Top 10 Best Cordless and Electric Grease Guns Review

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If you run a plant that uses several machines, owns an automotive workshop or repair shop, or operates heavy machinery and equipment, then you know the demands that come with greasing the different machines. Improper filling procedures such as not ensuring the grease have gone through properly or allowing in the air in the grease will be disastrous. It will increase the friction which leads to premature wear and tear, may damage the equipment, and also may make a machine overheat or produce excessive noise. That is when cordless and electric grease guns come handy.

If you want the best from your machine, you should always make sure you not only just grease it properly but also on time. Additionally, you should make sure the grease is of high quality. Using an electric grease gun simplifies the process since you use minimal effort. Nevertheless, you should look at the key factors which include size, capacity, and type (lever, pistol- grip, pneumatic, battery-powered, and hand- pump), Strokes per ounce, loading style (bulk, cartage, or suction fill). And to shed more light on the best cordless and electric grease guns, we have done some research and compiled a list of the following top items.

List Of Best Cordless and Electric Grease Guns In 2021

#10. 12 Volt DC Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun

By: Lincoln Electric

Applying grease in a tight spot shouldn’t be a difficult task. You also don’t have to create a mess because you are in an awkward position, or the grease gun is poorly designed. With the Lincoln Lubrication 1242 grease gun, you will effortlessly apply grease even in tight and hidden spots. It delivers up to 6000 Psi and will push the grease via its well-constructed nozzle. Additionally, it comprises robust pistons that have been machined and hardened to handle demanding chores such as heavy-duty lubricating machinery or regular use.

The equipment runs via the included high-capacity 12-volt NiCad battery and you should expect to get many cycles from a fully charged battery. It is well made for better performance and easy operation, and thanks to its cordless nature, you won’t be limited by the availability of a power outlet or worry about wires getting entanglement with other objects.

#9. Heavy Duty Professional Quality Pistol Grip Grease Gun

By: Carbyne

Able to generate pressure up to 4000 PSI, the CARBYNE grease gun is ideal for home or commercial use. The high-quality product has a strong die-cast head that can endure the pressure and everyday use and is well-suited even for heavy-duty work such as in a workshop, garage, and heavy machinery. Additionally, it has a functional design for easy use in limited spaces and features a pistol grip handle for easy maneuvering and application.

Thanks to the 3-Way loading, introducing grease into the unit is very easy whereas the 18-inch reinforced hose delivers the grease where you want it. And to prevent air pockets, the unit has an air bleeder valve while the Spring Guard protects the flex hose from impact, knocks, or any other damage.

#8. Heavy Duty Professional Quality Lever Handle Grease Gun

By: Carbyne

Also coming from CARBYNE is this heavy-duty grease gun that is suitable for commercial and personal use. And like the earlier one, it is heavy-duty equipment that can handle pressure as high as 4500PSI and can be used continuously without breakage. It comprises an anodized aluminum barrel for holding the grease, a 12-inch flex hose for delivering the grease to the target point, and a 6-inch extension for versatility.

Furthermore, it has a 3-Way loading technique for quick and efficient insertion of grease and a Spring Guard to protect the 12-inch Flex Hose. The Die Cast head is tolerant to the high pressure, bangs whereas the Air Bleeder Valves helps to keep the system and grease-free of air. Furthermore, the nice non-slip rubber grip handle provides a good hold on the item and boosts comfort.

#7. Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

By: Lumax

This grease gun will deliver grease to the selected areas with minimal ease. The robust cast head can comfortably endure pressures up to 480 bar (7,000 PSI), and this makes this item a top pick for commercial and industrial applications. The heavy-duty piece comes in a user-friendly for smooth operation and has a versatile 18-inch flex hose for effortless application of grease. It relies on a 3-Way Loading method that comprises a grease pump, suction, and cartridge, and this makes introducing the grease into the barrel pretty easy.

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And similar to other top grease guns, it also has an air bleeder gun to remove any air pockets that may interfere with the applications. What’s more, it comes in a nice black color, has a follower rod to prevent accidental discharge of grease, and has a nice non-slip surface for the best grip.

#6. Pistol Grip Grease Gun

By: Alemite

This grease gun is what you need to lubricate your machinery and equipment. The heavy-duty piece is perfect for demanding activities and comprises a robust head that can handle up to 7,500PSI of pressure. It operates in a dual-mode that can relay 1 ounce of grease for every 30 strikes, and since it has a simple design and a practical grip, you won’t get too tired of use.

Alemite 555-E has a comfortable and ergonomic Pistol Grip Gun which together with the flexible hose enables you to direct the lube to the desired location. The cylinder can handle 16 ounces of grease and will reduce the number of refilling cycles. Furthermore, it has a practical easy-to-fill design for quick refills via the bulk loading or cartridge and also ensures there is no spillage during use or in storage.

#5. 500 Grease Gun

By: Alemite

The Alemite 500 is one of the most comfortable grease guns you can buy on the market and is preferred by both amateurs and professionals. The simple tool is perfect for different applications and can handle up to 10,000 psi, which makes it among the sturdiest on the market. The die-cast aluminum head not only gives it excellent strength but also makes it very light for easy use and maneuverability. Additionally, the 16-ounce cylinder can hold a good volume of grease whereas the flexible tube easily penetrates in tight places.

It delivers 1 ounce per every 21 strokes and has a vinyl cover for a firm grip during use. The 3-Ways loading speeds up grease installation and also reduces the effort needed to fill it up. Furthermore, it comprises a 14-ounce cartridge and suction for reliable performance, and to ensure there is no air or bubbles in the grease, the grease gun features an air bleed valve.

#4. 2-Way Loading Lever-Action Grease Gun

By: Lincoln Electric

Applying grease in the right manner is more comfortable when using the correct grease gun. You also want to spend minimal time and effort doing it as well as ensuring there is minimal spillage or wastage. Such are some of the reasons why Lincoln Lubrication 1133 is a top choice for most people. It comes in a 2-Way Loading mechanism for quick addition of grease and has a slim cylinder and a long flexible hose for delivering the grease where it’s needed.

Also, the simple lever-action improves the performance while reducing the effort whereas the strong cast pump head handles the operation and pressure well. It also doesn’t get jammed or have poor grease distribution thanks to the jam-proof toggle mechanism. For easy cleaning and maintenance, the grease gun doesn’t need disassembly since it has an easy-to-access check valve. And for continuous pumping action and positive priming, this tool features a heavy-duty follower spring.

#3. 500-E Grease Gun

By: Alemite

Of the many grease gins form the Alemite brand, the 500-E is the best of them all. It generates a high pressure of 10,000 PSI which makes lubing objects much more comfortable. The high capacity squeezes the lube in tight spaces and also requires the least effort to operate. Furthermore, this best cordless and electric grease gun ensures the grease enters into a smooth consistency.

The Diecast aluminum head is not only durable but also lightweight for easy control whereas the vinyl on the lever gives you a firmer grip and better control. It uses a lever mechanism, has a 3-Way Loading method, and will delivery 1 ounce for every 21 strokes. On top of that, the gun can be refilled via the cartridge that holds 14 ounces or bulk loading that accommodates up to 16 ounces. Thanks to the 16-ounce capacity, you don’t need to worry about loading the item too often.

#2. PowerLuber 12 Volts Cordless Grease Gun

By: Lincoln Electric

The Lincoln Lubrication 1244 PowerLuber is what will make the greasing operation less of a hassle and more satisfactory. It is moderately lightweight in comparison to most of its rivals but performs way better than some of the more costly options. The grease delivery is right, the pumping action is fast, and it doesn’t cause any spills that may leave a mess. It has a 12volt pump that runs via the 12volt Ni-Cad rechargeable battery and delivers the lube via a reasonably long 30-inch flexible hose.

And considering it is cordless, you can use it anywhere without worrying about a power outlet or the tool getting entangled with other accessories. You also get a 110volt charger that charges the battery fairly fast as well as a custom carrying case to protect the tool from knocks, impacts, shocks, and the elements too.

#1. 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun


Powered by a rechargeable 20-volt lithium-ion battery, it can generate up to 10,000 psi. That makes it stand out as one of the powerful grease guns on the market. And because of this, many people, both amateurs and professional, go for it. To maximize the excellent pressure delivery, it has a durable and robust head. The head pushes 5.0 ounces every minute whereas the extra-long 42-inch flexible hose. That is to deliver the lube in a proper manner to prevent a mess or wastage.

It is perfect for home use, workshop, garage, factory, heavy-duty machinery, plant operations, and much more. The battery charges reasonably fast and keeps a charge for a decent period. This is to provide you with many cycles of greasing activities. You get as many as 16 cartridges per charge, and the innovative pump filter ensures the grease is clean. It does so by making sure that it is free of any dirt or debris. And in case you are working in a poorly-lit or dim surrounding, it is okay. You only need to turn on the built-in LED light which provides bright lighting.

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Best Cordless & Electric Grease Guns Buying Guide

A grease gun is a tool that you use to apply grease or some other form of lubrication to machinery. An easy and convenient type to use is definitely the cordless and electric grease guns. There are some factors that you should study and have in mind before buying a cordless and electric grease gun. We include them all below for you, so feel free to check them out.


Since it is cordless, the battery power of a grease gun is important for smooth and convenient operation. The best type of battery for cordless and electric grease guns has to be a lithium-ion battery. It works three times longer, and it is long-lasting as well which is great. In case you prefer an affordable alternative, a Ni-Cad battery will do.


An ergonomic and comfortable grip is important when it comes to using grease guns. At the same time, make sure that the grip is proper and safe to ensure easy and comfortable operation. It would be great if the cordless and electric grease gun that you choose is lightweight. The lightweight option makes things even easier to handle, so look for that if possible.

Lube Meter

The grease guns that you choose should have the lube meter that shows the capacity of the grease you require. With the lube meter on the gun, you can easily insert the right amount of grease for the vehicles. That also ensures that you will not waste the grease or have to refill the grease multiple times at all. This feature is essential, so don’t overlook this part.


When you choose a cordless and electric grease gun, make sure it has enough power to penetrate the blockage. There are elements that can clog your fittings, such as dirt, old grease, or concrete. That is why you have to make sure that the grease gun that you pick can break through those elements. The PSI range should be between 4500 to 10,000.

How To Maintain A Grease Gun

To ensure long-lasting durability and performance, you have to maintain and use your grease gun properly. In case you want to know how to maintain and use your grease gun, you should:

    Always change damaged or old looking piping to avoid danger.
    Do not overpack your grease gun because it can lead to seal damage.
    Wipe down the fitting thoroughly to make sure that it is clear of debris.
    Inspect the grease fitting for damages of defects, and replace it if necessary.
    Avoid using different grease than the current lubricant that you always use. If you are a mechanic who uses various greases, it is advisable getting one grease gun for each lubricant type.
    Avoid lying your grease gun on dirty surfaces. Find a clean and safe area that you can place your grease gun on when you use it. When not in use, always cover it to avoid dust and debris from getting into the mechanism.

Bonus Video – How to refill a grease gun?

Final Word

Greasing machinery and equipment doesn’t have to be a difficult task that takes too much time and effort. You also don’t need to create a mess or waste lots of lube because of bad equipment. With the best cordless and electric grease guns, you will have an easier time and satisfying experience.

Additionally, we also compared different cordless and electric grease guns that are on sale at Amazon. We picked just the very best for you. We looked at the speed of application, lube capacity, the pressure it can handle, ease of application, design, and strength. Also, we considered the durability, consumer reviews, expert opinions, reliability, affordability, and more. And we can confidently say that the above cordless and electric grease guns are the best.

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