Top 9 Best Gaming Keypads You Need To Own In 2021 — Review

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Any gamer wants to have an enjoyable gaming experience. Responsive keys/buttons, ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with many devices. Many gamers, however, will tell you that although the normal keyboard and mouse work, they aren’t suited for intense gaming. The keys may be too squeezed, the buttons are sticky, or the keyboard or pad doesn’t move freely on the desk or table.

According to Wikipedia, ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘S’, ‘W’, are the most important keys. Unfortunately, they are normally placed awkwardly making pressing them a little challenging when playing. This means there is a high chance of hitting the wrong keys and in the process, making an error. A better solution to such problems is to go for the best gaming keypads. And s without much farther ado, let’s look at them:

The List Of Best Gaming Keypads In 2021

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#9. Singlehanded Wired Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard

By: Delux

At number 10 is the Delux T9 gaming keyboard. The professionally-designed unit comes in an intuitive design for comfortable gameplay. It comprises 46 keys that offer a range of functions including pause, Esc, Volume Up, Web Home, Double Space, Mute, and Volume down. The lightweight keypad takes up minimal space and is ergonomic to give you maximum comfort.

It moves freely on the desk and comprises recess type key which is more user-friendly. The 4 groups of special keys are well-positioned for quick, easy access and are well spaced to minimize hitting the wrong key, especially when under pressure. Carrying or maneuvering this item is easy thanks to its compact design and lightweight. It supports one hand gaming and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP / Visa / 7and 8.

#8. Ergonomic Mocha-Membrane Gaming Keypad

By: Razer

Coming with 32 fully programmable keys, the Razer Tartarus V2 Chrome will improve the gaming experience. It’s suitable for beginners and professionals and has a simple profile for easy use. The keypad combines mechanical, and membrane functionalities are making it ideal for any game. It is very responsive thanks to the 8-Way thumb pad and can easily be programmed to suit your game type or play.

The Razer Tartarus V2 has a soft cushioned touch and a smooth rubber that feels comfortable and smooth to the palm/hand. This best gaming keypad comprises several macros, hotkeys, and moves easily on the surface. The 16.8 million color options together with the backlit keys provide a nice background whereas the detachable palm rest allows you to select your preferred angle or position.

#7. LED Computer Gaming Keyboard

By: Globalama

If you desire to have the edge over your rival or want to enhance the gaming experience, then you won’t mind this Magical LED gaming keyboard. The Globalama GK0001 has a new design which is not only better looking than the previous one but also more advanced. The black-colored keypad features 29 programmable keys and is compatible with most Windows OS including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, as well as Mac OS X.

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It has a Led backlighting which can be adjusted to suit your desire or surrounding. The comfortable item has good ergonomics to prevent fatigue or aches, especially after intense or long hours of play. It has 7 color options to match the desired mood or surroundings and produces minimal noise for a pleasant experience.

#6. G13 Programmable Game Board With LCD Display

By: Logitech

The Logitech name is famous when it comes to gaming accessories. And true to its reputation, they don’t disappoint in regards to gaming keypads. The G13 gameboard looks incredible and futuristic courtesy of the well-lit LCD display. It displays the different function and has a very sensitive and crucial responsive feature. The GamePanel LCD display has excellent visibility, and you don’t struggle to see the system information, game stats, or player communications.

The Natural contour not only feels nice to the hand but also give you better control and response. It has 25 programmable keys to cater to your individual desires and also allows you to create macros. The Onboard memory enables you to program up to 5 profiles whereas the customizable backlighting allows you to select your preferred colors.

#5. 46-Key Wired Professional Backlit Gaming Keyboard

By: Deebol

Playing games will be more enjoyable and rewarding when using this keypad. The DEEBOL keyboard is fit for newbies and professionals and is compatible with many Operating Systems(OS) including Win 2000/ XP / Visa / 7/ and 8. The ergonomic keyboard comes in a compact size for easy storage and use and is also very lightweight. The 46 keys are strategically placed for easy reach and are very responsive to light touch.

This reduces the effort needed to operate the accessory. It features a 3-color LED backlit for improved visibility and elegance and has 10 million cycles Keystroke lifetime. Operating the keypad using a single hand is possible, thanks to the practical and simple design.

#4. Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

By: Koolertron

Coming with 43 Programmable keys, the Koolertron Cherry MX Black Pro stands out as one of the most functional gaming keypads on the market. Both beginners and avid gamers will love its simple layout and well-spaced keys which improve the response. The black-colored keyboard has a nice trendy look that also comes with the backlighting technology. It has a built-in MCU for storing commands, and this saves you from having to reset it every time you turn it on.

The 8 macro-based hardware can also be programmed to match your playing style or individual preference. It comes with Cherry MXBlack switches that have good trigger response and also support 9 different key programs (Burst/Combination/Mouse/Shift/Continue/Jitter….). Other than gaming, this keyboard is also suitable for video editing, design, and more.

#3. Mechanical Keyboard With RGB LED

By: Redragon

This is one of the most functional gaming keypads on the market. The K555 INDRAH Redragon gaming keyboard is made of premium aircraft-grade aluminum to handle intense play and regular movement. It has decent size and is compactly-designed to occupy the least space. Moving it on different surfaces is equally easy thanks to the beautiful profile. It is fit for different gaming styles and comprises 104 keyboards and is also feature-rich. The mechanical keyboard is very sensitive and requires you to only press the keys lightly during use.

This best gaming keypad comes in a nice black color that looks awesome with the LED illuminated backlighting and you can adjust the backlighting in 5 different ways. The switches are easy to customize to match your gameplay while the detachable wrist rest provides support and comfort to your hands. It has 6 different lighting modes, 7 colors and is compatible with Windows 10/ 8/7/ Vista/ XP and Mac OS.

#2. Chrome Expert RGB Gaming Keypad With 25 Programmable Keys

By: Razer

With the Razer Tartarus Chrome Expert RGB Gaming Keypad, you have full control at your fingertips. This helps you to dictate the pace of the game and also have the edge over your opponent. The stylish and trendy keyboard has 25 fully programmable buttons/keys and is very responsive. You apply little pressure to make your move. The hotkeys, macros, and other functions have been personalized for convenience while the adjustable wrist rest allows you to pick the most comfortable playing position.

And together with the good ergonomics, chances of aching or fatigued palms, fingers, wrists, or hands are minimal. You can customize the color, each button, as well as profile to match your mood or desire and n also download firmware updates and drivers from the cloud system.

#1. Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

By: Razer

And the top honors go to the Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad. It has been around for some time and still draws a lot of following. It’s ideal for any kind of player, whether beginner or professional and has a user-friendly interface for smooth operation. The lightweight pad is famed for its fantastic response and sensitive touchpad. It has 16 fully programmable buttons and comes in an all-new configuration for an improved experience. The lightweight pad is also small and combat and will fit perfectly on your desk, table, and other places.

It has backlit keys for easy use in dimly lit situations and doesn’t produce lots of noise even when the buttons are pressed hard. The Hype response buttons offer crisp and rapid response while the keys are well-spaced for improved accuracy. It connects to computers and gaming consoles via the USB 2.0 port and is compatible with most Operating Systems (OS).

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Best Gaming Keypads Buying Guide

Gaming keypads are one of the popular devices for convenient and comfortable gaming. So if you are looking for one but don’t know how, this buying guide will help you out. We include some main things to consider so that you will be able to choose the right gaming keypads easily. Let’s take a look and see what they are with us below.

Button Configuration

Different from the keyboard, the number of buttons on a gaming keypad varies from 15 to 25 or more. Also, remember that the buttons are not always programmable in all keypads. If you want to program the buttons, make sure the option that you choose has that function. There are different designs of keypads, and some come with a design that looks like half of a normal keyboard. Choosing a gaming keypad also depends on what type of game you usually play. Gaming keypads are usually popular with FPS, MOBA, and MMO games. All you need to do is choose the ones that match your game the most.


Look for the gaming keypads that have a comfortable rest for your wrist. That way, long hours gaming won’t put any strain or fatigue on your hand and wrist at all. Some models even come with palm-rest which is a total plus for users who prefer that. Also, the size of the keypad also affects the comfort of the keypad, so make sure you choose the right one. A responsive function is one thing, but comfort is also important in gaming as well, so don’t overlook that.

Mechanical Keys vs. Membrane Keys

This is actually the first thing to have in mind when you get a keypad for gaming. Different users have different gaming styles, but let’s see the difference if you are new to this:

    Mechanical Keys: are faster to actuate because you won’t have to press all the way down to register a keystroke. That makes it more convenient for you to use in both gaming and typing. Also, it has an individual mechanism for every single key on the board. Mechanical keys are clearer louder and more precise. That is also the downside because some users don’t like the loud click.
    Membrane Keys: are keycaps resting on top of a rubber dome that collapses when you put enough force. This type is softer and way quieter so that it is easy on the hand, especially for users with small hands. Along with that, it is also less expensive as well compared to mechanical keys.

RGB Lighting

Gaming is less fun and enjoyable without the presence of RGB lighting. Unlike gaming keyboards or gaming mouse that always include RGB lighting, gaming keypads don’t do that. Some gaming keypads don’t come with RGB lighting, so don’t forget to make sure to check when you one. Also, you might want RGB lighting in your gaming keypads to see the keys if you are new to them. There are RGB keypads that allow you to color each button any way you like which is so cool.

In Summary

Playing computer and video games can be more challenging if you lack the right control. Poorly placed buttons/keys, a keyboard or mouse that doesn’t move freely, or a poorly-lit background are some of the things that may interfere with your play. These and other related issues are pieces of cake when you have a gaming keypad. And just as the name indicates, it targets gamers.

It comes in a simple design for smooth operation, the buttons/keys are well-placed, and it is ergonomically designed, comes in Plug N Play, and is compatible with most devices. In this review, we have taken a brief look at the best gaming keypads in 2021. We went for the most versatile, easy to use, most compatible, pocket-friendly, and highly-rated products. With any of these products, the gaming experience will definitely go a notch higher.

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