Top 10 Best Food Processors In 2020 — Review & Buying Guides

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Life is more comfortable and enjoyable due to the invention of modern kitchen appliances like blenders, microwaves, juicers, and also food processors. They can blend, cut, mix, chop and puree fruits and vegetables and still retain their nutrients and freshness.

You no longer need to rely on the traditional methods to enjoy your juice, salad, smoothie, or puree. Food processors are easily accessible and cost-effective. Also, the cleanup does not require too much time and skill. We have identified the top 10 best food processors that have topnotch features to ensure a seamless process. Read through to get more information.

The List Of Best Food Processors In 2020

#10. 2-Speed 10-Cup Food Processor, 500-Watt

By: Oster

The Oster food processor has a beautiful exterior finish that blends well with your kitchen’s interior design. It uses 500-Watt power to give you a fast, easy, and fun processing. It has a large 10-cup capacity work bowl that can hold large quantities of fruits and vegetables without any risk of spills/drips.

Moreover, it comes with sturdy dough blades to chop, puree or slice tough veggies and fruits. The slicing blade and shredding disc ensure an ideal trim and cut with no effort at all. It has a wide feed chute to accommodate whole fruits, vegetables, and even a block of cheese to ensure there is no pre-cutting process.

In Summary:

Beautiful exterior finish matches the kitchen’s décor
500-Watt power offers fast performance
Fun and easy processing
Deceit 10-cup capacity
Sturdy tough dough blades

#9. 12 Cup Food Processor With Ultra Quiet Powerful Motor

By: Braun

Braun Company never disappoints on producing quality products. This handy food processor comes with a French fry cutter which is perfect for French fry lovers. It has a juicer attachment that lets you enjoy different varieties of fruits without losing nutrients.

On top of that, the presence of easy to use speed controls gives you maximum control over your shredding and chopping. Also, it has a modern design that is dishwasher safe apart from the motor. To know more about how to use a food processor, this video can give you more details.

In Summary:

Includes a French fry cutter
And simple controls
Easy shredding and chopping
Modern and trendy design
Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

By: KitchenAid

To have puree and juices that are full nutrients without breaking the bank is more than a possibility. This food processor is made with a stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to cut through foods with ease and efficiency. The 3.5 cup size is best to puree a considerable amount of healthy foods without any spills.

In addition, this best food processor has a BPA-free work bowl which lets you see the blending process. The ergonomic handle and pour spout allows you to efficiently use this processor and also flow into cups without spilling off. Last but not least, it comes with 2-speed and a pulse control feature to either produce a fine or course results.

In Summary:

Comprises stainless steel blade
Sharp blades easily cut through foods
3.5-cup capacity holds a considerable volume
BPA-free to prevent side effects
Ergonomic and comfortable handle

#7. Sous Chef Food Processor

By: Breville

The Breville food processor beats the rest because of the 16-Cup large bowl which is great for large quantities of smoothies. Additionally, it has a 2.5 mini processing bowl which is ideal for small to medium foods. The sturdy 2-multifunctional discs with 3 blades ensure a fast and smooth blending process. It includes a beautifully-designed 5.5-inch wide feed chute that reduces the need for pre-cutting vegetables and fruits to the least size.

Moreover, the cleanup is straightforward, and the mechanism of changing blades is swift and safe. It has a timer and starts/stop button to give you total control of your machine. The unit uses a very nice system where the plunger/pusher functionality stays on but not running. When you pull, it automatically restarts.

In Summary:

Large 16-Cup bowl
Includes a 2.5 mini processing bowl
Sturdy 2-multifunctional cutting/shredding discs
3 Ultrasharp blades for fast and smooth operation
Elegant 5.5-inch wide feed chute

#6. 14-Cup Processor With Brushed Stainless Steel

By: Cuisinart

If you prefer to blend large amounts of vegetables and fruits at a go, this food processor is a good choice. It has a 14-cup bowl which is large enough to fit tons of food without a spill. The large feed tube allows you to blend whole fruits and vegetables without the need for precutting. The stainless steel blade is rustproof and more durable compared to other materials.

Besides that, it uses a superior 720 Watt Motor which allows you to prepare foods more quickly and efficiently. The stylish piece has 7 food functions like chop, mix, puree, plus more to give you a seamless processing experience. It comes with a recipe book to expand your ingredients and experiment on different types of blends/puree.

In Summary:

Suitable for vegetables and fruits
A decent 14-cup bowl
Blends fruits and vegetables with ease
Stainless steel and rustproof blade
A superior 720-Watt electric motor
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#5. 12-Cups Stack & Snap Food Processor

By: Hamilton Beach

Hamilton processor boasts of the stack and snaps construction which ensures you secure the lid on to the 12-cup large bowl with no need to hold it down. It is simple to use the processor since it comes with a robust built-in pour spout which is efficient to avoid spills.

Furthermore, the maximum liquid fill line lets you know how much quantity to put inside it. It uses a well-constructed stainless steel S blade chops, blends, and mix vegetables and fruits to precise perfection. The reversible slicing disc blade is perfect for slicing fruits, and the shredding disc is ideal for shredding foods. A full feed tube allows you to blend, chop, or shred foods wholly without precutting them.

In Summary:

Large 12-cup bowl
Easy to use and comfortable design
Robust and practical built-in pour spout
Hardened stainless steel modes blade
Chops, shreds, and blends vegetables and fruits
Reversible slicing disc blade and a full feed tube

#4. Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome & Nickel

By: Cuisinart

The Cuisinart food processor has a modern design that complements all your kitchen appliances and is eye-catching. It has an auto-reversing power blade that gives you two processing options- fine or course. The push-button control is effortless and safe to use. It uses 250watt power to provide you with speedy and more efficient processing.

Also, the item has a 3-cup plastic bowl that accommodates decent c volumes of puree and juices. The parts are dishwasher safe, and cleanup is a breeze. Lastly, it comes with a sturdy handle that gives you a more firm hold during use and cleanup.

In Summary:

Modern design complements the kitchen
An auto-reversing power blade
You two processing options (fine and course)
Simple push-button control
Powerful 250-watt motor and a 3-cup plastic bowl

#3. Master prep professional Chopper, Blender, Food Processor

By: SharkNinja

Shark Ninja has come up with a 3-in-1 food processor that lets you blend, mix, and puree with ease. It has 3 bowls: 16 oz /2-cup chopper, 40 oz. /5-cup and 48 oz. 6-cup pitcher bowl for even chopping, processing, and preparation. It can blend up to a smooth consistency, either hot or cold, and even raw or cooked. The built-in flap functionality allows you to lift it and pour the liquid into the pitcher without the need to remove the entire lid.

What’s more, it has a pouring spout that ensures easy meal preparation without any spills/drips. Each container has a non-skid rubber material on the bottom that allows even blending because of staying firm on the same position. Last but not least, the removable blades are sharp for faster pureeing and also ensure you have easy cleanup.

In Summary:

3-in-1 food processor for blending, mixing, pureeing
3 high-quality bowls (16 oz /2-cup, 40 oz. /5-cup, and 48 oz. /6-cup)
Smooth and even chopping and shredding
Built-in flap for easy lifting and pouring
A non-skid and firm grip rubber material base

#2. 8-Cups Food Processor, Black

By: Hamilton Beach

This best food processor uses 450-watt power consumption with a strong motor to give a quality end product. It has a flip-lid construction that is easy to operate for a seamless handling experience. The dishwasher-safe mechanism allows you to clean up the bowl, blades, and lid easily. It has 2 speeds plus a pulse button to give you more speed options and improve reliability.

In addition to that, no more tiresome precut sessions because this handy equipment comes with a wide-mouth feed chute to accommodate whole fruits, a block of cheese, and vegetables. It has a strong stainless steel shred/slice disc that ensures an even puree and adds an edgy aesthetic effect.

In Summary:

450-watt power consumption
A strong and powerful electric motor
A flip-lid for smooth operation
Dishwasher-safe mechanism and easy to clean
2 speeds and a pulse button

#1. Master Prep Chopper, Blender, Food Processor

By: SharkNinja

This is a powerful food processor that lasts long even after daily use. It has an anti-spill and splash guard which protects you from thrusts of liquids and messy situations. The simple to use easy-flip pour spout is incomparable to the rest because it gives you a natural meal preparation process.

Furthermore, it is inclusive of the no-slip base which gives it extra stability when you store and use it. This best food processor comes in an ergonomic operation that has a one-touch pulsing allowing a safe and straightforward product. The sharp blades are perfect for frozen blending and even chopping for all your favorite fruits and vegetable smoothies.

In Summary:

Powerful and reliable
Anti-splash and anti-spill guard
Easy to fill simple pour spout
A non-slip base and excellent stability
Ergonomic design and a one-touch pulsing
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How To Properly Clean A Food Processor

It takes just a little time to do a thorough cleanup of your unit. We have the following tips to guide you through your entire cleaning process.

    Disassemble Your Food Processor: The first step to do is to disassemble your unit. Remove the pusher unit, and take out the blade after removing the work bowl of the built-in motor. Some food residues love hiding in this area. Every part should be disassembled to ensure you clean them properly.
    Clean the Blade: Handle this part carefully because of its sharp edges. After every use, you should ensure you wash the blade because moisture might make it blunt, dull, and this affects the performance. When cleaning the blade, make sure no food debris is stuck left between the tubes.
    Clean the Motor: Always use a damp cloth to wipe down the motor section. Never soak in water because it is likely to malfunction. You can use dish soap for stubborn stains like a tomato.
    Wash Removable Parts: Wash the removable parts like the work bowl with warm water and soap. Some people even use bleach to ensure no germs loom by. The ideal thing to do is to let the parts soak for a while to soften any stuck food debris and to ease the cleanup process.
    Completely Dry and Reassemble: Full-dry the pieces, reassemble them, and store in a dry place like a countertop.

Parts of A Food Processor

Most people do not know the components commonly found in a food processor. They range from blades, choppers, slicers, juicers, spouts, and more.

Standard Blade

Standard blade is the most common that come with food processors. The S blade does the most work and that why it has to have a heavy-duty material. It usually has a circular design that is inclusive of 2 or more sharp curved blades that stick out in opposite directions. It spins at the set speed you prefer and cuts pieces of foods finely or coarsely.

Another standard blade is the frisbee-looking blades. They are circular and flat. They are located at the bottom of the processor. Furthermore, they have whole different sizes, and puree seeps through them quickly. Grates or slicers cover the top of this disc to ensure a more seamless chopping and slicing process.


A powerful motor helps the blades and slicers to rotate fast and efficiently. It enables you to get to the consistency you prefer with no effort. Motors do not require electricity to function, and most processors have voltage from 300 watts.

Capacity Work Bowl

All of the processors have work bowls that come in different sizes. They range from a 2-cup to up to 14-cup capacity. Also, they are made of durable material that is dishwasher safe.

Pour Spout

Most of them have pour spouts that help you to pour your blended food more accurately without spills easily and creating a mess.

One-Touch Functionality

The mechanism that these processors use is user-friendly. They have speed buttons, on/off dials, and also and pulse buttons. These buttons give you the maximum convenience during meal preparation. You can set to your preferred speed and enjoy a healthy smoothie, juice, salad, and more.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen appliances should relieve excess workload during use. These best food processors are not only great units but also easy to use. Ensure when you start the cleaning process, make sure you unplug from the main switch to avoid shocks and malfunctions.

Also, remember to look out for the best features like motor strength, speed, durability, voltage, and even performance. Lastly, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and manual to ensure you operate your unit correctly. Food processors make your blending process easy, enjoyable, and convenient.

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