Top 10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags In 2021 Review

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If you are serious about taking up boxing and various martial arts as your hobby or profession, you need to have a punching bag at home to practice. There are two types of punching bags available, and the free-standing punching bag is better than hanging ones. You can practice punches, kicks, high kicks, knee strikes, MMA strikes and various other moves. The base of the bags is very stable, and the rebound is rapid and faster than hanging ones. A punching bag is also useful for those who are conscious about health and fitness as they can do cardio workouts with it. The following article contains the top 10 best free standing punching bags which come with high quality and easy to use for users from all level.

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List Of Top Best Free Standing Punching Bags In 2021

#10. Elite Free-Standing Boxing MMA

Ringside Elite Free-Standing Boxing MMA

By – Ringside

The free-standing punching bag is 6 feet 4 inches tall, and it is not for light-hearted people. Those who are serious about boxing and various other martial arts, they should go for it. It is perfect for enhancing your skills and techniques. The endurance, flexibility, and stamina will improve over time. The foam is of premium quality, and it absorbs the shock of high impact strikes without creating dents. In fact, the rebound is quick, and there is a base pad available for protection when kicking. The maximum weight on the bag can be 270 pounds when fully filled.

Moreover, the foam collar is removable, and you can increase or decrease the movement of the bag. Whether it is knee strikes, punches, high kicks, or MMA strikes, the bag can withstand all of them perfectly. Many commercial gyms use the product overhanging punching bags. It falls under the category of heavy punching bags, and you can fill sand or water. The base is highly stable, and it is better than a hanging bag whose rebound rate is high. Moreover, it will not lead to any sustaining injury even when you practice for a long time daily.

#9. Wavemaster Powerline

Wavemaster Powerline

By – Wavemaster

This is the first of the many more Century free standing punching bag. Century is the most trusted and favorite brand in this segment, and this punching bag comes in two color options. This is an extra-large punching bag, and if you are tall and looking for high kicks and punches, this is the one for you. The base is extra stable as the large punching bag is likely to go through high and heavy strikes. The vinyl cover makes the product extra durable, and there is high-density foam inside. The foam is of top-notch quality, and it does not get dented with each strike or over a long duration use.

The maximum weight of the bag can be 270 pounds which is top-notch. You can fill with water or sand, but sand offers more stability. The base diameter is 24 inches and therefore, it is best to place in a large room with free space. The rebounding speed is lightning fast, and it is next to impossible to toss it with strikes. Some people also do ground striking, and you can clean the bag with a damp cloth anytime.

#8. Youth Versys Punching Bag

Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag

By – Century

This punching bag is tailor-made for teenagers who are getting started in boxing and kickboxing. It is also useful for various martial arts practice. The striking surface is large because, at the very beginning, the accuracy will not be high. Beginners will find it more convenient with large surface to hit and increase their strength. Moreover, teenagers of different heights can use it. Furthermore, you can use it for ground strikes, and it is not that heavy to pick up or toss. However, the base is remarkably stable to withstand the kicks and punches conveniently.

The product can enhance the coordination and technique significantly. In fact, it is great for overall fitness and cardio training. The best part is that the base comes filled and hence, you do not have to accumulate water or sand. The relocation is easy as it is easy to pick up. There will be no sustaining injury due to the high-density premium foam inside. The material is also durable for regular rough use. It is definitely an excellent choice for beginners.

#7. FHB3 Free-Standing Boxing MMA

Ringside FHB3 Free-Standing Boxing MMA

By – Ringside

Ringside is one of the most popular brands in the punching bag industry. That is why we have covered multiple products from the brand. This one happens to be the heaviest in the lot. If you are serious about boxing and kickboxing with the aspiring of becoming a professional, it is suitable for you. You can perfect your techniques, increase your speed and accuracy.

Moreover, it will boost your endurance and body strength. The product has a strong build, and it can withstand high-impact kicks and punches. The striking surface is large, and it acts as a perfect target for professional practicing. The maximum height is 68 inches.

As for the material, the exterior has durable vinyl. The interior has shock-absorbing foam, and there is an additional base pad for protection while kicking. The base tank has premium plastic construction, and you can fill sand or water up to 140 pounds. Whether you are practicing knee strikes, kickboxing, MMA strikes or other martial arts, this heavy punching bag will withstand everything with rapid rebound. On top of that, it is challenging to fall it over. However, you can roll it on the floor while replacing it.

#6. Children’s Pro Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag

Velocity Boxing Children’s Pro Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag

By – Velocity Boxing

This punching bag is going to improve the aerobic punch and high kicks. It is a fun way to encourage the kids to practice and get fit. Besides, it is highly instrumental in increasing the cardio endurance, and the development of hand and eye coordination will be optimal. The product comes with punching gloves and hand pump. You can adjust the height of the bag from 47 to 57 inches, whichever is suitable for you. The base is extremely stable, and you can fill 50 pounds of sand or water. It is a totally children’s product, and it is suitable for kids over the age of 5 years.

The base diameter is 16.5 inches, and it is easy to assemble. The company offers 30 days return in case you do not like the product. The reflex action will improve tremendously. The material is durable, and the foam stays intact for years. You will not get any skin rashes and allergy.

#5. Versys Fight Simulator

Century Versys Fight Simulator

By – Century

It is the most versatile punching bag from the brand. You can do stand-up training as well as ground training. Moreover, the training will be very realistic as if you are fighting an opponent. If you are not training for boxing and kickboxing, you can use the product for improving your fitness and body strength. It is one of the best free-standing punching bags to have in the gym. The best part is that it is pre-filled and you can take maximum impactful strikes and kicks. In fact, the company claims that the product is perfect for performers of all levels.

Besides, you can improve the aerobic conditioning, endurance, and speed. Moreover, you can perfect your technique and strategies. The striking surface is extremely large, and there are top handles for knee strikes which are not available in most of the free-standing punching bags. Furthermore, the natural rebounding property is unmatched.

#4. Kid Kick Wavemaster

Kid Kick Wavemaster

By – Century

From the name of the product, it is clear that the punching bag is for the kids. It is a perfect bag to introduce your kids to the boxing sport. Besides, it is also suitable for kickboxing, karate, and various form of martial art forms. The material of the punching bag is highly durable nylon and the interior has high-density foam. The use of nylon over vinyl makes it perfect for the kids. The maximum weight of the product will be around 170 pounds when it is full. As usual, you can fill the base with water or sand.

The construction is such that there will be no leakage irrespective of how impactful the punches and kicks are. There are four height adjustments available, and as kids grow up quickly, they can use it for years. Moreover, the product is easy to roll for relocation. One can easily improve speed and accuracy with the punching bag. The product is from the USA, and the company offers one year warranty.

#3. Aerobic Wavemaster

Century Aerobic Wavemaster

By – Century

This is a standard sized punching bag with a base diameter of 10.5 inches and a maximum height of 65 inches. Therefore, it is suitable for kids as well as adults, especially women. The maximum weight is 170 pounds when it is full, and there are three colors available. Since the product is from Century, you can rely on all its properties. It is one of the best free standing punching bags for cardio training. If you are looking for a power-punching bag, this is not for you. Instead, it is suitable for low-impact shots and cardio exercises. Therefore, slightly older men and women can also use it.

You can do quick kicks and precise strikes to increase speed and accuracy simultaneously. Moreover, you can increase adjust the height from 53.5 to 65.5 inches. Furthermore, it comes with high-density foam that stays in shape throughout the year.

#2. Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

By – Century

If you are a tall person and looking for an extra-large punching bag, this is the one you can opt for. This martial arts training bag comes with a high-quality striking surface. Therefore, it can withstand high impacts easily. It is one of the best free-standing punching bags in terms of durability. The material is high-quality vinyl, and it has high-density foam filling that stays tough for years. The base has extraordinary stability thanks to its ergonomic weight distribution.

You can fill water or sand and it will weigh around 270 pounds when it is full. The maximum standing weight is 69 inches and the diameter is 18 inches. However, you cannot adjust the height. You can increase your speed of striking as it has negligible rebound rate. It is more suitable for adults than kids as the base is 28 inches in height.

#1. Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

By – Century

Century is the most popular brand in the punching bag industry, and this is the best free standing punching bag from the brand. The bag offers optimal resistance and the rebound and rapid. This helps in better practicing as a delayed rebound kills the rhythm. The base can have water as well as sand as you think appropriate. The punching bag is easy to roll away and hence, you can replace it from one place to another in its filled state conveniently. Moreover, there are 7 height adjustment options available from 47 to 68 inches with an increment of 3 inches.

When you fill its base completely, it will weigh around 250 pounds. There are three different colors available, and it is perfectly suitable to withstand high-impact punches and kicks. It will help a person to increase his coordination, flexibility, and endurance. The material is vinyl along with premium-quality plastic. Hence, the product is going to be highly durable, and it is the best-rated free-standing punching bag on the list.

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Freestanding Punching Bags Buying Guide

You need to know the important factors before buying freestanding punching bags. That is why we put together some tips that you can find below. Feel free to check out those points because they will be helpful for you.


This is going to be something that you are going to punch and kick on a daily basis. This is why you should look for the ones that are durable enough to withstand all of that. The best freestanding punching bags should come with the ability to absorb shock. That means you should look for punching bags with high-quality materials such as vinyl. This material is super durable, and they are great to have for long term use.


Different materials mean different performance and durability, and they are:

    Canvas & PU: are durable enough for intense workouts and they are more affordable when it comes to price. This type is the most budget option, and it does its job for endurance training at a reasonable price.
    Leather: is the most comfortable material to punch, and it can take all the severe hits that you throw. High-quality leather will not rip because they are super durable. This material is expensive, but the durability and performance are worth every cent.
    Synthetic Leather: looks and feels like leather but less expensive. It is common because of the price although it does not provide long-term durability like real leather.


Freestanding punching bags come in many different size options that you can choose from. Along with that, some even allow you to adjust the height which is a total plus to have. The key is to pick the ones that are suitable for your training and levels. If you have plenty of space available, it is great to go for the option that is large. Since your ability is going to improve, going for the larger ones is a good decision.

Punching Bag Types

    Freestanding: comes with a base that you can fill with stand or water for stability. It is ideal for punching and kicking workouts as well as all-round training.
    Heavy Duty / Jumbo: is for hard and heavy training as it helps to improve your muscle tone and strength. This type is available either as a hanging or freestanding bag.
    Maize Ball & Bag: is the small hanging punch bag that trains your head movement and uppercuts. This type is perfect for building up defensive moves, and you can use it in smaller spaces.
    Speed Ball: helps to increase the hand-eye coordination as it swivels and bounces back when you punch it. When using a speedball, you have to react quickly which means it helps to improve your speed and flexibility.
    Uppercut: is smaller which is ideal for training to improve combination punches. Since combination punches are important to winning matches, uppercut punching bags play a big part in increasing your speed.

The Bottom Line

With a punching bag at home to practice every day and at any time, you can master the skills and techniques quickly. You can appoint a trainer, or you can check online videos to improve your speed, accuracy, and endurance.
Moreover, it also helps to increase body strength and keep yourself fit with a complete body workout. There are various types of free-standing punching bags available. Some have height-adjustable features; some are suitable for kids and teenagers while others are meant for serious aspiring boxers and martial art learners. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of the above best free standing punching bags.

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