Top 9 Best Feminine Wipes In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

Like any other woman, you always want to stay clean and fresh down there. And this is why you take extra care when it comes to cleaning and wiping yourself. While there are many products that will aid you in the hygiene process, not all will give the right service. In fact, if not careful, you may end up with irritation, rash, or infection. Rather than using the regular toilet/tissue paper, smart women prefer wipes.

Firstly, they are specifically designed for women and will fit nicely. Secondly, they are smoother, softer, and easy on the hand. Thirdly, they are sanitized for better health and safety. Fourthly, they are much easier to carry and use compared to other alternatives. As part of enlightening you on the products, we decided to review the best feminine wipes on the market.

The List Of Best Feminine Wipes In 2021

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#9. Refresh Flushable Moist Wipes, 24 Count

Kotex Refresh Flushable Moist Wipes, 24 Count

By: Kotex

Kotex has quite many feminine wipes. This one is among the well-known and is suitable for any skin types. It comes in a 24 count and should last a decent period. The product has a very smooth and absorbent surface for instant drying. It doesn’t leave the skin too dry and instead moisturizes it. This is thanks to the essential nutrients like Aloe and Vitamin E.

In addition, the Refresh wipes are safe for the skin and won’t have a burning sensation thanks to zero alcohol. They are individually wrapped for extra convenience and are way better than toilet paper. The flushable wipe is septic-safe and also portable.

In Summary:
  • Suitable and safe for any type of skin
  • Packs contain 24 pieces
  • Absorbent smooth surface
  • Helps to also moisturize the skin
  • Contains Aloe and Vitamin E

#8. Flushable Wet Cleansing Wipes

GoodWipes Flushable Wet Cleansing Wipes for Women Down There, 30 Fresh Wipes

By: GoodWipes

If you are always on the move or lead a busy lifestyle, then these wipes is what you need. Not only will it ensure you are clean and dry down there but also fresh for longer. They are made of highly absorbent material and are also useful in eliminating germs, bacteria, and bad odors.

In addition to that, these best feminine wipes come in a nice size that fits well in the palm and is also very smooth. This pack comprises 30 individually packed pieces and is pH balanced to minimize any side effects such as burning sensation or rashes, especially on sensitive skin. The flushable pieces sooth the skin and are easy to dispose of.

In Summary:
  • Quick cleaning and drying
  • Made of very absorbent material
  • Gets rid of germs, bacteria, odor, etc
  • An excellent and practical size
  • Pack contains 30 individually packed units

#7. Personal Cleansing Cloths Refill Pack

Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths Refill Pack, Fresh Scent, 48-Count Package (Pack of 3)

By: Playtex

If you love good hygiene and simplicity, then you will appreciate these cleansing cloths from Playtex. They are safe for wiping the vaginal area since they contain no harmful products. You also won’t get a burning sensation even on broken skin since they don’t have any alcohol.

Additionally, using them is simple and easy and they will leave the skin dry and also properly moisturized. The hypoallergenic formula protects you from side effects like rashes while the soft flushable cloth improves disposability. They are useful after using the toilet, during the menses, and also for before and after intimacy.

In Summary:
  • Promote good hygiene
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Contain no toxic/ harmful products
  • Have no burning sensation
  • They don’t contain any alcohol

#6. Cleansing Cloth Simply Sensitive

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloth Simply Sensitive, 16 Count (Pack of 4)

By: Summer’s Eve

Coming in a pack of 4 and each containing 16 wipes, The Summer’s Eve cloths are perfect for today’s woman who desires to clean herself more discreetly. The soft cloths will eliminate urine, sweat, dirt, germs, bacteria, and more. Furthermore, they will sooth the skin and also ensure you smell fresher and better.

Moreover, the handy pieces are easy to see and are pH balanced for maximum effects. The Dermatologist and gynecologist tested wipes are very gentle even for sensitive skin. And considering you get 64 wipes, one pack will last for a good period.

In Summary:
  • Pack contains 16 wipes
  • Very soft and easy to use
  • Gets rid of urine, sweat, dirt, odor, germs, bacteria, etc
  • Good soothing and pH balanced and
  • Gynecologist and dermatologist tested

#5. Fresh & Sexy Intimate Wipes Playtex Fresh & Sexy Intimate Wipes - 24 Count Each - Pack of 2

By: Playtex Fem Care

Also from Playtex is this 2-pack that comprises 24 pieces each. In total, you get 48 high quality and hygienic wipes. They are made of a soft material and contain ingredients like Water/Eau, Cranberry Fruit Extract, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and Potassium Sorbate.

Besides that, the Fresh & Sexy wipes are fit for regular use, for periods, and before and after intimacy. It is easy to carry and use due to the super lightweight and packaging. The mild fragrance ensures you smell good and also helps to eliminate or mask any odor.

In Summary:
  • Pack of 2 contains 48 pieces
  • High quality and very hygienic
  • Made of a soft material
  • Contains Water, Citric Acid, Cranberry Fruit Extract, etc
  • Super lightweight and easy to carry

#4. Flushable Wipes, Fragrance-Free

Scott Flushable Wipes, Fragrance-Free, Refill Bag with 170 Wet Wipes Total


This resealable refill bag comprises 170 flushable wipes. It’s made from fibers that have been 100% sourced from plants. This makes it not only safe but also biodegradable. It doesn’t have any alcohol, fragrance, dyes, and is hypoallergenic. The Family Approved wipes are right for dry, oily, and sensitive skin and don’t leave any residue behind.

To add more value to consumers, it’s 100% flushable and immediately starts to disintegrate after flushing it down the toilet and is also safe to use with sewers and septic tanks. Last but not least, the good pack makes retrieval and carrying the wipes easy.

In Summary:
  • Pack contains 170 flushable wipes
  • Made from 100% natural fibers
  • Safe to use and biodegradable
  • Contains no alcohol, fragrance, or dyes
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for any skin

#3. Cleansing Cloths | Lavender |

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths | Lavender | 32 Count | Pack of 1 | pH-Balanced

By: Summer’s Eve

This Dermatology and Gynecologist tested wipes is what will ensure the vaginal area is dry, well-moisturized, free of irrigation, and clean. The clothes gently clean the area and remove dirt, germs, bacteria, odor, and other unwanted compounds. These best feminine wipes are pH balanced to prevent adverse reactions like skin reddening, excessive dryness, and sensitivity. It has no paraben, dyes, and works instantly.

Furthermore, the Clinically Tested scents not only ensure you smell nice but also are safe for your skin. You have choices of 5 fragrances (Night-time Lavender, Island Splash, Shekel Floral, Simply Sensitive, and Aloe Love). This pack has 32 pieces and is flushable.

In Summary:
  • Gynecologist and Dermatology tested wipes
  • Cleans and dries thoroughly
  • Well-moisturized and free of irritation
  • PH balanced and no adverse reactions
  • Choice of 5 fragrances

#2. FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths, 42 Count

Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths, 42 Count

By: Cottonelle

Featuring a New Wavy Texture, the FreshCare cleansing cloths easily remove dirt, bacteria, bad odor and germs. They have a strong material that prevents tearing during use but will break down quickly once flushed down the toilet. It has a soft cloth and a smooth texture and won’t scratch the skin.

What’s more, they also contain no alcohol to prevent irritation and come in a nice size for easy use. The dual-layer cleans better and is also more hygienic. It comprises 42 pieces and has an easy-to-use and portable packaging design. Lastly, they are 100% flushable and can be thrown in a toilet and are also septic-tank friendly.

In Summary:
  • Easily remove odor, germs, dirt, bacteria, etc
  • Strong material resists tearing
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Safe and doesn’t scratch the skin.
  • Easy-to-use and septic tank friendly

#1. Bamboo Feminine Wipes

Cora Bamboo Feminine Wipes (2 Boxes; 36 Count Total) Plant-based Moisturizers and Essential Oils

By: Cora

With this best feminine wipe, not only will you clean up faster but are assured of good hygienic. The wipes comprise 100% bamboo cloth which is more effective than other materials. It’s also more tolerant to tearing but still has a super smooth surface. They have been infused with aloe vera, coconut oil, lavender essential oil, red raspberry, aloe vera, and chamomile water for better moisturization and soothing.

Additionally, the pH balance prevents any side effects while the super-soft nature prevents any scratching. It doesn’t leave any sticky residue and is also biodegradable for easy disposal. Last but not least, the wipes are very safe, thanks to not having any glycerine, alcohol, fragrance, dyes, alcohol, paraben, sulfates, bleach, or Phenoxyethanol.

In Summary:
  • Fast cleaning and very hygienic
  • Made of 100% bamboo cloth
  • Super smooth surface
  • Infused with coconut oil, aloe vera, lavender essential oil, etc
  • Good moisturization and soothing

Important Tips For Using The Feminine Wipes

Truth is that using the wipes is straightforward, even if you are using them the first time. All you need is to remove a piece from the pack and carefully wipe the area. However, if you don’t follow the recommended procedure, you may not only get undesirable results but may introduce dirt, germs, or bacteria. You should observe the following tips when using the product:

Use The Right Size

It’s essential to pick a size that fits right on your palm as well as down there. If it’s too big, it may be a bit cumbersome and will also be wasteful. Learning more about the product, talking to an experienced person, a gynecologist, and also reading reviews assist in discovering the best size. Fortunately, we have listed types that will work well with any woman and are easy to use.

Clean Hands

Wipes will make you clean and also protect the area from dirt, bacteria, germs, and other things. However, if you handle them with dirty hands, then there are high chances of reintroducing the germ, bacteria’s or any other substance unknowingly. You should ensure your hands are clean before use.

Use The Right Procedure

Wiping the area may look simple. Placing the wipe on the palm and wiping. But did you know that there is a way you are supposed to do it? Many people tend to push the unwanted substances to the zone without knowing. And because of this, they may not get the right results. Learning how to use the wipe is crucial. This may entail talking to your Gynecologist, friend, or any other experienced person. The goal is to wipe while pulling it away and not pushing it towards the region.

Stay Natural

It’s true that we love smelling nice and fresh down there. And in line with this, some people go for products with a fragrance. While this works great, the scents may cause more harm-than-good. It may bring rashes, itchiness, excessive dryness, skin reddening, and more. You are always encouraged to use natural products that are free of scents and fragrances whenever possible.

Minimal Effort

You don’t need to apply too much effort when using the wipes. A little effort is good enough. The best types come with a smooth but very effective surface. It will instantly absorb any dirt and won’t leave any scratches or discomfort. A good piece also works with different types of skins without any adverse effects.

Selecting A Proper Wipe

Finding a wipe may be easy, but being sure it will deliver the perfect results isn’t. In this section, we have listed some handy tips that will help you buy a nice product:


Pick a product that contains well-known and effective ingredients. It’s usually more than just wiping buy also protecting the skin. Go for Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Calendula, Coconut oil, and the likes. These products have a soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin.


As most women will tell you; alcohol seems to leave the skin a bit dry and may also have a burning sensation, especially on sensitive skin or an open wound or cut. If possible, always go for alcohol-free products. They are easy on the skin and won’t make the region too dry.


You may have used a wipe that left some residue or lint on the skin. Also, it may have ruptured rather easily during use. It’s always advised to focus on quality more than the price. This is because you may use several cheap wipes at ones while you could have used a single one if the quality was better. In the long run, the cheap version will be more expensive.


Pay attention to how easy it is to dispose of a unit. Some types will be a bit dense and won’t crumble easily. The general recommendation is to pick flushable types. They will easily get soaked in the water and will break apart and flush with minimal efforts.


You need to read the details before buying a product. Does it contain banned substances like mercury? Does it have fragrance or colors/dyes? Such things may have adverse effects on your skin.


A good wipe comes in a friendly pack for easy retrieval. It will allow one piece to be pulled out at a time to minimize wastage. Additionally, the pack will protect the pieces from dirt, moisture, germs and will easily fit in a bag, handbag, and can also be placed in the bathroom. Other things that you should focus on are the price, durability, portability, medicinal nature, and scent.


Truth is that modern, feminine wipes are way better than they were before. They are lighter but stronger. More absorbent, easy to use, more hygienic, safe for any skin, and some have medicinal value. With so many products on offer, singling out a particular wipe can be tricky. This mostly affects new or inexperienced users.

Fortunately, after comparing these products in the market, we uncovered the best feminine wipes. And we are sure that you will agree with us that they are reliable, very absorbent, hygienic, safe, user-friendly, well packed, and effective.

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