Top 12 Best Document Cameras 2020 – Products Review

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A document scanner is a must for every office, and it is highly useful to save documents instantly on your hard drive and even to the cloud storage. It is going to save you from a lot of paperwork and time. Instead of pilling up hard copy documents on your drawers, you should opt for the best document cameras to digitize the paperwork completely. You can keep your space clean, and there is no need for paper storage and destruction. The following is the list of the best document cameras to pick from.

List Of The Best Document Cameras

#12. Document Cameras Scanner

By: Bitpro LGM

The document camera comes in a portable design and has an easy operation. It has 10 megapixels of CMOS and features autofocus. With it, you can have effortless working as it supports optical character recognition. Moreover, this is perfect for multiple applications including business or teaching, and you can easily use it in scan mode.

Furthermore, this has wide compatibility and comes in intelligent design. It also has a built-in LED light that lets you adjust the brightness. You will only have to plug it with your computer as it has auto installation. Additionally, this is in a complete set and includes a user manual and software driver.

In Summary:

Easy operation and hassle-free installation.
Optical Character Recognition and complete set.
LED with adjustable brightness.

#11. High Definition Portable Scanner


With the many powerful functions of this document scanner, you can have the advantage of using it for multiple applications. This is a multipurpose scanner and helps in real-time projects on various occasions. Additionally, this is compatible with the Windows operating system and comes with LED cell lights. Moreover, it has an 8-megapixel camera and can scan files within A3.

It has multiple latest technologies including optical character recognition, automatic correction, intelligent picture shooting, automatic image segmentation, auto merging, and removing excess parts. Furthermore, this is in an excellent design and comes with easy operation. It has a stylish look and lets you take it anywhere due to its portable housing.

In Summary:

Intelligent picture shooting and auto merging.
Stylish look and LED lights.
Powerful functions for user advantage.

#10. Interactive Document Camera

By: Elmo

Featuring a document camera with multiple functions, this one comes with CMOS Image Sensor. This can record smooth moving images and has a powerful 96 X zoom. In this, you will find a built-in switcher, and it lets you shoot from multiple angles due to its adjustable head and arm. Moreover, it has a convenient zoom dial and includes all the accessories that let you use it conveniently.

Additionally, this has autofocus and allows you to select from three user settings. This is perfect for academic interaction and creativity and includes a sleek remote control for your convenience. Furthermore, it supports external memory, and the frame rate is 30 fps.

In Summary:

High frame rate and built-in switcher.
Adjustable head for multi-angle photos.
Remote control and convenient zoom dial.

#9. USB FlexArm Document Camera

By: AVer Information Inc.

If you are looking for a document camera that has a hassle-free setup, then this is the one for you. This comes with a single USB cable and lets you set up with a single touch. Moreover, you can capture high-quality images, and it supports 8 x zoom. Additionally, it comes in a flexible design and allows you to have easy storage.

It is portable and lightweight and has a smooth operation. This has the ability to illuminate any object as it features built-in LED. Furthermore, this can display in vivid motion as it has a 5-megapixel camera. It lets you use it anywhere anytime and has autofocus.

In Summary:

Built-in LED for user convenience.
Easy storage due to flexible design.
Easy setup and vivid motion display.

#8. DC120 Ladibug Document Camera

By: Lumens

Available in an attractive design, the document camera offers high definition image clarity. This has superior color reproduction and features a USB hub for easy connectivity. Moreover, it includes a built-microphone, and you will also find an LED light lamp. Additionally, this will install on its own that offers better convenience. The camera comes with free annotation software, and it supports mechanical zoom.

This has a wide capture area and lets you use it on multiple platforms. This has auto-switching power supply and lets you use it seamlessly on interactive whiteboards. Furthermore, it has a solid build-up and lets you use it for different applications. This is in a flexible gooseneck design as the lamp heads and lens can rotate in 360 degrees.

In Summary:

Gooseneck design for enhanced flexibility.
Works on different platforms and USB wire.
Auto installation and switches automatically on different volts.

#7. 30fps HD Lightweight Document Camera

By: Lumens

The document camera has a professional image sensor that can automatically identify contrast and brightness with low noise. This supports HD recording, and the frame rate is 30 FPS. Additionally, this has easy controls as it comes with integrated buttons for commands. In this, you will have the convenience of various features like image freeze, capture, image optimization, adjustable sharpness, lamp on/off, and brightness.

Moreover, this comes in a lightweight housing and includes all the accessories that let you use it conveniently. Furthermore, it has high performance and includes a built-in microphone. You will also find a built-in LED on the head of the camera for easy operation.

In Summary:

Professional Image Sensor for outstanding images.
LED light on the head.
Multiple features and HD recording.

#6. 30fps HD Lightweight Document Camera


This one comes with an autofocus camera and features mechanical zoom technology. The document camera lets you use it in high-speed mode and fine mode and have an amazing experience. Moreover, this can rotate in 180 degrees and supports external computer access. Additionally, this has a high-performance image processor and records at 1080p.

You will also find a built-in mic, and it adopts a high-quality JPG format. This is in a gooseneck design, and you can fold it in 360 degrees. It also includes a remote control that lets you have better convenience while using it. Furthermore, it goes in different types of activities and includes an SD card slot with a maximum of 32GB of memory. It is one of the top-rated document cameras on the list.

In Summary:

360-degree folding and SD card slot.
Gooseneck design and external computer access.
Easy operation due to the remote control.

#5. Professional Book Document Scanner Camera

By: Koolertron

Here is a document camera that has automatic scanning and can perform a number of functions. This comes with the intelligent continuous shoot and features barcode recognition. Furthermore, this can automatically add your scanned documents to the email and provide you with better convenience. It has a 12-megapixel camera that can record in high definition.

Moreover, this can automatically align the length that allows you to have flexibility while scanning your documents. Additionally, this has wide compatibility and offers complete coverage to A4 size documents. It is portable and lets you carry it conveniently due to its folding structure.

In Summary:

Folding structure for easy storage.
Barcode recognition and auto-alignment of documents.
HD recording with a 12-megapixel camera.

#4. Portable Document Camera With USB Connectivity

By: Epson

This one has a built-in microphone that lets you add audio to your recording. The document camera comes in a flexible design and includes a USB connection for easy setup of the projector. Moreover, it has excellent performance and records at 15 frames per second. In this, you will find a convenient freeze button that can pause or resume the image.

Additionally, this has a resolution of 1080p that offers amazing clarity. It supports 8 x digital zoom and has one-touch autofocus. Furthermore, this comes in a complete set and has added versatility. It lets you rotate the image in 90 degrees both horizontally and vertically and features a large image capture area.

In Summary:

USB connection and built-in microphone.
Freeze button for user convenience.
Digital zoom and 90-degree rotation.

#3. Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera

By: Ipevo

Allowing you to have a hassle-free setup, the document camera features multiple input/output slots. This has an 8-megapixel camera that can capture in high-definition. It lets do you work in Chromebook, Mac, and Windows PC. Furthermore, it comes with Sony CMOS and Ambar Ella that boosts the performance in low light conditions. Moreover, it has a faster processing speed and has better background noise reduction for your convenience. Overall, it is one of the best document cameras to opt for.

This includes a glass fiber stand that has improved durability and can lift the weight of up to 2.2 pounds. It has a swiveling head and features a small footprint that lets you capture from different angles. Additionally, this will offer you with real-time images instantly, and you can adjust it according to your needs. It has a sturdy structure and is extremely lightweight. You can adjust it with your fingerprints and select from different features like zoom, exposure, filter, and rotate.

In Summary:

Multiple slots for easy setup.
Fiberglass stand with high weight capacity.
Adjustable angle and faster processing speed.

#2. Portable Document Camera With High Definition Scanner


Equipped with the number of advanced features, the document camera has a combination of the latest technologies. This has powerful basic functions and features 8-megapixel camera. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful design and has the ability to scan different types of files. This is in a multi-functional design allows you to have better convenience. Furthermore, you can easily use it for making music scores, meeting, and teaching and has an LED light.

This easily goes with Windows operating system and comes in a portable design. It lets you use it easily and has a hassle-free installation. You will also find many other features like automatic correction, optical character recognition, automatic merging, and intelligent continuous shoot. Additionally, this can intelligently generate PDF files and improves recognition accurately.

In Summary:

Intelligent performance and advanced features.
Multifunctional design and LED light.
Automatic correction for outstanding results.

#1. V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera


The document camera captures high-definition live images as it has an 8-megapixel camera. This operates at a high frame rate that allows you to have lag-free streaming. It can stream at full-HD with 30 FPS. Moreover, this has fast focusing speed that helps to minimize any kind of interruption with different materials. In this, you will find the feature of Sony CMOS Image Sensor that helps in color reproduction and noise reduction. It is needless to say that it is one of the best document cameras.

Furthermore, this is ideal for capturing in dimly lit environments and goes with a variety of applications and software. It has wide compatibility and includes a multi-jointed stand for better stability. Additionally, you can easily tighten the joints, and it is perfect for everyday use. You can use it for live presentations, scanning of documents and books, and for archiving photos. This has fast processing speed with minimal interruptions and lets you control it conveniently.

In Summary:

Fast processing speed without any interruption.
Lag-free streaming and multi-jointed stand.
Better color production with Sony CMOS Image Sensor.


We have listed the best document cameras from popular brands to choose from. Different document cameras have different features, and therefore, you should go through all of them minutely to understand what the cameras have to offer. While buying, you should check the processing speed, the image sensor megapixel, types of documents to scan and likewise. You should buy the one that can fulfill almost all your requirements.

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