The 12 Best Feminine Washes – Products Review In 2020

More than any other body part, the intimate parts of our body needs more attention. You need to clean your intimate parts every day, and it is especially applicable for females. There are different variants of feminine washes available which not only cleans the intimate parts but also leaves behind a fresh scent. You can also use the washes during the period, menopause, and physical intimacy. Besides, it balances the pH value of the regions where you apply it. Therefore, there will be no bacterial growth in those regions, and hence, the areas will stay fully protected. Check out the best feminine washes on the list below.

List Of Best Feminine Washes In 2020

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#12. Feminine Hygiene Wash, Unscented

FDS Feminine Hygiene Wash, Unscented


This feminine wash can provide you with a fresh feeling for an entire day after using it once in a day at your shower time. This intimate wash is perfect to use on the sensitive skin. Moreover, it is gentle and color free which keeps you away from any risk or danger while using on the intimate body parts. This solution is also gynecologists and dermatologists proofed.

Moreover, this is Hypoallergenic and parabens free. This intimate wash not only kills the germs of the skin but also keeps the area odor-free. It also gives you a soothing feeling. It is available in different smells. Besides, it is pH balanced and takes care of the skin in a scientific way. You will get it at a reasonable price and use a small amount to clean the lady parts on a regular basis.

#11. Feminine Intimate Wash With pH 3.8

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash pH 3.8

By: Sebamed

This wash has a special ability to keep your intimate areas free from germs. You can take this wash to keep your body away from the germs and odor. Moreover, this is gluten-free and properly pH balanced at the same time. This lather free feminine wash also works well on your body parts and gives you a fresh feeling for an entire day.

Furthermore, the wash is available at a pocket-friendly price to keep your lady parts smell good and keep away from the risk of the infection. You can take it at a small amount and apply on your intimate part to wash the body parts every day properly.

#10. All Natural, Paraben & Fragrance Free, Gentle Feminine Wash

Healthy hoohoo 4.0 oz. All Natural, Paraben and Fragrance Free, Gentle Feminine Wash

By: Healthy hoohoo

You can use this wash to keep your intimate areas away from the risk of bacterial attacks and odor. This has no artificial smell, paraben, and gluten. Moreover, you can use this pH balanced product safely on your sensitive skin and get a fresh feeling for a day. It not only cleans the body parts and kills the germs but also soothes the skin and moisturizes it at the same time.

This wash is perfect for keeping your body healthy and away from the ill effects of the bacteria on the sensitive parts. Additionally, you need to take a very small amount of this wash to wash the sensitive parts of your body. This product is also available at a reasonable price.

#9. Probiotic Natural Feminine Intimate Body Wash PH Balanced

Organic Glide Probiotic Natural Feminine Intimate Body Wash PH Balanced

By: Organic Glide

This is a very effective organic cleanser that can keep your intimate area away from the odor by killing the germs. It also works scientifically on your skin and strengthens the immune system and keeps you away from the risk of the bacterial effects. This is passed through the clinical tests before coming into the market. You can also use this hygienic feminine wash on a regular basis to get freshness at your intimate area. It is one of the best feminine washes to opt for.

This pH-balanced product can keep you healthy by cleaning up the intimate body parts. This product also works well on the vagina and urinary tract and keeps them germ-free for an entire day. This product contains all the natural ingredients that have no side effects on your skin as well. So, you can use this pocket-friendly feminine wash and stay away from the danger of the infections.

#8. Nighttime Cleansing Wash

Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash

By: Summer’s Eve

This all-in-one hygiene wash is a gynecologist and dermatologist tested product. The cruelty-free feminine wash contains clinically tested safe scents. The intimate wash does not contain Paraben or any artificial dye. This hygiene wash softly rinses and freshens your private parts. It also helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Moreover, this feminine wash helps to maintain the ideal pH level in your vaginal area.

The intimate wash works well before and after intimacy. You can use this hygiene wash after your workouts. Furthermore, this feminine wash is absolutely safe to use during and after your menstruation. The hygiene wash also helps to prevent the vaginal odor. It is a good alternative to harsh soaps and detergents. This feminine wash does not contain alcohol. The intimate wash also helps you with the night-time calming. This hygiene wash is a non-itchy product to use for your private parts.

#7. Natural Feminine Cleansing Wash

Rael Natural Feminine Cleansing Wash

By: Rael

Made with the nature-inspired ingredients like Lavender, Lemon Peel, and Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, this feminine wash is 100% vegan. This hygiene wash contains no artificial fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, and Paraben. The gynecologist tested feminine wash is safe for normal and sensitive skin. Moreover, this hypoallergenic organic wash does not irritate your private parts. The hygiene wash also helps to maintain the perfect pH level to strengthen the natural immunity.

You can use this wash once or twice daily to keep your vagina clean, soft, and fresh. The intimate wash is free of GMO and paraben. This feminine wash is a cruelty-free product. The gentle hygiene wash also does not leave your skin dry and irritated. Furthermore, the all-natural mild scent of this product lingers for long and keeps your intimate parts odor-free. This foam-based cleanser is ideal to use after a stressful workout session.

#6. Odor Block Daily Intimate Vaginal Wash

Vagisil Odor Block Daily Intimate Vaginal Wash

By: Vagisil

The hygiene wash comes with a special odor-lock technology to stop the odor in your private parts. You can use this wash on a regular basis to clean your vaginal area. This intimate wash keeps you out of odor for 24 hours. The dermatologist and gynecologist approved hygiene wash are safe for all skin types. Moreover, this product helps to maintain the natural pH level for your genital area. The feminine wash is hypoallergenic.

This intimate wash also does not leave your skin dry or irritated. The product is gentle to all skin types. You can also use this intimate wash before, during, and after your menstruation. This wash is ideal to use after the exercises to keep your sweat glands free of odor. The hygiene also washes work well for excessive perspiration. This pack of 4 feminine wash has the quantity of 12-Oz.

#5. Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser – Multi-Use Feminine Wash

By: Dutchess

This feminine wash is a multi-purpose product. It works as a period of cups, sterilizer, shower, and body cleanser. You can also use this hygiene wash to clean your face. This super smooth wash contains 100% certified botanical ingredients. The hygiene wash does not contain alcohol. This is ideal for all skin types. Moreover, the hypoallergenic intimate wash effectively maintains the balance pH levels in your genital area. The pH 4 level of this intimate wash is perfect for the sensitive skin.

This product comes in a travel size, ideal for your handbag. The feminine wash also includes a Dutchess menstruation cup. This hygiene wash absolutely removes germs and odor. The chemical-free intimate wash also causes no dryness or itchiness to your skin. This feminine wash is a daily use product. Furthermore, the intimate wash contains natural ingredients like soap-nuts derivatives, eucalyptus essential oil and honeysuckle extract, and so on. It is one of the top feminine washes on the list.

#4. Natural & pH Balanced Gentle Feminine Body Wash

By: SweetSpot Labs

This hygiene wash comes with a mild smell of grapefruit verbena. This feminine wash effectively balances your natural pH level in your private parts. Moreover, the intimate wash has no parabens, sulfates, alcohol, glycerin, phthalates, gluten, and MIT preservatives. The vegan feminine wash also does not contain any dairy or soy ingredients. This hygiene wash is entirely hypoallergenic. This cruelty-free feminine wash is made by the women with love.

This gynecologist and clinically tested intimate wash are absolutely safe for your sensitive skin. You can also use this feminine wash to clean your whole body. This hygiene wash also does not cause any dryness or irritation to your skin. The intimate wash also allows you to clean your sweet spot, armpits, and neck. You can use this product before and after your period.

#3. Organics Splash Balance Gentle Feminine Wash

By: Sliquid

This 100% vegan and cruelty-free feminine wash ideally maintain the pH balance in your intimate body parts. This hygiene wash contains paraben and glycerin. The organic botanical formula makes this intimate wash a clinically tested hypoallergenic product. This feminine wash works well as an alternative to the harsh soaps, detergents, and water to keep your genital area clean. The daily use of this product also helps to prevent the formation of odor-causing germs in your vagina.

The feminine wash also contains the nature-inspired essential coconut derivatives and sea salt. Furthermore, this non-toxic and alcohol-free formula of the hygiene wash causes no itchiness and dryness. The sweet smell of honeydew, cucumber of this feminine also wash keeps you fresh all day long. This intimate wash does not contain sulfates. You can also use this feminine wash after your workout session or any other daily stressful works.

#2. Splash 8.5-ounce Feminine Wash Unscented

By: Sliquid

This feminine wash is a great replacement of harsh soaps. The intimate wash is free of paraben and glycerin. By using this hygiene wash, you can keep your genital area fresh, clean, and odor-free. This feminine wash also effectively maintains the pH balance in your private parts. The feminine wash does not cause itchiness or dryness to your genitalia. Moreover, this wash helps to prevent bacteria formation and keeps your vagina healthy. You can use this product before or after your menstruation.

This unscented feminine wash comes with three different mild essences of mango, grapefruit, and honey cucumber. The hygiene wash also keeps your private parts soft and smooth. It is a hypoallergenic product. Made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and sunflower-seed, this feminine wash is absolutely gentle to your skin. This chemical-free and vegan hygiene wash is a long-lasting product. It is one of the best feminine washes on the list to opt for.

#1. Gentle Daily Cleanser, Original Refreshing Formula

By: Lemisol

This is popular for it’s cleanly feeling and freshness. You can use this intimate wash once every day to feel fresh and clean. It can also build up the confidence and give you good health at the same time. The well-balanced pH level of this feminine wash can keep the health of the skin well at your intimate body parts.

This liquid solution can kill the germs and keep the intimate body parts odor-free. Its gentle wash never harms your sensitive skin. It gives your skin a smooth and fresh feeling every time you use it. Two pieces of 16oz are available in one pack at a reasonable price. It is undoubtedly the best feminine wash to buy.


There are various scents available in the feminine washes that many opt for. However, the unscented ones are the best as there are no additional chemicals that need to be in it. We have listed the best feminine washes considering all the best parameters so that the product produces the best result. It not only cleanses the area and kill the bacteria but also prevents the growth of the bacteria in the longer duration of time.

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