Top 12 Best Dryer Sheets In 2021 — Products Review

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If you have a washing machine or simply a dryer, you must always be embarrassed by the wrinkled clothes that come out of the dryer. It is a common problem and complaint from the user, and the solution to this wrinkle problem is the use of a dryer sheet. All you have to do is get a bunch of dryer sheets, and after tossing the laundry into the dryer, you have to toss one or more dryer sheets as per the load of the laundry. They prevent the wrinkle formation and clinging effect. At the same time, the clothes stay soft and natural. Check out the best dryer sheets below and choose the best one.

List Of Best Dryer Sheets In 2021

#1. Fabric Softener Sheets, Outdoor Fresh

By – Bounce

The box contains 20 dryer sheets, and it is highly effective in reducing the wrinkles in the clothes. It can control static cling in fabrics, and at the same time, it can repel hair and lint. The dryer sheets are perfect for softening the fabrics, and it is completely color-safe. Tossing a sheet in the dryer will solve the issue of wrinkles, and hence, you will take less time in ironing.

Moreover, the fabric will stay protected, and the appearance can be better. In fact, it stops the static buildup, and the clothes feel fresher. Furthermore, there is a refreshing scent noticeable in your clothes will enhance your personality. You can use one dryer sheet when the load is little. When the load is high, use 3 sheets. In terms of quality and features, it is the best dryer sheet you can buy.

#2. Fabric Softener Sheets, Free & Gentle

By – Bounce

This popular dryer sheet comes in two sizes of one or three-pack. Each sheet is hypoallergenic in nature, and thus, it is free from perfumes and dyes of any kind. The dermatological tests suggest that the product is mild on the skin surface. Additionally, the dryer sheets completely remove static which makes the clothes cling. Moreover, this dryer sheet will also aid in repealing any deep-seated pet hair or lint. You get 240 dryer sheets in one packet, and the product has got designed, keeping in mind all kinds of dryers.

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Just put in one sheet in small loads, and your worries about wrinkly, rough fabric go away forever. You will need no more than three sheets when you put in extra-large load in the dryer. The product is gentle on the clothes and on the skin. You will not have allergies, and the clothes will not get damaged in the process of drying them out. It is one of the best dryer sheets on the list.

#3. Fabric Softener Sheets, Outdoor Fresh

By – Bounce

The classic smell of the dryer sheets has been their USP for the longest time. The fresh scent has an outdoor-like feel to it. It helps in the reduction of wrinkles on the clothes that come as a result of keeping clothes in the dryer. The static cling is also something that arises through the use of the dryer. Moreover, the sheets will control all static clinging in the fabrics.

Additionally, it helps you in repelling hair and lint from the fabrics. Besides, it will also soften the fabric like you have never seen it before. Your average load in the dryer will need two sheets, and the extra-large load will need three sheets. One sheet suffices for the time when you put in small to medium load in the dryer. Moreover, you must not use the sheets on sleepwear used by children or on any cloth that is flame-resistant.

By – Snuggle

You can choose any of the sheets of three sizes like 70, 105, and 210, according to your needs. These dryer sheets have a design that does not mask but instead blocks even the toughest of odors. Your clothes will thus, not just look fresh but also smell refreshing. This freshness that you get will last the longest right from the time after you wash for several hours.

Additionally, you can add in the fabric softener from the same brand if you want added freshness. Keep in mind to tuck the tab into slotback after use to preserve the freshness of the product. Besides, it also removes sticky pet hair and tough lint from the fabrics. The dryer sheets are safe to use in any kind of dryer and definitely stand out as one of the best dryer sheets to buy.

#5. Exhilarations Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, Cherry Blossom & Rosewood

By – Snuggle

Blue iris and ocean breeze, lavender and vanilla orchid, and cherry blossom and rosewood are the three unique fragrances available in these dryer sheets. The scents come enhanced with the added goodness of musk and spices. Regarding size, you can choose from seventy to 105 counts. Moreover, you must also use the dryer sheets in cars, suitcases, gym bags, and closets to make sure that they smell absolutely fresh. The refreshing scents have made the brand earn its name. Add one sheet to every load you put in the dryer if you want a freshness that lasts long. Besides, make sure to not use a sheet more than one time in the dryer as it loses its functionality.

#6. Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, Mountain Breeze

By – Purex

This is one of the easiest ways to make your clothes come out of the dryer with a fresh smell but without any troublesome static clinging to the load in the laundry. Not just the laundry, you can also keep the whole house smelling fresh with these sheets. Tuck the dryer sheets in your linen closets, storage areas, hampers, sneakers, boots, and the likes.

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It will do away the odor in all of those places. Your senses will rejuvenate with the fresh outdoorsy aroma of mountain air and spring flowers. Besides, the clothes also appear softer than the time when you put them in the dryer. You will get forty sheets in a pack. It is mild enough for everyday use. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic in nature, so even the highly sensitive people can use it for their laundry.

#7. April Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

By – Downy

There are two sizes to choose from in these dryer sheets, 240 or 720 counts. Putting clothes in the dryer cycles takes away their softness, scent, and adds undue static. These sheets can solve all of those problems. Furthermore, the fabric retains the softness you desire. The smells of the sheets will stay from washing to wearing. The scent might come off strong on opening the packet, but it mellows down and remains soothing on the clothes. The sheets also remove all the problematic static making the clothes cling. Toss one sheet on top of the laundry and dry as you usually do. Use more than one sheet to get extra benefits or in case of large loads.

#8. Lavender Serenity Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

By – Downy

You will get ample scent and functionality with just one little sheet. The fruity scent has notes of lavender, vanilla, along with Valencia orange. Everything that the dryer will strip off your clothes, like scent and smoothness, will get returned back by the dryer sheets. Besides, the sheets fight off even the difficult static which makes clothes cling.

Moreover, the clothes will smell refreshing for a long time. Put it in linen closets and dresser drawers too. You can pair up these sheets with the fabric conditioner from the same brand if you want a higher grade of static prevention and more aroma than usual. Use one sheet for small loads and two for large loads. Extensive tests run on the product ensure that it is gentle and non-allergenic to the skin. Therefore, it is one of the best dryer sheets to opt for.

#9. Exhilarations Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, Lavender & Vanilla Orchid

By – Snuggle

The smells are what make these dryer sheets popular. You can select from three fragrances of white lavender and sandalwood, blue iris and bamboo silk aqua, and island hibiscus and rain-flower. Additionally, the scents have the floral notes blended with woody aromas for giving you a burst of freshness. Apart from putting in the dryer, you can also tuck the sheet in your sneakers or garbage can to keep out odors.

For static making the fiber clings to your body, rub the sheet over the problem area. There are two sizes, one is of seventy counts, and the other is 105 count. Besides, it is safe for both High Efficiency and Standard washing machine. Using these sheets is really easy. You just need to put one over the wet clothes and start the dryer cycles.

#10. Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets

By – Bounce

These dryer sheets have all the four qualities that you look for in such a product. It offers freshness, controls static, softens clothes, and helps in the visible reduction of wrinkles. Moreover, it will also repel pet hair and lint on the clothes. The scent is full of the freshness of the spring. It is a pleasant smell without being overpowering on the senses.

Besides, the sheets undergo strict dermatological testing to make sure that they are mild on the skin. Furthermore, the product will work fine in both standard and high-efficiency dryers. You will get 240 sheets in one packet. Toss in the sheets according to the size of the load. One sheet is enough from small and medium-size load whereas you will need three sheets for the extra-large load. Do not use a sheet more than once.

#11. Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Honeysuckle

By – Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

The dryer sheet comes in three aromas for you to choose from namely, basil, honeysuckle, and geranium. It is available in sizes one to three. They will soften out the clothes when drying. Moreover, you can rub them over problem areas to reduce static. Everything right from the ingredients to the water content is organically derived. Furthermore, the product is suitable even for people with highly sensitive skin.

The organic ingredients ensure that the sheets are gentle on the skin. The dirt will go, but the fabric will not cause a reaction. Additionally, it is free from animal cruelty as the brand claims to not use animal ingredients in the manufacturing or testing the product on animals. These sheets have existed in the market since 2001. You get eight paper sheets in each packet.

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#12. Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, Blue Sparkle

By – Snuggle

These dryer sheets offer softness to clothes and control static. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the fabric and keeps the fabric fresh for thirty days at a stretch. Besides, the aroma of these sheets is a blend of white flowers, bright citrus, and soft musk that provides long-lasting cleanness. Apart from the dryer, you can also use the sheets in places like suitcases, closets, gym bags, and cars to keep the fresh smell in them. You just need to spread the sheet over the wet clothes when you put the dryer cycles on. You will get 230 sheets in one packet. It is safe for standard dryers. You should use one with every load that you put in to dry.

How Do Dryer Sheets Work?

So dryer sheets are the small pieces of non-woven synthetic fabrics with a special coating. The coating usually is the solution of a quaternary ammonium salt or a silicone oil-based fabric softener. During the drying process, the heat of the dryer softens the fabric softener, allowing the coating transfer to fabrics. This will result in soft to touch clothes, and/or a pleasant scent.

How To Choose The Right Drying Sheets

There are some important factors to have in mind when buying drying sheets. We list them all below for you, so feel free to check them out.

    Ingredients: Drying sheets can come with either artificial or organic formulas. Either of these is safe to use, but you have to be careful in selecting if you have allergies. The good thing is that there are drying sheets for those with sensitivities that you can purchase.
    Performance: High-quality drying sheets should be able to control static that clings to fabrics. At the same time, look for the ones that can repel hair and lint if you have pets. Performance matters, so don’t overlook what they can do apart from softening your fabrics.
    Quantity: Since drying sheets come in a wide range of quantity options, choosing the right one is easy. Think about how often you intend to use them. If you use them regularly, then you should for the mass quantities. Before that, make sure you like the performance that they provide before investing on a large scale.
    Scent: We all know those who want their clothes to smell pleasant after the wash or dry. If you are one of them, look for the scent that reflects your style and preferences the most. Drying sheets come with various scent options that you choose from which is so convenient.

Drying Sheet Alternatives

In case you run out of drying sheets and you really need to use them, there are alternatives to try. The ones that we recommend are easy to find, so let’s see if any of these are effective.

    Baking Soda: is a supernatural alternative for various items even drying sheets. Just add a teaspoon of baking soda to the wash cycle, and watch it does its magic. It can help to soften your clothes without leaving any scent or residue at all.
    Foil Balls: works great when it comes to static cling although they don’t help much with clothes softening. You can take some regular aluminum foil to make it into a ball and toss it in the dryer. It helps to dry your items faster, and its performance is long-lasting as well.
    Vinegar: is a natural remedy and a natural household cleaning ingredient that you can easily find. You can add 1/4 cup of white or apple cider vinegar to the wash cycle to soften your clothes.
    Wool Dryer Balls: helps with air circulation to dry clothes faster in order to reduce static. Since wool dryer balls are reusable, it is also ideal for the long term as well.


There is a popular belief that a dryer actually damages the clothes by destroying its fabric and quality. A dryer sheet is the only solution to retain the softness and prevent wrinkles. We have listed the best dryer sheets from the best brands so that every product is a value for money buy. They can repel hair and lint and stop the static build-up that is responsible for the degradation of the clothes. If you have a dryer, you should give a try to the dryer sheet, and you will be surprised to see the result instantly.

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