Top 10 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators You Should Own In 2021

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Counter depth refrigerators are preferred over other types for many reasons. They are more compact and smaller than the likes of wall-mounted types. This means they will take up little space. This is an excellent characteristic that makes them suitable for small surroundings. Another reason is that they are versatile and useful in many circumstances. These include the home kitchen, office kitchen restaurant, catering unit, and more.

Carrying is also not very challenging. You’ll also find many styles and colors to cater to varying needs. One of the common challenges that people face is identifying a specific product from the large selection. It may be too big, too small, a little noisy, energy/power hog, not so stylish, or not easy to organize. The following reviews look at the best counter depth refrigerators on the market.

List Of The Best Counter Depth Refrigerators

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#10. Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

By: KitchenAid

Kitchen Aid is known for offering good kitchen appliances. Of the many products, this countertop refrigerator is a common choice. It can be found in many kitchens, both in domestic and commercial settings. The capacity of 20 cubic-feet is decent for most needs. It’s spacious and will hold lots of things. It comes with 2 french doors at the top and a drawer door at the bottom. The fridge is at the top while the freezer is at the bottom. This offers you lots of storage space, considering it measures 35 ¾(W) X 70 1/8(H) X 30 ½(D) inches.

It comes with the ExtendFresh Temperature Management System, which helps to regulate the temperature the best way possible. This enables the unit to maintain a low temperature without consuming lots of power. It also helps to maintain consistency and this reduces the interval of the compressor turning on. You also get an interior water dispenser to provide you with cool water. It’s a solid and durable unit since it’s made of stainless steel. The smooth finish improves the cleanup and also give the notice look.

In Summary:

Has a 20 cubic feet capacity
Measures 35 ¾(W) X 70 1/8(H) X 30 ½(D) inches
Comprises a refrigerator and a freezer
2 french doors and boot drawers
ExtendFresh Temperature Management System

#9. Black Counter Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator

By: Whirlpool

The WRS571CIDB whirlpool measures 36(W) X 68 7/8(H) X 27 1⁄2 (D) inches. It has a capacity of 20.6 cubic-feet and should be okay for many situations. These include the home kitchen, restaurant, catering unit, or hotel. You may also decide to present it as a gift to somebody else. It is built from stainless steel to offer excellent strength and longevity. The material is resistant to warping, dents, stain, rust, and corrosion. The smooth and sleek surface is easy to clean and more resistant to food stains, spills, discoloration, fingerprints, and smudges. This guarantees that the unit retains its beauty and elegance.

The black color looks good in most surroundings whether domestic or commercial. It has a roomy interior to accommodate a good volume and will hold vegetables, fruits, snacks, beverages, and other things well. The cooling is also very good and retains a stable temperature throughout. Depending on the need, you can also change the temperature and shelving. Another nice feature is the adaptive defrost which helps to prevent frost buildup. The shelves comprise of frameless glass and look hygienic and classy. They are also easy to clean and won’t corrode, rust, or get discolored.

In Summary:

Measures 36(W) X 68 7/8(H) X 27 1⁄2 (D) inches
Has a capacity of 20.6 cubic feet
Classy and trendy black color/ finish
Frameless glass shelving
Adaptive defrost technology

#8. Professional French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator

By: Electrolux

When talking about the best counter depth refrigerators, the Electrolux brand is well known. It boasts of many products, most of which feature among the top. This one, for example, enjoys nice reviews from consumers and analysts. It is well made of stainless steel and has a sturdy construction. The material doesn’t rust or corrode easily. Moreover, the sleek and smooth finish improves cleanup. It has a good capacity to handle most needs and is useful in the home, restaurant, and other places. It offers better and faster cooling than most alternatives.

The refrigerator has a right size is 36(W) X 69 7/8(H) X 28 1⁄2 (D) inches and is compact. For most households, the 22.6 cubic feet capacity is fine. It features a French door to open and close easily. The Spaceport shelving style is quiet and efficient and also simplifies the organization. It comprises a full-width drawer and a well-lit interior for easy viewing and access to the stored items.

In Summary:

Comprise sturdy stoniness steel construction
Measures 36(W) X 69 7/8(H) X 28 1⁄2 (D) inches
Has 22.6 cubic feet capacity
Easy opening and closing French door
Spaceport shelving style

#7. Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

By: Fisher & Paykel

For home, restaurant, and other locations, this is a nice counter depth refrigerator. We find the design practice and the installation very simple. It is made of stainless steel and feels strong and long-lasting. It handles the use, bangs, knocks, abrasions and other things well. The size of 17.1 cubic feet is decent for most requirements. It has a roomy, spacious interior and will handle a good volume of food items. The silver color merges beautifully with traditional and traditional finishes.

It is space-efficient and doesn’t take lots of room. It looks beautiful and fits in most kitchens quite well. Moreover, it blends nicely, thanks to the modern style and design. You find several racks to assist you in organizing the products stored. Fruits, vegetables, snacks, leftover food, are some things you can store in the unit. It comes with an icemaker that will produce ice cubes within a short time. For simple cleaning, the surface is smooth and sleek. It also minimizes the possibility of food, stains, dirt, and dust, and other things.

In Summary:

Made from stainless steel
Has a size of 17.1 cubic feet
Spacious interior
Comes in a sleek finish and silver color
Features several racks for easy organization

#6. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

By: Samsung

If you want a reliable and practical counter depth refrigerator, this unit by Samsung is suitable. It has a size of 35 3⁄4 (W) X 70 3⁄4 (H) X 28 7/8(D) inches and is okay for domestic and commercial use. It is a compact unit and doesn’t waste lots of space. It has a capacity of 22.5 cubic-feet to accommodate a good volume of things and is made from premium stainless steel and is resistant to rust and corrosion. We like the beautiful style and sleek finish that which mixes well with different kitchen decors. These apply to modern and traditional styles. For easy opening and closing, you get french doors.

It comes with a simple digital touch control panel for convenient use and operation. It will show the temperature, if it’s turned on or off, and light setting. The roomy interior can handle lots of things whereas good lighting improves access. It’s hygienic and easy to clean. Like the interior, the exterior is also smooth and more tolerant of fingerprints, smudge, food stains, dirt, dust, and more. This guarantees that the food is secure and is less probable to be contaminated. The unit operates quietly and is also energy efficient.

In Summary:

Measures 35 3⁄4 (W) X 70 3⁄4 (H) X 28 7/8(D) inches
Has a capacity of 22.5 cubic feet
Smooth, sleek silver finish
Made from premium stainless steel
Digital touch control panel

#5. Counter Depth Fridge With Automatic Ice Makers

By: Thor

This is a nice looking unit and will enhance the décor of the surrounding. It has a compact design but is still very spacious. The capacity of 20.85 cubic-feet offers adequate space for your snacks, food leftovers, vegetables, drinks, and much more. It is an ideal pick for people who want an energy-efficient and modern-looking refrigerator. The several compartments improve the organization while the simple finish simplifies the cleanup. The refrigerator takes up little space and is suitable for small surroundings.

Thanks to the sleek finish, it is more resistant to smudges, fingerprints, dust, and stains. Moreover, the stainless steel construction doesn’t corrode, tarnish, or rust. It requires less frequent washing and maintains its elegant appearance for a long time. The refrigerator is very quiet and also consumers lesser energy than most alternatives. Moving or adjusting the position is also not difficult. The sturdy legs provide firm support.

In Summary:

36-inch counter depth refrigerator
Has a capacity of 20.85 cubic feet
The surface is resistant to smudge, fingerprints, stains, dust…
Made from stainless steel
Smooth and quiet operation

#4. Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

By: Blomberg

This counter-depth refrigerator from Blomberg BRFD2230SS has a practical capacity of 22.3 cubic feet. It’s suitable for most day-to-day uses. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a smooth silver finish. This enables it to withstand use, moisture, food stains, bangs, moisture, and much more. It features a French door for convenient opening and closing. The interior is roomy and also easy to organize. It’s a sturdy unit and has several drawers for a better arrangement of food items, leftovers, vegetables, snacks, frozen treats, and fruits other things. Led interior lighting improves visibility and access to the stored items. And since it’s based on blue light technology, the fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life.

The racks are made from tempered glass and manage use, different temperature, abrasion, food, and weight well. They are scratch-resistant and are simple to wash. They also are elegant and more hygienic than most alternatives. The doors, just like the unit, are made of stainless steel. They will withstand bangs, handling, scratching, cold temperatures, and more. We like the surface which does not feel very cold or too warm. It’s also smudge and fingerprint-resistant; hence, cleaning the unit is more convenient. To complement the kitchen decor, it features a modern style. It’s more compact than most options hence will fit okay in many spaces.

In Summary:

The practical capacity of 22.3 cubic feet
Made of stainless steel
Features French door
Tempered glass racks
Smudge-proof and finger-resistant finish

#3. Finger Print Resistant Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator


For most individuals, the SMETA refrigerator should be a worthy pick. We like the nice looks and practical size. It also merges beautifully with different kitchen decors thanks to the classy silver finish. It is roomy to hold a large volume of things. The capacity is 20.66 cubic feet and is perfect for fruits, snacks, vegetables, leftovers, and many other things. It feels sturdy and durable courtesy of the stainless steel construction and solid engineering. The finish is smooth and resistant to stains, dust, smudges, fingerprints, grease, and much more. The French doors make opening and closing easy for quick access to the stored items. It maintains the internal temperature to minimize energy wastage. This owing to the tight sealing between the unit and French door.

We like the nice positioning of the handle as well as the ergonomic design. This simplifies the use and enhances comfort. The nice finish is less prone to smudge, fingerprints, grease, oil, and dirt. For the better arrangement of things, you find a drawer in the bottom section and side-by-side compartments. It has many smart features for a better experience. The most notable are open door alarm, auto defrost, and moisture-controlled crisper. It’s also energy effect and runs seamlessly and quietly.

In Summary:

Has a capacity is 20.66 cubic feet
Made of stainless steel construction
Smooth silver finish
Easy opening/closing French doors
Smart features (door alarm, auto defrost, moisture-controlled crisper)

#2. Left Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

By: Fisher & Paykel

The Fisher Paykel RF135BDLX4 is one of the best counter depth refrigerators. It has a 13.5. Cu. ft. Capacity and is best suited for small areas in the home, office, restaurant, and other situations. It’s made of premium stainless steel and will handle the operation well. The racks comprise tempered glass which is easier to clean, more sanitary, and resistant to dirt and stains. You also get a deep bottom freezer for additions storage. The unit features ActiveSmart technology for better cooling and to conserve energy. It also runs quieter than most options in its range.

It has a beautiful design that enables you to arrange the racks more effective. This is pretty straightforward and effortless. It is not an energy hog and this keeps the cost of power low. The appliance also retains tight sealing when it is closed to guarantee that the cold interior is preserved. It is resistant to corrosion, dust, and rust and will keep its elegance for a long time. The silver color works well with most kitchen decors.

In Summary:

13.5. Cubic-feet capacity.
Made from stainless steel
Deep bottom freezer
Tempered glass racks/shelves
ActiveSmart technology for efficient cooling

#1. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

By: LG

If you want the top counter depth refrigerator, you should think about the LG LFC21776ST. It looks sleek and has a silver finish. The unit has a capacity of 20.7 cubic feet which is decent and will meet most needs. The compact style suits it for most settings and also helps to save space. The legs are well built for the best support. They also are adjustable. Like all featured refrigerators, this one is also made of stainless steel. You can be certain that it won’t rust or corrode.

The surface is easy to wipe and clean and also fingerprint-resistant. For convenience, the doors open easily and smoothly. The racks come in a good arrangement to manage various stuff well. Nevertheless, you can alter the placing so as to accommodate different items. It offers fast cooling which plays a part in its energy efficiency. The outside surface doesn’t feel warm or too cold. This is courtesy of the good insulation and technology. It is silent and consumes minimal energy-efficient. This is confirmed by the energy star rating.

In Summary:

20.7 cubic feet capacity
Stainless steel construction
Sleek silver finish
Fingerprint-resistant surface
Energy Star rated

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Refrigerator

Many people are always excited to add a refrigerator to their kitchen appliances. I mean, they will be able to store more food, snacks, beverage, veggies, and fruit in a better way. It’s also known that a stylish piece will improve the overall appearance of the kitchen. There are those who are in a rush to replace an aging or spoilt unit and won’t spend lots of time searching or looking around. Unfortunately, many soon regret their poor decision. When about to buy the accessory, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How much space do I have?

Before spending money on a product, you first need to ascertain the available space. Yes, you may want a large unit to store more things. However, if your kitchen is small, it will cause more inconvenience. It will take up too much space and may make movement a challenge, especially if you are several people. A small unit may look a bit odd in a large kitchen. You should focus on the width, depth as well as the height.

Which size should I go for?

You’ll come across many sizes. The capacity is associated with the volume the refrigerator will hold. For instance, a 20 cubic-feet unit is larger than a 14-cubic-feet fridge. The correct size will be determined by several things. The first one is the number of items (food, snacks, and vegetables, fruits…) you plan to place inside the unit. The more they are, the large the capacity. The availability of space will also influence the size. With more space, and you can go for larger units.

How well does it blend with the kitchen décor?

The type of product will influence the appearance of the kitchen. Youll find modern, classic, and contemporary units. The colors will also vary and the common ones are white, solver, and black. You’ll nevertheless find some unique options. It’s essential you picture the unit in your kitchen before buying. While some options will blend nicely and even improve the overall appeal, some will undermine the end result.

What is my budget?

The Kitchen accessory will vary in price. Youll find some high-end products that cost an arm and leg. At the same time, you’ll find some affordable options. Before beginning the search, you should have clarity on the amount of money you are willing to spend. It’s very easy to get carried away and end up overshooting the budget. The most expensive piece doesn’t mean it’s the most suitable. Also, the cheapest option doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s not very reliable. As you can see in the above review, there are many good products which are competitively priced.

Other questions that manner includes: How easy is the arrangements and organization? Is it energy efficient? Is it user-friendly? Are the reviews on the product positive or negative?

In Conclusion

A counter-depth refrigerator will prove handy for your kitchen. It loved for its compact nature which makes it fit in most kitchens well. It also helps to minimize space wastage and most will blend nicely with the décor courtesy of its trendy nature. The design and finish will complement various interior decors. You also will come across so many types to suit different homes. They are versatile and since most feature French doors, you’ll have an easier time accessing the stored products. Youll find all types in the market. Some are big, others average, and you’ll also get small ones. They will also vary in terms of power consumption, capacity, energy efficiency, reliability, elegance, and more. In the review above, we focused on the best counter depth refrigerators. Simply picking your favorite option is all that you should do now.

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