11 Best Ductless Range Hoods In 2021 Products Review

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The main job of a range hood is to eliminate the smell, smoke, steam, and heat out of your kitchen. There are various types of ductless range hood available, and out of them, the ductless range hood is the best. A ductless range hood does not vent the air outside and annoys your neighbors. It sucks up greasy particles, smoke, smell, and other and recirculates the fresh and pure air back in the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen stays free from heat and polluted air and rather stays cool and fresh. Check out the best ductless range hoods available below.

List Of Top Best Ductless Range Hoods In 2021

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#11. Stainless Steel 2 Speed Under Cabinet Range Hood

By – Air King

This is an under cabinet range hood, and the body has stainless steel construction. It gives a lasting finish and also creates an attractive look. The ductless hood is 30 inches wide to cover a larger area. There are two-speed settings for convenient settings. Besides, the advantageous fact is that it keeps the noise to a minimum. Moreover, the mounting process of the hood is also straightforward.

Both vertical and horizontal ducting can be used to mount it. It is mountable easily using a damper and a mounting collar. Apart from that, it is also mountable without ducts as well. Furthermore, the ductless process can be done using charcoal odor filters which you need to buy separately. It uses a 26-watt fluorescent lamp to provide enough bright lighting for convenience in cooking.

#10. 30″ Under Cabinet White Stainless Steel


This kitchen range hood has a body of white stainless steel. It gives an attractive look and durability to the object. The white stainless steel also protects it from rust. The under cabinet hood is 30 inches wide. Besides, it also covers a wide range of area so that it can function likewise. The dimensions are 18 inches in length and four inches in height. The airflow in the cabinet hood is 58 CFM.

There are three levels of speed- low, medium, and high. The three levels are for different settings, and you can use it as per convenience. A push panel in the body mainly controls the operations. So, need of any hassles. The fans in the cooking hood with carbon are also a great addition filters so that smoke does not accumulate in the nearby areas of the kitchen.

#9. 30″ Wall Mount Stainless Steel Convertible Kitchen Range Hood

By – Winflo

This kitchen range hood has a stainless steel construction. The material prevents rust accumulation and also gives a sleek and stylish design to the gadget. It is 30 inches wide with a wall mounting system. It has powerful motors with an operating speed of 450 CFM. The speed sucks the smoke and dust particles inside which keeps the kitchen neat and clean. Moreover, there are three settings for the fan in the gadget. The three settings allow for the right amount of suction.

Additionally, the noise level is at a minimum level. Even at the highest setting, it is 65 dB which does not interfere with the regular kitchen work. The control panel is touch-sensitive. Besides, the LED display displays all the relevant information. The filters are easily removable. It is also dishwasher safe, and therefore, it is easy to clean and maintain.

#8. 30″ Wall Mount Stainless Steel

By – Golden Vantage

The kitchen range hood speaks of elegance and style from its looks. The exterior is black in color. The dimensions of the range hood are 30 inches in width, 20 inches in length, and 42 inches in height. It has a minimum drop down height of 26.5 inches. Additionally, the operating speed of the motors is at 400 CFM. It is enough to suck the smoke inside the kitchen and keep it clean and tidy.

The noise level is less than 65 dB so that people can work in peace. The stainless steel material is durable and strong. There are two LED lights available at either side of the range hood. The bright light is also illuminating enough for cooking. The touch panel enables easy operation. The black finish gives a classic look to the gadget. Moreover, it also provides a three-year warranty to the kitchen hood parts.

#7. 36″ European Style Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood

By – Firebird

It is a European style under cabinet kitchen hood. The 36-inch wide kitchen cabinet has the modern style to add elegance to your kitchen décor. The exterior body has stainless steel construction. The strong material does not allow it to rust or damage easily. Additionally, the motors have an operating speed of 500 CFM. Due to this, it is able to suck up almost all the dirt and smoke inside the kitchen. With two ultra-quiet blowers, it produces the minimum noise at 65 db.

The noise is so low that it does not interfere with the regular kitchen work even at the highest setting. The push-button control is the operating system of the kitchen hood range. It also has a delayed shutdown function. Moreover, there is two high efficiency LED lights on either side of the kitchen hood. Besides, the baffle filters are dishwasher friendly and, therefore, easy to clean at home.

#6. 30″ European Stainless Steel Range Hood Vent With Touch Control

By – Firebird

This is a type of wall mount range hood. It is a European style wall mount range hood. Apart from that, you can buy carbon filters separately and install for ductless or ventless installation of the gadget. The dimensions for the device are 30 inches in width, 20 inches in length, and 42 inches in height. Moreover, a very high-quality stainless steel is used to make the exterior of the kitchen hood.

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The airflow and the motor operation is 400 CFM. Additionally, it also provides three years warranty on its parts. There are also two LED lights with energy efficiency on both sides of it. The filters are removable for cleaning purposes. Additionally, the touch control panel has an LED display, and it provides convenience in operation of the gadget. The item weighs 30 pounds and easy to install without any hassles.

#5. Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

By – Air King

This ductless kitchen range hood comes in a very sleek and stylish design. It measures 30 inches in width. The outside body has white steel construction. The finishing is in white over cold-rolled steel. The device has 23 gauges and is 6 inches high. The operating speed of the motor is 180 CFM. Besides, the distinguishing feature of this device is its grease and charcoal odor filter.

There are two brightness settings for the cooktop light. They have a capacity of 60 watts. It has a two-speed setting. Besides, the powerful ventilation system also keeps the kitchen clean and smoke-free. This kitchen range hood is installable ductless. Therefore, there is no need or option for ducts. The stylish exterior can go with any kind of kitchen décor and furnishing.

#4. Kitchen & Bath 30″ Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

By – Perfetto Kitchen and Bath

This is a convertible wall mount range hood. It is also easy to install in the kitchen or the bath. The 30 inches wall mount range hood has an exterior body of brushed steel. It also has a shiny and glamorous look to the device. Besides, it runs at 400 CFM speed which provides maximum suction power. There are push buttons for easy control of the device. Moreover, there are two LED lights available at each end of the range hood. It is one of the best ductless range hoods to opt for.

Moreover, it comes with two mesh filters for superior filtration technique. This is a convertible system which can be installed both ductless and without duct. The package also includes a duct pipe with a diameter of 6 inches. It also includes a do it yourself kit. The filters are reusable and very easy to clean in a dishwasher. An installation guide is also available for easy installation. Additionally, it also offers a three-year warranty on the parts.

#3. Power Module Range Hood, Silver

By – Broan

It is an imported material with a panel like the stylish design. The material used for making the external body is very durable and also has a powder-coated silver finish for a stylish look. The material will not degrade even after a long time. Besides, the bottom part of the device is completely enclosed. It allows for easy cleanup of the device. The operating speed of the motor is 250 CFM.

Furthermore, the lighting area is also enclosed with 40-watt incandescent bulbs. However, the bulbs have to be purchased separately. It has a two speed motor for two settings. The mesh filter has aluminum construction and is also easy to wash and clean to remove oil and grease. A 7 inch round duct can be used for duct installation or without ducts.

#2. Under Cabinet Range Hood, Stainless Steel

By – Cosmo

This is an under cabinet range hood. The sleek design saves a lot of space in the kitchen and also grabs attention. This 30-inch device operates at a speed of 200 CFM. There is also an option to contain carbon filter kit for installing it ductless. It is easily installable at the top or back venting system. Moreover, this has a three-speed motor, and it performs at 56 dB sound. It is low enough so that no disturbance is caused.

The 20 gauge device is stainless steel at the exterior. There are also five buttons at the panel for easy operation and control. Two LED lights of 3 watts are also present at both sides of the device. The aluminum mesh filters can be cleaned quite easily. Additionally, it provides a warranty of five years on the parts.

#1. ADA Capable Under Cabinet Range Hood

By – Broan

Broan is one of the most popular brands in the range hood category. This under cabinet range hood is made of stainless steel. The material has a smooth finish and a shiny surface. It adds well to the kitchen décor. The 30-inch device also gives superior performance at 190 CFM motor operating speed. It is HVI 2100 certified gadget. There is also one single lamp which illuminates the cooking surface for easy cooking. It is undoubtedly one of the best ductless range hoods available.

It requires a 75-watt bulb for illumination, and it has to be purchased separately. The body of the range hood is compact and space-saving. The grease filters are made of aluminum and quite easy to wash. For duct installation, a 7 inch round duct is a must. Besides, the range hood is capable of working in an ADA compliant application system. Going by the ratings and reviews, it is the top ductless range hood to buy. Do check the size for compatibility.

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Ductless Range Hood Buying Guide

    Airflow: In range hood, the amount of airflow is in CFM (Cubic Per Minute). The more the airflow means the faster the ventilation, so you might want the CFM to be as many as possible.
    Display: The display lets you know the information of the range hood as it works. You should aim for an LED display because it is large and easy to read.
    Easy Maintenance: A good ductless range hood should be easy to clean and take care of. Its surface should allow for easy and fast cleanup so that keeps it shiny and new long-term.
    Filter: Look for the range hood that allows for easy and affordable filter replacement. In case you don’t want to spend on filter replacement, aim for the type that you can clean instead of replacing. Baffle and mesh filters are cleanable while charcoal filters require replacement, and the choice is all yours.

Ducted vs. Ductless

    Ducted Range Hood: This range hood filters the air contaminants and grease outside. Most professionals recommend this option because it is super effective when it comes to keeping the air in the kitchen clean.
    Ductless Range Hood: It does not evacuate the air from the cooktop area outside. It tries to clean the air through a filter, and there are a few types of filters to choose from. The best ductless range hoods should come with a charcoal filter for great air filtration.

Range Hood Types

    Cabinet Insert Hood: Also goes by the name power packs, you install it within an existing cabinet or range hood. The special thing is that it comes with speed controls, lights, and other nice features. With it, you won’t have to remove any cabinets or make any adjustments to the kitchen at all. It is convenient in a way, and many people actually like it.
    Downdraft Hood: You can forget about the smoke and fumes when cooking when you have a downdraft hood. It can reverse the direction of the smoke by pulling them downward. This type makes a perfect option especially when the kitchen space is limited.
    Island Hood: This type makes a beautiful centerpiece in any kitchen space out there. It can be a little expensive, but it can pull dirty air up and out of your cooking space efficiently. The great thing is that it comes with a wide range of shapes and styles that you can choose from.
    Under Cabinet Hood: Ideal and common for many homes, you install this hood range under the kitchen cabinet. The position should be above your cooktop or cooking range, and it makes a nice compliment to the cabinetry.
    Wall Chimney Hood: Also goes by the name wall ventilation hood, this type is ideal for poor ventilation situations. You simply install this range hood directly in your wall, aligning with your pre-existing duct system for ventilation. It is wider on the bottom which provides more coverage of your cooking space.


If you compare with a duct range hood, a ductless range hood is more cost-effective. It is also easier to install, and there is no external ducting, or changing the ventilation system is required. In fact, you can reposition the range hood anytime you want. But you have to clean and change the filters whenever applicable. But the efficiency of cleaning the kitchen and keeping is cool is very high, and if you have building close of your home, you have to opt for the ductless range hoods. Check out the description of the best ductless range hoods on the list and buy the best one for your kitchen.

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