Top 10 Best Folding Mountain Bikes Review In 2021

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If you are looking for a bike that can fit in your car’s trunk without compromising with the size, then the best folding mountain bike is an ideal choice. With a folding mountain bike, you can ride on normal road conditions as well as the roads on the hills. There are sturdy in construction and highly durable, even with everyday use.

Most of them have the suspension to absorb the ups and downs of the hilly roads and making the ride comfortable. In fact, you can carry a folding bike with you instead of parking it which is convenient for many. We have handpicked the best folding mountain bikes for you and listed them below.

List Of The Best Folding Mountain Bikes In 2021

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#10. Alloy Folding Mountain Bike Shimano 21 Speed

By: Camp

This folding mountain bike comes with a dual-suspension frame, and the frame is made out of durable alloy. There are 21-speed gears, and it is a 26-inch bike. The alloy disc brake is strong, and there are double-wall alloy side rims. Moreover, you will find the quickly removable front handle stem and folding latch. The bike is available in four different colors, and it is a high-quality bike for rough road conditions. The folding is done in 10 seconds, and it can fit in the car truck quite easily. Moreover, the assembling is very convenient, and if required, one can take to the local bike shop for fully assembling. The pedals are also folding which saves a lot of space.

#9. Electric Folding Mountain Bike 6 Spokes

By: Speedrid

This folding mountain bike has solid wheels and is very easy to carry. The integrated wheels are of magnesium alloy and have a thick tire which is slip-resistant. This is ideal for any type of road and is also perfect for any weather including snowy or rainy. It is very safe, and it is an e-bike which comes with two working modes. In the electric mode, you don’t have to make an effort to ride it, and in the assisted mode, you will have to provide some assistance to the bike.

It comes with a large capacity lithium battery, and there is also a charger. The charging is very quick and takes only 4 to 6 hours. In addition to this, the bike also has a powerful motor of 36 V 250watt. Moreover, the motor will enable the bike to run on any surface, even on the mountain. This is environmentally friendly and is also very easy to ride. The speed of the bike is 30 km per hour, and it is worth buying.

#8. 7 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Hybrid Suspension


This mountain bike is very easy to fold, and it includes a 26 inches suspension steel fork. This has a steel folding frame of 26 inches and is very lightweight. You can easily adjust the handlebar as well as the height of the seat. Once folded, its dimension gets reduced to 48 x 36 18 inches. This has a very sporty look, and it comes 85% assembled. Moreover, this is very stable and comfortable and will give you an athletic look when you ride it.

The bike is suitable for different surfaces and has an easy control. You will be getting a wide gear range with the mountain crank. This is available in three different colors and has a steel riser bar. Besides, this is also a durable product as it has a single alloy wall and there is derailleur shifter. Additionally, the premium quality bike is very suitable for daily use and is suitable for anyone over seven years. It has a strong kickstand, and it comes with a pedal which is very easy to assemble.

#7. Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike

By: Stowabike

With a frame of 26 inches, this folding mountain bike comes in two different colors. This is an 18-speed mountain bike; it also has a suspension steel fork measuring 26 inches. It includes steel v-brakes and is a very durable product. The grips are made up of black rubber, and it has a weight capacity of 177 pounds. There is also a steel stem in the handle, and it is straightforward to use. It has quality components and has dual suspension. This is very suitable for competition and can even ride in tight spaces.

Moreover, when folded, it becomes very compact and will not occupy much space. This is also very lightweight and has three-speed grip shifter on the left. On the right, there is a six-speed grip shifter, and you will also find a mountain bike saddle. This will ride on most of the surfaces and will not let you down. Furthermore, it has a sporty look and also suitable for people who haven’t got much height. It will not disappoint you when it comes to performance.

#6. Folding Mountain Bike 7 Speeds Full

By: Murtisol

For someone who is looking to have a folding mountain bike which comes in many different colors, this is a perfect choice. It is made up of premium quality components and is very lightweight. This is also very sturdy, and the component in the bike makes it very durable. You can easily fold it for transportation and storage. Moreover, in this, you will be getting a suspension fork which will minimize the vibration on any terrain. You can also control the V-brakes and have a stable journey.

The bike will let you have easy shifting, and it can tolerate a total weight of up to 220 pounds. This is very suitable for cyclists having a height of over 5 foot 1 inch. Furthermore, this has an adjustable seat and has an athletic look. Despite its speed, it will let you have a smooth ride. Every part of this bike has been tested for your safety. This also has durable tires which are non-slip and comes in a generous design. This is 100% safe and will give you a comfortable riding experience.

#5. Folding Mountain Bike With Full Suspension

By: Cyrusher

Composed of the premium quality aluminum alloy frame, this folding mountain bike will let you have a smooth cruise as well as easy riding. This has an amazing braking system and includes a 26-inch wheel. This is very lightweight and has a high-quality suspension fork which is shock absorbent. In this, you will be able to ride at different speeds and allow you to have full suspension when you are riding in terrains like sand, creeks, or mud. Apart from being foldable, this bike is also adjustable.

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The quick-release clamp will do the task for you with much ease, and you can store it anywhere you want without occupying much space. This also has unique tires and is suitable for all types of roads. Changing the gear is very smooth, and it has enhanced control and safety. With the rear and front disc brakes, this will let you ride safely in sloppy terrains. You will also have good control in stopping the bike. The sporty looking bike with many amazing features comes in two different colors. It is one of the best folding mountain bikes to buy.

#4. Paratrooper 24 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

By: Montague

This is a strong mountain bike with an attractive design. The folding design is patented, and it is developed under the grant from DARPA. It is perfect for airborne soldiers to drop from helicopters and airplanes and go for combat. Therefore, you can get an idea of the beast of a bike it is. There are various speed controls available, and the suspensions are top-notch. The disc brakes are of high-quality, and there is a rack stand available for hauling gear.

The load-bearing capacity is extreme, and it is suitable for everyday commuters as well as weekend commuters. The company offers one year warranty, and it requires some assembling which you can do at the local bike shop. It comes in black colors, and there are also various sizes available for making the perfect selection.

#3. 20″ Folding City V3 Compact Foldable Bike

By: Stowabike

There are two different colors available black and green for this folding mountain bike. It is ideal for daily commuters, and you can easily fold it up and store in a rather compact space. The frame has high-quality steel constriction, and it is 20-inch in size. The best part is that there are 6 different speed controlling gear system. Moreover, you will find the built-in rack structure for carrying goods when you are going hiking.

It is one of the lightest mountain bikes, and there are many mudguards available which are handy in muddy conditions of the hilly roads. Additionally, there are reflectors available for night visibility and avoiding accidents. The flat handlebar has a great rubber grip, and the height of the seat is adjustable. Therefore, from kids to adults, all of them can ride it comfortably. It is definitely one of the most reliable and best folding mountain bikes to buy.

#2. Lightweight Aluminum Frame Shimano 7-Speed Folding Bike

By: EuroMini

There are three different color variants available for this lightweight mountain bike. The lightweight is due to its aluminum frame instead of steel. It is very easy to fold within seconds, and therefore, you can carry it with you. There are also 7 different speed controls available, and the grip style shifter is quite cool to operate. It is a highly adjustable bike which means starting from kids to adults up to the height of six feet can ride it comfortably by adjusting the seat height.

The bike sports multi-terrain tires and stylish brakes which add to its aesthetic property. It is one of the bestselling folding mountain bikes on the list, and it weighs only 28 pounds. Besides, it also comes 99% assembled, and all you have to do is attach the pedal which is easy. The brand is US-based, and therefore, you can trust the quality of the product. There are also places for mounting water bottle, and it comes with reflectors and kickstand.

#1. 26″ Folding Bike 18 Speeds

By: Columba

This is currently the best-rated folding mountain bikes and definitely worth buying. It comes with 18-speed shifters, and there are alloy front and rear V-brakes. The tires are its main selling point as they are tailor-made for all road conditions, especially mountains. The wheels are 26 inches, and it comes with removable front handle stem. There are also silver cap and black PVC bell. The usual steel hub and kickstand are present.

It is one of the top-rated folding mountain bikes to ride in terms of all the features and comfort. It comes 90% assembled and the rest you can do at home if you have the tools. The folding takes 10 seconds, and it can fit in the car’s trunk. It is suitable for people with height in between 5’3” and 6 feet. Additionally, it can support a maximum weight of 200 pounds. There are three different color options available for it.

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While buying a folding mountain bike, you need to check the weight and the dimension of the bike after folding. You can be sure whether it will fit into your car’s trunk or not. The ease of folding is an important factor, and it should neither be too stiff nor too loose. Besides, the suspension on the bike is crucial as you are likely to ride on bumpy road conditions on the hilly roads. We have taken all these points into our consideration while handpicked these best folding mountain bikes for you.

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