Discover Top 10 Best Electronic Dog Doors In 2021

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Electronic dog doors are one of the best inventions in this modern technology era. The remarkable thing about this cool door type is that you can select which pets to go through the door. That way, your dogs can quickly get in or out while keeping raccoons or other strangers away from getting in. The electronic dog doors are so convenient and easy to use. At the same time, you can easily install them on your doors, walls, sliding glass doors, or even sash windows. That is why we are here to introduce you to 10 electronic dog doors that you can consider today. So, feel free to check the list of best electronic dog doors below and pick your most favorite options.

List of The Best Electronic Dog Doors

#10. E-Z Pass Electronic Pet Door

By: Ideal Pet Products

This is an electronic pet door that comes with a plastic frame that can be used for a long period of time. It can also quickly adapt to most doors. The door comes with a transparent and unbreakable lexan flip to ensure durability for long term use. It features the right size that is ideal for dogs as well as small cats. This electronic door is straightforward to install, and you can use it as both interior and exterior use easily. It is easy to install and setup, and it is very convenient to use.

The door also comes with an Radio Frequency ID (RFID) sensor that you can easily attach to your pet’s collar. With the sensor, your pet will get to take control of the door to open when they come near. And that allows for convenient access when they want to get out or in the house. If you have multiple pets, you can also purchase additional sensors to attach to their collars. Feel free to check out and see if you like this option.

In Summary:

Durable plastic frame
Easy to install and set up
Works as both entry and exit
Transparent and unbreakable flap
Ideal for both dogs and small cats

#9. Automatic Sliding E-Glass Door

By: High Tech Pet

Here, you are looking at a new and low energy efficient patio electronic pet door insert with excellent quality. The door comes with high quality that offers both durability and sophistication that compliment your house. It features the design from a new and heavy-duty aluminum frame along with dual pane low e-glass. This is to ensure that the door is durable for long term use. Plus, with its modern design, you will not regret choosing it.

With its advanced technology, it will automatically slide so that your dog can get out or back in easily. It is super cool and convenient, and you won’t have to get up to open the door for your dogs again. Not to mention its sleek and elegant design as well as its resistance to wind and weather. This electronic dog door has pretty much everything for you and your dogs. It is easy and comfortable, and it is so durable for long term use.

In Summary:

Easy to install
Easy to enter and exit
Sleek and elegant design
Fits great into sliding glass
Wind and weather resistant
Heavy duty aluminum frame

#8. Electronic Dog Door With Telescopic Frame


The unique thing about this electronic door is that it comes with multiple modes that you can use. There are 4 modes in total to suit your purposes of using it. The modes are: swing in only, swing out only, swing both out and in, and lock. That makes it super-duper convenient to use for both you and your dogs or cats. Plus, with its fashionable design, it makes one high-quality electronic pet door to consider.

The door itself comes with the construction of durable material to ensure long-lasting performance. This product is sturdy as it is made from ABS polymer which is the one of the best plastic. This door is weatherproof and absolutely durable. Another significant part is that it does not cause too much noise when your cat or dog gets out or in at all. The whole thing is easy to install, and it fits many kinds of doors. Feel free to check it out and see if this one matches your door and interest.

In Summary:

Noise reduction
Durable and heavy duty
Setting up is easy and straightforward
Multiple entry and exit modes
Ideal for both small dogs and cats

#7. 2-Way Locking Electronic Pet Door

By: lesotc

The two-way locking feature of this electronic pet door allows it for extra safety when using. It comes with a removable self-locking slide panel that can easily prevent any unwanted guests from entering. Another great thing about this door is that you can easily install it on any doors and wooden walls. Speaking of installation, it is also elementary to do as well, which is simply convenient to use and have.

As for quality, the door is super durable due to its construction from ABS plastic and aluminum lining. Such a great combination is to make sure that it is waterproof and weatherproof while the surface is smooth and durable. Not to mention its soft and flexible flap, your pets can get in and out comfortably and easily. This electronic door comes with both quality and style, and it is super durable for long term use. You might want to check out and see if you like it.

In Summary:

Easy installation
Anti-rust and low maintenance
Stainless steel aluminum lining
Removable self-locking slide panel
Waterproof, weatherproof, and durable
Soft and flexible flap with magnetic closure

#6. Electronic Pet Smart Door

By: PetSafe

For households with multiple pets, this is the electronic door that you should have. This one comes with up to 5 smart keys that you can easily connect to 5 pets’ collar. That means all of your pets can easily use their electronic door to get in and out anytime they want. All the smart keys are waterproof and durable so that you won’t have to worry about their quality at all. Your dogs can enjoy playing out in the rain, and the smart keys still activate the door to let them back in.

That is not all, the door also features programmable selective entry, exit, and auto-locking options. That way, you can easily control the door for efficient and safe use. This electronic pet door is straightforward to use and install, and it functions as both interior and exterior. It is durable and convenient to use, and it makes one of the best electronic dog doors to have. You might want to take a look and see if this is something that matches great with your house.

In Summary:

Easy installation
Durable and heavy duty
Convenient and easy to use
Programmable door options
Available in both small and large size
Waterproof and high quality smart keys

#5. All-Weather Electronic Dog Door

By: Perfect Pet

Don’t you worry that the weather conditions will damage the electronic door’s quality as this one won’t let that happen. Here you are looking for a high quality all-weather electronic dog door that is super tough and durable. It is weatherproof, and no rain or snow can deduct its performance and quality at all. Not to mention that it is super easy to use and install, this is clearly among the best to choose.

This electronic dog door features the innovative double vinyl flap design that creates an energy-efficient air pocket for maximum insulation. That makes it strong enough to withstand all weather conditions while providing easy entry and exit to your pets. This option comes with different sizes that you can choose from small to super large to accommodate your dog’s size. It works great, its quality is excellent, and it makes it a great electronic dog door to take into consideration.

In Summary:

Energy efficient
Easy to install and use
Weatherproof and durable
Adjustable frame telescopes

#4. Heavy Duty Electronic Dog Door


With robust construction, this door is not only durable but also secure to have as well. Plus, with the prime aluminum frame with yellowing-resistant flap, the durability of this electronic dog door is unbeatable. Apart from that, we also like the fact that it is weatherproof as well. That allows it to withstand weather conditions throughout the whole year without losing its quality. Not to mention its closing panel that doubles the protection, this door is definitely one of a kind.

On top of that, the door features a lightweight flap that allows for comfortable exit and entry. The flap itself is also UV resistant as well, so the durability it totally endless. Not to mention the dustproof and soft nylon brush at the entry, it offers protection for the pets as well. With that size, both dogs and cats can easily use them which is simply exceptional. There is also an extra-large size that you can select for larger dogs, so feel free to check them out.

In Summary:

Lightweight flap
Easy installation
Heavy duty and secure
Weatherproof function
Strong aluminum frame
Robust and durable construction
Suitable for most doors, screen enclosures, and porches

#3. Electronic Pet Door

By: High Tech Pet

The remarkable thing about this door is that it only opens when your pet is on a direct approach. With the help from the directional sensing system, the door will not open at all when your pets are just wandering nearby. That makes it extra safe and secure, and it won’t confuse your dogs as well. Even if your dogs sleep right next to the door, it will not open. Not unless they directly approach the door with exit purpose, which is a super cool feature.

Another significant part is that the door features 4-way access control that you can easily select. Those include in only, out only, full access, and closed & locked. As for the quality, it is windproof and waterproof which is ideal for any weather conditions throughout the year. It is convenient and comfortable to use, and this option is highly recommended. Choose this one, and you will not regret it.

In Summary:

Compact collar sensor
Durable and heavy duty
Easy 4-way access control
Wind proof and weatherproof
Ideal for any door or wall surfaces

#2. Electronic Sliding Screen Door With Magnetic Flap

By: Namsan

This is another high-quality electronic dog door that you might want to have. It comes with the construction of ABS material which is durable and sturdy for long-lasting quality. The best part is that it features the built-in magnetic of the door flap that automatically keeps it shut. That will help to prevent your dogs from going out in bad weather conditions or when it is late at night. This door is elementary to install, and it works great on the screen door, window, and other screen areas. It is very easy to use and take care of, and its durability lasts for years. It is available in size small and large, so don’t forget to take a look.

In Summary:

Replaceable door flap
Easy installation and setup
Heavy duty and pet resistant
Acid and alkali resistant screen
Durable and sturdy construction

#1. Electronic Dog Door With Microchip

By: SureFlap

Using microchips, this electronic pet door is absolutely convenient and easy to use. The best part is that it is compatible with all microchip formats worldwide, so using this door is very easy. At the same time, it also works with SureFlap RFID collar tag as well to allows more convenience. On top of that, this electronic door can store up to 32 pets in its memory. That makes it simply perfect for multi-pet households out there.

Another great thing that we like about it the curfew mode that this door comes with. With this mode, you can easily program the door to lock and unlock at specific times of the day. That way, you can prevent your pets from getting out of the house at night for extra safety. This option is suitable for all small dogs and large cats, and you can install it into doors, glass, and walls. This is one of the best electronic dog doors to have, you really should not overlook this option.

In Summary:

Curfew mode
Durable and sturdy
Easy to use and program
Compatible with all microchips
Easy to install on doors, glass, and walls


There are many options that you can find, but the best electronic dog doors are here for you. From quality to comfort, they have them all so that your dogs are happy to use their doors. Let’s see if you have found some from our list of best electronic dog doors from us.

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