10 Best Electric Toothbrushes For Kids – Products Review

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The teeth brushing and cleaning experience will be more rewarding and satisfactory if you get the best electric toothbrush for kids. The truth is that many kids don’t really like brushing their teeth. In fact, it’s always a challenge for many people to convince them to do it. And while they will agree to do this eventually, many won’t do it the right way. You can nonetheless make the activity more exciting but, at the same time, more effective. All you need is to acquire an electric toothbrush.

Instead of using lots of effort moving it around inside the mouth, the user will simply hold and direct it. And thanks to its design, it works better and is also more kid-friendly. And being an electric gadget, a majority of the kids will always look forward to brushing their teeth. Now the problem won’t be telling them to do it but not to keep on doing it all the time. After researching the current market, the following options came up as the best electric toothbrush for kids:

List Of The Best Electric Toothbrushes For Kids

#10. Kid’s Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

By: Oral-B

If your child loves animated characters and cars, then he/she will appreciate this electric toothbrush. It’s ideal for users aged above 3 years and is pretty decent in size and weight. The unit will nicely and cozily fit in their small hands. We love the smooth finish, which boosts its coziness. At the same time, it is also non-slip. This minimizes the cases of it falling or slipping off the hands.

The accessory comes with a rotating head that will thoroughly clean inside the entire mouth. It operates smoothly but is very effective. Moreover, it has no rough edges and the bristles are super smooth. Therefore, cases of irritation, sensitivity, bleeding gums, or any other side effects are unlikely. The unit depends on a rechargeable battery that will keep power for as many as 5 days. This is very impressive and it means that you don’t need to recharge it too often.

It runs smoothly and is also doesn’t produce too much noise. What’s more, the unit is very ergonomic; hence, your child will have an easy time using it. He/ she will not endure soreness, fatigue, or numbness on the fingers.

In Summary:

Ideal for users aged above 3 years
Has a pretty decent in size and weight
Fits nicely and cozily fit in small hands
Smooth finish and non-slip finsh
Rotating head thoroughly cleans the inside of the mouth
Operates smoothly but is very effective
No rough edges and the bristles are super smooth
Rechargeable battery that will keep power for as many as 5 days

#9. Automatic Electric Toothbrush

By: Anself

Kids will certainly like this toothbrush and it’s also very reliable and effective. It comes in a stylish layout and the color is also wonderful. Therefore, the child will certainly always look forward to using it every early morning as well as in the evening. It’s compact as well as lightweight hence fits cozily in the little hands. Besides, the texture is really smooth but still nonslip to suit the wet surrounding.

The unit has a powerful system that easily removes cavities, bacteria, odor, plaques, food residues, and more. The accessory 3 different settings to suit varied needs. It also operates very smoothly and also doesn’t feel hot after long use. And since it has no toxic materials, it won’t cause any harm or side effects. The ergonomic shape improves the handling, comfort, and also prevents tiredness. Also, it doesn’t feel rough or scratches the mouth, tongue, or gums. For that reason, opportunities for bleeding gums, injury, or sensitivity is not likely.

The brush is it’s water-resistant and suitable for the application. It’s additionally really easy to tidy and also dries out fast. The magnetic USB charging point makes recharging it easy as well as convenient. And on a full charge, it will offer up to 2 hrs of use.

In Summary:

A stylish layout and wonderful color
Compact, lightweight and fits cozily in the hands
Smooth and nonslip texture
Powerful and smooth running mechanism
Easily removes cavities, bacteria, odor, plaques, food residues etc
3 different settings to suit varied needs
The ergonomic shape improves the handling and comfort
Water-resistant and uses a magnetic USB charging point

#8. Kid’s Interactive Talking Toothbrush

By: Colgate

Your kid will love this talking toothbrush. It’s pretty trendy and is also available in many different colors. Finding a unit that suits your kid best is thus not difficult. The brush fits inside the mouth okay and has an excellent appearance. It also comes from one of the revered names when it comes to the top electric toothbrush for kids. Therefore, you are more sure of its worth, effectiveness as well as reliability. It’s appropriate for daily usage and is additionally simple to operate. The child will utilize little effort, but the outcomes will certainly be incredible.

It fits conveniently in their small hands and also it’s not bulky. For that reason, the possibilities of it slipping or falling are minimal. The nonslip texture further enhances this aspect. It is constructed from non-toxic and durable materials. It won’t bruise, scratch or irritate the inside of the mouth, lips, tongue, or the gums. Therefore, it won’t cause any bleeding of gums.

After cleaning the teeth for about 2 minutes, the child receives a congratulatory message. This will make him or her want to do it more often. In the end, the brushing becomes more thorough and also fun. The battery functions quite well and is also longlasting. You won’t require charging it too often.

In Summary:

Trendy brush available in many different colors
Fits inside the mouth and also in the hands okay
Appropriate for daily usage and simple to operate
Comfortable and non-slip texture
Constructed from non-toxic and durable materials
Won’t bruise, scratch or irritate the inside of the mouth, lips, etc
Congratulatory message after cleaning the teeth for about 2 minutes

#7. Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

By: Philips Sonicare

This electric toothbrush is ideal for mature kids as well as adults. It has good size and the weight also feels right. Therefore, holding it for long sessions is no trouble at all. The unit cozily suits eve the small hands and has a smooth finish, which is also very comfortable. At the same time, the texture is additionally non-slip; hence the instances of it falling or slipping off the hands are minimal.

The accessory’s rotating head cleans inside the mouth well and also operates efficiently. Moreover, it has no rough edges and the smooth bristles prevent instances of inflammation, sensitivity, irritability, or hemorrhaging gum tissues. Also, at contains no toxic compounds and will thus cause no side effects. The rechargeable battery will keep power for a long period and requires recharging less often.

It runs smoothly and is additionally does not produce too much sound. Besides, it is extremely ergonomic and holding it is more comfortable. Also, your child or even you won’t worry about exhaustion or feeling numb on the fingers. And for easy reordering, it supports Amazon Dash Replenishment technology.

In Summary:

Ideal for mature kids as well as adults
Good size and the weight also feel right
Smooth, nonslip and comfortable finish
No rough edges and very smooth bristles
Contains no toxic compounds hence causes no side effects
Longlasting rechargeable battery
Runs smoothly and minimal sound
Extremely ergonomic and very comfortable to hold

#6. Kid’s Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

By: Oral-B

Oral-B is no-doubt among the leading brands when it comes to the best electric toothbrush for kids. You’ll find quite a number of good choices for your child. A good option is this piece that has Disney’s frozen theme. It’s a perfect match for youngsters of different ages and is also very portable. It fits quite cozily in the hands to enable them to brush while using minimal effort but enjoy maximum convenience. It’s also lightweight, as well as ergonomic styled for maximum comfort and minimal fatigue.

The brush has a non-slip texture to avoid it slipping off the hands. It operates efficiently and is very effective. Moreover, it’s not noisy and is very reliable and very effective in eliminating germs, bacteria, food bits, and more. Thanks to the non-toxic nature, no BPA, BPS, Phthalates, it won’t be harsh or harmful on the gums, teeth, or tongue. Therefore, the child won’t experience bleeding of the gums or sensitivity.

It is based on leading technology to guarantee it cleans thoroughly. Furthermore, it has a waterproof handle to endure a wet environment. It’s really simple in design and this also makes cleanup and maintenance also simple. The brush dries fairly fast and the battery keeps the charge for a decent period.

In Summary:

Comes in Disney’s frozen theme to suit kids
Fits cozily in the hands and requires minimal effort
Lightweight and ergonomic styled for maximum comfort
Non-slip texture prevents it from slipping off the hands
Operates efficiently and is very effective
Not noisy and safe from BPA, Phthalates and other toxic compounds
Very effective in eliminating germs, bacteria, food bits, etc
No harm on the gums, teeth, or tongue
Leading technology guarantees it cleans thoroughly

#5. Electric Toothbrush For Infant & Toddles

By: Brush-Baby

This toothbrush targets infants and toddlers up to 3 years old. It’s a very safe unit that helps introduce them to brushing. Moreover, it’s lightweight and also compact to fit well in the hands. The entire unit has a smooth finish and the bristles are also very soft. Therefore, cases of bleeding gums, irritability, or any other form of injury are unlikely. We love the nice design that will definitely have the child excited.

You’ll find a smart LED timer that glows brightly as well as 2 very sensitive brush heads. For effective and thorough brushing, this accessory depends on class-leading sonic vibrations. And apart from just eliminating dirt, food particles, bacteria, and more, it also helps to soothe the gums. It’s also very safe in design and also doesn’t conation toxic chemicals or substances. It’s free of BPA, Phthalates, and others.

The unit offers a firm grip for maximum effect. Also, it minimizes slipping and falling. The unit has a simple ON/Off button for convenience and a 2-minute LED light timer. It runs via AAA battery and doesn’t consume lots of power. Therefore, it will last for quite some time before needing battery replacement. And to put up with the moisture and wet surrounding, it is waterproof.

In Summary:

Suitable for infants and toddlers up to 3 years old
Lightweight and also compact to fit well in the hands
A smooth finish and super soft bristles
A smart LED timer that glows brightly
2 very sensitive yet very effective brush heads
Class-leading sonic vibrations clean as well as sooth the gums
Safe design and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals
Firm grip for maximum effect and simple ON/Off button
A 2-minute LED light timer and runs via AAA battery

#4. Kid’s Battery Powered Electric Toothbrush With Extra Soft Bristles

By: Oral-B

Kids aged 3 years and above will certainly like this electric toothbrush. It has a Star Wars theme and looks very trendy. For that reason, the toddler or infant will love it. It is compact, portable in addition to lightweight hence fits cozily in the hands. Moreover, the smooth surface has a cozy feel and fits great in the hands. It’s also comfortable and nonslip to prevent it falling, especially when handling with wet hands.

It removes germs, tooth cavities, plaque, odor, bacteria, food residues, and a whole lot more. And due to the safe materials, there is no likelihood of any kind of adverse effects such as irritation, swelling, or bleeding gums. It runs using Polaroid AA batteries that deliver good power. Likewise, it has super -soft bristles nylon bristles, which although soft are very effective in the cleaning. The ergonomic unit fits well whether in hand as well as the mouth. Additionally, it will not scuff or harm the mouth, gums, teeth, or tongue.

Like the other options on the best electric toothbrush for kids review, it is also waterproof. The tight and seamless nature prevents water and moisture from entering the interior. Therefore, the kid can use it in a wet environment with no worries. It’s easy to take care of as the surface cleans easily.

In Summary:

Comes in a trendy and cool Star Wars theme
Suitable for both toddlers and infants
Compact; portable and also lightweight
Fits cozily in the hands and has a smooth surface
Nonslip nature prevents it from slipping or falling
Safe materials and deign prevent irritation, swelling, or bleeding gums
Runs using Polaroid AA batteries
Super -soft bristles nylon bristles are very effective

By: Oral-B

Coming in the Disney character “Princess”, this toothbrush will appeal to most youngsters. It’s an excellent option and has a fun style that encourages the kid to brush teeth more often. It’s perfect for users aged from 3 years and fits in the hands very well. Besides, the user will apply very little effort but enjoy good results. It’s likewise easy control thanks to the lightweights as well as compact design.

It is also nonslip and the possibility of it slipping while in use is very little. Moreover, It is built from risk-free and sanitary products and thus improves oral hygiene. It’s also long-lasting and will continue to remove microorganisms, bacteria, plaque as well as other things for a long time. It operates much faster than most alternatives and is additionally much safer.

The round and smooth brush head won’t trigger any kind of injury, for example, irritability, gentility, bleeding gums, swelling, redness, or any other. It’s, therefore, a safe option and offers peace-of-mind. It comes with interchangeable handle sticker labels and a durable fast-charging rechargeable battery. Thanks to the smooth finish, wiping or cleaning the toothbrush is very easy. It also dries fast after a rinse.

In Summary:

The toothbrush comes in a “Princess” theme
Perfect for users aged from 3 years and above
Fits in the hands very well and easy to use
Nonslip nature minimizes the possibility slippage
Risk-free and sanitary materials improve oral hygiene
The round and smooth brush head boast safety
Comes with interchangeable handle sticker labels
A durable fast-charging rechargeable battery

#2. Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush


There is no denying that Phillips is a leading brand when tasking about the great electric toothbrush for kids. In fact, it has so many good options in the current market. And from previous and current observations, their products do offer decent service. This item is a good example and is available in a simple yet stylish blue shade. It looks cool and matches the wet surrounding as well as the bathroom quite well. The style is okay with both boys and girls as well.

It gets approval from dentists, parents, guardians, and many other people in regard to effectiveness, safety, as well as reliability. Moreover, it enjoys positive comments from analysts and experts. It’s likewise safe on the teeth, lips, as well as gums, and chances of side effects, are low. No swelling, no reddening, no irritability, and also no sensitivity. It’s very easy to tidy thanks to the smooth finish and also is very hygienic. Therefore, you’ll have a little worry in regards to the oral hygiene of your child.

The Kidtimer comes handy in making certain the user brushes for the minimal recommended timer. It fits in the little hands well and is also lightweight and easy to control. The head isn’t too large and the handle are also very ergonomic. This lets the child brush without applying too much effort. At the same time, he /she will be doing it in the right way. The surface/ texture is non-slip hence ideal even when holding the accessory with damp hands. The item runs smoothly and also produces minimal sound.

In Summary:

The simple yet stylish blue color looks cool and matches the surrounding
Okay with both boys and girls
Approval from dentists, parents, guardians and many other people
Very effective, safe and reliable
No swelling, reddening, irritability, sensitivity or any side effects
Smooth and hygienic finish
Lightweight and easy to control
Very ergonomic and comfortable handle

#1. Electric Toothbrush With Charcoal Toothbrush Head

By: BURST Oral Care

The BURST electric toothbrush comes in hygienic white color. It targets both kids as well as adults and is very reliable and safe to use. Moreover, it’s compact and lightweight for better handling and storage as well. It fits well in the hands and has a smooth surface and ultra-soft PBT nylon bristles. You, therefore, will worry less about irritability, sensitivity, or injury to the gums and mouth’s interior. Also, it prevents bleeding gum and other side effects.

The brush heads are very efficient and also effective. It depends on class-leading technology as well as a powerful motor that emits up to 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. What this means is that it will eliminate dirt, bacteria, plaque, food particles, and more very fast. Also, it will soothe the gums to prevent sensitivity. It’s likewise doesn’t have harmful chemicals such as BPA or Phthalates. The item runs smoothly and quietly and also doesn’t feel warm after a long operation.

The toothbrush offers a nice grip to prevent falling and slippage. And by infusing super soft charcoal in the nylon bristles, it will help to brighten the teeth. This is because charcoal is a natural bleach and antimicrobial agent. And to ensure the child and also yourself stick to the dentist recommend an interval, it features a 2 Minute Quadinterval Timer. The 700mAh Lithium-Ion battery delivers decent power and a single charge offers as many as 4 weeks of brushing.

In Summary:

Hygienic white color and targets both kids and adults
Compact, lightweight and easy handling
Fits well in the hands and smooth surface
Ultra-soft and safe PBT nylon bristles
Powerful motor emits up to 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute
Eliminates dirt, bacteria, plaque, food particles, and also soothes the gums
Super soft charcoal in the nylon bristles brighten the teeth
A 2-Minute Quadinterval Timer
Rechargeable and durable 700mAh Lithium-Ion battery

Picking The Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids

If you were to look at the available options in the market, the high chances are that you’ll have a hard time. There are so many products out there. Also, most look similar and the distinguishing features are minimal. You also do need to spend quite some time and effort researching to know the latest trends, the key features, and more. Also, it requires some time and effort to compare the options. And without proper knowledge and patience, you can easily settle for an average product. Knowing what to look out for entails focusing on the following things:


We all know that kids love trendy and flashy items. They will love things with multiple colors, graphic designs, unique shapes, and much more. Therefore, when in the market looking for a product, you should make certain it has a style that will appeal to a child. Go for units with warm and flashy colors. Choose pieces that have some animation or hero characteristics. Also, make certain the unit fits nicely in their hands. I mean, you don’t want them using a large adult toothbrush since it may be a little bulky for their little hands.


Before spending money, make certain the toothbrush has good waterproofing. The information is available in the description or the packaging. A good unit will prevent water from passing through. This prevents damage to the internal components, which include the motor and battery. Also, it will ensure it doesn’t suffer from water damage. This means the item will still look amazing even after long exposure to moisture and water. Besides, it’s much easier to clean and also maintain a waterproof unit.

Charge Retention

The toothbrushes will run via either a disposable battery or a rechargeable type. All options allow the user to conveniently move around with the accessory. It won’t have any cords that limit the area of operation. Also, there is no chance that the unit will stop functioning because the cord was accidentally pulled off the power outlet. The top-rated electric toothbrush for kids will keep the power for a long time. This means more brushing cycles. And for the rechargeable type, it will recharge within a short time period.


A good option will be very easy to carry and also move around with. In fact, it will weigh almost similar to the normal type. In addition, the size and style also contribute to how portable the unit is. For instance, a unit with a bulky handle is less carry-friendly in comparison to another with a slimmer handle. A shorter type also has better handling and portability in comparison to a longer one. When looking at the portability, it pays to balance between the weight, size, and also efficiency. Also, you’ll find some units that include storage or carry case.


The whole idea of brushing teeth is to improve oral hygiene. You want the teeth, gums, tongue, and the surroundings to be cleaner. This entails eliminating germs, bacteria, food remnants, plaque, and more. However, you may achieve this but still introduce harmful compounds while doing it. This may lead to allergic reactions or side effects. A good option will come in safe design. The edges will be round and smooth to prevent accidentally scratching or bruising the skin. Also, the bristles will be soft to prevent harm to the gums, sensitivity, and more. Also important is making certain the brush doesn’t have toxic compounds like phthalates, BPA, or BPS.


Like adults, children also want to have an eager time using the electric toothbrush. They want it to feel right and cozy in the hands. Also, they don’t want to have a hard time operating it. A good choice will be very ergonomic. It will not feel too heavy or too light in the hands. Therefore, the kid will not struggle to hold it, especially for a long period. It will prevent fatigue and discomfort for a better experience. The surface of the tooth brash will be smooth but still nonslip. This prevents it from slipping and falling, especially when the child is holding it with wet hands.


In addition to the above aspects, you also should pay close attention to the quality, durability, and materials of building, brand reputation, maintenance ease, simplicity of operation, and also the price.


Brushing teeth will no longer be such as hassle when using the best electric toothbrushes for kids. Also, the youngster will use lesser effort but do it more thoroughly. The accessory comes handy for children and will help them achieve better oral hygiene. It is easy on the hands since the user doesn’t need to twist and turn the hand too much. Nevertheless, not all options will deliver good results. Yes, it may work okay, but maybe a little bulky. Yes, it may be lightweight and delivers good performance.

But the battery may lose charge too soon. Also, you don’t desire a product that easily comes apart, is too noisy, not waterproof, or is hard to operate. This is why we have shown you the best options in the current marketplace. They are very useful, reliable, hygienic, easy to use, and simple to maintain, high quality, and decently priced. By picking the best electric toothbrush for kids, you will be more certain that your child is doing it the right way.

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