Discover Top 12 Best Floating Shelves – Review In 2021

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There are various types of shelves available in the market that people buy for different rooms to keep regular and decorative items. However, the floating shelves among them are the most popular. They make the wall look cleaner and do not take any space on the ground. Moreover, they are far better looking, and there are various theme-based floating shelves available. You can install them on any wall and position you want. They are also easy to install, and maintenance is also low. Check out the best floating shelves available below and choose the best set as per your room décor.

Top Best Floating Shelves Reviews In 2021

#12. Multiple Layer Floating Shelves

By – Avignon Home

The multi-layered shelves with the rustic wood finish make this product a very space-convenient for your home or office. You can easily decorate your office room, living room, dining room, kitchen, and more places with decorative items, books, photo frames, and so on. With an instruction book and all necessary hardware, you require a minimal amount of time to install these shelves.

Besides, there are also no visible screws or connectors after setting up the products. Moreover, one single package includes three shelves and six brackets. The shelves can add a traditional look to your interior decoration. Furthermore, these shelves are pretty much cost-effective and yet durable. You can place this thing almost everywhere to turn the clutters into the decorative ones. You can use these shelves to create memorabilia or documentation of books or likewise.

#11. Victorian Wall Ledge and Shelf

By – Ballucci

These classy looking Victorian shelves with various sizes can hold up to 26pounds of weight. With robust MDF construction, the shelves are the symbol of durability. The metal keyholes and brackets on the back of the shelves support a stress-free installation. Furthermore, you can utilize these shelves in the bedroom, kitchen room, dining room, living room of your house, or even you can use these shelves to enhance the décor of your office.

Moreover, these shelves are designed to save your home space with compactness. The shelves are cent percent hand-made products. You just need to clean the shelves with wet or dry, warm cloth, if these get dirty. The Victorian style of the shelves will enhance the beauty of the room where you keep them.

#10. Vista Picture Ledge Floating Ledge Wall Shelves


The picture frame design of the floating shelves is very stylish, and the MDF construction makes it very durable and provides stability. These shelves are well finished, and the stickers are there to cover any visible screws, connectors, or tracks holes. The ‘U’ structure of the shelves also prevents your valuable belongings from falling. Moreover, the shelves require minimum installation with no time.

You can easily put your books, cosmetics, photo frames and knickknacks, and so on. Additionally, the shelves can suit both your home and office atmosphere. The espresso color can suit any neutral wall color. You also require no additional hardware to set up these shelves. These shelves are the best way to showcase your memories in front of everyone. The products also come in a pocket-friendly budget.

#9. Distressed Wood Hanging Swing Rope Floating Shelves


The DIY feel of these shelves provides a complete look to your room décor. The swing rope with wooden rectangular thick shelves comes in a pair. One does not need any other hardware material other than a hook to install this product. You do not have to waste much time to set the shelves. You can also place these shelves almost everywhere from your room window to the office door, even on the wall of your bathroom, terrace, and kitchen.

Besides, the shelves also give you the feeling of the luxurious home-made products. The individual shelf is in support of ‘A’ shaped four twisted thick jute rope. These shelves are totally hand-made and safe for the environment. You can put books, plants, showpieces, and many more things on the shelves with ease. It is one of the most affordable and best floating shelves to opt for.

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#8. Wall Mounted Torched Wood U-Shaped Floating Shelves

By – MyGift

The “U” shaped of three various sized floating shelves are made of burnt wood with a whitewash finish. These shelves can create a decorative display to your wall. You can easily mount these shelves on any wall surface. These shelves have taken the inspiration of farmhouse or country décor. The natural wood material also suits the best on any neutral color walls. These shelves are pretty much space-efficient. Moreover, you can also place these shelves in your office or home wall.

These shelves can effortlessly hold books, photo frames, small plants, and many more decorative items in your living or dining room. Even you can place these shelves in the kitchen to put cups and spices on these and place towels and soaps if you mount these at the bathroom. Wherever you put these shelves, they will complement your wall.

#7. Decorative 4 Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

By – Greenco

With the fine-looking four interconnected cubes, these shelves are uniquely designed to bring shine to your interior decoration. The floating shelves are made of solid MFD laminate to last long. The white finish of the shelves also suits all kinds of the wall with precision. The shelves have an easy installation with not much time requirement. These can save a lot of space in your room by holding all the trinkets, souvenirs, photo-frames, small plants, and enhance the beauty of your décor.

You can get the decorative yet functional solution for your office or home by using these shelves. Moreover, the package also provides all the necessary hardware to install the shelves. The floating shelves are very much pocket-friendly and stylish at the same time.

#6. Floating Wall Shelves Set

By – Americanflat

The pack of three floating shelves with large size can hold all your dearest longings, like decorative items, photo frames, trophies, soft toys, books, clock, electric decors, and framed art, and so on. You can easily hang these shelves with the help of six screws. These shelves are also very much space-efficient and even add shine to the blank wall of your living space, dining space, and workspace. Moreover, the wood composite material, with its sturdiness, provides durability to the shelves.

You can show off your achievements by placing all your trophies, medals, souvenirs, and certificates on these shelves. Furthermore, with the simple yet elegant look, these shelves match all your decoration needs. The shelves support stress-free and quick time installation in a low amount.

#5. Espresso Finish Wooden Floating Shelves

By – Sagler

The beautiful espresso shade of these three shelves adds shine to your wall. The different size of the shelves makes you manage your home with the space-efficiency feature. The sleek-looking shelves also have the classic shape of “U.” You can place your collectibles, small plants, small photo frames, trophies, and much more valuable or hide away your knick-knack with smartness. Moreover, the MDF material on the shelves makes them very robust for use.

The shelves are not much in weight, but yet much pocket-friendly. The texture of the shelves comes with a wooden-look and can hold hefty decorative items with no trouble. Furthermore, it has low maintenance, and you can easily clean the shelves with a warm damp cloth. With the help of cloaking metal plates and small screws, you can also easily assemble the shelves.

#4. Rustic Wood Wall Storage Floating Shelves

By – Love-KANKEI

This set of 3 different size floating shelves is manufactured with Paulownia wood with a rustic look and burnt finish. It also comes with a pair of assembling powder-coated industrial metal brackets for strong wall mounting for each shelf. The ordinary design of these shelves with durable and reliable construction can precisely hold all your decorative items, soft toys, small plants, clock, and photo-frames, etc. It is one of the most attractive and best floating shelves to have in your room.

You can also effortlessly fix these shelves in your living room, dorm room, kitchen room, or dining room, as well as in your office room in the most decorative way. The set includes required hardware to allow easy setup of these shelves. Moreover, the intriguing style effortlessly suits all sorts of the interior. Additionally, these strongly crafted floating shelves are cost-effective with durability.

#3. Wall Shelf Display Floating Shelves

By – O&K Furniture

A pair of floating shelf that can complement your interior decoration with its elegance, then this set of the shelf can sort out your problem. With easy wall mounting ability, these shelves are suitable to accompany all your decorations gracefully. You can get various sizes and finish options on these shelves. Besides, the black picture ledge finish shelves can glorify your precious moments by holding trophies, souvenirs, candles, ornaments, books, and so on.

The floating shelves are versatile enough to utilize these in the living room, closet, office room, and dining room. Moreover, the products are made of robust MDF with PVC coating. Moreover, you get all the necessary hardware and a manual guide for easy assembly of the products. These shelves are expert to save the space in your room with style. Your blank wall can become the most attractive one with these floating shelves.

#2. Floating U Shelves Set

By – Greenco

With three different size options, these shelves consume less space and yet make your interior super stylish with the matte gray finish. You can effortlessly utilize these shelves at your home, dormitory room of the office. The package of three comes with all the required hardware for a trouble-free installation. Besides, you can easily hang it on your bathroom wall, or simply use it as the kitchen shelves.

Moreover, these shelves are the perfect corner to showcase your ornate pieces, clock, books, collectibles, photographs, and many more. These compact shelves are also easily movable. With a pocket-friendly price, this set of floating shelves can multiply the beauty of your décor. Moreover, this item is suitable for carrying lightweight products. The shelves require zero maintenance. Made of robust material, these shelves provide longevity and one of the best floating shelves to buy.

#1. 3 Floating U Shelves

By – EWEI’S HomeWares

These multipurpose floating shelves come in a compact ‘U’ shape. It has no wooden base, and it comes with MDF and laminate material, and this is the reason why these shelves are sturdier than the wooden ones. You do not require any further hardware, regarding the installation of these shelves. You only need a screwdriver and a hammer for it. The dark coffee brown color of the shelves complements your décor while adding a modern look to it.

Rather, you can assemble these three shelves together to form a rack, or you can hang these with less effort. Moreover, the items are suitable for use in your house or workspace. It is perfect to create a library or showcase with these shelves. You can easily shift these shelves from room to room. With overall strong construction and user-friendliness in setup and features, this is by far the floating shelves set on the list.

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Things To Have In Mind When Buying Floating Shelves

    Design: Floating shelves come in a wide range of designs and colors that you can choose from. The choice is all yours to pick the ones that match your preference the most. Some designs include a few shelves together while some come with various interesting shapes. From minimalistic to vintage, floating shelves are available in them all for you. Floating shelves have something for everyone, and that is why picking the right one is not too difficult.
    Installation: If you are going to install the floating shelves by yourself, make sure that the installation is easy. Many floating shelves come with mounting hardware and accessories that you need. Look for that one because that makes the installation process time-saving and extra convenient for you.
    Size: Pick the floating shelves with a size that looks great on the wall. Not too big and not too small so that it can complement your room design and décor well. At the same time, make sure that the floating shelves that you choose have enough space for your decorative items.
    Weight Capacity: Always read the description to see the amount of weight that the shelf can hold. It has to be strong and sturdy enough to handle the items you place on it. If you want the shelf for book storage, make sure that it can support the weight. You will end up not making use of the floating shelves in accordance with your purpose if you overlook this part.

Shelf Materials

    Acrylic: Since it is tough and transparent, this material is great for floating shelves. Plus with its resemblance to glass, it offers a super unique style to the room. Not to mention that it is also sturdy and durable, acrylic is simply one of the best materials for shelves.
    Chipboard: This type consists of wooden pieces attached together using glue. It is affordable, but it suffers damages upon contact with moisture. You can equip it with veneer for additional protection to ensure that it is long-lasting. Since this material is not so sturdy, you don’t want to put heavy decoration items on it.
    MDF: Stands for Medium Density Fiberboard, MDF is very common in most decoration and other home materials. This type is usually customizable, and it is also very flexible as well. It makes a beautiful compliment, and you can even paint it which is a total plus.
    Plywood: The thin layers of wood veneers make plywood one strong and durable material for shelves. It is less susceptible to moisture or water damage, and it can hold screws very well. This material looks great in the living room or dining room.
    Wood: When it comes to the best material for the shelf, wood always stays on the list. The real wood can withstand constant abuse including spills, scratches, and more. It is also durable and charming as well which makes a great choice for any room décor.


The use of floating shelves for room decoration is a common thing now. The reason is that they do not hinder the decoration of the wall. In fact, they enhance the look for the better. You can also keep decorative items on the shelves to make them look stunning and attract the attention of the guests. They are very trendy, and you can have them in any free area of the wall without looking odd. All the above best floating shelves are of highly durable property and have modern as well as retro designs. Depending on the theme of your room and the color, you should choose accordingly.

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