame design lets you do it in a matter of minutes since it reduces the number of parts that need to be assembled. After you are back from the garden, this high-quality garden cart easily cleans up to keep it ready for the next challenge.

#3. Lawn & Garden Utility Cart

By: Polar Trailer

Whether you want it for bigger jobs or for the smaller ones, this sturdy garden cart will give you the best gardening experience. It comes with large heavy-duty tires which are thick enough to allow for easy maneuverability on any terrain. Besides, with the large load capacity of 600 lbs and a roomy storage area, you can carry everything you need in a single trip. This also makes it ideal for any size garden, yard, and lawn. The steel metal frame guarantees strength and durability. As if not enough, this cart is thoroughly tested to ensure the exceptional durability that will give you years of hard work in the garden.

The cart comes in a powder coat finish which gives unsurpassed beauty. And since it has a high ground clearance, we are safe to say that this garden cart boasts a higher class of versatility. Although it has a large weight capacity, this amazing garden cart only weighs 51 lbs which lets you easily transport it to wherever you want to use it.

#2. Heavy Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

By: Gorilla Carts

The chances are that you’ve never come across a garden cart of this caliber. But even if you have, then it’s definite that it wasn’t this cheap. Although it doesn’t come with the lowest price in the market, considering its quality, it’s definite that it’s a real bargain. The cart is made of commercial-grade steel material that will last for years to come.

Moreover, it features the quick-release dumping feature which makes unloading fast and comfortable than ever before. Furthermore, the cart comes with a 4-wheel design which ensures stability even when carrying heavy loads. The oversized tires make it easy to pull the cart even on the rough terrains.

The 2-in-1 technology of the handle means that the cart can be easily hooked-up behind a lawn tractor for easy and fast transportation of your garden tools. But just in case you want to pull the cart by yourself, the handle is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort.

Besides, the large weight capacity of 1200 lbs renders it a perfect option for transporting the heavy gardening tools which cannot be carried by other smaller carts. It features a height of 25 inches and only weighs 58.6 lbs.

#1. Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

By: Mac Sports

Based on our research, this is currently the best garden cart on the market. In fact, this is why it is still the crowd’s favorite. Unlike most garden carts, this amazing unit assembles in seconds. Its large capacity provides enough space to carry all the gardening tools you need at a go. Featuring a heavy-duty steel frame, this amazing cart is strong enough to support up to 150 lbs of weight.

Furthermore, the 600D fabric is highly durable to keep you going for years. Besides, it easily cleans up after use to keep the cart clean. With just 22.6 lbs, we are safe to say that it comes with a unique lightweight design. This makes transportation easy than ever before. Moreover, the cart also features a foldable design which makes it easy to store without taking much floor space. It also comes with 4 sturdy tires which maintain stability and allows for easy transportation over any terrain.

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Garden Carts Buying Guide

Choosing garden carts is easy, but looking for the best ones is not. That is why this buying guide is here to show you some important points to have in mind. There are only a few of them so feel free to check them out.

Bed Material

Different garden carts come with different bed materials, and each of them is unique in their own way.

    Plastic: is the lowest quality, but it is extremely light which is easy to pull. You need to store it away from sunlight when not in use to avoid cracking and damages.
    Polyethylene: is dent and scratch-resistant, and it is lightweight. It is far better in rainy weather, and it is quite popular as well.
    Steel: is extremely durable, and you can use it for years to come. The thing is that the longer you use, the more rust that you will notice which is normal in steel.

Carrying Capacity

Think about what you are going to move and how far you are going to transport it. The good thing about garden carts is that they come in a wide range or carrying capacity that you can choose from. This is to ensure that it can handle your items well so that you can move them conveniently. Their weight capacity also reflects their size because heavier duty means the larger, and the choice is all yours.


The tires of the garden carts play a big part because it carries the whole weight of your contents. This is why you have to make sure that the wheels of the cart are as durable and tough as possible. The key is to check the materials of the cart to see what they can do. Plastic tires are for light-duty while pneumatic tires are for heavy-duty use. Pneumatic tires also allow you to haul the whole cart on various terrains easily as well.

Garden Cart Types

    Dump Cart: Looks like a wheelbarrow or a utility wagon, and it functions like one. Usually, dump carts come with two or four wheels which makes them a great choice for moving and pouring contents. The contents are dirt, mulch, fertilizer, leaves, and many more in a large quantity.
    Flatbed Cart: Without sides, flatbed carts allow you to move and transport large bags and items easily. From soil and wood to heavy machinery and more, a flatbed cart is ideal for them all.
    Foldable Cart: We all know that foldable items are convenient when it comes to storage. This is one of the purposes of this type, but it is also easy and convenient to use as well. The thing is that it is more ideal for lightweight items around small gardens and houses.
    Utility Wagon: This type has four vertical sides that help to keep the contents safely inside. It is ideal for hauling soil, compost, cuttings, large plants, other bags, and more. Some models come with a removable side to make access extra easy and convenient.


As aforementioned, a garden cart is a must-have for anyone who intends to develop a more welcoming home. However, choosing the best garden cart isn’t a walk in the park since you have to put a number of factors into consideration before singling out one as the best. Besides, things have even gotten more confusing due to the large models currently flooding the marketplace.

Luckily, with our well-researched buying guide, you won’t need to go through the turmoil to finally decide the one that you want to spend your money on. All you need to do is read the entire content and grab the one that seems to meet your needs best without spending beyond your budget limits.

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