Top 7 Best Electric Cheese Graters In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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Grating cheese can be a hassle if you lack a proper grater. That is when electric cheese graters come into use. The quality and appearance of the cheese may not be satisfactory. It may be wasteful because of poor performance, or maybe a little bulky to operate. You also don’t want to spend lots of effort and time grating the cheese. Imagine using a slow unit or stomaching too much noise?

In this review article, we will enlighten you on the best electric cheese graters. We ranked them based on their performance, construction, stability, speed, hygiene, user friendliness, durability, and also affordable. By picking one of the items listed here, we are certain that you will receive excellent, and long-lasting one.

The List Of Best Electric Cheese Graters In 2021

#7. CH-4DC Elite Collection Chopper/Grinder

Electric Cheese Graters

By: Cuisinart

The CH-4DC Elite Collection grinder is suitable for cheese, vegetables, and other needs. It has a simple mechanism for easy operation. The chopper can handle up to 4 cups of finished product while the firm base secures it to the surface.

Moreover, the unit is built from quality die-cast and will handle the vibration and everyday use nicely. We love the Auto-reversing Smart Power blade that maintains its sharp edge for a longer time and also runs much smoother. And for those who love cooking, then the included recipe book will come handy.

In Summary:

Grinds cheese, vegetables, and fruits
Has a 4-cup capacity
Built from die-cast
Includes a handy recipe book

#6. 10-Cups Electric Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Electric Cheese Graters

By: Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach (70670) is popular with homeowners and culinary experts. It can handle as many as 10 cups of grated cheese and has a powerful motor. The electric accessory measures 10(L) x 9(W) x 16(H) inches and remains firm on most countertops.

In addition, it has a powerful 525-watt motor that easily chops and grinds cheese and a stainless steel blade to prevent rust/ corrosion and also for easy cleaning. The unit features two reversible shredding discs and 2-speed options. Other than a food Processor, the unit also doubles as a vegetable chopper.

In Summary:

Has a10-cup capacity
Features a with powerful 525-watt electric motor
Has 2-speed options and two reversible shredding/slicing discs
The blade is made of stainless steel
It is both a food processor and vegetable chopper

#5. Professional Electric Slicer Shredder Salad Maker

Electric Cheese Graters

By: MeyKey

Holding the sixth position on our list is this electric slicer and shredder from MeyKey. The unit is fit for n homes, restaurants, and other places and has a basic design for simplicity. It includes a strong 150-watt eclectic motor for power and connects to the sharp stainless steel blade.

Also, the four interchangeable stainless steel cones enable you to grate in different styles including course, thick, fine, and also slices. Running the unit is as easy as pressing the single button while the smooth finish makes cleanup easy. Besides cheese, the black shredder/slicer is also ideal for fruits and vegetables.

In Summary:

Has a powerful 150-watt electric motor
Features 4 interchangeable stainless steel comes
Suitable for cheese, fruits, and vegetables
One button operation
It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe

#4. Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Electric Cheese Graters

By: Presto

The Presto 02910 shreds and sliced cheese in the right size for use in soups, pizza, apple pie, tacos, dessert, salads, and much more. It also slices potatoes and other veggies and accessory cuts in ripples, regular slices, thick slices, and shreds. It has a 5ft long power cord and is designed for 110V AC, 60Hz power, and the cones can be interchanged.

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Besides that, the versatile chopping blade together with the motor, provides smooth operation and remains firm to prevent accidental slippage. The dishwasher safe unit is more silent than other types and is fit for quiet places. The casing including the base is easy to clean.

In Summary:

Shreds cheese, vegetables, and fruits
Has a 5ft long power cord
Designed for 110V AC/60Hz power
Interchangeable cones
Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

#3. Cheese Vegetable Fruit Slicer

Electric Cheese Graters

By: Zacfton

If speed and efficiency are what you want, then you won’t mind purchasing this Mandoline slicer. It’s ideal for cheese, vegetables, and fruits and comes in a green color to suit most kitchens in the home, restaurant, or other places. The unit features a rotary drum grater and suction feet to keep it sturdy, especially when running. It has three stainless steel blades for slicing the ingredients and cuts in uniform spirals for a nice finish.

Additionally, the drum blades can be interchanged to suit different cooking needs, and you can opt for course, fine, slicing, or grating. Cleaning the shredder is straightforward, and it doesn’t get rusty or corroded because of the stainless steel material.

In Summary:

It is suitable for cheese, fruits, and vegetables
Has a rotary drum grater
The blades are built of stainless steel
The suction cups on its feet keep it steady
The interchangeable blades grate in different sizes

#2. Food Processor, 8-Cup

Electric Cheese Graters

By: Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach 70740 food processor holds the third position on this review. It scores well for excellent performance and reliability. The black item has an 8-cup capacity and is appropriate for domestic and commercial use. This best electric cheese grater runs smoothly and doesn’t spill the cheese. The fast grater will not only handle cheese but vegetable slice onions, onions as well. It has a 450-watt motor for delivering the shredding/grating power and has two speeds for flexibility and convenience.

In addition to that, the S-blade cuts in even sizes and the large chute supplies the cheese to the machine while the firm base keeps it steady when running. It doesn’t shake too much, and this enhances operation and reduces breakdown. It’s built from strong and dishwasher-safe materials, and the lid flips over for convenience, especially during storage.

In Summary:

Has an 8-cup capacity
Has a powerful 450- watt motor
It has two speed plus pulse
S-blade cuts in uniform sizes
Made from dishwasher safe materials

#1. Professional Electric Shredder/Slicer

Electric Cheese Graters

By: Presto

The Presto 02970 Professional Electric Shredder/ Slicer takes the pole position on this review. We love its good speed, reliability, and performance as well as stability. It will grate/ shred cheese, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, chocolate, and much more. The four interchangeable cones produce thick, thin, regular, and ripple cuts easily, and using them is easy.

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On top of that, it has a strong motor that works with the stainless steel blades. The compact design improves usage and also prevents wastage. It has a plain black color and an easy-clean base and housing. It is made of strong materials that can handle the pressure and vibration and can safely be washed in a dishwasher.

In Summary:

Grates/shreds cheese, fruits, vegetables, nuts, chocolate and more
Four interchangeable cones for different sizes
Strong rust/corrosion resistant stainless steel blades
The housing and base are easy to clean
It is made from dishwasher safe materials

Bonus – Dynamic Gear Bamboo Cheese Board Set with Cutlery in Slide-Out Drawer Including 4 Stainless Steel Serving Utensils

By: Dynamic Gear

The Dynamic Gear cheese board is perfect for everyday use. You can use it in the home, restaurant, office, and many other places. What’s more, it comes in a nice color and style that blends well with the kitchen setup and decor. It’s made from natural bamboo and upholds top safety. This prevents contamination of the food items. Also, it has smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and safe operation. The set includes a slide out drawer for better organization as well as easy operation. You won’t struggle to search for a utensil. And thanks to the smooth mechanism, using it is pretty effortless and convenient.

We love the grooved rim that improves handling and prevents things from slipping off. Also, it has a decent surface read to accommodate a sizeable amount of things. It measures 13’x13’x2 inches and is practical. Also, it boasts of superior artisanship and also lasts a long time. If not for personal use, this cheese board is also a good gift item. It can be for an anniversary, birthday, and more.

In Summary:

Perfect for everyday use
Ideal for the home, restaurant, office, etc
Color and style blends well with the surrounding
Made from natural and safe bamboo
Smooth easy clean surface
Easy slide out drawer for better organization
Grooved rim improves handling
Measures 13’x13’x2 inches and superior quality

Which Electric Cheese Graters Should You Pick?

There is no perfect answer to the above question. What may be best for a particular need may not be desirable for another situation? For instance, as a single person, you may be satisfied with a small device. However, if you start a family, then the demands may increase implying you need a bigger unit. This means that you will be in the marketing looking for a bigger unit as the family grows.

Home Or Commercial?

A unit that will work well for a home may not be very reliable in a commercial setting such as a restaurant, food court, or catering unit. First, the demand will be lower in the home than in the business place. Second, you will use the electric cheese graters more often in the restaurant as compared to the house. Third, a noisy unit may be felt more in a home than in a restaurant. You will note that a restaurant and other commercial settings go for heavy-duty pieces.

How Often Do You Use It?

The choice of a unit is also influenced by how often you use it. If you operate it only during when the family gets together or when making pizza, then you don’t really require a heavy-duty piece. But, if you have a “sweet thing” for cheese and you grate it often, then you need a more robust, reliable, and durable piece.

Have You Used Electric Cheese Graters Before?

The suitability of the accessory is also influenced by your experience. A newbie will have some challenges operating even a basic unit while a culinary expert or skilled chef will have an easy time using a complex unit. First, learning the basics of operating the grater helps to avoid damaging the unit or wasting cheese, efforts, and time.

The Cost!

Another thing that will influence choice is the cost. How much does the unit cost? What is your budget? Are you buying for personal use or a gift for someone else? Some units can cost a “pretty penny” hence, you don’t want it to run into problems too soon. Also, you don’t want to search for a replacement within a few weeks or days of purchase because you paid a low price for a substandard item. Price comparison and reading reviews will give you an idea of the best products and best prices.

Note: Using an electrically powered cheese grater is easy if you have the right knowledge and information. Besides not providing the expected results and risking damaging the unit, you may also get injured because of improper use.

Things To Avoid When Using Electric Cheese Graters

It’s very common to hear people complaining about poor service or a unit getting messed up while still new. On closer investigation, it is discovered that it’s not that the accessory was faulty or poorly-built, but due to human error. The following are the most typical errors:

Overfilling It

Electric cheese graters come with a specified capacity; you can also see the volume inside the container. Filling it too much doesn’t hasten the grating process. Actually, it may work negatively. It will stress the motor and slow down the speed and also cause spills or wastage.

Running It Continuously For A Long Time

You shouldn’t run the unit nonstop for a long time as it will overheat and ruin the motor. If you handle large volumes, you should go for a heavy duty unit. Also, you should allow some cooling time in between sessions.

Using It For Other Things

Electric cheese graters come in all kinds. Some are very basic and will only work with cheese while the more superior ones work as food pressers and are suitable for carrots, vegetables, nuts, and more. It’s better to ascertain your current and future needs first or go for a higher grade unit rather than overwhelming a basic grater shredding or chopping other things.

Placing It On An Imbalanced Surface

You will get excellent service if the unit is placed on flat surfaces. Vibration is not good for the accessory and also increases the chances of it slipping. You also need to hold it firmly to avoid tipping over.

Operating It With Frayed Cords/Wires

Some people will continue grating cheese with a unit that has loose connections or frayed wires. Sadly, they put themselves and other people at risk of getting an electric shock. A short-circuit may also affect the electrics. Always replace any worn out wires with genuine or higher quality ones.

Final Verdict

The above pieces are the best electric cheese graters in the current market. Some have been around for quite some time while others are new entrants. Whichever your selection, you can rest assured of top-rated performance, reliability, efficiency, smooth operation, affordability, durability, and easy maintenance. Nonetheless, you will only get good results and performance if you treat the cheese grater well.

Avoid overfilling it, running it continuously for too long, not cleaning it, or pocking utensils inside it during cleaning. Ensure it is stable during a performance, turn it on smoothly, and use it for the intended purpose. By using it in the right manner, not only will you get uniformly shredded cheese but also enjoy many years of quality service.

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