The 11 Best Electrician Tool Bags Review In 2021

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An electrician needs a lot of tools to carry with him to go to the site of working. But carrying so many different tools and parts is really difficult without a proper bag to carry them. That is why there is a dedicated electrician tool bag. These bags have a lot of pockets to take all the different types of tools, large and small in the most convenient way. Depending on the number of tools you usually carry, you can select different types of electrician tool bags. The following is the list of the best electrician tool bags containing different types of bags to buy from.

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List Of The Best Electrician Tool Bags In 2021

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#11. Electrician Comfort Combo With Metal Buckle Belt

By: Boulder Bag

This electrician tool bag is very comfortable to use and includes a total of 25 compartments. In this, you will find an electrician tool pouch along with a hammer holder. There is also a tape clip, and it has a wide opening where you can easily get access to the tools. Moreover, it comes with a comfortable belt system which has thick closed-cell foam which will be very comfortable in your waist. This is available in four different sizes, and you can select the one which fits you the most.

Additionally, the weights are equally distributed on each side, and it also has 13 slots and 19 pockets. This can accommodate two pouches, and there is also an upper Velcro pocket which has elastic slots. The tool bag is specifically for an electrician, and it will hold all the tools in an upright position. You can also easily adjust or reposition the bag, and it has a hook to place it in your waist comfortably.

#10. 16-inch Utility Tote

By: IRWIN Tools

This is a very sturdy electrician tool bag which is perfect for transportation. It can easily accommodate all your accessories and has a large main compartment. The bag has many side pockets, and it comes in an open compartment design. In this, you can reach your items in quick time as even the pockets are open. Moreover, this has a removable shoulder strap which is very convenient to carry. You can easily carry the bag and reach your destination. The bag is also lightweight and allows you to place many tools at one time.

Additionally, this is a multi-utility bag which is suitable for use by other professionals. It is a durable product which is also very useful. This is very simple to use and allows you to transport your items without any hassle. It is a perfect gift for someone who needs to carry many tools in his profession. You can carry this with your hands as it has a metal to hold it. Moreover, to give comfort to your hands, there is also a soft grip on it.

#9. 18-Inch CLC Custom Leathercraft Tech Gear Dual

By: Custom Leathercraft

Here is another amazing electrician tool bag where you can place your accessories with ease. This has many compartments where you can easily organize your tools. Inside the bag, you will be finding 42 pockets, and there are also 14 out pockets. Moreover, the bag features an ergonomic handle which will reduce the stress on your wrist and hand. The strap is padded, and you can easily adjust its length according to your own comfort.

In addition to this, it has a stylish look, and there is also a mini compartment tray. This has an LED light handle which will assist you during your work. This is powered with AAA batteries, and there are three different levels of light. This will illuminate your working area and help you to identify the tools. In this, you will also find base pad feet and will reduce the abrasion and wear.

#8. Electrician’s & Maintenance Tool Pouch, Heavy Duty

By: Custom Leathercraft

This is an attractive electrician tool bag which comes in a box design. This has a leather carrying handle which is very convenient to carry. As it is in box-shaped design, there will be no tipping. It has a large main pocket which will allow you to bring more tools. This is made up of top-grain leather which is very strong, and it does not weigh more. The bag has 17 pockets and sleeves, and there is also an electrical tape chain. It is also made up of other fabrics like rugged polyester or Cordura Plus fabric.

It has strong nylon stitching which makes it very durable. In the stress points, the bag has steel riveting. The pockets are hard molded, and it is open. You can easily reach out to the desired item without any hassle. It will give a firm hold to all your tools and will last for a long time even after continuous use. In the outside pocket, you can keep pliers and screwdrivers.

#7. 22 Pocket Large Electrical & Maintenance Tool Carrier

By: Custom Leathercraft

An incredibly useful tool bag for electricians, this one is available in two different sizes. You can keep many items in this, as it has 22 pockets for storage. On the outside, there are 14 pockets and 8 pockets on the inside. You can properly organize your tools in this bag. There is also a plastic tray which mas many compartments where you can keep your accessories. It is in a box-shaped design and will prevent tipping. Even your smaller tools will also be safe in this.

This has an adjustable shoulder strap which allows you to carry it comfortably. It has enough padding so that there will be no stress when you carry it. Moreover, in this, you will be able to keep large tools as it has a large main pocket with elastic loops. The electrical tape strap will ensure that your items are secure and it is also very reliable. The bag is very durable and weighs only 4.5 pounds.

#6. Legacy Tool Bag 14-Inch

By: Carhartt

This is another electrician tool bag which has many features. You can select from two different colors, and it is also very durable. The main compartment is zippered and is very large. The bag has 10 interior pockets and 17 exterior pockets. Additionally, you will also find an internal metal frame where it assists in preventing the bag from collapsing. The opening of the bag will allow you to have easy access to your tools.

It has been constructed with a triple-needle stitch which makes it a rugged product. Moreover, this has an abrasion-resistant base and has metal hardware. This is composed of synthetic fabric which is very sturdy. This is also water repellent and will last for a long time. It is lightweight and has rugged haul handles. You can carry conveniently without putting pressure on your hands. It is one of the best electrician tool bags on the list.

#5. 11-Inch Electrical & Maintenance Tool Carrier With Parts Tray


This is one of the best electrician tool bags on the list. There are as many as 23 pockets along with sleeves and slots. Therefore, you can keep a variety of tools and parts in it. Besides, it has a flap-covered pocket and two zippered pockets to keep small and significant conveniently. The bag is really comfortable to carry thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap, and it is non-slip and well padded. Furthermore, there is a non-slip handle for easy carry.

The open-top design is better for greater visibility and easy access to the tools and parts. The large center cavity adds to the easiness. There are also spring clips, web strap, zippered compartments, and measuring tape clip. The box shape of the design makes sure that the bag stays upright to prevent the tools from spilling. The design is also attractive, and there are only great reviews about the product.

#4. Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets


Dewalt is one of the best brands for electrician tool bags. This is a backpack bag which many electricians prefer to carry as the weight is evenly balanced. There are LED lights available to help you identify the tools and parts. There are 3 levels of light adjustments possible for a wide range of illumination. The bag is also very comfortable to carry thanks to its thick padded carrying handle and shoulder straps. Moreover, there are also large pads on the back for extra comfort.

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Furthermore, there are base pad feet to reduce abrasion and wear. In total, there are 57 pockets out of which 48 are multipurpose ones, and 9 of them are outside. You can also organize all the tools, parts, and accessories in the best possible way. There are dedicated slots for various common electrician tools.

#3. 61 Pocket-In & Out Bucket Pockets

By: Custom Leathercraft

This comes in the shape of a bucket, and there are dedicated compartments and places to keep all the common electrician tools perfectly. The product is made up of ballistic polyester which is highly durable and sturdy. There are 36 output pockets and 25 inside pockets. Therefore, you can accommodate a wide range of tools and accessories comfortably.

Moreover, there is a side release buckle security strap for a drill machine. Besides, the extra layer of fabric is there to make the rim of the bucket pockets sturdy, especially at all the stress points. You can carry all the large to small tolls comfortable. It is very compact, and the handle is comfortable to carry its load.

#2. 24 Inch 600 Denier Tool Bag & Organizer

By: Husky

This is one of the top electrician tool bags considering all the required features it sports. First of all, the material of the bag is top-notch which makes it highly durable. It is water-resistant and has 600 Denier fabric. In fact, it can withstand outdoor conditions better than the rest of the bags. It is also convenient to carry, and there are 26 pockets available, 16 of which are external.

You can also manage and access your tools and parts easily and keep all the vulnerable pieces safely. There are two zippers available to seal the bag properly with all the stuff inside. The cross stitching on the handles gives it extra strength and support. Therefore, carrying heavy weight will not be a concern.

#1. Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag

By: Custom Leathercraft

This is currently the best-rated electrician bag with a beautiful overall design. It looks and feels premium, and it is definitely a product that is worth purchasing. There are as many as 50 pockets to hold all the possible tools comfortably. You can carry large tools thanks to its large center compartment and outside compartments.

The bag is spill-proof, meaning all the tools will stay intact thanks to its side panel zippers. The accessing of the tools is also convenient, and there are vertical pockets available to keep tools in sight and upright. The shoulder strap is adjustable and convertible. It is well padded, and it is a heavy-duty bag that can be used every day for years without degrading.


There are different shapes and sizes of tool bags available for an electrician. While buying an electrician tool bag, you have to check various features the bag has to offer. Apart from the number of pockets available in the inside or outside, you have to check the material for durability. Some of them are water-resistant. Some of them have zippers for small items. Besides, the carrying strap or handle needs to be well padded not to cause any strain. The tool bag should hold upright not to cause any spillage. All the handpicked best electrician tool bags above are of high-quality and extremely portable.

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