11 Best Diesel Fuel Additives For Car Engine — Review In 2021

A diesel fuel additive is highly beneficial for a vehicle’s fuel system. Different countries have different qualities of diesel, and low-quality diesel can prevent your vehicle’s engine from reaching its full potential. A diesel fuel additive cleans the fuel so that the combustion is high. This enhances the fuel economy rate of the vehicle, and there is no harmful emission.

Furthermore, it extends the lifespan of your vehicle and provides protection from the hot and cold weather. There is a wide range of diesel fuel additives available, and we have listed these 11 best diesel fuel additives serving different purposes. Depending on your requirements like boosting the fuel economy, purifying the fuel, or eliminating the deposits from the fuel tanks, you should choose a diesel fuel additive accordingly.

The List Of Best Diesel Fuel Additives In 2021

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#11. Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

By – Star Brite

This diesel fuel additive will make your engine run very smoothly. It has the quality to reduce emissions and also to improve the economy. It is straightforward to start and can also reduce carbon build-up from injectors and burners. This is perfect for daily use and can stabilize your fuel. It can disperse the moisture which prevents bacteria without using chemicals or biocides. This is very useful as it can also be used for large applications.

This is safe for all kinds of engines and fuels and delivers maximum performance. It has the ability to clean the valves and also other carbon deposits, varnish, and gums. The fuel additive will reduce emissions and is known to increase fuel efficiency. This will cure your fuel problems and is available in concentrated diesel formula. It provides uniform combustion and will also prevent any problems with the fuel. It delivers with power and is highly effective when it comes to performance.

#10. ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner

Howes 103060 ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner

By – Howes

With this diesel fuel additive, you will be able to lower fuel usage by an average of 20 degrees. It works by reducing the cold filter plugging point and is known to give cold-weather protection. This is very effective for all kinds of diesel and is also safe to use. This can also be used for biodiesel blends. With this, you will be able to avoid the gelling of the fuel and also increase its power.

This will increase the fuel economy and is very useful for cleaning the engine. This has got positive reviews from genuine users, and this will even work when the temperature is at the freezing point. You will never face any problem in your drive with this amazing fuel additive. It will also increase the efficiency of your vehicle and will quiet down the injectors.

#9. Genuine Fluid

Ford Genuine Fluid PM-22-A ULSD

By – Ford

In this diesel fuel additive, you will be able to boost the fuel ignitibility. This meets with the compliance of ULSD and is an ultra-low sulfur diesel. This is designed for diesel engines and can combat the performance of low-quality diesel. It will boost the cetane rating and improve the starting performance of your vehicle. Besides, this will also increase the power and will smoothen the engine operation. It reduces the engine water by adding lubricity to the fuel.

Therefore, it improves the fuel economy without any alkyl nitrates. The additive helps in the prevention of the degradation of the fuel and promotes its stability. It will also avoid the growth of corrosion in the tank and will stop the growth of algae. This is a beneficial product for your engine. If used accordingly, it will be very helpful in dealing with cetane. It is one of the best diesel fuel additives which will boost the performance of your entire engine system.

#8. Secret Diesel Extreme Clean &  Boost

Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

By – Hot Shot’s Secret

This fuel additive can clean out the entire tank as well as the injectors and lines. It can remove the free water from your engine system as well as boost the cetane. This will stabilize the fuel and coat the tank. Besides, the additive will also coat the lines and acts as an inhibitor to rust and corrosion. It will lubricate the injectors and fuel pump and is very useful in increasing the fuel stability.

The single bottle weighing just 2015 pounds will be enough to treat 75 gallons of fuel. This will improve the cetane and will upgrade the power of your diesel equipment. Furthermore, it adds a maintenance economy to your engine and will improve its performance. It will keep your diesel engine in a maintenance-free condition and will also keep it much cleaner. The product has got positive reviews and will respond very well to all kinds of diesel fuel.

#7. Performance Formula One Shot

Performance Formula One Shot

By – Stanadyne

This is another powerful diesel fuel additive which will work with any fuel system. It is designed to power the diesel engines and will improve its performance. This can be used in any weather and will enhance your engine’s performance in both hot and cold conditions. With this, you will gain a cetane of up to 5 points which will lead to the increase in horsepower. It gives better acceleration and also improves the combustion. This is one of the best diesel fuel additives concerning functionalities.

Furthermore, this improves the torque and power and will also reduce the consumption of fuel. It will help in the gain of 9.6 % MPG and allows in easy starting. The product does not contain any alcohol and is formulated to use with sulfur diesel fuel. It comes with cold-weather protection and reduces emissions. This will help remove the water and meets all the requirements for your engine fuel system. It will both clean and protect your fuel system. It will also improve the filter and reduce smoke.

#6. Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer

Sta-Bil 22254 Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer

By – DieselPower

With this diesel fuel additive, you will be able to prevent the formation of sediments and sludge. This will clean your entire fuel system and will also lubricate it. It will protect your engine against corrosion and increases the process of thermal breakdown, which further results in the reduction of oxidation. This will clear the water from your fuel system and will remove algae, bacteria, and fungus.

This is a heavy-duty performer and will clean and protect your entire fuel system. With a single ounce of this additive, you will be able to treat 10 gallons of fuel. This is also very safe to be used regularly, and it does not contain any alcohol. It will give year-round protection and has got high levels of lubricity agents. It is one of the best diesel fuel additives for increasing the efficiency of your engine and boosting overall performance.

#5. Diesel Fuel Biocide

Biobor JF – Diesel Fuel Biocide

By – Hammonds

This is another fantastic diesel fuel additive which has got many features. This is fuel soluble which removes the water and prevents fungi and bacteria. By avoiding the microbial growth, this fuel additive will prevent corrosion and also the fuel filter plugging. On top of that, you will be able to save your money by avoiding the tank cleaning, as well as the downtime for the same.

This will protect the pump and injectors by properly lubricating them. This can also be used in machines with major diesel engines. With a single Oz of this additive, you will be able to treat 40 gallons of diesel fuel. This is an amazing cetane booster which will increase the performance of your engine. You will not have to bother about anything as it will give complete protection to your engine.

#4. 5-In-1 Fuel Booster

Hot Shot’s Secret HSSEDT16ZS

By – Hot Shot’s Secret

With this additive, the cetane of your engine will be boosted by up to 7 points. The diesel fuel additive will improve the performance of your engine. In addition, it will also strengthen its power and increase your fuel economy. It not only adds lubricity but will also stabilize the fuel. It comes in a squeeze bottle which is very easy to measure. The concentrated cetane improver increases the efficiency of your diesel.

It can be used for all types of diesel engines. It is ashless and has got no adverse effects on the components of your engine. Furthermore, it is a low sulfur content product which is perfect for diesel motor and non-road engines. This can also be used in furnace fuel oil and thereby help in fuel utilization. This does not emit any harmful gases, and you can pass smog tests successfully for your vehicle.

#3. Effective Fuel Treatment

Archoil AR6200 (8oz) Fuel Treatment

By – Archoil

This is a highly concentrated diesel fuel additive which is known to improve the torque of your engine. It is very efficient, and just 8 Oz is able to treat diesel with 250 gallons. It produces a complete burn and reduces the deposit of carbon and soot formation. This also results in the improvement of MPG and stabilizes the fuel. This will protect your entire fuel system from microbial growth as well as from the damages caused by water.

Apart from removing the deposits, this will also protect from corrosion and from wearing down. It is a combustion modifier which will improve efficiency. This product also contains biocide and enables the extension of fuel storage. It also contains a dispersant which restores the degraded fuel. The demulsifier is very effective in separating water. It has got many other benefits and will also keep the DPF clean. It is definitely one of the best diesel fuel additives available.

#2. Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

By – Stanadyne

This is a premium diesel fuel additive which has been approved by Ford, Navistar, and GM. It can perform in any season and is designed to tackle any fuel-related issues. This is an all-purpose additive which is perfect for cleanliness. A single bottle of 16 Oz can treat 60 gallons of diesel fuel. Even if blended with other fuel additives, it will not cause any harm to your fuel system.

It comes in a case of 12 bottles and gives an-round protection to your engine system. Moreover, it avoids gelling and can also be conveniently used in cold winter months. This adds lubricity to your engine and will avoid the formation of microbial agents. This is a highly rated product and is very safe to use.

#1. Fuel Treatment With Injector Cleaners

Lucas LUC10013 10013 Fuel Treatment

By – Lucas

This is a diesel fuel additive cleans the fuel system and lubricates the surfaces for getting a better fuel economy. Most of the cheap quality diesel has low sulfur, and it causes various issues that can be neutralized by its addition. It increases the power of the engine as well as the miles per gallon of fuel consumption. The product is made in the USA, and it can increase the lifespan of your fuel pumps and injects. The product is applicable not only for diesel motor vehicle but also for locomotive and marine equipment engines.

Furthermore, there is no solvent used, and it is going to minimize exhaust emission with the better combustion of the fuel. The product is suitable for diesel as well as gasoline engines. Also, it can blend seamlessly with super sticky oils and increase the efficiency of the engine. It can clean the carburetor and injectors, and the fuel consumption will be lower than usual. It is a complete fuel additive that does all the different required actions for bettering the fuel system.

Best Diesel Fuel Additives Buying Guide & Benefits

Diesel fuel additives are quite useful for vehicles, but choosing the best ones is not easy since there are too many. This buying guide is here to give you some tips on what to look for in the best diesel fuel additives. We also include their benefits for your vehicles as well, so feel free to check them out below.


Typically, diesel fuel additives contain detergents and dispersants. These contents are safe to pass through engine parts of the vehicles. The thing to be careful about is the type that mixes with alcohol because it can cause damages to the system. So when you buy diesel fuel additives, make sure to avoid the ones with alcohol.

EPA Compliance

To comply with environmental standards, diesel engines should pass an emission test. The fuel additives should reduce harmful and hazardous emissions so that they won’t cancel the benefits that they provide. So don’t forget to check the label for an EPA seal of approval. That way, you know that the solution is safe and effective to use with your vehicles. This part is important, so make sure that the additives that you choose meet the requirement of EPA compliance.


There are different types of diesel fuel additives that work differently for your vehicles. However, it is better to go for the options that can deliver multiple functions in one. Look for the diesel fuel additives that can protect your engine and fuel system while stabilizing fuel’s cetane rating. That way, you will be able to provide multiple protection for your vehicles with ease.


The type of fuel additives that you choose reflects the improvement of your vehicle’s performance. There is a wide variety of fuel additives with different functions that you can choose from. You can pick the specific type to an all-in-one; the key is to go for the one that solves the problems for your vehicles.

Why Do Vehicles Need Diesel Fuel Additives?

There are several main reasons why you should use diesel fuel additives for your vehicles which are:

  • Easy Maintenance: The best diesel additives contain lubrication and corrosion inhibitors. That helps to reduce wear and tear as well as to prevent the breakdown of the vehicles. So you will be able to drive for a longer period with less frequent maintenance checks which is more convenient.
  • Economical: It works by reducing the vehicle’s fuel consumption and repairing costs. With diesel fuel additives, you will spend less on both fuel and other runnings.
  • Engine Performance Improvement: The additives improve the temperature and velocity that the diesel burns. That simply helps your vehicle’s engine to perform better while increasing its power capacity.
  • Exhaust Emission Reduction: Since it can improve the performance of the engine, there is less carbon dioxide exhaust emission. Simply put, it can cut off smoke emission by removing excessive gunk buildup. That way, there won’t be too much exhaust emission from your vehicles like before anymore.

Bonus – How Diesel Fuel Additives Work?

The Conclusion

Irrespective of the area you live in or the quality of diesel you buy, we will suggest you buy one of the best diesel fuel additives for your vehicles. You can boost the fuel economy and add more power to your engine and extends the lifetime of the overall vehicle. Some dedicated additives only purify the fuel for all low-quality substances so that there is no deposit or harmful emission. If you choose to use it regularly, you can save 10% to 20% of fuel usage every year.

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