11 Best Dog Diapers For Your Dog Comfort — Products Review In 2021

Even though pets are more like kids to have at home, there are a lot of things you have to do to care for the utmost care for your dog. To make things easier, we will recommend you to use dog diapers if you have not used already. If you have a baby, you already know the benefit of a diaper. It absorbs the urine and does not create a mess on the floor and even on the body of the dog.

There is a color indication by which you can understand that the diaper is wet and you can put it on and off effortlessly. The aromatic layer will keep the dog hygienic and prevent bad smell from spreading. Choose among the following best dog diapers by going through their features.

The List Of Best Dog Diapers In 2021

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#11. Reusable Female Dog Diapers, Pack of 3

Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers, Pack of 3

By: Paw Legend

This is a pack of three extremely comfortable female dog diapers, and there are various size options available. If you do not know the exact size, you can refer to the size chart. There are also multiple colors available. Coming to the quality and design of the product, there are adjustable Velcro closures, and the diapers are leak-proof.

It can absorb wetness and prevent any mess created due to the urinary issue. The interior is soft thanks to extra quilt, and it is excellent for the skin of the dogs. There is also an odor layer, and they are washable up to 300 times.

In Summary:
  • Pack contains three comfortable diapers
  • Different size options and multiple colors
  • High quality and design
  • Easy to adjust Velcro closures
  • Leak-proof and good absorption

#10. Ultra Protection Female Disposable Dog Diapers

PAW INSPIRED Ultra Protection Female Disposable Dog Diapers


This set of diapers has fur resistant fasteners that will no annoy your pet, and you can reposition the fasteners without causing any irritation. The core is leak-proof and absorbs urine or moisture and keeps the skin dry. In fact, it has an advanced super-absorbent polymer to absorb anything without creating a mess or spreading bad smell. The layers of the diapers are breathable, and it will make your dogs feel cool even when it is hot outside. It is highly durable and painless for female dogs.

In Summary:
  • Comfortable fur resistant fasteners
  • Leak-proof and very absorbent
  • Ensures the skin is dry
  • Advanced super-absorbent polymer
  • Prevents spreading the bad smell

#9. Male Dog Wrap

AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap

By: AmazonBasics

Amazon Basics is a brand of Amazon, and they have selected a product with quality. It is a pack of 30 disposable wraps for male dogs. You cannot wash them again and again. The wraps are leak-proof from the edges as well as from the interior. The color of the diaper changes when it gets wet so that you can know from a single glance and change it to keep your dog hygienic and dry. The layers are breathable, and the fasteners are fur-resistant. The company offers one year warranty, and it is ideal for usage of indoor, outdoor and even in cars.

In Summary:
  • Pack has 30 disposable diaper wraps
  • Suitable for male dogs
  • Leak-proof and super smooth interior
  • Ensures the dog is dry and hygienic
  • Breathable layers and fur-resistant fasteners

#8. Washable Belly Wrap Diapers For Male Dog

Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers for Male Dog

By: Paw Legend

The dog diapers have seven various sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. This is only for male dogs. The waist measurement is 13-16″ for tiny waists. The product consists of three fashionable colors like black, dark blue, and sky blue. This product is made with cent percent soft and comfy materials to give your dog superior comfort and acceptance.

The texture of these diapers is well enough to not create any feeling of disturbance or suffocation for your dog. The quick and simple Velcro closures of this product secure its durability. The highly absorbent wraps mainly come with absorbent pad-stitched right into the bands. The outer layer is a cent percent water-resistant. Furthermore, you can easily machine wash these diapers with your daily laundry.

In Summary:
  • Available in seven different sizes
  • Suits large, small, and medium-size dogs
  • For dogs with a 13-16″ waist
  • Available in three fashionable colors (black, sky blue, dark blue)
  • Smooth texture and simple Velcro closures

#7. Premium Dog Diapers Female With Velcro

Bwogue Premium Dog Diapers Female (Pack of 2) with Velcro Washable Reusable Sanitary Panties

By: Bwogue

This female dog diaper is giant in size. This product best suits the medium dogs and puppies and the waist size include 19.6″-23.6″ (50-60cm). The ergonomic velcro closure is perfect for daily usage, especially when your female dog is on her periods. It prevents your dog from the contacts of harmful viruses, germs, bacteria entering into the body, and making her sick and keeps your home clean and hygiene too. It also provides you with a washable and reusable function.

The female dog panties are made of top-class fabric which you can easily wash in the machine or clean it by your hand, and it is capable of fast air-drying as well. You can select from a great color variety. You can use it repeatedly as it has supreme durability. Moreover, this product is also effective for preventing your doggy from mating easily and also responsible for preventing unwanted pregnancy of your female dog.

In Summary:
  • Comes in giant size
  • Suits medium and large dogs
  • For waist size 19.6″-23.6inches / 50-60cm
  • Comfortable ergonomic Velcro closure
  • Prevents germs, harmful viruses, bacteria, etc

#6. Disposable Male Dog Diapers

OUT! Disposable Male Dog Diapers, XS:Small – Fits 13 inch to 18 inch

By: OUT!

These diapers are disposable. It comes only for the XS/Small Male dogs with a 13-18 inch waist. The diapers guarantee comfort and dryness for your dog. One of the features is that these diapers provide your dog with the coziness of leg-lifting. These disposable male wraps assure a comfortable and secure grip.

However, the stickiness of the diapers does not include any harm to your dog’s fur. The one-two blend of sealed shut limits and the super penetrable focus will ensure that the pee stays where you require it. It provides a necessary guard for a male dog with excitable urination and incontinence.

In Summary:
  • Lightweight, disposable dog diapers
  • Ideal for small male dogs with waist sizes 13-18 inches
  • Delivers good comfort and keeps the area dry
  • Comfortable and very secure
  • Super penetrable and good absorption

#5. Washable Disposable Dog Diapers Keeper

Surgi Snuggly BB-XLS- DK Washable Disposable Dog Diapers Keeper

By: Surgi Snuggly

This product is for both female and male dog from various age groups and different sizes. It’s an all-purpose wrap for dogs. It allows maintaining the proper place of your pet dog’s diapers & pads. This product is the invention of veterinarians and accepted by them widely. The facility of antimicrobial protection saves your pets from microbes and bad smells. Moreover, the product also has a universal fit design.

In Summary:
  • Suits female and male dogs
  • Ideal for different sizes and ages
  • All-purpose and versatile dog wrap
  • Veterinarian approved and widely accepted
  • Good antimicrobial protection and prevents bad smells

#4. Reusable Wrap Diapers For Male Dogs

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs, Washable Puppy Belly Band

By: Teamoy

This product comes with three pieces of padded & soft super-absorbent and durable wraps for male puppies. Two layers of microfiber in middle section effortlessly absorb pee. The Padded inner liner absorbs all the liquid precisely from the skin. This product is washable. It comes with long elastics edges which bring an extra-strong grip to the waist; the outer layer of the keeper is water-resistance. It allows both machine and hand wash and needs air drying after washing. The strong but yet comfortable material makes it durable.

In Summary:
  • Pack contains three pieces
  • Super-absorbent and soft padding
  • Two microfiber layers and washable
  • Long elastics edges plus extra-strong grip
  • Water-resistant and hand and machine washable

#3. Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers (Pack of 3)

By: Wegreeco

This product is mainly for the female dogs. The diapers are best suited for small to medium dogs, and the waist size include 9″ to 13.5″.This is the Easy-to-use diaper wrap for female dogs. It is also beneficial for the untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and sudden urination or incontinence. The diapers come in 3 colors- Purple, Aqua, and Hot Pink.

These diapers are made of high-quality materials and provide durability. You can wash it by both using hand-wash and machine was. This product is straightforward to use. It has excellent grip, and the stickiness of the closures do not harm the furs. This product is also a money-saver as it lasts longer. These are the best dog diapers in terms of average ratings for buyers.

In Summary:
  • Mainly suited for female dogs
  • Ideal for small and medium-size dogs
  • Waist sizes 9″ to 13.5 inches
  • Easy-to-use and comfortable diaper wraps
  • Available in 3 colors (Aqua, Purple, and Hot Pink)

#2. Washable Male Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers (Pack of 3)

By: Wegreeco

This product is best for small dogs and puppies with a waist size of 13″ to 16″. It is a leakage-proof product. The inner layer of the diapers is very soft and comfy as it is crafted with the highest quality materials. This is a reusable product. It can be washed both by hand and machine. This product is a durable product, due to it provides world-class materials.

Moreover, it also prevents you from expending a large amount of money, as it is very long-lasting. It is very much utilizing for the dog that has the problem regarding urine. This product also helps your dog by preventing them from the harmful viruses, bacteria, and germs and keeps them stay healthy. It seems very comfortable for your dog.

In Summary:
  • Dippers for small and medium-size dogs and puppies
  • Suits waist sizes from 13″ to 16 inches
  • Leak-proof and very comfortable
  • High quality and reusable
  • Hand and machine washable

#1. Reusable Dog DiapersLuxury Reusable Dog Diapers (3-Pack) - Durable Dog Wraps

By: Pet Magasin

This product is both for male and female dogs. This is suggested to use the product over your small dogs and puppies. The product is made of high-quality fabrics. It is easy to manage while applying as it has adjustable stickers. The stickiness of your dog diaper helps to hold it tightly. This is washable by both hand and machine so you can keep it clean as you want.

On top of that, this product gives superior comfort to your dogs, and on the other hand, it is budget-friendly, and its durability makes it long-lasting. The product is crafted in this way that it looks and feels comfortable on your dog’s body. This is undoubtedly the best dog diaper you can buy for your pet. Check out the hands-on of the diapers on this YouTube clip.

In Summary:
  • Diaper for female and male dogs
  • Ideal for small puppies and dogs
  • High-quality and comfortable fabric
  • Easy to manage and easy-adjust stickers
  • Hand and machine washable

Why Dog Diapers & How To Use Them

As dog owners, there are certain things that you need to know about your canine friends, and dog diapers are one of them. There are a few reasons why your dogs need diapers, and it is useful to know about that. We also bring you some steps on how to use dog diapers as well if you are new to this.

Reasons To Use Dog Diapers

There are 4 different reasons why your dogs need a diaper which are:

  • Female Dogs In Heat: Many prefer to call a female dog’s period because it is quite similar. This cycle usually lasts for up to 4 months or longer and that is when you a diaper for her. In this stage, your female dogs will urinate more than usual which is why diaper is important.
  • Senior Dogs: Just like humans, dogs can forget how to control their body when they get older. When they turn 11 years old or older, accidents will happen more often. There are drugs to treat this condition, but you will need to use diapers for them eventually.
  • Training Purpose: There are owners who find dog diapers using for training them how to do potty. If you use the diapers for this purpose, make sure you bring your dogs outside more often. That is to teach them where to do the potty and where it is not. If not so, your dogs will enjoy the diaper and you will end up cleaning it all the time.
  • Urinary Incontinence: This associate with bladder problems, urinary tract infection, bacterial infections, diabetes, and more. It is natural because even well-trained dogs can suffer from such conditions. Each condition causes the dog to be unable to control the urge to urinate which leads to improper urinating. Some owners thought it was the dog’s behavior, and only consultation vets can prove which case is right. That is why you need diapers for your dogs until their conditions become better through drugs or surgeries.

How To Choose & Use Dog Diapers

  • Pick the diapers that comfortably and snugly fit your dogs’ body. This will increase the absorption level when they urinate to leave little to no mess for you to clean after.
  • Most dog diapers come with a hole for the dog’s tail. So if your dog has docked or almost no tail, you can cover the hole with tape to prevent leakage.
  • Wear gloves when changing the diapers so that you won’t come into contact with urine or feces.
  • Use baby wipes to clean your dogs every time your change to keep them clean.
  • Just like a baby, you should also change your dog’s diapers frequently as well. It is uncomfortable to be in a wet or full diaper which results in rejection next time. Also, a wet or dirty diaper can also cause rash, burning, itching, inflammation, or even bacteria infections. So you can check the diaper every few hours and change if you need to.


Here you can see the list of the top 11 best dog diapers in the market. There are various uses of a dog diaper, such as during the house excretion training of a younger dog, post-operation, or during an illness where the dog is unable to move properly, short-term use like going on a vacation or making it sit in your car.

You can protect your bed, furniture, and other such moisture-absorbing items from the pee of the dogs. It is also useful for older dogs with urinary incontinence as well as keeping the house clean and fresh. Not just that, it is helpful for a female dog during her heat to prevent staining of blood everywhere.

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