The 14 Best Floating Water Mats in 2019 Reviews & Guides

A trip to a beach in incomplete if you cannot spend a few hours floating on the water and get a tan. You can swim and lie on the shore of the beach, but to take things to the next level, lounging on the ocean or river is the best option. To float on water, you need to buy a stable and sturdy floating mat depending on the number of persons who will chill together. There are different sizes available, and you can tie them to your boat or dock and have your lunch floating on the water. You can find the best floating water mats below with different features and functionalities to suit your requirements.

List of Best Floating Water Mats in 2019

#14 Island Hopper 20 Foot Water Walk Floating Foam Mat

Island Hopper 20 Foot Water Walk Floating Foam Mat

By: Island Hopper

This is a super large floating water mat with high buoyancy so that it can support multiple family members at once. All the members can be on the same mat, and hence, it would be easy to carry and use on the water. It is a perfect lounge, and one can walk and run on it without any fear of sinking. There is triple-layered foam with durable inner mesh which makes it tear-proof. Moreover, there is no assembly required, and it is highly portable. The pets and kids cannot rip it easily due to the tough outer membrane. The company offers two years of warranty.

#13 Aquaglide Sun Seeker Splash Pad Floating Water Mat

Aquaglide Sun Seeker Splash Pad Floating Water Mat

By: Aquaglide

This is a highly versatile inflatable mat that can be used as a lounge by an entire family. It is easily inflatable, and you can deploy quickly. It is very stable on the water, and one can walk over it comfortably. If you buy multiple of them, you can connect them seamlessly and make a bigger lounge. The material used is heavy-duty PVC, and it is easy to deflate and transport. On top of that, it can be used on both sides, and it is suitable for four adults. It can be used for multiple water sports creatively.

#12 Big Joe 2050ABW Waterpad

Big Joe 2050ABW Waterpad

By: Big Joe

It is a relatively new product, and it is quite large to accommodate four family members comfortably. There are grommets for anchoring, and alternately, you can use it as a cup holder. You can roll in up and carry or storage without taking much space. The product is very sturdy, and the outer cover is tear-proof and suitable for kids and pets. Furthermore, the stability is high, and you can put weight on any side without denting it.

#11 Mission Boat Gear REEF Mat Inflatable Floating Dock Water Lounge (85 inch)

Mission Boat Gear REEF Mat Inflatable Floating Dock Water Lounge (85 inch)

By: Mission

This is one of the best floating water mats available in the market in terms of rigidity. It has a very thick material construction, and you can do any activities on it thanks to its stability. The surface is huge, and yet, you can deflate it and store comfortably in a limited space. The product is highly durable, and there are double reinforced seams to elongate its longevity. On top of that, people with sensitive skin can lie on it with a bare top without getting any allergy issues. The product comes with a hand pump with which you can inflate it instantly.

#10 Redneck Convent Jumbo Water Mat Floating Island for Lake, 18’ x 6’ Foot

Redneck Convent Jumbo Water Mat Floating Island for Lake, 18’ x 6’ Foot

By: Redneck Convent

This is a water mat that can use water pads for the lake. This is a giant water pad with vibrant color design to make your kids have fun in their vacations. It is a heavy-duty product which means you can use it regularly and do all the rough work without worrying about wear and tear issues. There are bungee tether and carabiner provided for anchoring it to your boat or dock. The cross-linked foam with double-layer construction certainly makes it a long-lasting item. It is suited for a large family with kids. You can roll it up and fasten with the straps available for easy transportation.

#9 Fun Float Floating Water Mat, Swimming Island, Aqua Pad, Used in Lake, Pool, on Beach

Fun Float Floating Water Mat, Swimming Island, Aqua Pad, Used in Lake, Pool, on Beach

By: Fun Float

This is one of the largest floating water mats available, and you can choose different sizes. You can do all the different water sports comfortably due to its high stability. The material construction is sturdy, and there is no fear of puncture or easy tear. There are various color options available, and it is highly durable and also safe enough for regular rough use. Inside the package, you will find various other accessories for making it more comfortable and versatile in application.

#8 Maui Mat by Aqua Lily Products: Floating Foam Fun Pad

Maui Mat by Aqua Lily Products- Floating Foam Fun Pad

By: Maui Mat

This water mat has been made using cross-linking foam and Flex-Core technology, giving it longevity. It can hold weight up to 1200 pounds which makes it ideal for a family. It weighs only twenty-five pounds, and so, it is easy to roll up and store. The hook and loop closing system help to fold the mat in a small and compact shape. The thickness of over 1.3 inches ensures that this water mat stays unscathed even in the harshest summer sun.

#7 Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat, 114″ X 84″

Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat, 114 X 84

By: Intex

The product comes with a new and improved design that offers optimal comfort. The water mat can be easily connected with other mats to make a large enough space. It folds small and compact for easy storage. It has two air chambers for safety.

Moreover, it is made from twenty-gauge Vinyl, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The weight limit on this one is 600 lbs. Moreover, you can tether it to a boat from any of the four corners. It is quick to inflate and deflate.

#6 O’Brien Water Carpet with Grommet Kit

O'Brien Water Carpet with Grommet Kit

By: O’Brien

The water mat is six feet wide and eighteen feet long. It can easily hold six people while they sit, play, or party. A kit comes with it in the package so that you can tether it whenever you need. It comes in three beautiful colors of red, blue, and green. You can roll it up for storage or carry it on vacations. It lets you soak in the sun while enjoying the coolness of the water. It is one of the best floating water mats that are perfect water mat for a family.

#5 Airhead SUN COMFORT COOL SUEDE Pool Mattress

Airhead SUN COMFORT COOL SUEDE Pool Mattress

By: Airhead

This water mat comes with detachable pillows. The pillow also provides stability to the mat and comfort to your head. You can inflate and deflate the mat in a matter of minutes. It keeps your body above the water while you soak in the Sun. On top of that, you get five colors to choose from in this product. You can easily fold it and pack it in for the vacations. You can tether the sides of the mat to a boat if you need. The high-grade nylon and foam are used to make the product.

#4 OUTERDO Water Hammock Pool Lounger Float Hammock Inflatable Rafts Swimming Pool

OUTERDO Water Hammock Pool Lounger Float Hammock Inflatable Rafts Swimming Pool


This water hammock is easy to inflate and deflate. It is foldable, giving you the ease of carrying anywhere you want. It keeps your body cool by letting only the middle part of your body to soak in water while the knee and head stay above the water. The ergonomic designing gives support to your body. The nylon fabric gives you abundant comfort. It can handle weight up to 250 lbs. It is available in two vibrant colors of blue and red.

#3 Rubber Dockie 18×6-Feet Floating Mat

Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet Floating Mat

By: Rubber Dockie

There are two available sizes to this water mat. It is made from two-ply cells and foam of over 1.3-inch thickness. It contains a pair of Velcro straps to help you roll up the product for secure storage. Also, it comes with a bungee tether of 12 feet, hook storing straps, and custom loops. The outer membrane of this water mat is made of tuff hide. It can hold the weight of over 1200 lbs.

The colors orange and green make it vibrant enough to be visible clearly in the crowded areas. The inner matrix is made out of high-grade nylon which prevents punctures and rips. It also helps in resisting dirt and grime from the surface. This is one of the best-rated floating mats currently.

#2 WOW World of Watersports, Inflatable Floating Water Walkway, 10 x 6 Feet, 1 to 6 People

WOW World of Watersports, Inflatable Floating Water Walkway, 10 x 6 Feet, 1 to 6 People

By: WOW Sports

It comes with a connecting zipper structure that lets you join as many mats as you feel you will need. After the product is suitably inflated, it is stable enough for you to walk across it with ease. You need to connect well between two boats to crossover from one to another. There are grommets on the sides to let you tie it to a boat.

Moreover, it comes with two pieces of rope measuring six-foot to tie off the ends. The vertical beams make the water mat firm enough for six adults to stand on it with ease. You can use it as a walking platform to reach the boats or as an island for people to party. Check out how people are using the water mat on this YouTube video.

#1 Texas Recreation Sunray 1.25″ Thick Swimming Pool Foam Pool Floating Mattress

Texas Recreation Sunray 1.25 Thick Swimming Pool Foam Pool Floating Mattress

By: Texas Recreation

The water mat is made out of vinyl coating and high-quality foam which makes it durable in nature. You get to take your pick from eight vibrant colors and five types of thickness. The pillow is of the full-roll up variety. It gives support to your head and adds buoyancy to the entire structure. The vinyl coating on the products makes it easy to clean.

You can keep it out on the Sun for as long as you want as it is resistant to UV rays, salt water, and chlorine. In addition, it comes hand-made from the United States of America. The shape of the water mat is ergonomically designed to fit the structure of the body for extra comfort.

What Are The Factors You Should Check To Aquire The Best Floating Water Mat?

  • Protection: The durability of the water mat is the most crucial factor, and the material used and the design determines it. It does not matter how good the material is, if the construction is not efficient, the water mat will not last long and pose many dangers. Therefore, you should check protective parameters like whether it is worn and tear-proof or not, whether the kids and pets can puncture it or not and likewise. Furthermore, the joints must be reinforced, and there must be options to lock the mat to the boat or dock.
  • Stability: The stability of the mat is going to determine the type of activities you can do on it. While some water mats are only for lying down, some of them are suitable for walking, running, and do various watersports comfortably. We will recommend you to spend a few more bucks and buy a water mat that is suitable for watersports because they are the most stable and can take extra weight seamlessly.
  • Capacity: There is no point in buying a large floating mat unnecessary if your family is not big. In that case, we will suggest you buy a proper water mat to fit just your family members and make sure that there is an option to connect extra mats in the future. This will help you if more guests want to hang out together on the water. However, buying an oversized mat can provide you more space even though it will require more space for storage.


If you are planning a beach trip soon, you should buy a floating water mat that you can roll up and carry with you. You can float on the water while others rest on the uncomfortable sand. You can also use the mat on your swimming pool and nearby rivers and lakes. Most of those mentioned above, best floating water mats have sturdy construction to let users use them for various watersports. You can walk and run on them effortlessly without causing any dent and instability. Choose the size correctly and if you are not sure, go for the ones with joinable locks to place multiple interconnected mats side by side.

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