The 10 Best Double Edge Safety Razors In 2021 — Products Review

There are various types of razors available in the market, and as a buyer, you are sure to be confused. Rather than buying cartridge-based razors, it is technically better to opt for a double edge safety razor. It is better not just because the shaving experience is better but also due to deeper and safer shaving. The technology differs a lot when you compare it with traditional razors that most of the men use. It prevents razor burn which is a common issue. The shift from cartridge razor to these double edge safety razors is going to be slightly difficult. However, we will recommend everyone to use the razor and give it a try to understand the difference. The following is the list of the top 10 best double edge safety razors for your consideration.

List Of Best Double Edge Safety Razors In 2021

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#10. Double Edge Safety Razor With Long Natural Bamboo Handle

Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle

By – Wowe

In this double edge safety razor, there is a bamboo handle which gives the razor a sleek and modern look. With a precision, this is engineered to provide you with the shave of the highest quality. The handle is also very smooth and very comfortable while holding. With this, you will be getting free five blades as a sample. This comes with a long handle which fits perfectly even on large hands.

This will give you the best possible shave and comes in plastic-free packaging. The bamboo made handle will not splinter, and it will also last for a long time. The maker of this razor contributes 1% of the sales for planting trees. This is easy and safe to use and will look pretty in your bathroom. Moreover, this will reduce your in-grown hairs and is better than plastic made razors. You can get a deeper shaving experience than the usual razors.

#9. Double Edge Safety Razor


Double Edge Safety Razor, Oak Leaf Butterfly Open Men’s Shaving Razor

By – Oak Leaf

This piece of double edge safety razor is stunningly beautiful. With this, you will be getting three premium blades and has a butterfly opening. This is also very effective, straightforward, and inexpensive. This will give you a smooth and clean face and will also let you enjoy your shaving. Changing the blades in this razor is very simple, and you will have to rotate the bottom in a counter-clockwise direction. This is made up of alloy and is a very durable product.

This has the ability to cut all kinds of beard and has got a luxurious look. Besides, using and cleaning the razor is also very convenient, and you can even store it safely. This is also very lightweight which gives you a perfect grip with its handle. The product has got many positive reviews from its users and is highly recommended. The new generation shaver will easily fit in large hands.

#8. Unisex Razor Shaving KitRazors Shaving Kit for Men or Women

By – Elkaline

With this double edge safety razor, you will not be getting any cuts. It will give you the closest shave without causing harm to your skin. Changing the blade in this razor is very simple, and you will only have to twist the knob for securing it back in place. Moreover, this can also be used by women for removing unwanted hairs from their underarms and legs. This is very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.

Made from heavy-duty material, this is also very resilient. It will also save your money as it is compatible with inexpensive blades. This is an innovative product which comes with a butterfly head. This is travel-friendly, and you don’t have to disassemble it for changing the blade. Besides, there is also a cushioned case which snaps firmly. The handle has got a strong grip which won’t slip even on wet hands.

#7. Chrome Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

WEISHI Chrome Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor


This double edge safety razor comes in a perfect weight to hold it comfortably. Using it is also very easy, and you will only have to give a gentle shake for placing the blade. This is a perfect piece to gift someone, and the blade chamber will securely hold the blade. You can use a little pressure while shaving and let the razor do its work. All you have to do is angle it at 45 degrees to remove the grain from your beard.

This has got a butterfly open and includes a long handle made up of chrome. This is also very durable as it is plated with heavy alloy. The blade replacement is straightforward, and you will also be getting free blades as a sample. You will enjoy your shaving, and you will have to be meticulously attentive. This has got an excellent grip, and you will feel a smooth touch while touching.

#6. Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor

SHAVE Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor


In this double edge safety razor, you can set the level of blade exposure from 1 to 6. This is what makes the product versatile. This is chrome plated with zinc and includes an adjustable handle. Its other features are the snap top and closed comb. Moreover, you will also get the option of setting the preference of the blade while changing it. This is one of the best double edge safety razors which will give you comfort and close shaving. With this, you will be getting five pieces blade for free. This is also durable as well as flexible.

You can use it on low setting and also increase its aggressiveness. If you want to shave with ease, then you can use it in high or medium settings. The design of this razor meets excellent craftsmanship along with modern aesthetics. It looks like a beauty while holding and has got a long handle. Furthermore, this uses a clip to hold the blade in place. Changing the blade is also very easy.

#5. Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

MERKUR Futur Adjustable Double Edge Saftey Razor


This is another double edge safety razor where you will be getting a close shave without any irritation. You will enjoy your shaving as the weight of the razor will do the work while shaving. You will be getting the option to fine-tune your shave as it comes with a dial for controlling the blade gap. The unique design of “snap-on cap” makes it ideal for your shaving. Moreover, this is also very durable and comes with a matte chrome finish. Furthermore, you can also adjust the settings while shaving in sensitive areas.

This works with the inexpensive blades and will avoid razor bumps. The straight bar head design, along with the closed comb, makes it a perfect choice for shaving the unwanted hair from your body. The solid metal razor is lightweight but convenient to hold. This is perfect for people who require shaving more than once a day. This is an imported product which has got many positive customer reviews. Besides, it is one of the most affordable safety razors to opt for the beginners.

#4. Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Saftey Razor


The maker of this double edge safety razor has been producing razors for over 100 years. Hence, it can rely on the product for its quality and performance from the brand. This has got a thick as well as a short handle which is perfect for holding. The heavy head letting will allow you to have a convenient shave. This will give you the closest shave without irritating your skin. This is precise and durable and uses inexpensive blades which will be suitable for you.

Using it is also very simple, and you will also be getting a sample blade for free. Moreover, the two-piece design is very stable and loads easily. Besides, there are also many handle options, and you can get the one you prefer. This is an imported product which has got a matte finish. The design is based on a straight bar-head and a classic closed comb.

#3. Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor


This double edge safety razor can hold the blade by the sides. To help set the blade, you can give a gentle shake. You will also have to twist the knob at the bottom to ensure that the blade is secure. This razor will deliver you to a complete shave with ease and convenience. The razor comes with instruction guidelines as well as five sets of blades for free. It is one of the best double edge safety razors to opt for.

This is a perfect item to gift anyone as it also looks beautiful. While using it, you will have to apply a little pressure, and then you are on the go. This comes with a long handle which very convenient to hold. Additionally, the handle will also allow you to have a perfect grip even on wet hands. Replacing the blade is very quick and has got a butterfly open. It is lightweight and made up of solid brass which makes the product last for a long time.

#2. Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 99R – Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

By – Parker Safety Razor

If you are looking to have something with heavyweight design, then this is the one made for you. The double edge safety razor has a chrome-plated brass frame which makes it very durable. This one comes in a “Butterfly Design,” which is very convenient for replacing blades. All you have to do is just twist, and then it will open. Even if your hands are wet, then you will still get the grip with its long textured handle.

This is a perfect grooming accessory for men which will give them the finest shaving experience. You will get a comfortable and smooth shave as it will cut through the toughest beard. This will make your task of shaving effortless and is the highest quality product which will last for a long time. There is an advanced plating system which also makes the razor look very beautiful. The no-plastic razor open from the collar at the bottom.

#1. Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

By – Edwin Jagger

If you are looking to have an accurate and comfortable shaving experience, then this is the top double edge safety razor for you. The angle of the blade makes this razor perfect for both experienced and new shavers. Its unique design will allow you to have a close and comfortable shave. Moreover, the chrome handle on the razor will give a perfect grip even when it is wet as it has got a line patterning. This will also make you spend less on your shaving expense as the replaceable blade is very pocket-friendly.

With this, there will be a reduction of the in-growing hairs. This is an international made razor with a compatible two-part DE razor head. Moreover, you will be getting five packs of blades as well as instructions on how to use it. Fitted with precision, it is also very comfortable while holding. This will give you pleasure while shaving as the handles are well balanced and have the perfect weight. Edwin Jagger has been in the shaving industry for two decades, and hence, you can rely on the product blindly. The genuine users’ reviews are extremely positive, and it is the highest-rated double edge safety razor in the market.

Double Edge Safety Razors Buying Guide

There are several certain things that you should know before buying double edge safety razors. In case you are new to them, this buying guide is here to help you out. Let’s take a look and see what they are with us below.


When it comes to double edge safety razors, aggressiveness aka efficiency matters. This refers to how easy or difficult it is to cut yourself with one. The aggressiveness of a razor reflects the angle of the blade, the blade gap, and the exposure of the blade. Pick the ones that you can conveniently use so that you will be able to avoid cuts and accidents.

Blade Replacements

It is normal to replace your blade once in a while, and that part also matters as well. To make it convenient for you, find the options that allow for easy blade installation and replacements. There are high-quality double edge safety razors out there that offer fast blade replacement that takes a few seconds. Also, don’t forget to look for the ones that can comply with any universal double edge blades. That way, you will be able to use it with different blades easily.

Ergonomic Design

We are talking about the amount of grip that the double edge safety razors offer. Make sure that the grip is comfortable and convenient so that you can easily use it without hand fatigue. Different double edge safety razors have different grip design that you should know about. The most common ones have a lined pattern grip system, a textured grip system, and a smooth grip system.

When you can grip the razor comfortably, you will also be able to control the shaving process as well. A good double edge safety razor allows you to grip firmly and comfortably even if your hand is wet. That is the type of razor that you should look for.

Types Of Double Edge Safety Razor Head

In double edge safety razors, there are 2 main head types that you should know. Each type is unique and convenient in their own way, so let’s take a look.

  • Closed: resembles small grooves along the edges of the blade guard. This type offers more protection between the face and the blade. With it, you will be able to avoid the chance of nicks and cuts as it is more stable and easy to control.
  • Open: appears as individual teeth which is similar to a hair comb. It guides stubble against the blade to a more easily cut through longer or thicker hair. Another thing is that it removes less lather from the face as you shave, and it is more aggressive.

Benefits Of Double Edge Safety Razors

  • They are easier and more convenient to use especially for beginners.
  • Double edge safety razors provide less irritation and ingrowing hairs.
  • It provides a closer and sharper shave than modern multi-blade cartridges out there.
  • Most of this type requires inexpensive blade replacements which are economical to use.


If you have sensitive skin or you are having skin issues after you shave, you need to start using double edge safety razors. Moreover, it is also economical to opt for these razors, and you can understand this in the long run.

There is no chance acne after shaving, and in fact, you can even shave your head with these razors. The design is such that it adjusts with the different contours and angles conveniently. Different razors have various features, and you should understand the features of those mentioned above best double edge safety razor to purchase the best tone for you.

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