Top 10 Best Desk Fans In 2021 Review — Increase Your Productivity

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A cold breeze is always refreshing during the hot sunny days. It’s also welcomed when you are in a small, stuffy room. Unfortunately, running the air conditioner or central cooling system continuously can leave a huge dent in your wallet. A better alternative is to go for a desk fan. It is more energy-efficient, and most are powered by a rechargeable battery or a USB point.

The unit provides the cool air where it is needed and is also portable. You can take it with you to the garage, workshop, office, campsite, holiday home, and many other places. And despite its small nature, it provides a good volume of air. When buying a product, you need to focus on the main issues which include the size, noise level, speed, weight, versatility, and more. After scrutinizing the market, we have come with a list and concluded that these 10 fans are the best desk fans on the market.

The List Of Best Desk Fans In 2021


This mini fan is fit for personal use and useful in the office, home, garage, workshop, library, study room, library, dorm, and many other places. It has a simple design for quick and easy operation and runs very silently to ensure the silence in the surrounding is maintenance. The 6-inch metal frame is sturdily built to provide good support and to the unit stable even when running at high speeds.

To provide a good flow of cool air, the unit relies on a 4-inch blade. It features a 3.9ft long USB cable that is connected to a portable charger, computer, laptop, power bank, or any other source of power, and this means that you can use it in different places. The 360-degree up and down movement allows you to vary the angle of wind/ airflow. And thanks to the lightweight and compact size, moving around with it isn’t a problem.

In Summary:

Mini and compact fan
Ideal for personal, office, study, home, etc
Simple design and easy operation
Runs smoothly and very silently
Sturdy 6-inch metal frame

By: Holmes

Why suffer in a stuffy environment when you can stay cool with the Holmes HNF0410A-BM mini fan? This high-velocity fan provided good wind to keep you and the surrounding cool during the hot days. The mini fan has an excellent structure to keep it firm on any flat surface. You can place it on the desk, table, bench, or any other surface. It has a durable frame that supports the electric motor and the high-velocity 4-inch metal blade.

It runs quietly and this enables you to focus on your work or even take a nap or sleep without interruption or distraction. The personal fan has a tilting head that can quickly be adjusted to suit your needs. It remains in the selected position and doesn’t wobble or vibrate even at the highest speed setting. The front and rear grills are made of metal for extra protection and top performance.

In Summary:

Suits a stuffy or hot environment
High-velocity and powerful fan
Generates good airflow for a cool surrounding
An excellent and firm structure
Placed on a desk, bench, table, etc


Coming from one of the famed fan manufacturers, the OPOLAR 4-inch fan will give you reliable, long-lasting service. You can place the functional unit on a flat surface like a desk, bench, table, or chair. The sturdy base and solid construction prevent movement or wobbling and also includes a rubber material on the base for extra firmness and steadiness.

The brushless motor is more reliable and effective compared to the brushed type and delivers smooth, noiseless operation. This best desk fan features a robust blade that pushes the wind in the targeted location and a 3.8-ft long cable for quick and easy reach to a power point. The fan is 5.2-inches and requires minimal space. It’s also quite portable courtesy of its lightweight and small profile. The 2-speed settings will suit deferent needs while the 360-degree up and down adjustments allows you to pick the best performance.

In Summary:

4-inch fan with easy operation
Reliable, long-lasting service
Solid construction and sturdy base
No wobbling due to the rubber base
Smooth, noise-free operation

By: Lasko

The 2002W fan from Lasko will help you combat the high temperatures of summer or the stuffiness in a congested room. It measures 6 inches and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the table, desk, bench, or any other place. The high-performance fan has a smooth-running motor that connects to 6-inch blades for maximum airflow. It assembles fast and efficiently without needing special tools. In fact, all you need is just following the included instructions.

The white fan looks trendy and won’t interfere with the beauty of the surrounding. The up and down pivoting mechanism helps you pick the best performance whereas the built-in compartment holds paper clips, coins, and other small things. It has a nice grip rotary control and is silent, and considering that it is ETL listed, you will enjoy reliability, efficiency, and safety.

In Summary:

Handles high temperatures well
Measures 6 inches and space-saving design
High-performance and smooth operation
Easy assembly and energy efficient
White color and trendy


This desk fan from OPOLAR is among the biggest on the market. However, despite its large size, it’s straightforward to operate and carry thanks to its lightweight weight and user-friendly design. The 9-inch fan produces decent wind to cover a reasonable distance and has a 2-speed setting to cater to different demands. It has a metal frame for sturdiness and stability and a plastic blade which is more effective.

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The fan is powered with a USB cable and will work with a USB port that produces 5 volts. It is compatible with most computers, power bank, laptops, and portable chargers. The energy-efficient accessory consumes minimal electricity (4watts) to lower the power bills but still provides top performance. It comes in a sleek black color to suit varied environments and has a smooth surface for easy cleaning and maintenance. The 360- degree up and down adjustment enables you to vary the wind direction as per your desires.

In Summary:

Simple to operate
Easy to carry and lightweight
User-friendly and 9-inch size
2-speed setting
A sturdy metal frame

By: Genesis

Say goodbye to a stuffy environment, high air conditioning bills, or a bulky or noisy desktop fan. With the Genesis Clip-On Fan, you not only enjoy a cool breeze but also save on electricity bills. This best desk fan has a nice and simple design for better handling, and you can place it on a flat surface such as a desk, table, chair, bench, or clip it on an item.

The powerful motor runs smoothly and together with the blade delivers good airflow. It features an adjustable head for improved versatility, an easy-to-clean surface, and a steady strong grip clamp to secure it firmly. The personal fan has 2 speeds, one high and one low, and varying the velocity is easy thanks to the well-placed control button. The nice finish and black color suits it for the Home, Dorm, Office, Library, RV, and more.

In Summary:

Delivers a cool breeze
Energy-efficient and smooth running
Simple design and easy handling
Powerful motor and good airflow
Easy to adjust the head

#4. Mini Classic Personal Vintage Air Circulator Fan

By: Vornado

The Vornado VFAN mini fan is suitable for personal use and in small spaces. It comprises a metal construction for good support to the blade and motor and also to reduce vibration or movement during use. It features authentic VFAN styling that is famed for dependability and is based on Vornado’s renowned Vortex air circulation.

The mini fan has 2 speed settings; high and low, to meet different requirements and a non-slip base to prevent it from moving unnecessarily or tipping over. It has a cool green color for extra elegance and should look nice in most environments whether in the office, bedroom, study room, library, dorm, vacation home, RV, mobile home, car, or any other. The Classic Vintage personal fan can run continuously without overheating or the performance going south, and it also maintains its silent nature.

In Summary:

Fan fit for small spaces and individuals use
A tough metal construction
A good supportive base and minimal vibration
Authentic VFAN styling and reliable
Based on Vortex air circulation

#3. Battery Operated Clip On Mini Desk Fan

By: SkyGenius

Although it may look small, the SkyGenius mini fan is quite powerful. It will push wind at a speed of up to 75ft/s and has good coverage. The lightweight mini fan fits nicely on the desk, table, and bench and can also be clipped on an object courtesy of its clip design. The high-quality motor is not only powerful but also very silent. You will enjoy the fresh air, focus on your work without any annoying buzzing, humming, be hissing, or whining noises.

This explains why you will see it inside the bedroom, library, car backset, study room, and other places that require utmost silence. You can run it via a rechargeable battery (2600mAh 18650) or using a USB cable connected to a portable charger, power bank computer, laptop, or any device. And since it consumes minimal power, it will keep the electricity bills manageable. It can rotate either vertically or horizontally in 360 degrees.

In Summary:

Powerful mini fan
Pushes air as far as 75ft/s
Good coverage and lightweight
High-quality and powerful motor
No hissing, buzzing, humming, or whistling sounds


The CAMTOP Desk USB fan will keep you, or the target user cools, particularly in hot days or in an environment that has limited airflow. It comprises a sturdy frame that supports a small, powerful motor and a 5-inch blade. You will enjoy a cool breeze and also have the option of selecting any of the 2-speed settings. It relies on a USB point for power, features a low and high switch, and can be rotated 360-degrees upwards or downwards. The Ultra Quiet Fan boasts of brushless motors for excellent performance and 4 pads for minimizing vibration while improving stability.

And like other types of these reviews, it runs seamlessly, silently, and you can use it inside the bedroom or any other quiet environment. This best desk fan comes in a nice black color that not only improves its looks but that of the surrounding as well. The portable fan is lightweight, compact, and carrying or moving it isn’t a problem. In fact, due to this, the fan can be used in many places and saves you from having several fans.

In Summary:

Sturdy frame offers good support
Small but powerful brushless motor
Tough high-velocity 5-inch blade
2-speed settings and 360-degree rotation
Ultra-quiet fan and 4 vibration minimizing pads

By: Efluky

Coming in a 3-speed design, the Efluky mini fan gives you more options when it comes to staying cool. It’s also among the smallest and lightest pieces you will find and will fit well even in limited spaces. The nice-looking fan measures 4.5-inches and has a small but powerful motor.

And together with the effective fan, it pushes a good volume of wind to cool the environment. The portable unit uses a USB cable and will work with a power bank, computer, portable charger, laptop, and other devices. It has a simple interface for smooth operation and solid construction to prevent unnecessary vibration. The built-in blue light provides nice illumination in the dark while the side light comes handy in emergencies. In addition to home use, the fan is good for the office, campsite, dorm, hotel, and more.

In Summary:

3-speed and simple design
Compact and suits even small spaces
Fan measures 4.5-inches
Small, powerful motor
Creates a good wind volume
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Best Desk Fans Buying Guide

There are times when the air-con is too cold and no air-con is too hot; that happens a lot. With a desk fan, things will be easier and more convenient. This buying guide is here to show you some tips on how to choose the right desk fans for daily use. There are only a few simple points to have in mind, so feel free to check them out below.


You are going to use your desk fan a lot, so make sure that they are durable enough for long term use. Most desk fans are actually very small and compact, so it does not take up to much space at all. There are a few main materials that you often see in desk fans which are metal, plastic, and both. It is easy to know that the metal ones are the most durable and toughest of them all. Since they are desk fans, accidents happen, and you will drop them once or twice. Though a little heavy, metal is more durable. If you prefer plastic since it is lighter, go for the ones with durable plastic construction. Just make sure that the desk fans that you choose won’t break easily.


Smooth and quiet operation makes a desk fan convenient and comfortable to use. Placing them on the desk or next to you won’t be too comfortable if the fan is loud and noisy. Even with the fastest speed, the best desk fans will not make noise at all. That is why you should always go for the options with the most quiet operation possible.

Another thing to have in mind is the way that the fan distributes the air. It is either straight ahead or oscillating, but it is advisable to go for the ones that move around. That way, you won’t receive too much air in your face on your body. The oscillating type of fan provides air around you to ensure better and more pleasant comfort.


A good desk fan shouldn’t take up too much space on the desk. That allows you to stay comfortable without sacrificing half of the desk for the fan at all. At the same time, it should be compact and lightweight so that you can easily use or bring it along with it. Most desk fans are so compact you can fit them in a backpack to use on trips as well. When it comes to desk fans, compact and lightweight are among the important things to have in mind.


No matter what type of fan you want to have, always make sure they have at least 3 speeds. That way, you will be able to have more choices for the most comfortable air possible. With 3 speeds, you can easily choose from low to high depends on the temperature that you are in. Some desk fans come up to 4 or even 5 speeds which is even more convenient. The more functions you have, the more convenient the fan is to use as well.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to always complain or worry about the high power bills because you turn the air conditioning system for too long. You shouldn’t have to bear the hot, stuffy environment when in a small room or the summer days. Also, you don’t have to withstand a noisy cooling system.

With the right desk fan, you will stay cool whenever you are. The versatile device is ideal for indoor and outdoor use including the home, office, workshop, holiday home, campsite, car, and more. It is easy to operate, very portable, and doesn’t consume lots of electricity, and the best types are super silent. The above reviews show the best desk fans on the market. We choose the ones that are very solid, most comfortable to operate, practical, durable, and reliable. In addition to excellent service, the desk fans will keep the surroundings cool and ambient.

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