Top 8 Best Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners Review In 2020

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There is no need to suffer in a hot place during the summer. The best dual hose portable air conditioner can improve the air quality to deliver a breathable atmosphere. Also, the compact models cool a room quickly and evenly. In this review, we look at the best dual hose portable air conditioner in the market.

The List Of Best Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners

#8. 12,000 BTU Dual-Exhaust Portable Air Conditioner

By: Whirlpool

Whirlpool company has come up with a portable AC that uses little floor room. It measures 15.6 inches long x 17.9 inches wide x 39.3 inches high, to provide quality air in an area up to 300 square feet. The coverage is enough to keep you cool and improve the atmosphere for more comfort. Also, the included remote control makes operation simpler. Press your preferred dial and change a setting to meet your air conditioning needs. Two individuals best do the placement of this unit as it weighs around 72.8 pounds. It’s quite heavy but has a stable base that delivers maximum stability.

We love the white finish of this gadget. The color brightens up any site suitable for the living room, bedroom, and more places. You can coordinate this tone with other accessories such as furniture, wall painting, and much more. With dual exhaust, it uses 3.4 pints every hour for excellent dehumidification. Choose a mode that supports your application from the 3 options, including fan only, dehumidify and cool. In addition, the three fan and cooling speeds allow a customized operation. The airflow capacity reaches up to 200 CFM while the BTU up to 12,0000 to give you a quick cooling.

In Summary:

Its portable design uses minimal floor space
It provides quality air in a 300 square feet room.
Simple to use the remote control
Steady and weighted base
Lovely white finish

#7. Portable Air Conditioner With Dehumidifier

By: Avallon

Let the Avallon best dual hose portable air conditioner cool your space for more comfort. It uses a reliable conditioning technology that turns a stuffy area to a more breathable one making it suitable for home use. This item works well for the summer months to cool down a room measuring 425 square feet without the need for permanent installation. Not only that, but it is also versatile for use in the office or home. Easily transport this unit from one place to the other, thanks to the mobility casters. They are made of quality materials to bear constant movement without malfunctioning. The overall dimension of this device is 29.2 inches high x 17.2 inches wide x 15.1 inches diameter for simple operation.

In addition, the use of InvisiMist Technology guarantees continuous moisture removal in both dry and humid climates. This prevents your AC from stopping the cooling because of a full reservoir. Now, you can enjoy a constant moisture elimination for the best non-stop cooling. Featuring a dual hose design, it has individual intake and exhaust pipes. That means more air intake, cooling power, and stable air pressure. All of these contribute to faster cooling rate up to 40%, unlike the single-hosed units. Moreover, this machine comes with a dehumidify mode that removes 80 pints of moisture per day from the air. Also, an Intelligent Auto Mode adapts the fan speed to cool an area up to your desired temperature.

In Summary:

Quickly cools up to 425 square feet room
For home or the workplace
Quality and smooth-rolling wheels
Modern InvisiMist Technology removes moisture continuously
Delivers stable air pressure and cooling power

#6. 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

By: Toyotomi

Toyotomi has joined the leading brands of AC to give you this portable air conditioner that does not require too much maintenance. Its 14,000 BTU power is enough to cover a medium-sized room up to 500 sq ft. Not only that, but you get a quicker cooling, unlike using other inferior cooling structures. We love the stylish construction of this item. It improves any room’s decor and at the same time, blends in easily. You don’t have to rearrange the current setting to get a coordinated style.

With a dimension of 34 inches long x 20 inches wide x 16 inches high, this is among the compact ACs in the market. It does not use a large floor room, suitable for the bedroom or living room.

Made from premium material, longevity, and superior performance is a guarantee. This gadget comes with a self-evaporating system that helps evaporates most of the condensate. That means an automatic operation to free your hands from any task. Another thing is the remote controller that supports a relaxed use. Press a button that activates your desired setting to enjoy maximum comfort. With an additional heat pump, you can enjoy warm atmospheres during the cold season. We love the versatility of this product that can cool, heat, and dehumidify an area. The sturdy fans move smoothly to eliminate hot air from a location.

In Summary:

Require minimal to zero maintenance
Has excellent 14, 000 BTU power
Covers up to 500 sq ft
Hands-free and safe operation
Sturdy fans operate smoothly

#5. Contempo Series Air Conditioner With 10,000 BTU

By: Honeywell

Honeywell is a stylish white air conditioner that delivers an excellent service. It can cool an area measuring between 350 to 450 square feet, making it dependable and easy to use. We take note of its compact structure that fits comfortably in most locations like the bedroom. Use it to cool the atmosphere and improve the air quality during the hot months. For maximum safety, it comes with thermal overload protection to give you peace of mind. Also, it helps protect your unit against overheating issues.

The automatic vertical air motion distributes powerful cold air evenly. Not only that, but also ensures you get a fast and consistent cooling. In addition, this item has dual filters that protect the AC from dust and hair to extend performance. The filters clean comfortably under a faucet, hence gives you straightforward maintenance. Use the included window kit for quick installation either for vertical or horizontal windows. Ensure the maximum hose length is 4ft for convenient setup.

In Summary:

Stylish white finish
For 350 to 450 square feet rooms
Cools an area quickly and evenly
Easy to use
Simple to clean the filters

#4. 13,500 BTU 115V Dual-Hose Portable

By: Haier

Haier is a global brand that makes products that improve comfort, including this air conditioner. With an excellent 13,500 BTU, you get maximum airflow to cool an area up to 600 square feet. Also, you can use this machine during the hot days to make the atmosphere more breathable. What this means, all your family members, including babies, the elderly, and even the sick, can enjoy cleaner air. Move this item from place to place comfortably, thanks to the durable castor wheels and a 73.3-pound weight. They move smoothly on most surfaces, mainly hardwood, to give you effortless portability. The airflow capacity is 190 cfm to guarantee a gentle breeze anytime, anywhere. Measuring 15.2 inches long x 17.8 inches wide x 29.4 inches high, it occupies minimal floor room.

Incorporating 3 modes, this gadget lets you enjoy a cooling, dehumidifying, or fan airflow. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, operating this accessory is super easy. Pick your preferred setting from the electronic panel with a new timer and temperature display. The recall function remembers the last setting after restarting in case of a blackout. Use the remote control to enjoy a simple use as you sit down on a couch or lay in bed. We understand the traditional air conditioners are too noisy and need to be placed in a distant or concealed location. With this one, it operates quietly, producing a maximum of 50 decibels to encourage a good night’s sleep.

In Summary:

Improves comfort due to excellent airflow
Covers up to 600 square feet
Simple to move using the castors
Cools, dehumidifies, and conditions an area
Quiet operation produces only 50 decibels
Convenient recall function

#3. 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

By: Whynter

Cool a 500 sq ft space quickly with the Whynter best dual hose portable air conditioner. It can cool an area faster than other brands without consuming too much energy. Not only that, but also t works well during the summer when there’s scorching heat leading to a poor atmosphere. Featuring 3 operational modes: dehumidifier, fan, and the AC, you can pick which service you want. Note that the humidity and ambient temperature may influence maximum cooling performance. A bonus functionality is a thermostatic control that sets between 61°F – 89°F for a simple digital readout. Moreover, this product has a 24-hour programmable timer for more customization and energy efficiency.

Thanks to an Eco-friendly design with CFC-free Green refrigerant, it features an auto drain function. It helps to exhaust all condensate in most environments automatically. Besides, the provided remote control lets you enjoy a comfortable operation without standing. For a simple installation, use the intake hose, extendable exhaust, and window for best results. The maximum window kit length is 46 inches, and minim is 20 inches. Another factor that makes this among the best dual hose portable air conditioner is its energy-efficient mechanism. The maximum power use is 1250watts per 10.8 A. Its dehumidifying capacity consumes 101 pints each day as the fan produces 360 m3/h / 222 CFM at high speed.

In Summary:

Covers an extensive location up to 500 sq ft
Cools a place faster than other units
Responsive thermostatic control
Comes with an auto drain function
Energy-efficient and Eco-safe

#2. Compact Portable Air Conditioner

By: Honeywell

If you want to use the best dual hose portable air conditioner that offers excellent functionality and appeal, you’ve found it. The Honeywell brand has come up with this stylish AC that has an impressive black and white finish. The two-color combo makes it stand out from other brands and blends in easily in most indoor settings. Don’t be fooled about this unit’s small structure as it delivers a powerful performance. You get an excellent airflow that cools you and the enthronement more quickly than using the inferior gadgets. Also, it takes up little placement space perfect for the living room, and even the dining room. Enjoy the comfort of operating the digital controls that has a smart digital humidistat, two speeds, and a 24-hr energy-saving timer.

Additionally, this product cools up to 350 square feet, which is more room coverage than similar-priced models. It has an auto-evaporation feature to remove excess water and give you continuous cooling action. With an intelligent cooling system, all the inner parts work together quietly to support areas that require total silence. Use the manual to get additional information on the use and even quicker installation. The washable filter improves airflow as the filter change alert improves maintenance. Note that the exhaust hose has a 5-inch diameter to offer more stability and flexibility. Furthermore, this equipment comes with an integrated dehumidifier that eliminates up to 4 pints per 24 hours. Plus, the continuous drain option allows for unsupervised operation.

In Summary:

It has a delightful black and white finish
Delivers a powerful performance in a compact frame
Simple to operate the digital controls
Energy-saving design with a 24-hr timer
For cooling areas up to 350 square feet
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#1. Portable Air Conditioner With Dehumidifier

By: EdgeStar

The EdgeStar is suitable for areas measuring 250 sq ft and below. Boasting of a white finish, it looks great and coordinates well with other decors such as furniture, paintings, and much more. Also, it delivers 8,000 BTU power and meets ASHRAE-128 standards. Now, you can enjoy a more refreshing environment suitable for adults, pets, and kids. With a powerful cooling system, it covers an area between 150 up to 225 sq ft depending on heat load. We love the 24-hr programmable timer that lets you set your preferred time before the cooling goes off. Also, a 3-speed fan comes in handy to direct airflow all around the room. It has directional air discharge louvers that improve the wind flow.

With an adjustable digital thermostat, you can control the temperature level to get your desired cooling level. That means a customized action that is energy-efficient than the other brands. This product is portable to give you a simple movement from place to place. Its small profile is suitable for space-limited settings such as the living room. For best use, vent this machine using the supplied hose. A 55-inch max window kit has an extendable exhaust hose flexible enough to reach up to 49 inches. An added advantage is the washable pre-filter and a replaceable carbon filter to improve the air quality after every use. Also, reliable casters move quickly on different terrains to speed up mobility.

In Summary:

Ideal for rooms under 250 square feet
The white finish is timeless and attractive
It has an excellent 8,000 BTU power
The different fan speeds allow a customized operation
Convenient digital thermostat

The Best Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner: Buyers’ Guide

An AC improves the air quality in a large or small area, depending on its size. For the portable ones that have a dual-hose design, they suit small locations below 500 square feet. Also, some models come with wheels to improve portability. These two features and more are essential when buying a compact AC. For a more comfortable purchase, go through the following parameters before purchasing the best dual hose portable air conditioner.


Check the size of the portable air conditioners to know if it will fit a small location. Ensure it is space-saving design because most models don’t cool a large area, approximately under 500 square feet. Plus, a low profile makes it easy to manage and use, as well as placement in different sites like garages, living room, bedroom, or small offices. Apart from the size, make sure it is lightweight to give you easily transport it from one location to the other.


The next factor to consider when buying the best dual hose portable air conditioner is the simplicity of movement. The designs that lack castors are normalcy lightweight or don’t require constant motion. Some weigh as high as 73 pounds like the Haier 14000 13,500 but has smooth-rolling wheels. The tires make portability a breeze whether to reposition for a dozen times. Remember to check the width of the rollers to have better stability.

Exhaust and Ventilation

A portable AC that exhausts out hot air when cooling an area, it offers better functionality. It does this with the aid of an exhaust hose via a drop ceiling, sliding glass door, window, or wall. Check to see if the best dual hose portable air conditioner with all a drop ceiling window or panel kits to avoid additional spending.


Another important feature is the efficiency of the AC. Does it use a minimum or too much energy consumption? Some models, like Whynter ARC-14S, consumes a maximum power of 1250watts per 10.8 A. Designs with low consumption, lessen electricity bills in your home even in continuous use. Always compare and confirm the rating of multiple brands before buying.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety is essential in all the products you use in your household. For the best dual hose portable air conditioner, makes sure it is made from premium materials that don’t cause harm to you and the environment. Also, check to see if the material cleans quickly or does not attract dust during and after an operation. A low maintenance design usually comes with a filter(s) to support a hassle-free cleaning. Some manufacturers even add disposable filters that need replacement over time.

Running the AC

Operating the best dual hose portable air conditioner should be easy. Some factors, like digital controls, give you a comfortable performance. You can select your preferred setting with ease, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Another device that makes this process straightforward is a remote controller. It shroud be ergonomic to limit constant movement when changing the speed, temperature, and more AC functions.

Noise Level

Remember, to check the maximum sound the unit operates in to avoid interferences in a work office. A brand like the Haier 14,000 BTU only produces 50 decibels which is suitable for indoor use. The lower the sound, the more it encourages a comfortable sleep during the day or night.

Adjustable Temperature

When looking for the best dual hose portable air conditioner, check the temperature level. An adjustable temp helps to prevent overheating that leads to your unit’s damage. Some compact ACs heat using an electric heat pump or heater. The former is ideal for cold areas while the latter for moderate temp atmospheres. If the model has an adjustable temperature, you get maximum flexibility resulting in better comfort. Note that the BTU power affects performance and ranges from one brand to the other.

Self-Evaporating Function

This feature guarantees a continuous moisture removal in both dry and humid climates. This prevents your AC from stopping the cooling because of a full reservoir. It gives you superior and hassle-free performance.

Additional Features

Apart from the above important AC functionalities, more advanced models have a programmable timer. This prevents manual time setup every time you want a relaxing operation. Also, it prevents energy loss when you accidentally snooze off in your bedroom. Another necessary functionality is multiple fan speeds that improve wind flow to give you maximum comfort.

In Conclusion

Consider the size of the room you plan to cool during the summer or hot days. The best dual hose portable air conditioner covers small to medium-sized places such as bedroom and living room. Measure the placement’s areas before you purchase to avoid repurchases or returns. An auto-evaporating system adds more convenience while the condensate evaporates automatically. This means zero maintenance and more cooling power. Pick the best dual hose portable air conditioner we have in our list. Now, you can enjoy a breathable and more refreshing environment at home.

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