Top 10 Best Fireplace Inserts Review — Best Of 2021

If you are living in a place where winter is always dominating, you need the best fireplace insert to keep the room warm for comfortable living. Gone are the days when people used to buy wood logs and charcoals from the market to fire the fireplace insert. These days electric fireplace inserts have taken over the market completely for their features and beauty. You do not have to buy fuel regularly, and yet, the fireplace will look better than the natural ones. You can control the temperature and change the light to set up the desired mood in the room.

List Of Top Best Fireplace Inserts In 2021

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10. Electric Fireplace Insert & Electric Stove Heater

R.W.FLAME 36” Electric Fireplace Insert,Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater


This is a freestanding fireplace insert that is easy to install, and it is suitable for all the places and occasions. There are multiple modes of operation available. You can use the touchscreen on the front panel. There are five different color modes available to create the ambiance you want. You can change the flame brightness as well as the speed up to 5 different levels.
Furthermore, one can set it to automatic for automatic color and flame brightness changes. Moreover, one can set a timer for 1 to 8 hours. Apart from the touchscreen, it has a remote control. There are exclusive sleep modes available.

The product is energy efficient, and there are two heat settings of 750W and 1500W available. The lights available are of LED technology, and it is suitable for heating a room of 400 square feet. The room can be big as well, but the range will stay the same. You can choose to operate it just for the beauty and not for heating. The flames are realistic, and the thick tempered glass ensures safety. Furthermore, the brick wall design makes it look as real as a brick-walled fireplace. No gas and no chimney required.

9. In-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Heater

Valuxhome Armanni 36 750W-1500W, In-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Heater

By – Valuxhome

The effects of the flames are super realistic, and the interior design is mind-blogging. There are real log and crystal effects. You can change the flame colors up to 3 different levels. Moreover, you can operate it with or without heat for beauty purpose only. The front panel has touchscreen controls, and there is an LCD display to show the temperature and other parameters.
Most importantly, the fireplace insert has auto-overheat protection for safety purpose. You can also operate it from a distance with the remote control. It is programmable from 1 to 9 hours.

The fireplace insert heats up an area of 450 square feet, and there are two heat settings provided. It uses the energy-saving LED technology, and there is no need for gas, ethanol, propane, or special air vents. The tempered glass is thick and strong, and it is suitable for home or office and for creating a great ambiance in the room. On top of that, when it reaches an unsafe temperature, it shuts off automatically. The company offers one year warranty on the product.

8. Electric Fireplace Insert

Valuxhome Houselux 36 750W-1500W, Electric Fireplace Insert

By – Valuxhome

This is an advanced fireplace insert from Valuxhome brand. It has a realistic brick wall design, but the new inclusion is the availability of the log speaker. This helps create the most realistic ambiance with sound effects. There are 3 night light colors available, and you can set among full heat, half heat, and flame only options to suit according to the season and temperature. Just like most other fireplace inserts, it also has two modes of heat settings, and it covers up to 400 square feet area for heat distribution.

As of the safety arrangements, there is thick tempered glass provided. When the temperature crosses the safe limit, it shuts down automatically. You can set the timer from 1 to 9 hours, especially when you are about to go to sleep. It is totally energy-efficient, and there is a large variety of sounds available to entertain you and make your guests feel like it is authentic.

7. Pebble Ventless Heater Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Regal Flame Rigel Black 50 Pebble Ventless Heater Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

By – Regal Flame

The brand offers multiple fireplace inserts of different designs and colors to choose from its models. This one has a pile of pebbles and flames seem to come out of it to give the most realistic effects. You do not have to supply fuel or woods and clean up the ashes and chimneys anymore. You can enjoy the same level of heat or even more, and the best part is that you can control the temperature as per the season and your liking. The tempered glossy glass enhances the beauty and the protection.

The fireplace insert offers two heat levels to adjust to the weather and season. The heat vent is on the top middle of the front area, and this ensures an equal distribution of heat over an area of 400 square feet. It is easy to install, and a mountable bracket is provided in case you want to mount it on the wall. The piece adds elegance to the home décor, and there are 30 minutes to 7.5 hours of timer setting options available. The flames are vivid, and it is one of the best fireplace inserts you can opt for.

6. Recessed Electric Fireplace, Wall Mounted

PuraFlame Alice 48 Recessed Electric Fireplace, Wall Mounted

By – PuraFlame

The brand offers fireplace inserts of different sizes to heat up your rooms as per the size. This is a 48-inch electric fireplace, and it is highly energy efficient. The flames are ultra-realistic, and the LED lights are of high intensity. The fires are going to be brighter, and you can put logs or crystal stones to beautify the bed. There are a total of 4 different flames available in different colors. You can operate it with or without fire.

The heater has two settings, 750 W or 1500W, and it is effective to heat up an area of 400 square feet. You can control the temperature from 61 to 82 degrees, and one can also set a timer while going to sleep. The overall design is very contemporary, and it can enhance the aesthetic of your room. You can use the touchscreen or the remote as you feel comfortable. The brightness of the flames are adjustable, the colors can be mixed for a more realistic flame effect. The product has a metal construction with tempered glass, and it is CSA approved.

5. Western Electric Fireplace Insert With Remote Control

PuraFlame 30 Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control

By – PuraFlame

This fireplace insert comes with a remote control which makes it very convenient to use. It comes with LED technology and is very energy efficient. Once turned on, it will provide a life-like flame with resin logs. Even the brightness can be used with or without heat. You can adjust the light as well as the intensity. With it, you will be able to track the exact temperature as it has got an electronic temperature control.

The product is straightforward to use and also to install. This is perfect for a room of 400 square feet and has also got an adjustable thermostat. It has got an interior brick wall design on its three sides. You can use it in various temperature modes and will provide you with warmth for a very long time. This is also very safe for your house as it comes with overheating protection. It has got two heat modes and comes with a warranty of 12 months. It weighs 45.7 pounds and can be used in any season with or without heat.

4. 36″ Traditional Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert

ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT 36 Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

By – ClassicFlame

This is a BTU heater which is perfect for a room of 400 square feet. It functions with the help of remote control, and you can set the temperature in different ranges. You can even use it in a flame-effect without any heat. In this fireplace insert, you will be getting an electronic timer function which helps in saving energy. It gets automatically shut off from a time ranging from 30 minutes to 9 hours. You can even adjust the brightness in five different modes.

This is suitable for all kinds of seasons to create an ambiance of warmth in your house. It has got a modern look and has got many features. This is also very easy to use and has got an integrated junction box. It has got an ember bed as well as a traditional log set. Also, this product will give you a realistic flame effect and is also very safe for your house. It will add a glow and warmth to your home and will last for a long time. This is definitely one of the best fireplace inserts regarding features.

3. 33″ Western Electric Fireplace Insert With Remote Control

PuraFlame 33 Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control

By – PuraFlame

This is another excellent fireplace insert which comes with many advanced features. It comes with an LED technology enabling you to save 100% on energy. Inside, the fireplace insert has got a brick wall design, and it can even be used only for brightness. Both the brightness as well as the heat, can be adjusted in different modes. This will provide a life-like fire with its logs and light. You can even customize the thermostat and is perfect for a room of 400 square feet.

It is very convenient to use and has got a fully functional remote control which is powered by batteries. Installing the product is also very easy, and it uses only 120 volts of power. It has got a slim body and also looks very elegant. To further increase the brightness, it comes with a downlight design. It is very quiet and has got a power cord of 1.8 meters. It does not emit any harmful smoke making it safe for you and your family members.

2. Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

By – Touchstone Home Products

This is an electric fireplace which can also be mounted. You can easily install it on your wall and enjoy its warmth. In this fireplace insert, there are two heat settings and is also very easy to install. It is very sleek and has got an elegant look. This comes with easy instructions and is perfect for your living room. It has got heat vents on the upper front area, and you can adjust the heat according to your own preference.

With it, you will be getting a real like flame, and you can also set the brightness accordingly. Get the flame as you desire. This fireplace insert can be used with the help of a remote control. It allows you to operate it by sitting in a single place. Included in it are a glass crystal and faux fire log. It covers an area of 400 square feet and is known to use a power of 1,500 watts. It also requires 120 volts of voltage and is designed to deliver with modern looks.

1. Electric Log Set Heater With Realistic Ember Bed

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed

By – Duraflame Electric

With this fireplace insert, you will be able to save money. It is ideal for a room of 400 square feet and has got supplemental zone heating. It gets instantly switched on and will give you the effect of a real fire. In it, you will be getting life-like logs with pulsating and rolling effect. It comes with overheat protection making it safe for your house. You can adjust the thermostat according to your own preference and set the temperature for your room.

It gets automatically shut off to avoid over-heating and can be operated with the help of a remote control. With this, you will not be getting any exposed flames, and there are many things for safety concerns. It will guarantee you peace of mind with its safety features. It will give you dancing flames just like you get in a real fireplace. This is the best fireplace insert you can buy that has all the features you always wanted. Moreover, it is going to make your room look stunningly beautiful, and you can have romantic dates and dinners.

Fireplace Inserts Benefits

Fireplace inserts are very common in modern house designs nowadays. Apart from style, there are some other benefits that fireplace inserts provide. We list them all below for you so let’s take a look and see what they are with us.

Air Leakage Prevention

Traditional fireplaces are like open windows that allow a lot of air to escape through the chimney. That simply means it lets your heated air out of the house which means the heating is not enough. This will not open with fireplace inserts, air leakage is no longer a concern. Fireplace inserts have glass doors that form an efficient seal that prevents the back-and-forth flow of the air. At the same time, it also prevents noxious gases and combustion particles from entering your home as well.

Different Heat Source Choices

Unlike traditional fireplaces, fireplace inserts give you a wide range of fuel sources to use. There are 5 main heat source choices that you can choose from including wood, natural gas, pellet, coal, and propane. This is more convenient, and you will be able to use the one that is most comfortable easily.

Fuel Efficiency

Since fireplace inserts burn more efficiently, there is less heat going up the chimney. That also means you won’t have to use a lot of fuel and firewood supply as well. This is both economical and environmental friendly, and it is also convenient for you as well. You won’t have to spend so much on those supplies anymore at all which is a total plus.

Heating Efficiency

With less smoke and emissions, and fireplace inserts still offer up to 80% of heating efficiency. That is because they come with a dual combustion system that makes it just as hot as the real burning fire. At the same time, fireplace inserts also heat quickly with larger area coverage. Pick the right fireplace inserts for your space, and you will get the amount of heating just the way you like.

Fireplace Inserts Fuel Types

There are 3 different types of fireplace inserts that you can choose from, let’s see which you like the most.

  • Electric: gives you the look and feel of a real fire with convenient cleanup every time. This type is very easy to operate since you won’t have to worry about permits, airflow, venting, or combustion at all. It is quite common because of its low maintenance design and ease of use.
  • Gas: offers you the most heat output, and it requires proper venting for safe use. Gas fireplace inserts are usually available from the manufacturer so the installation process is also easy for you as well. This option is ideal for larger rooms that need an additional heat source.
  • Wood: is ideal for those who love the authentic feeling of the real wood-burning fire. You need neither electricity nor gas, and it is perfect for regions prone to winter. If your areas experience a lot of power outage, wood fireplace inserts are also ideal for that as well.

Final Word

Before buying from the best fireplace inserts we have hand-picked based on their quality and features, you need to read the product description. There are different types of fireplace inserts available like some have speakers for creating original fiery sound, while others have a stunning bed area with crystals for beauty. As a matter of fact, the size of the inserts also matters to make them fit perfectly in your room. All of them have a timer system and adjustable temperature and color options.