People have different ways to enjoy their time. For example, shopping, swimming, hiking, traveling, dancing, reading, and others prefer to make and smoke their cigarettes. It does not matter the method as long as you are enjoying yourself. In this article, we will put more focus on cigarette rolling machines. They have become famous over the years because of the numerous benefits they offer. The main reason is they cut the cigarette-making time by more than half as compared to the traditional methods. Also, they are fast, accessible, efficient, and comfortable to use, clean, and come with clear instructions. Read through to see the top 10 best cigarette rolling machines in 2021. They have excellent features from durable material, compact size, fast and secure performance, plus more.

The List Of Best Cigarette Rolling Machines In 2021

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#10. Electric Cigarette Machine

PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

By: Top-O-Matic

PowerRoll cigarette machine does not take too much countertop space because of its 2.8-pound weight. The simple mechanism allows you to make short/regular 80mm king size cigarettes smoothly. It comes with a carrying case that is not only stylish but also protects your machine from dust.

The electric spoon driven injection with an inbuilt motor gives a fast and efficient action. It has a tobacco tray, nozzle brush, cleaning rod, and dust brush that helps to ease up your cleaning process. The chamber guard offers safety during cleanup to protect you from a cut. It uses 240V power adapter that guarantees minimal power consumption.

In Summary:
  • The compact machine takes up minimal countertop space
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds and easy to carry
  • Simple operating mechanism and fast
  • Ideal for short/regular 80 king-size 80mm
  • A handy carrying case prevents dirt, bangs, dust

#9. Premier Supermatic Cigarette Injector MachinePremier Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine

By: The Big Easy Tobacco Accessories

Premier injector machine boast of 2.95 lbs weight and 9.5 by 7.5 by 4 ” size which gives you maximum comfortability during cigarette rolling. Also, it has an active chamber that can accommodate your filling without getting jammed. The beautiful construction allows you to make 100’s (100mm) and King size (84mm) that turn out perfectly.

It features an easy to use a handle that moves smoothly during the entire operation. The unit comes with a manual with straightforward directions to ensure you operate this machine as required. The simple design is simple to clean and does not take too much countertop space.

In Summary:
  • Measures 9.5 by 7.5 by 4 inches and weighs 2.95 lbs
  • Active chamber holds the filling well
  • Less prone to jamming and beautiful construction
  • Make King Size (84mm) and 100’s (100mm)
  • Easy to use and smooth operation

#8. Fast Cigarettes RollerZig Zag Roller 78mm, Rolls Great, Perfect Cigarettes. Fast and Easy To Use

By: Zig Zag

The Zig Zag cigarette roller is made of lightweight material and only weighs 1.6 ounces for ease of use and storage. It is 78mm which allows you to carry it anywhere and roll up a cigarette. It comes with a manual which gives both newbies and intermediate users clear and straightforward instructions. The sturdy construction can make evenly filled cigarettes without any jams.

It has a transparent plastic housing that allows you to see the progress and is also easy to clean. It is inclusive of a replacement wrap which you can use in case the one in use tears or wears out. The simple mechanism is easy to use, roll, and even fills without extreme cigarette-making skills.

In Summary:
  • Made of lightweight but tough material
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces and easy to use
  • 78mm unit is easy to carry
  • Easy-rolling up mechanism
  • Easy to understand and sturdy construction

#7. Cigarette Injector MachinePowermatic I Cigarette Injector Machine

By: Prestige Import Group

The Powermatic I cigarette machine weighs 3.5 pounds and is 8 by 10 by 4 inches in size which makes it more comfortable to use and move around. The vertical motion metal pull handle is smooth to operate and more durable. It features a manual injector titanium blade that offers a seamless and fast cutting process.

It comes in a modern construction that can make up to 100’s, regular, and king size cigarettes with ease. Also, it includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty that guarantees a secure return policy in case of malfunctions. The aluminum body is not only easy to clean but also is beautiful.

In Summary:
  • Measures 8 by 10 by 4 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Practical size and comfortable to use
  • Smooth turning vertical motion metal handle
  • Smooth operation and reliable
  • Fast cutting manual injector titanium blade

#6. Plastic Cigarette Rolling MachineRAW 79 mm 1.25 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine


The Raw 79mm rolling machine has a secure mechanism that rolls 1.25 size rolling papers. It is made from plastic that can withstand any fall or robust operation and gives you a perfect handling grip. It has clear instructions that help you to know the correct use of the unit and also saves you money on the purchase of pre-rolls.

The inbuilt blade is sharp enough to give out a perfectly cut cigarette with ease. The rolling machine can accommodate tobacco or herb filling and make a cigarette within minutes. It is 0.96 ounces in weight that gives you an easy use and storage that fits even in the tiniest places like pant pockets.

In Summary:
  • 79mm machine rolls 1.25 size papers
  • Built from tough plastic
  • Withstands the use, abrasion, falling and more
  • Simple, clear instructions and easy to use
  • Works with herb and tobacco filling and weighs 0.96 ounces

#5. T2 Cigarette MachineTop-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine

By: Top-O-Matic

This cigarette machine is 3.86 pounds in weight which offers an efficient and quick cigarette making process. This rolling unit can roll both short and long 100’s, regular-sized, and king size cigarettes. It has a lever-action injection with an adjustable switch that gives you a smooth operation. The tube is easy to fill evenly as compared to other units which leave gaps. It includes a built-in cam which works efficiently after filling the chamber up.

The black rubber tips help hold the cigarette in place. An easy to use lever gives you an effortless action. Also, it has a well-made all-metal construction that guarantees more durability and natural cleaning process. It has a 1-year limited warranty with 10 coupons inside for you to redeem and save money.

In Summary:
  • The cigarette machine weighs 3.86 pounds
  • Quick and efficient operation
  • Rolls long and short 100’s, Kings and regulars
  • Adjustable lever-action injection
  • Adjustable switch and smooth operation

#4. Mini Cigarette InjectorPowermatic Mini Cigarette Injector - White Version!

By: Zico

The Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector prides of a 13.6 ounces weight and 5 by 6 by 2 inches dimensions which make this a very portable and lightweight unit. The simple mechanism can make both king’s size and 100mm smoothly and within minutes. It has a chamber that accommodates your tobacco without leaving any mess afterward.

The stylish and compact design makes it easy to operate and also gets tobacco all the way to the filter effortlessly. This best cigarette rolling machine comes with an index-sized card that offers clear and concise instructions. The white exterior body gives it a beautiful aesthetic effect that is very eye appealing.

In Summary:
  • Measures 5 by 6 by 2 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Simple operating mechanism and fast action
  • Works with 100mm and king’s size
  • Compact, space-efficient and stylish

#3. Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

By: Premier Cigar Humidors

Powermatic never disappoints in coming up with high-quality products. The cigarette injector comes in a 3.9 by 3.9 by 2 Inches dimension which allows you to move it around with maximum comfort. It has a modern, well-made compact design that adds extra beauty to your room’s design and leaves a mess-free working area. It features a slide which you open and clean in case you overload the tube.

Furthermore, it has an easy to pull lever which gives you a smooth operation. The stable housing can withstand continuous use and accidental falls without damaging. It uses a manual mechanism that saves you tons of money as compared to electric cigarettes rolling machines.

In Summary:
  • High-quality and durable
  • Measures 3.9 by 3.9 by 2 Inches
  • A modern and practical design
  • Well-made and very compact
  • Easy-open sliding nature and simple to clean

#2. Cigarette Rolling Machine

New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

By: Lighter USA

This cigarette injector machine has a shorter spoon to give you a compact and balanced cigarette. The stainless steel construction can make both king-size and 100s easily. It features a chamber reducer that allows a fast and efficient smoke manufacturing process. It is made from a heavy-duty metal which is both easy to clean and withstands heavy use.

The perfectly sized chamber allows filling tobacco or your favorite herb evenly and smoothly. It comes with a handle that will enable you to move it clockwise in a smooth continuous motion. The compact size and design is simple to use and clean.

In Summary:
  • Shorter spoon produces more compact cigarette
  • Nada of stainless steel construction
  • Fit for 100s and king-size cigarettes
  • Fast and efficient chamber reducer
  • Withstands heavy use and smooth operation

#1. 2 plus Cigarette Injector Machines

Powermatic 2 plus Cigarette Injector Machines

By: Powermatic

This machine has an improved design that blends in well with most appliances. It has a strong base that offers increased stability when you place on a table. It has a built-in motor that speeds up the cigarette making process and runs quietly without overworking other parts. Also, it can make speed both regular-sized and 100mm cigarettes with ease and evenness.

The 1-pound weight allows more comfortable and portability during storage and cleanup. On top of that, it features a safety mechanism which lights up the jam light when you have overpacked the chamber and fails to run until you reduce your fillings. It has 3 cleaning tools to help you clear jam more efficiently and also give you a debris-free working table. It comes with a unique handle which works efficiently and cuts your cigarette-making time by more than half.

In Summary:
  • Improved design offers better performance
  • Blends nicely with different appliances
  • A strong and stable base
  • Powerful and fast built-in motor
  • Runs smoothly and quietly

Easy Tips To Use A Cigarette Rolling Machine

Rolling your cigarette can get frustrating if you do not know how to do it. Some units come with clear instructions, but some people raise issues on their minimalist information. We have come with straightforward tips to ensure you have a smooth, fast, and enjoyable operation.

The first thing is to provide you to have all the components ready with you. This includes cigarette paper, tobacco, or favorite herb and filter tips. When using a duel wheel machine, slide one roller upwards and over, then place your filter tip at your preferred end, what follows is an even distribution of your tobacco, push the roller back into its original position, roll the rollers a couple of times. Obtain your cigarette paper and fill up the unglued side into the machine. Ensure the paper is straight to avoid any jams and an uneven cigarette. After the injection, lick the gummed end and let it dry for a couple of minutes.

How To Fix Common Cigarette Rolling Machines Problems?

Time and again, you might notice some problems during injection. Some of the common ones are loosely packed fillings, unstable chamber, messy work area, empty front filler space, plus more. The followings show ways on how to fix some of these problems.

  • There is a space in front of the filter: If you notice a gap in front of the filter, the problem might be loosely packed tobacco. Ensure you put enough of the fillings into the chamber corners. Alternatively, you can push the tobacco or herbs into the tip.
  • Cigarette chamber/tube is tearing during injection: The main reason for this problem is adding too much, or you have unevenly distributed your fillings into the container. Ensure you add less each time while spreading them evenly inside the chamber.
  • The cigarette is packed too tight: Too much filling causes a tightly packed cigarette. The recommended thing to do is to put little by little fillers until you get the desired density. Some machines come with advanced technology that stops functioning once the chamber is overfilled. This functionality is handy for you to know the exact reason for the malfunction.
  • The tube slides off during injection: The area where you place your cigarette has debris and tobacco, ensure you clean it to offer a better grip, and then place on either end you have set during injection.

Lastly, if you want to learn more on how to roll your cigarette, this article, not only explains the simple steps but also give you a broader knowledge of the parts of a cigarette rolling machine.

In Summary

If you prefer spending your leisure time making and smoking a cigarette, then a cigarette rolling machine comes in handy. You get to pick from a wide variety of models with different features. They have chamber, lever, robust housing, and many more. Not only does it work efficiently, but also reduces the process by half the regular time. You get well-made and compact cigarettes within minutes.

Also, our list features the best cigarette rolling machines that will give you value for your money. You can now choose the one that you desire. Furthermore, when you have this unit, you save a lot of money. Lastly, you can show off your skills to your friends and also your handy machine and be able to carry your device to your entire favorite hangout with ease.

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