12 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees In 2021 — Review

Spend less and enjoy a lovely festive atmosphere in multiple locations. The best fiber optic Christmas tree is easy to use, decorate and store. The newer designs have a color-changing lighting sequence to deliver attractive lighting in your bedroom, living room, or the classroom. Also, you can carry it comfortably to a suitable place, due to lightweight construction. In this review, we focus on the best fiber optic Christmas tree in the market.

The List Of Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees In 2021

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#12. Snowy White Flocked Christmas Tree Fiber optic

Snowy White Pine Pre-lit Flocked Christmas tree:Flocked Fiber optic


Holiday Stuff has designed this 4ft tree with a beautiful flocked design. It looks great in most places, such as the bedroom, living room, and more locations by using little floor space. For excellent stability, it has a plastic stand with four legs that improve the steadiness of your tree. There is no need to worry about safety, as the lights are UL-approved. They use a central source lighting technology to light up the tree for a super bright outcome. Note that the fiber optics are fitted in foliage to conceal any wires for a neat look. This item is designed with red berries and snow-dusted large pine cones for added beauty. Plus, the green PVC with a white edge delivers a wintry ambiance.

Moreover, this gadget lets you enjoy simple setup. It takes seconds to complete the assembly as the branches come pre-attached to the trunk. Use the supplied ornaments connected to the sturdy branches and the star topper for the best Christmas feel. Another feature is the string construction that can handle even the toughest abuse to ensure you use this accessory every Christmas season. That saves you money and time you could have used to search for another product.

In Summary:
  • It has a beautiful flocked designed
  • For the bedroom, classroom, and living room
  • Four elegant plastic legs
  • Quality green PVC material
  • Setup takes seconds

#11. White Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

Holiday Time Pre-Lit 32 White Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

By: Holiday Time

If you’re looking for the best fiber optic Christmas tree with a lightweight design, you’ve found it. The Holiday Time tree weighs only 1 pound, making it super light to ease setup and storage. You can carry it and reposition as many times as you want to enjoy a comfortable placement. Measuring 78 inches long x 36 inches wide x 36 inches high suitable in small to medium places. Stage it in your living room, classroom, or office to enjoy a Christmas mood without using too much space.

Pre-lit with 32 fiber optic lights, they illuminate a white glow that brightens up any indoor place. The light also is soft and does not harm your eyes, even for small kids and the elderly. That means more safety and simple operation. Made from quality material, you can use this item season after season. It does not crack or break to give you an extended performance. Another thing is the variety of color options apart from white, including black, green, and silver to meet everyone’s decorating requirements.

In Summary:
  • Lightweight and sturdy design measures 1 pound
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Quality and lasting material
  • For small and medium-sized locations
  • Variety of colors such as white and red

#10. Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

Best Choice Products 7-foot Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

By: Best Choice Products

We understand storage is an essential factor after using a product. That’s why this best fiber optic Christmas tree ensures you enjoy safe-keeping, thanks to the two sections. You can assemble and dismantle quickly to store in a secure location comfortably. It can fit in a tree storage bag to enhance portability and carrying. With an overall dimension of 42 inches diameter x 84 inches high with the stand, it is ideal for a living room and other areas. Its 7ft height has quality branches that fluff in around 45-60 minutes to give you a full-bodied look. The final appearance is appealing and resembles a fresh-cut pine tree suitable for the festive seasons.

The integrated 128 LED lights of this accessory and fiber optics branches, let you enjoy a cheery atmosphere. Plus, the star topper shines brightly to improve the ambiance in your home. An advantage is a 4-color display featuring blue, white, green, and red and 3-brightness settings. You can pick the ideal lighting from the 8 light sequences suitable for parties and peaceful atmospheres. Your unit is stable due to the folding and robust base. It provides sufficient support and balance while preventing falls.

In Summary:
  • Simple to assemble and dismantle
  • It has a 7ft height
  • The branches fully fluff in under 60 minutes
  • Comes with 128 LED lights
  • Has a 4-color display

#9. Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree With Candles

Dak 3' Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with Candles


Show off your Christmas spirit and decor with the Dak best fiber optic Christmas tree. Featuring a convenient star tree topper and candle accents, it is the ideal Christmas addition to any home. Whether you use it as a display or stand-alone piece, it improves the ambiance from season to season. This accessory comes pre-lit with a unique multi-color wheel at the bottom. The tones change continuously from red, green, purple, blue, white, and amber. Plus, the125 branch tips have a 3-inch width to offer a fuller and realistic look.

In addition, this artificial tree measures 3ft high and 18″ diameter to use a minimal desk or floor space. Not only that, but the attached black stand has an on/off switch for more operating convenience. Plug it into your tree to light it and the topper. Note that the branches are bendable to accommodate most decorating needs and enjoy simple setup. For more safety, use the provided black adapter when connecting to a power source. The lead cord is long and measures 6ft to support a flexible connection far from a wall outlet. Measuring 6″ high x 7.5″ wide, the pot is suitable for small to medium places such as dorm rooms.

In Summary:
Perfect Christmas decoration

  • Comes with a stylish star tree topper
  • It has 125 branch tips
  • Measures 3 feet high
  • Flexible branches for more flexibility
  • Long 6ft lead cord

#8. Artificial Christmas Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Tree

Goplus 7FT Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Tree

By: Goplus

The Goplus is an eco-friendly fiber optic tree safe for indoor use. Its blades are built from PVC material that improves the realism of this tree and fullness. Besides, it does not crush, wear, or break as quickly as the rest to give you a longlasting service. With eight flash modes, including flash, sequential, combination, waves, and more, you can pick the most suitable one. Adjust the pattern and the light color using the easy-to-use button. An added functionality is the electrodeless LED lights that come pre-lit that use low voltage. Not only that, but the seven different colors, light continuously to improve the festive mood in your home.

As earlier mentioned, this tree comes pre-lit, which saves you assembly time. Put the branches and base together, then straighten out the tips. After placement, put your decorations such as small figurines and much more to enjoy a customized setup. The metal stand provides optimum stability and durability than the plastic base. It also has a plastic case that protects your floors from damages such as markings and scratches.

In Summary:
  • It is eco-friendly and safe for indoors
  • Anti-wear and anti-crack PVC material
  • 8 flash modes including combination and waves
  • Energy-efficient electrodeless LED lights
  • Comes pre-lit for easy setup

#7. Musical Spinning Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

HOLIDAY PEAK 3' Musical Spinning Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


Leave it to Holiday Peak to come up with an entertaining best fiber optic Christmas tree. Boasting of musical spinning technology, you get an advanced and exciting tree. Switch on the music to experience automatically-changing snippets consisting of 25 classic Christmas tunes. This will improve the room’s atmosphere, and even the kids will enjoy a sing-along session. Note that this item rotates at a wide 360-degree angle that showcases all the ornaments. Now, your guests can get a thrilling classic carols entertainment every time they pay a visit. Crafted from premium plastic, metal, and wire, they offer lasting performance.

The lighting system has changing colors that glow continuously, to prevent manual operation. With evergreen branches, they sparkle with fiber optic tubes that change from greens and purples, yellows, and reds to blues for a beautiful lighting theme. You get a traditional festive effect, thanks to the 18 attached ornaments, including traditional candles, stars, and round balls. The revolving base has a lovely gold finish that spins your 3ft tree quietly to showcase its elegance from each angle. Measuring 5 ¼ inches square, the bottom delivers a decorative display without using a tree skirt.

In Summary:
  • Music-filled spinning design
  • Has 25 classic Christmas carols
  • It rotates up to 360 degrees
  • The lights changes from different colors
  • Lovely gold-tone base

#6. LED Fiber Optic Christmas Tree



If you have free floor space that needs a reliable Christmas decor, then this fiber optic tree is the best option. Standing at 7ft tall with a 35.5-inch bottom width, it is much taller than other brands. You can place it in your living room during Christmas to enjoy a festive and cheery mood. Also, the stand is made from sturdy metal, which has better strength than other materials. It provides maximum stability to keep your item from falling during and after use.

We take note of the energy-efficient design this product has. Using an upgraded lighting system, it ensures the LED lights consume low power. The bulbs are safe and reliable, thanks to the CUL-approved standards. This equipment has multiple branches, and each has a separate LED light and fiber optic ornament. That makes the whole structure fuller and more appealing than the rest. Besides, its hinged construction features branches connected to the trunk, to allow you to finish the assembly in a minute. Plus, the LED star topper and 7-color scheme add more lighting convenience and beauty.

In Summary:
  • It has a 7ft height and 35.5-inch bottom width
  • Suitable for the living room
  • Improves the festive mood in a place
  • Energy-efficient and CUL-approved LED lights
  • Assembly takes a minute

#5. Green Fiber Optic Color Changing Artificial Christmas Tree

32 Green Fiber Optic Color Changing Artificial Christmas Tree LED Lights

By: Holiday Time

Another best fiber optic Christmas tree is this one by Holiday Time brand. It gives you a hands-free operation, thanks to the automatic color change. They change continuously to liven up a place suitable for the festive seasons. Also, the included 83 optic tips light up steadily and use low power. No more worries about high electricity bills, even in non-stop lighting. This gadget is compact, making it ideal for dorm rooms, offices, and homes. It measures 19.7 inches long, x 19.7 inches wide x 32 inches high. The size guarantees secure handling and storage when not in use.

With a user-friendly weight of 2.05 pounds, carry it to your preferred location effortlessly. You will not experience hand or wrist strains, unlike moving the bulkier designs. Its modern dual-power use works with any standard USB or plug. Connect to a USB port and enjoy a simple operation anywhere that needs ambiance lighting and appeal. Additionally, this product is made from Eco-safe materials guaranteeing maximum safety to your family. Also, the construction and easy operation make it a beautiful gift for the holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year.

In Summary:
  • Supports a hands-free operation
  • The colors change continuously
  • Comes with bright 83 lights
  • Lightweight 2.05-pound construction
  • Simple and safe portability

#4. Fiber Optic Ornament Fireworks Tree

National Tree 48 Inch Fiber Optic Ornament Fireworks Tree

By: National Tree Company

National Tree Company has a variety of trees in different styles and sizes. With this one, it is fiber optic and suitable as an indoor display. You can use it during the holiday to add appeal and elegance to your home or the office. Measuring 27 inches in diameter and 4 feet tall, it does not require too much floor or desk space. That makes it super easy to use, store, and even setup. Boasting smooth rimming with multi-colored ball ornaments, they light up and create a festive. Also, the gold-tone base plus a top star look elegant and coordinate well with other decors you have in your home.

This item is simple to operate than the other designs. It has a single-bulb operation from the bottom that lights up in seconds. It delivers a bright array of colors together with the auto-changing lights. No need to manually press a button to switch one tone to the other. For safety portability, this accessory is lightweight and compact. You can position and reposition it as frequently as you want to enjoy a secure placement.

In Summary:
  • Perfect as an indoor display
  • For home, classroom, and office
  • It has a 4ft height
  • Smooth and elegant trim
  • Easy placement and operation

#3. Artificial Christmas Color Changing Fiber Optic

TEKTRUM 36 INCH Artificial Christmas Color Changing Fiber Optic


We understand real trees can get quite pricey, especially during the holiday season. If you are in a tight budget, you can invest in the Tektrum best fiber optic Christmas tree. Boasting of a 36-inch height, it is suitable for indoor places. Its small dimension fits perfectly on a table, floor, and even near a window. Now, you have no excuse about sprucing your home during Christmas. An additional accessory is the star topper with bright LED lighting to improve the overall design. Not only that, but this tree has a circulating multi-colored light to present the holiday theme in your home.

Free your hands from manually changing the color scheme as they rotate and change automatically. You can even adjust the branches to customize the setup to fit your decor requirements. Moreover, this product has a heavy-duty stand constructed from premium metal. The material is simple to place and offers maximum stability to keep your tree position. No more unnecessary wobbles that may result in falls and broken tips. Use the included AC adaptor to light up this accessory safely in your home, classroom, or offices for a prosperous festive atmosphere.

In Summary:
  • Inexpensive and reliable
  • It has a 36-inch height
  • Perfectly fits a desk, table and more small places
  • Improves the holiday atmosphere
  • Automatic color-changing and rotation

#2. Artificial Fiber Optic Green Christmas Tree

Toolsempire Artificial Fiber Optic 3:4:5:6 Ft Green Christmas Tree

By: Toolsempire

We love this artificial best fiber optic Christmas tree suitable for indoor decorations. Standing at an excellent 5 feet high, it is not only eye-catching but also easy to manage. The height lets you access all the areas of the tree to give you a more comfortable decorating session. Constructed from premium PVC material, it is longlasting and requires minimal maintenance. The lush branches have a 3.5-inch width, and the included 170 branch tips create an illusion of a genuine spruce tree. Now, you can enjoy a nice decor for the holidays that improve the Christmas spirit. Its spacious design leaves you enough room to add decorative ornaments.

Designed with strong metal legs and premium plastic pads, they deliver optimum stability and durability. It keeps your item standing tall while preventing floor damages such as scratches, breaks, and much more. Moreover, this accessory’s pre-installed fiber optic gleam throughout your tree to bring out a cheery effect. Besides, the 7 different colors, including green, purple, red, blue, yellow, white, and warm white alternate between two sequences: slow flash and quick flash. We love the res-usability of this product that is easy to put up and take down perfect for every season.

In Summary:
  • Suitable for indoor Christmas decorations
  • Eye-catching 5ft height
  • Lush and realistic-looking branches
  • Sturdy metal legs
  • 7 changing colors including red and green

#1. Artificial Christmas Needle Fiber Optical Tree

Signstek 6FT Artificial Christmas Tree Pine Needle Fiber Optical Tree

By: Signstek

Signstek is the best fiber optic Christmas tree that has a stable base. The stand is made of quality metal, which offers you better steadiness than the other designs. That means simple placement in your living room or other places in your home. With 48 branches and 540 PVC tips, this is an appropriate decoration during the festive season. Not only that, but it comes with 63 LED lights that make this fiber optic tree look real and sparkle elegantly. It optimizes the brightness to create a balanced festive glow that lights up your home for Christmas.

The tips are built from PVC, which is a highly resistant material. It does not break, fade, or wear as quickly as others to give you lasting performance. We love the 23 color-changing modes you control using a convenient footswitch control. This will light the styles to improve the ambiance of any place for either an 8-hour or 24-hour duration. In addition, this item assembles easily due to the metal stand and 3-section design perfect for indoor and light outdoor use.

In Summary:
  • Stable and reliable metal stand
  • Lovely Christmas decoration
  • It has 63 LED lights, 48 branches, and 540 PVC tips
  • Longlasting PVC material
  • Convenient footswitch control

Why Go For A Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?

Easy Setup

With a fiber optic tree, you don’t need to spend lots of time fitting lights and other decorations. It comes pre-installed with the lights and all you simply hook it to a power outlet. It requires a few minutes to have a tree up and running. The good choices feature advanced color changing technology for a good experience and will run automatically.

Easy Maintenance

Decorating a Christmas tree isn’t an easy choice. First, you need to pick the right decorations or else it won’t look very nice. Secondly, you may need ladders and chairs to stand on as you place the lights, balloons, ribbons, and of course, the “Star Topper.” Thirdly, you will go through the same stressful situations when pulling it down after Christmas. We know that the decorations and tree may get damaged during storage or removal. But with a fiber optic tree, it is simple and has the decorations and lights pre-installed. This saves you the hassle, effort, and time.

Colorful and Vibrant

This X-mass tree is more colorful and exciting compared to the ordinary type. One, it uses fiber optics which has good lighting properties. Two, they have been designed by experts who know how best to decorate the tree. Three, they include the best color-changing technology that will enlighten the festive season. Finally, the LEDs last longer and don’t burn as often as the normal bulbs.

Energy Efficient

Operating a Christmas tree for the full season can increase the power bills. This mostly affects the normal bulbs. Fiber optics use more energy-efficient bulbs like LED which also have a longer lifespan.

Latest Fashion

Artificial or fake trees have been used for Christmas in many decades. And just like other things, people will always want the latest style and fashion. Fiber optic trees are the in thing at the moment, and people want to be part of it. The popularity of this accessory is further influenced by easy availability.

Fiber Optic Tree for Charismas — Buying Guide


There are two heights that you need to think of when buying a tree; ceiling and tree height. Just because your ceiling is 7 ft high, it doesn’t mean you should go for a 7 feet tree. You need to balance the space and appearance. The best look is when you leave an allowance of about 1 ft between the treetop and the ceiling. 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 feet are the common tree heights. Before picking an item, you should ascertain the available space.


Fiber optic trees come in many styles. There is the frosty type, multicolored/flocked, white, traditional, modern, pre-lit, thin, thick, and more. Trees taller than 4 feet serve as good primary trees and are placed on the floor while short trees, 3 feet and below, act as secondary decorations and can be placed on a desk or countertop.


An artificial Christmas tree needs to resemble the real thing. The main area of focus is the branch designs which also influence ease of assembly and disassembly. Hinged and hooked branches are the commonest. Hinged branches are pre-attached and are easy to assemble and disassemble while the hooked type needs to be individually attached to the tree and can be modified for a more realistic look.


A multicolored / flocked tree may look good in a certain setting but not very amazing in another location. This also applies to a white mono-colored tree. Try imagining the target tree in the environment or seek assistance from a more experienced person. You don’t wish to be the laughing stock because the tree undermines the ambiance or mood in the room.


Consumers place emphasis on the price of the tree during the search and buying process. Many would like the biggest and most colorful tree but are normally discouraged by the hefty price. With a little bit of research and price comparison, you will discover a high quality but affordable tree. This is clear from the above products.

The fiber optic X-mass tree comes in either modern or traditional styling. They also very gently concerning price, brightness, color, setup, reliability, and more. Failing to understand the product, as well as your needs, may influence a wrong decision.


You can save time and money during the festive seasons by using an artificial tree. The best fiber optic Christmas tree is easy to use and store. If you live in a dorm or a small apartment, you can get a design that has a 3ft height. That means easy placement and comfortable decorating. Choose the best fiber optic Christmas tree above to enjoy a festive mood in your home.

Old Version: Version 1 - Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Old Version: Version 1 – Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is among the must-have decorations for the festive season. While people love the appeal and merry it brings, many don’t like the setup and removal. You have to move a bulky tree, wrap wires with light bulbs around it and also take extra care not to damage them when removing them.

More often than not, the wires get entangled, and the bulbs burn out. We also can’t ignore the energy-consuming lighting. Fortunately, the fiber optic tree has made things not only more colorful and merry but also simple. The accessory is slowly becoming the more proffered option and is evident from the increased sales, reviews, and availability.

#14. Artificial Christmas Needle Fiber Optical Tree

Signstek 6FT Artificial Christmas Tree Pine Needle Fiber Optical Tree

By: Signstek

In this fiber optic Christmas tree, you will find two working modes. Either it gets turned off after 8 hours or after 24 hours. This is very simple to turn on as you will only have to plug and play. It also comes with pre-strung lights on its branches and will optimize the brightness. Moreover, this has different color-changing modes, and everything can be done with the help of the footswitch control.

This will create a festive glow in your home, and it is available in a length of 6 feet. This is 38 inches in diameter and includes PVC tips. Furthermore, this tree is flame resistant, fire-resistant, and non-allergic. This comes with a metal stand and is also very easy to assemble. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor purpose.

In Summary:

  • A plug-and-play tree with 2 modes of working
  • Easy-to-use control
  • has a diameter of 38 inches and 6 feet length
  • non-allergic and resistant to fire

#13. Snowy White Pre-lit Flocked Christmas TreeSnowy White Pine Pre-lit Flocked Fiber Optic LED Christmas Tree (4ft)

By: Holiday Stuff

Your Christmas will be colorful and joyful with this Snowy white Christmas tree. It is 4 feet tall and can be placed in many areas including the office, home, patio, balcony, and other places. The base has a diameter of 25 inches and keeps the tree firm to prevent falling and toppling over.

Besides, the steadiness is improved by the four legs that are made of plastic. It emits cool white light and has a star topper to bring out the celebratory experience. And if you are concerned about regularly replacing the lights because of burning out, then you should take note that this item has Worry-Free UL-approved lights.

In Summary:

  • Stands 4 feet tall
  • The diameter of the base is 25 inches
  • 4 legs made of sturdy plastic
  • Star topper
  • Worry-Free UL-certified LED Lights

#12. Prelit Fiber Optic & Multi Color LED Lights Artificial Christmas Tree

8 FT Prelit Fiber Optic & Multi Color LED Lights Artificial Christmas Tree with Angle Topper

By: xmasource

This is a tall fiber optic Christmas tree which has an approximate height of 8 feet. This premium tree has fiber optic lights which make it look very attractive. The LED lights are energy-saving and will look great. You can set it up conveniently, and it is also easy to store. Moreover, this has a tree topper and comes with all the assorted ornaments. This will save your time to look out for the ornaments.

Furthermore, it will look great anywhere you place it and will bring a festive environment. This is very suitable for bringing family and friends together and will fill your room with magical colors. This is made up of flame retardant material and also includes the sturdy base. This has dense foliage PVC needles and certainly one of the best fiber optic Christmas trees to opt for.

In Summary:

  • Is 8 feet tall
  • Uses LED and is energy-efficient
  • Comes with dense foliage PVC needles

#11. Colorful Mini Christmas TreeZERO121 Mini USB Powered Fiber Optics Christmas Tree

By: Zero121

If you want a memorable Christmas celebration, then this fiber optic tree will make this wish a reality. It is made from microfiber which contributes to its lightweight and smooth texture. The fiber optics has seven different colors which keep changing to suit the mood. It is small enough to be placed on the desk, floor, and other places and will use minimal space.

Moreover, this suits it even for a small apartment. It runs via a USB which is connected to computers, power banks, wall chargers, laptops, and other devices. The lightweight unit can be carried, moved, or stored easily.

In Summary:

  • Made of microfiber
  • It is small and can be placed on a desk
  • Consists of 7 colored fiber optic
  • It is powered by a USB
  • The tree can be moved or stored easily

#10 LED Fiber Optic Christmas Tree (4ft)

LED Fiber Optic Christmas Tree (4ft)

By: Holiday Stuff

Measuring 4 feet high, this fiber optics Led tree is ideal for Christmas. It weighs about 6 pounds and moving or storing it is stress-free. It has a hinged construction and all the branches attached to the trunk. Setting up the X-mass accessory takes a few minutes.

Furthermore, like other top items from the brand, this one also boasts of the latest color-changing technology that showcases seven different colors. This effect together with the “Star Topper” provides a nice mood for the season and also stirs the festive spirit. The Worry-Free LED lights have been approved by CUL and consume minimal energy and are also long-lasting.

In Summary:

  • Measures 4 feet high and weighs about 6 pounds
  • Hinged construction with each branch attached to the trunk
  • Latest color changing technology with seven colors
  • Stylish Star Topper
  • Lit by Worry-Free Energy efficient LED lights

#9. Musical Spinning Fiber Optic Tree

Musical Spinning 3-Feet Fiber Optic Tree

By: Northwoods Greenery

This is among the best fiber optic tree from Northwoods TM Collections. It is 3 feet (36 inches) high and can be placed in a home, office, and many other places. The item is made of high-grade plastic and wires to last through many Christmas seasons. Using the tree is simple, and all that’s required is plugging to a power point and turning it on.

Additionally, the 5.25-inch square stand keeps the tree steady and also stops it from falling because of a gush of wind or slight knock. To create excitement and joyous experience, the colors keep changing, and it produces musical tunes. It includes 18 ornaments that are permanently attached to the branches.

In Summary:

  • Measures 36 inches/ 3 feet high
  • Made of wires and plastic
  • 5.25-inch square base
  • Color changing lights
  • 18 permanently attached ornaments

#8. Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Goplus Fiber Optic Pre-Lit Christmas Tree, 7Ft

By: Goplus

This Fiber Optic Christmas tree from Goplus stands 7 feet tall and is best installed in areas with a high ceiling. The unit has a sturdy iron base to prevent accidental falls and improve its appeal. The Pre-lit design saves a consumer from installing lights and other decorations. It features 42 LEDs that provide seven different colors (orange, red, white, blue, pink, green, and purple) for a merrier effect.

Moreover, the 270 branch tips contribute to its real-like nature and improve the appeal and lighting. Moving or adjusting the tree’s position is easy because of the lightweight and simple design. It also doesn’t use up lots of energy since the bulbs are energy saving.

In Summary:

  • The tree is 7 feet tall
  • Comes in a pre-lit design
  • Fiber optic tubes contain 270 energy-saving LEDs
  • Features a sturdy iron base
  • Emits seven different colors

#7. Fiber Optic Pre-lit PVC Artificial Xmas Tree

EFORINK 6ft Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Pre-lit PVC Artificial Xmas Tree


Here is a fiber optic Christmas tree which has a total of 225 branches. This is ideal for indoor decoration and will fill your home with a festive mood. This can also be used in offices, and it comes to a height of 5 feet. The Christmas tree has low energy consumption LED lights and includes PVC leaves. This is made of flame-retardant material and is very easy to use.

Moreover, the LED lights will have the same light frequency, and there is also a fireproof iron stand. It does not even require any assembling as it is pre-installed and comes in green color which makes it look like a real Christmas tree. The stand is very sturdy and will keep the tree in the proper position.

In Summary:

  • has 225 branches in total
  • Perfect for indoor decoration (rather than outdoor)
  • Is 5 feet tall
  • Easy in assembling (as it is already pre-assembled)

#6.’ Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree With Candles

DAK 3-ft Pre-Lit Multicolored Fiber Optic Christmas Tree with Candles


This 3 feet tall tree from DAK is a top seller in the market. The fiber optic product is 3 feet (36 inches) high and can be placed on the floor or a raised platform or a desk. It is lightweight and won’t cause any harm on the countertop and is also easy to move. The tree is pre-lit and comes with candle ascents for a better appearance. It emits differently colored light and stands firm due to the solid base.

Furthermore, the power cord is 6 feet (72 inches) long and black in color to suit the tree as well as the interior décor. For extra beauty and Christmas spirit, a Star Tree Topper also comes with the product. Assembling the tree is simple, and it takes a short while.

In Summary:

  • Has a height of 3 feet
  • Lightweight and pre-lit
  • Can be placed on a floor or a raised surface
  • The lead cord is 72 inches (6 feet) long
  • Features a stylish Star Tree Topper

#5. Christmas Tree With & LED



This is a cute looking fiber optic Christmas tree which comes in a size of 36 inches. In this, you will find adjustable branches where you can shape it according to your preference. This is easy to use and will rotate automatically. Moreover, this comes with an LED lighter star placed on the top.

Furthermore, the fiber optics are in multi-color and will create a perfect festive atmosphere. In this, even the colors will change and give it a dazzling look. This includes a strong metal stand which is better than plastic and will also add stability to its structure. You can set it on the floor and as well as on the table. It comes with an AC adapter and is recommended only for indoor use.

In Summary:

  • Branches are not fixed. You can customize the shape freely.
  • Has a star on the summit
  • Multi-colored LED lights
  • Highly recommended to for indoor use only

#4. Fiber Optic Flocked Evergreen Firework Tree

National Tree 48 Inch Fiber Optic Flocked Evergreen Firework Tree

By: National Tree Company

Ideal for indoor display, this fiber optic Christmas tree measures 4 feet. This is 26 inches in diameter and is very suitable for display at home. It is very bright, and the lights keep on changing. This is a perfect thing for the festive season, and you can also store it conveniently. Moreover, on the base, you find a bulb which is very bright. This also consumes low energy as there is only one bulb. Furthermore, this is very decorative as the gold column base makes it look beautiful.

This is lightweight and will also rotate the colors. It is sturdy and has good stability. The tree is ideal for home, and you can also place it in the office or other dorm rooms. The product is excellent and has a natural green color which makes it look real. This also has a multi-color light and is a perfect item to celebrate with your family.

In Summary:

  • A bit short – 4 feet high, with diameter of 26 inches
  • There is only one bulb
  • Ideal to use in most of the places (indoor)

#3. Fiber Optic Christmas Tree (5ft)

Ziburry Fiber Optic Christmas Tree (5ft)

By: Ziburry

The Ziburry Fiber Optic tree is designed for use at Christmas and is 5 feet tall. It’s best placed on the floor and has a solid base for improved support and balance. The synchronous fiber optics enhances the tree’s colorful nature and will boost the appeal and mood in the room. It can be installed in the office, home, lobby, and other locations.

In addition to that, the pre-installed lights work just like the normal lights but are more energy efficient. It should take a few minutes to set up and disassemble it is also as simple. Once disbanded, it will fit inside a box, and this will protect it from damage until the next season.

In Summary:

  • Made of fiber optics
  • The lights are preinstalled in the branches
  • Has a height of 5 feet
  • Setting up the tree is easy
  • Can be disassembled for storage

#2. Artificial Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Tree

Goplus 7FT Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Tree 8 Flash Modes

By: Goplus

Here is an amazing fiber optic Christmas tree that will make you cherish with its brightening lights. You can select from many different sizes, and it has different flash modes. This is made of eco-friendly PVC material and has a realistic look. The tree is anti-crush and is very strong. This one comes with eight colorful flash modes and also has an adjusting bottom which will assist you in changing it. In this, even the optical fiber will change its color.

Moreover, this has electrode-less LED lights and comes pre-lit. It uses low voltage and is energy efficient. This will save your time in decorating the tree and is a perfect thing for home. This is easy to set up and requires only a few steps to install. You will only have to straighten the branches to get the best effect. Furthermore, there is also a sold metal stand which will provide stability to the tree. This is one of the best fiber optic Christmas trees to opt for.

In Summary:

  • Various sizes with different flash modes
  • Look like a real tree and made with an environmental-friendly material
  • Easy to assemble
  • firm and stable with the metal stand

#1. Fiber Optic Color Changing Artificial Christmas Tree LED Lights

32 Green Fiber Optic Color Changing Artificial Christmas Tree LED Lights

By: Holiday Time

This fiber optic Christmas tree includes a total of 83 optic tips. All the tips will light up and change its color generously. This will look great in your home and is also suitable for other places like dorm rooms or office. Moreover, this is just 32 inches tall, and you can place it anywhere you want. Furthermore, it has double use power, and you can use it either with a standard plug or with the help of USB. This is 17 inches wide and is very lightweight.

This tree will bring a wonderful atmosphere during the festive season. It will bring your friends and family together and will also save your time. This will brighten your home, and it comes pre-lit. It comes in a full shape and does not require assembling. This requires two AA batteries to operate and is very simple to use.

In Summary:

  • Comes with 83 optic tips
  • Has 32 inches of height
  • Can use either USB or standard plug.
  • No assemble required
  • Small which is ideal to put on table

In Summary

Artificial trees are commonly used during the Xmas celebrations. The fiber Optic type of tree is among the loved choices. It is easy to set up, comes pre-lit and doesn’t need extra decorations, is energy efficient, and lasts for long. However, not every item will deliver a desirable service. The bulbs may burn out too often, the colors may be limited, or will use lots of energy.

This review shows the best fiber optic Christmas trees that are worth buying. We went for the most elegant, easiest to operate, affordable, durable, and high quality. Now, you can make Christmas merrier and more fun.


  1. Fiber Christmas trees as the best for decoration. We always have them around for Christmas. Really recommended to go for Goplus brand for people have’t got one yet.

  2. Fiber Optic Christmas Tree: Top Benefits

    Easy Placement: Using a fiber-optic tree gives you an easy placement than using a real one. It is made of lightweight materials, including PVC branches that don’t crack as quickly as the rest. Also, some models like the Holiday Time weigh just one pound to maximize portability and use.

    Cost-Effective: The other pro of using the best fiber optic Christmas tree is its price. Most designs are inexpensive but deliver a realistic lighting experience and look. They have multiple branches and tips to offer a fuller look. Also, you can find one that’s within your budget to improve the Christmas feel in your household.

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