Discover Top 11 Best Fishing Poles To Buy – In 2021

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Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Fishing serves two purposes – the thrill of catching fishes of different sizes and the enjoyment of nature and the water body from where you are catching them. But buying fishing poles is not an easy job as there are so many different types and parameters of checking.

That is why we have listed the best fishing poles of different types of fishing activities. There are fishing poles for kids, fly fishing, fishing in the river or lake water as well as in the sea. You can catch small or large fishing with ease if you buy an accurate fishing rod. Take your time to go through the features to understand the products and decide the one that is best for you.

The List Of Best Fishing Poles In 2020

#11. Kid’s Fishing Pole Combo Set

By: Tight Lines

If you want to make your kids learn fishing and get the thrills of catching fishing with technique, this is the most suitable fishing pole kit you can have. It includes a collapsible pole, spin-cast reel, tackle box, and a travel bag. To make the kids learn the techniques of fishing, one can download the e-books available and make learning a fun activity with practical examples.

In addition to that, the product is easy to assemble and use. The portability is on the high level, and the drawstring bag can carry everything suitably. Lastly, it comes with plastic packaging, and there is a pole-tip protector to ensure safety while traveling.

In Summary: Suitable for numerous users and applications Collapsible pole, tackle box, and spin-cast reel, Portable and a travel-friendly bag Easy to use and assemble Drawstring bag for extra security

#10. Fishing Rod Combos With Telescopic Fishing Pole

By: Sougayilang

This is a complete fish pole set that includes all the necessary accessories and a carrier bag. You get one telescopic fishing pole, fishing reel, three fish lures, and other necessities. The pole is made of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass, and naturally, it is lightweight and durable. The guide ring is firmly attached. The reel is corrosion-free, and the smooth ball bearings help in a smooth rollout.

Moreover, the entire package is easy to carry whether you are in a car or boat. The company offers one year of warranty. Among other things, you get a spare spool, 12 different fishing accessories and one fishing line. The grip is comfortable and breathable for long hours of operation.

In Summary: A complete fishing pole set Have all the essentials accessories User-friendly and practical carrier bag A telescopic fishing pole and reliable-fishing reel High-density carbon and fiberglass pole

#9. Kid’s Light & Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod & Reel Combos


This fishing pole set is mainly for the kids. It has a telescopic fishing pole, a spin cast reel, fishing tackle, and line, and other necessities. The size of the pole is suitable for the kids to catch fish comfortably. Moreover, the handle is also ergonomic and comfortable to hold on to for hours. The collapsible telescopic pole makes it easy to carry and store.

In addition, the material is of superior quality to make the product durable, and it is definitely going to be an enjoyable experience for the kids under the guidance of the parents. Last but not least, there are colorful fish lures available along with finishing swivels and snap connector solid rings.

In Summary: Most ideal for the kids A telescopic fishing pole Includes a spin cast reel, line, and fishing tackle Ergonomic and comfortable handle Portable and easy to carry

#8. Black Warrior Fishing Rod


This is a set of telescopic and spinning fish poles that are made up of high-density carbon fiber and composite E-glass. The performance and power are top-notch; however, they are incredibly lightweight. This prevents fatigue when you hold them for hours, and they are easy to carry as well. You can use them in different types of water conditions whether it is freshwater and saltwater.

What’s more, the reel seat is of machined aluminum, and it is corrosion-resistant. The guides are of stainless steel, and they can use them with the braided fishing line. You will have greater control, and you can carry the pole set anywhere and inside any pouch. The company offers one year warranty.

In Summary: Simple telescopic fishing poles Made up of sturdy and high-density carbon fiber Top performance and lightweight Easy to carry and simple to clean Suits both freshwater and saltwater

#7. Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rods

By: KastKing

This is a best-in-class fishing pole set, and it uses patented carbon blanks and nano-resin technology to make the pole lightweight, durable, and stable. On top of that, you get premium-quality guides and reel seats. The grips of all the items are custom-made for comfort and greater control.

On top of that, they are sure to deliver unmatched experience and performance. The materials used are S-glass and high-density graphite. It is undoubted one of the most effective and best value for money fishing poles you can ever get.

In Summary: Among the best-in-class fishing pole Made of patented carbon blanks Boasts of nano-resin technology Lightweight, stable, and durable pole Premium-quality reel seats and guides

#6. Fishing Rod Combos With Telescopic Fishing Pole Spinning Reels


This is another fishing pole combo for kids. You can find a fishing pole, fishing reel, fishing tackle, and various other accessories for an enjoyable fishing experience. The spinning reel is of premium-quality and has superior casters for smooth spinning. The handle is collapsible, and the gear system has high strength and durability.

Furthermore, the best fishing pole is made up of high-density carbon fiber. Additionally, the hooded stainless steel reel seat is corrosion resistant, and the telescopic pole is lightweight and highly portable. At last, it is one of the best cost-effective fishing pole combos one can get.

In Summary: Combo fishing pole for kids Includes a fishing pole, reel, and tackle Premium quality spinning reel Collapsible and comfortable handle High-density carbon fiber pole

#5. Pink Slingshot Spincast Fishing Rod

By: Zebco

All the gears in this fishing pole kit are made of premium-quality metal for durability, strength, and stability. There is an auto bait alert that helps the user to put the instant anti-rolling. There is also a built-in hook keeper to keep the pole at any place you want.

On top of that, the beginners will find the fishing pole easy to use and there is literally no maintenance required. All you have to do is push the buttons and cast the line and have the patience.

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In Summary: Premium-quality metal cot ruction Durable, reliable and very stable Auto bait alert for easy instant anti-rolling Built-in hook keeper for accurate pole placing Simple and easy to use

#4. Spinning Fishing Pole & Reel Combos

By: Sougayilang

There are six size kits available to fulfill the size requirements by the users. The construction is superior for the fishing kit that comes with all the necessary accessories and items for a great fishing experience. You can use the things in freshwater as well as saltwater. The pole is made up of the high-grade carbon fiber and fiberglass. The brake system in the reel is stable and flawless. The fishing activity will no more be fatigue for its ergonomic design.

In addition to that, this makes it attractive, durable, and lightweight. The heat dissipation level is high, and it has a low friction coefficient for longevity. Furthermore, the reel has smooth ball bearings for effortless working. All the items are easily portable, and several items have aircraft-grade aluminum. Lastly, the company offers one year warranty, and the left and right handles are interchangeable.

In Summary: Available in six different size kits Superior and durable construction Features all the necessary accessories Fit for freshwater and saltwater Made up of top-grade fiberglass and carbon fiber

#3. Telescopic Fishing Rod & Reel Combos Kit


The best fishing pole comes with a superior grip for greater control, and it does not strain the wrist or arm by any chance. The full kit has good-quality material construction. The power and performance are superior, and all the necessary accessories are available with appropriate properties.

Moreover, the beginners, as well as the experienced, can use the kit for a comfortable fishing experience. It is suitable for sea fishing and boat fishing. There are various lengths available to choose from as per your suitability. The reel seat is bright and corrosion-resistant. There is no chance of fading for a long duration use.

In Summary: Superior grip and excellent control Good-quality material and solid construction Good power and performance Suits both beginners and the experienced Perfect for sea and boat fishing

#2. Pursuit II Fishing Rod & Spinning Reel Combo


The construction of the items available in this set of fishing pole combo deserves a special mention. All of them are high-grade material for durability, strength, and better control. The pole is lightweight and ultrasensitive thanks to its stainless steel and graphite mixture composition. The ball bearings of the reel are of premium-quality for smooth operation.

On top of that, the anti-reverse movement is instant. The drag pressure is intense; however, it does not comprise the smoothness. Furthermore, it is more of an entry-level pole with greater balance and longevity. Last but not least, it is easy to clean, assemble, and disintegrate for easy carry.

In Summary: Made from high-grade materials Excellent durability, strength, and control Lightweight and ultra-sensitive pole Stainless steel and graphite mixture contraction Premium quality and smooth operating ball bearings

#1. Fishing Rod & Reel Combos Carbon Fiber


This is the bestselling and best-rated fishing pole combo. There are three different models available to choose from, and you should select the size while ordering. It comes with a fishing pole, fishing reel, fishing line, lures, hooks, and other necessary accessories. The carrier bag makes it easy to carry all the items comfortably.

Furthermore, there is no need to buy anything else to get started with a comfortable fishing experience. The reel seat is corrosion resistant, and the pole is made up of superior quality material. Also, you will get more control and power using the items. Lastly, the grips are soft, and the reel is smooth for instant anti-reverse movement.

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In Summary: Available in three different models Includes fishing pole, reel, line, lures, and hooks User-freely and practical carrier bag Corrosion-resistant reel seat Soft and comfortable grips

What Are The Different Types Of Poles You Can Buy?

There are preciously seven types of fishing poles available. Different ones are different features and functionalities, and people have their preferences for selecting them.

Casting Pole

It is also popular as spin cast pole as there is a casting reel on the handle. It is the easiest pole to use and hence, best for the beginners. There is a push-button available for casting, and these are least expensive. They are suitable for fishing in rivers and lakes and more powerful than spinning poles.

Spinning Pole

The difference of it with the casting pole is the placement of the reel which is below the handle. It requires some techniques to handle properly, and it gives you more control. They are widely used in sports fishing.

Fly Pole

It is popular for fly fishing, and you can cast lightweight lures or baits that act as an optical illusion for the fishes, and they get attracted quickly. The size and weight of the fly poles vary depending on the size of the fish you want to catch.

Ultra-Light Pole

It is short, lightweight, and suitable for catching small fishes. The lighter fishing line and small baits are suitable for attracting small fishes which generally get scared away with other poles.

Telescopic Pole

This is the most popular fishing pole as they are easy to carry. Kids and adults equally like it though some prefer traditional poles. They can collapse to a small size which increases their portability. You can carry them anywhere, especially when you are going on a trip. The length can be extended as much as required, but you have to take care of the product. Generally, sands and dirt fill the joints, and they get jammed.

Surf Pole

It is used for fishing in the sea, and it looks like an oversized spinning pole. It has a long handle and requires two hands for casting. They are very sturdy to let you cast heavy lures and sustainable against rough water.

Trolling Pole

If you want to cast and fish from a moving boat, this is the one for you. They are stiff and faster as a slow fishing pole will make it difficult to cast in a moving boat.

You can also check out this YouTube video to know how to cast a spinning pole.

What Are The Factors You Should Consider Before Buying?


There are three types of materials used in the construction of the fishing poles. The most common is carbon steel with fiberglass. These are best for beginners. They need no maintenance, and they are strong and average in weight. You can also catch heavy and large fishes with them, but you should buy a heavy one in that case.


Next comes the graphite poles and we personally recommend these as you can get advanced anglers which make the poles strong and light. The lightweight handles help you a lot to hold on to the poles for a long duration of time without any fatigue or strain. The power of these poles is extreme, and you can have more control. The third type is bamboo poles which we will not recommend due to their dampening effect.


The length of the pole is significant for a perfect fishing experience. For small kids, the length has to be small around 5-6 feet, and it is better to buy a telescopic pole for them where the length is adjustable. As a beginner, you can opt for 8-9 feet long pole which will help you get more control and learn the techniques. If you are going to fly fish, you need a longer pole of 10 to 12 feet. But to catch large fishes, you need stronger but shorter poles.

Speed and Weight

You must have got some idea about the weight of the pole you should look for depending on your fishing requirements. The speed relates to how fast the pole returns to its original position after stressing or bending. Heavier fishes need a fast speed pole while the smaller fishes need slow speed poles.


It can be tough to decide which best fishing pole to buy as there are so many possibilities and criteria to watch out for. First, decide on the length and weight of the poles based on your fishing activities. Then you can select the type and other attractive features to fulfill your secondary requirements.

Therefore, We would recommend you to buy multiple fishing rods as most of them have different applications for different types of fishing.

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